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You Just Never Know


I'm sure we aren't the first to have experimented this way, and we probably won't be the last, but for me it was a very unique and educational night. I learned a lot about myself and have elected to share that night with you. I'll admit up front that I was hesitant at first, but I was never one to pass up a challenge regardless of how other challenges faired in the past. Well let's get the story set, the characters defined and then go from there.

My name is Angie and I'm a late twenties blonde with what I'd call an average body. I stand about five foot five, have a 34 C bust, hips I try to keep at about 36 and a waist that varies but most often is in the 24-inch range. At the time of this experiment I was seeing Mark. He was six foot two on the slender side but in great shape with a nice, but not amazing cock. What kept Mark in my life was that he loved to experiment in the bedroom and sex was not just a function of the day it was the day for us.

I won't take the time to list all we did to one another, safe to say that if you've thought of it, we probably did it. We kept the relationship 'open', if that word works for you, now and again inviting another to join us in the bedroom. I was happiest when the third person had a cock and Mark enjoyed the additional pussy. One night we discussed our preferences and Mark shocked me by saying that our choices were more a result of societal conditioning then anything else. Mark is a psychologist and loves to believe he can understand the human mind. When I told him that hetero sex was natural, or that it was nature, not as he believed nurture, that put men with women, well that's when he challenged me.

His idea and I'll admit it took me some time to agree, was that we'd gather a group of friends, friends who have joined us in the past, friends who also had 'open' relationships. We all go somewhere and rent a house for the weekend, one with sufficient bedrooms to allow each pair to have privacy. Then he sprung the catch. He had a friend who worked in an optometry clinic and had access to contact lenses that were made to blind a person when they were inserted. He said they used them when a patient had a lazy eye to force that eye to work harder, but for us it would make us all blind and force us to rely on our other senses. In other words we would learn of our partners by touch, smell, taste and sound. The more he talked about it the more I liked it. The hard part, he admitted, was once everyone was blind, how would they find one another? Calling out might allow us to identify someone by their voice and while we would ultimately know who we were with, the match up had to be random and had to be followed through.

While we debated the how of it, we selected the people. Mark felt that a total of four couples would work as most rental homes would be either three of four bedrooms. I was surprised at how hard it was to get the other six volunteers. Eventually we found them. There were Kevin and Helen; Josh and Tina and Bill and Sara. Kevin was Marks height and weight and from his one visit to our bedroom was well hung and very good. Helen was taller then I was, with Red hair and huge tits, at least a 38 D if not DD. She was surprisingly slim with a nice firm ass. Josh was the shortest at only five foot eleven but he too had, like Mark, a nice cock but was just OK in bed. Tina was short too, only five foot one with dark brunette hair that she let grow very long. She was a very loud and vigorous fucker and loved to be on top when she fucked Mark. Bill was the tallest at six foot four and had a beer gut and a long thin cock. I liked him because he knew how to fill my ass and his cock slid in nicely. Sara was my height, blonde like me, with a similar body. I used to think that Mark would invite her over when he wanted to feel like he was fucking twins, we were that similar.

We rented a house at the beach, after all why not enjoy more than sex? We arrived on Friday night and decided to do the experiment on Saturday. That night, over drinks, we discussed the rules of engagement. Four of us, two men and two women would each take a room. Once there we were to strip naked and then insert the lenses and wait. The others would each take a key yes all the rooms had locks. Since finding the doors might be difficult, we elected to allow the key holders to only insert the lenses once they found the right door. Once inside they would strip and get into bed with whoever was there. Those of us who took rooms did so when the others were on the beach. Once the key was in the right door, then the participants would insert their lenses.

I know what you're thinking and yes there would be no way to assure that all couples would end up in a hetero situation and while we all argued about that, Mark insisted that was the only way to determine if sexual attraction was nature or nurture. I know it sounds stupid and I agree with you, but we all ended up agreeing to do this knowing the possibilities. I think in some ways the women were less up tight about it then the guys though I'll admit I had no desire to be in bed with a woman. We decided that each session would last only an hour and it was up to the individuals to do or not do something with their random partners. At the end of the hour the key holders would leave the rooms, take out their lenses and go back to the living room. The room holders would wait for their partner to leave then remove their lenses and return to the main room. No one was required to talk about what they did or did not do. In fact, we decided we would not say anything at all. Then we'd repeat the process with the key holders getting the rooms and the room holders now picking keys. We elected to do this four times that night. To make undressing easy we all wore only robes.

