tagNovels and NovellasYou Just Been Angela'd Ch. 03

You Just Been Angela'd Ch. 03


I had just taken one of my sabbaticals landing back home I found my enthusiasm rebuilding for the upcoming encounters. Gathering information bringing all things to the point I could make contact. The mailing was accomplished that's why I was back home.

Perhaps picking the client was the beginning but it was a wonderful moment in this process. Finding them was highly secretive I was the only one knowing the whole process. I knew less involved less would ever be found out.

His mail was running late so he decided to go on to the meeting. Then coming back he was expecting a special letter. An invite to the wedding of the year his invite was late according to his friends. Slamming the door shut he ran for the second floor. As he opened the door to the conference room the letter floated to the floor of his office.

The meeting was exhaustive the problem had to be solved so long nights ahead again. His mind wasn't even thinking of any invite he wasn't going to get to go to a wedding out of town now anyway. Unlocking his door he didn't take note to the cream colored velum envelope. His four hundred-dollar shoes slipped on the corner of the envelope making him stumble.

Bending down he picked it up quizzical there wasn't even an address not a complete address. He brought it up closer as he opened it. Miserable it wasn't going to allow him to the wedding of his friend.

Perfume wafted up into his nose his thought was classy touch. Opening it he read "You have just been Angela'd" nothing else. He touched the elegance of the stationary inhaled the perfume he was impressed. He placed it on his desk eyeing it before going back to the drawing board.

Picking it up he noted the elegant writing this was intriguing him. So who was Angela he had never known a woman by that name. It could be a phony name though. He was between girlfriends so that wasn't making his guessing any easier.

The nights work at work was finished he walked down the stairs out the door and hailed a cab. Opening his brief case he touched the envelope again the scent was intoxicating him.

"Smells like you have a woman?" The cab driver started an inane conversation.

""Nope not a girlfriend. Well one that I know about it." Branson answered.

"Well that's a definite woman's perfume." The cabby off-handily spoke.

Branson had to agree he was out of the cab in a few more minutes. Walking towards his place it dawned on him. The scent was more intoxicating while he was sitting in the cab. He turned to hail it back it was gone. That cabby was a woman could she be Angela?

He moaned "Oh god he needed laid." His imagination was running amuck.

His phone was ringing when he entered the foyer. Without thinking he picked up the phone with a growl.

"Yes what do you want?" Branson said with a twinge of anger.

"Well you were in a better mood in my cab." I said teasing him.

His nature changed instantly.

"Who are you Angela?" Branson wasn't imaginative but it was usually the first question.

I laughed I was relaxed enjoying this cat and mouse part of the game.

"I want you Branson." I said with sincerity.

"Okay. So where have you seen my work?" Branson didn't understand this part.

"The work I am talking about I doubt if you show it off. Or do you?" I laughed with a low throaty laugh.

Branson seemed to begin to understand we weren't speaking about his life's work.

"Oh I think it's something else you are speaking about. Are you Angela?" Branson asked relaxing finally.

"Branson I want you. I would love for you to come to dinner Friday at my place. You would be perfectly entertained I can promise. I don't bite never on the first date." I laughed.

"So there is a second date?" Branson asked timidly.

"Please come for dinner. I will have all your favorites Salmon with skirlie mash and dill cream sauce. Starting off with mixed wild mushroom soup. Chambord-glazed red onions. Topped off with raspberries with Saba sabayon to top off the meal." I said playfully.

"You know I will be there Angela what time?" Branson asked anxiously. "Eight P.M." I answered as I hung up.

I'm sure Branson replayed his conversation over and over again. I knew I had him especially with his favorite dinner being served. He had it served on a very special dinner in Cannes. His brain kept playing games with him making him go from this was a game to a true invitation. He would love to think the latter.

His inner door opened there stood a woman of great beauty. I was dressed in his favorite clothing for his women. His head looked up from the easel taking me in long and slow. I was wearing a three-piece business suit with satin blouse long sleeves. Hair pinned high my skin felt looked like porcelain.

Branson jumped up knocking over his pencils putting his hand out to shake mine.

"Angela?" His voice was in a state of shock.

I shook his hand smiling sincerely sliding into a leather chair crossing my long legs.

"Yes, Branson I'm Angela nice to meet you." I said sincerely.

I reached into my bag and brought out a crystal elephant sitting it on his desk. His eyes looked overwhelmed by emotions. His fingers touched the elegant crystal edges.

"Where? How?" Branson's voice broke.

"It's a gift accept it please I shall see you on Friday. Please grace me with your company I will be looking forward to it." I spoke softly as I stood and walked back out of his life.

Friday approached quickly after seeing to the meal the preparation was starting to bring me a deep inner thrill. Branson was special I laughed I thought that of every man I ever took on. His favorite color was fire engine red with lace and ribbons. His likes were modest with a hint of tigress just broiling under the surface. Seeing a hint of lingerie brought him great pleasure his enjoyment was subtle.

He was a beautifully equipped also. That wasn't a priority I enjoyed cocks big ones smaller ones. Some men used their tongues to support their endowed cocks. It was never a deciding factor.

I stepped into the hot shower the water pelting upon my body was stinging with every touch. Vibrating my inner desires not to be sated this evening. Tonight was the waltz of intelligence dance. I would have him speak I would know by his statements how truthful he was. My bet was on Branson, our second Friday date would indeed take place.

I walked towards the blowers and had my whole body blower dry it was sensuous in every way. Once dried I walked towards the lingerie it was so intimately sexy with so much satin and ribbons lacy and bows. Slipping it up my long legs placing my breasts in the cups I felt excited. Bright red against my body of white was quite a contrast.

Thigh highs snuggled my ankles and calves over my knees and kissed my thighs. Slipping my black simple sheath to keep me sedate in appearance. I brushed my waist length hair to tumble down my back.

Hearing the door bells ring I took one circle looking around saw perfection in seduction and left the sanctuary of my bedroom. Meeting him at the front door dressed to perfection I was thrilled.

"Welcome Branson please come inside my home. Let me make you feel at home." I said as I handed him a tropical fruit martini.

"MMmm my favorite but then I would expect nothing else from you Angela." Branson smiled with his beautiful sparkling teeth.

I knew he was into oral sex especially giving oral sex. Oral sex brought him great pleasure throughout high school and college he was the tongue. I smiled thinking of that tongue gliding around my folds. I was focusing upon his lips as he spoke I would be feeling them next week.

"Angela? Angela? I lost you some where? I was saying this was everything a fantasy is built around." Branson smiled eyes actually twinkled.

"I'm so sorry Branson for drifting how terrible of me. May I make it up to you?" I sincerely asked. Standing up I showed a lot of thigh.

"I think you just did." His laugh was deep and genuine.

We walked to the elegant dining area he seated me then he sat down from across me. I enjoyed very intimate dining with each course we found more to share. Watching his masculine hands yet with such grace I found myself watching him with greater interest.

After each course the conversation became even more animated the charm was dripping from him. He needn't of bothered I was going to fuck him with so much anxious excitement. We loved playing the cat and mouse the enjoying of seducer and seducer. He was smiling with a glint in his eye once again I noted his eyes and his teeth. As we talked for hours he told me nothing I hadn't already known. I saw though he was very charitable had a lot of humility. I liked him I knew I would I always did enjoy my clients. I caught a lull and mentioned the time that we were sure allowing it to get late.

He stood up stepped towards me pulled me to my feet and steadied me. Gracefully placed his hand around my shoulders as he headed for the front door.

"Branson would you enjoy coming back Friday evening?" I asked with delight.

"Oh that would be wonderful Angela same time?" He asked smiling.

"Yes please." I answered.

His lips brushed my hair as the door closed behind him. I leaned upon the door smiling knowing fucking him was going to be delightful for many reasons. I always found the week between dinner and fucking scintillating to my senses.

Friday arrived with the excitement that I thrived upon. I found the most exotic petals of roses made sure they would be perfect scattered onto the floor. Leading to the bedroom. More would be scattered upon the softest red comforter that was softer than a chinchilla. The lighting was pointed towards ever area of the bed with low lighting. The red panels were loosened so that they could be closed upon a minor touch. Pillows were tossed around for better angles. Music was softly played the room was dimmed.

I walked into my dressing room sitting there I looked at the bed remembering early that morning. The bed was still warm from being used, shower was shimmering down the walls. I saw the rumpled sheets and slipped my fingers down between my legs. My clit responded instantly as I found my own juices caused the right amount of friction.

Making circular motions widening them with each completed turn I found myself Screaming 'Oh yes! Yes! Yes!" I bit my lip purred like a kitten as the shower door opened up. He put his hands on my shoulders I leaned my head back on his firm abs. He stroked my face flushing he would have caught this.

"Never allow an opportunity to slip past my baby." He spoke softly.

I showered perfumed nothing too strong the roses would be intoxicating enough. They were being scattered now; I slipped into a simple teddy red with lace inserts That allowed him access to me as he saw fit. Brushing my long hair down my back I placed a few flowers scattering them for the sensual look.

The lighting was going dimmer it was getting close to eight sharp. Nothing was left at chance. I saw the candles hundreds of them lit bouncing from the mirrors their scent were mellow.

I entered as he did into the living room. His face flashed approval as mine did. His Armani suit was tastefully under stated. He walked towards me with a single rose a perfect white rose.

"Angela how intoxicating you look." He spoke stumbling on my name.

"Oh you like?" I teased him as I slowly turned for his pleasure.

His hand reached out to touch me then he stopped didn't know if he could. I walked closer he knew then he could touch me, kiss me fuck me whatever his desires wanted. Gently he took my face in his hands and kissed my lips in one of those kisses that promised everything and gave you more.

His hands stroked my hair pulling me closer smelling my hair he seemed to want to remember my scent forever.

"I would love to dance with you, Angela." Branson whispered so low. I had to lean into his body more to hear his request 'Something from Boy George?' Branson was always full of surprises.

Daniel came on the music played we danced I was becoming enamored which rarely happened. Dancing in the living room with the 360-degree circular view of the sky made us both a little more lightheaded feeling.

"Lady in Red please?" His voice was hesitating.

It came on instantly as he hugged me close we circled the room ending up at the beginning of the hall. His arms let me loose as he looked at the rose petals scattered on the floor. The sconces lit softly dancing to the motion of the air swaying to his walking.

"Come with me Angela." He asked as he reached out his hand for mine to fall upon his. He pulled me seductively behind him as we made the walk. His eyes were so expressive I blushed. His lips parted begging to pull my lips to his we touched with such eroticism neither knew where the other began and the other ended.

His lips found mine willing we were mounting into desires that we both knew were going to leave us in sub space. Seeing that massive bed amongst the hundreds of candles his senses went into orbit. I stayed in my body so I could help him get back safely from his free falling into passions.

The softness of the fur caught his hands off guard I undressed him not making it very neatly down. His body physique was superb just enough body hair. Firm ass curved high on hi thighs. Six pack abs he smelled so delicious. I started to lick his Areola's with the tip of my tongue. I felt his body slam down as though he hadn't been inside of it until he felt that intimate touch.

"You sexy man, Branson I think you hid much with your clothing." I teased him with a quick run through his pubic hair. He trimmed it very thoughtfully done.

"Speaking of clothes Angela you are the one overly dressed right at this point. May I be of any assistance in your clothing removal?" He growled masculine only a way a man can when he knows he has the bait in his line of sight.

I shivered I felt he touched me deeply without using his hands.

"Yes please Branson I want you to see me. All of me." I whispered enchanting him.

He got down on the lower of the bed got between my legs reached up for my ruffles slowly pulling them down. They got caught on my erect nipples but he continued stopped at my waist. Knelt down inhaled so deeply it sounded like a Wolf out in the wilds.

"I want you I my mouth Angela, please?" He asked boldly.

I was waiting for this had waited for this for months. I finished getting out of the confinements of silk. He grabbed a few pillows propped my hips high then ever so slowly he worked his way back up to my mouth.

Kissing nibbling biting making me quiver from sheer wonder. Licking me down mid line stopping at my precision line of pubic hair. I watched him inhale deeply his first touch of the tip of his tongue caused me to come off the bed. His tongue was hard firm giving and so deliciously luxurious on my tender flesh. My thighs parted almost as though they disconnected from my hips. My hands massaged my breasts in small circles.

Licking the area where my clit sat proudly I grabbed the cover stuffing it into my mouth. His efforts were playful he was finding my erogenous zones finding them masterfully I had to admit. Hitting direct hits, slipping around not touching me anywhere yet everywhere at once.

He played me well. I was at his mercy his tongue was long as he swiped the inner folds careful not to enter me.

"Mmmm pleaseeee I need you to lick me deep inside." I whispered barely heard.

"I bet you do Angela. I just bet you do." He laughed heartily.

I grabbed his healthy head of hair trying to guide him in. That didn't work I knew it wouldn't. I was becoming frustrated that was made known didn't make any difference to him.

"Please Branson one long or short, short would be good too." I tried to cajole him into action.

I lay there being driven into ecstasy needing only for him to lick me long and hard I would free fall into passions. When I felt this jolt of electricity rip through my pussy. His tongue invaded me I went soaring I heard screaming sounded as a woman. It was me I decided. I found breathing difficult which I didn't care I wasn't prepared for this exhilaration.

"Breath, breath Angela." His voice said far away.

"I can't how do I do it?" My voice was weak.

He methodically went through my pussy licking, biting, lunging kissing. His efforts brought me to the abyss and back I lost count of the many trips he brought me to the edge. I was able to take my feet and straddle his hanging balls and massage him. We were non-stop on pleasuring the other.

He moaned opened his legs wider but didn't give up the pussy assault. I felt myself being turned onto my side he grabbed my ankle splitting me wider and started at a new angle.

"Ooooooohhhhhhhh fuclkkkkkkkkkk Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii..." I screamed before I took flight.

Going into subspace I couldn't contain one solid thought. I couldn't speak. I couldn't move. I could only be and feel pleasure. Pleasure that came over me in waves my eyes closed I saw lights. I wanted nothing. Nothing more than staying here being pleasured.

As I reentered my body gently floating. Looking at Branson's face I only wanted to caress it. He leaned down as I felt his face I felt compassion.

"Angela let me fuck you princess." He quietly spoke.

His hands turned me onto my back and he slipped between my legs so easily his cock found its mark. A slow gentle rocking we made it a perfect speed. Kissing each other's face, touching one another. Sharing the tenderness the graceful touches. His weight lifted off me by his forearms at times.

As his orgasm came barreling through I felt the shock his body was going through. His spine seemed to collapse his back of his head slammed into the front of his face. His body shook, he shivered screaming some unknown language.

"Angelaaaaaaa..." Branson screamed as though in pain.

Dawn found us wrapped inside the cover, snuggled and both smiling.

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