I was one of the two women given a room as was Tina, along with Mark, and Bill. I went to the room, doffed my robe and sat on the bed and inserted my lenses. It was weird at first being blind, you think it's like waking up in a dark room and waiting for your eyes to adjust but that never happens. I sat there listening, waiting for someone to come in and could not help but wonder who it would be and what we might do. If it was Josh or Kevin I was sure we'd fuck, if it was Helen I wasn't sure what I'd do or what she would do. As I thought about it I heard the key slide in the door and, while amazed at how loud it sounded, I found myself eager to learn who was coming in. I surprised myself when I felt disappointed to learn it was either Josh or Kevin when a hard cock slapped against my leg. I gathered he was happy to have found a woman in his chosen room and without much time elapsing he began kissing me and caressing my tits.

I let go of my feeling of disappointment and joined in the activities, searching for and securing his hard cock in my hands as he found my spread legs and wet pussy. Secure in the safety of a hetero union we took our time exploring one another and I soon knew it was Kevin whose large hard cock was in my hands. I took him in my mouth as we clumsily orchestrated our bodies in the classic sixty-nine position. I loved his cock but knew I'd never take it all in my mouth it was just too big for that. His tongue was magical on my pussy and my heart was thumping loudly as I sucked his cock. I guess the bit about your senses and how they compensate when one sense is lost is true as I felt Kevin's rough tongue on my clit and the taste of his cock was so strong in my mouth. Every touch was like lightning striking and it took some time to get used to it. I was so easily brought to the edge of orgasm and I wanted that cock filling and stretching my cunt. I begged Kevin to stop eating my pussy and to just fuck me. I guess he too was ready as we once again fumbled in the bed before righting ourselves. I rolled on top, wanting to sit down on that monster cock and Kevin did not fight me.

It's funny how most of the time when we make love to our partners we close our eyes but for some reason knowing you can't see puts you a bit off balance and while I knew where my pussy was and where Kevin's cock would be, I still needed my hands to guide that cock to my waiting hole. When that cock entered me I felt it like I'd not felt a cock before. Every vein, every bump, every distortion to the surface of Kevin's cock took me by surprise. God I loved that first moment of entry, feeling everything so strongly. When my cunt rested on his pubic mound and he was buried in me I gasped and just let the feeling of how full I was consume me. I slowly rose up and again enjoyed the texture of his cock on the walls of my cunt; I felt how my labia grasped him as I rose and how they folded inside me as I came back down. I concentrated on the feel of his cock and how it rubbed against me. I loved the feel so much I wanted it to last and tried to take it slow, but you know what it's like once you start fucking, there is no staying slow as every nerve ending is screaming for more. Oh god I rode that cock hard. Kevin was no dead body beneath me either as he rocked up into my pussy as I plunged down on him.

Every other time I'd fucked Kevin he lasted so long, but that night, he and I came and came hard and much quicker than we ever had before. When his cock erupted in me, I felt his cum splashing and it was so vivid in my mind, where each spurt of his white cum struck that my orgasm actually increased with each spurt. I collapsed on top of Kevin holding his spent cock in my soggy cunt, hoping we had time left to repeat this. All too soon the clock on the nightstand called an end to this interlude and I rolled off of him and let him leave. I admit I lingered a bit after the door closed, just enjoying the memory of that fuck, I was so sure nothing could be any better and hoped I'd get lucky in the second round and find Kevin in the bed.

I took out my lenses and looked at my red swollen pussy lips and at Kevin's cum oozing out of me and scooped some of it up and tasted our mix fluids. Then I quickly washed myself and donned my robe and went to the living room. As agreed no one said anything but from the looks in their eyes I could see a mixed reaction. Bill looked pleased but Mark and Josh looked emotionless. Helen and Sara looked embarrassed and Tina had a glow. No one said anything as Tina, Mark, Bill and I went to the beach. Kevin, Josh, Helen and Sara all took a room. When we returned to the living room I took a key from the bowl as did my three companions and then we headed to the rooms. The first door I tried failed and it wasn't till the last door that I found my second adventure. I slipped the contacts in and fumbled with the door but made it in and closed it behind me. I was more accustomed to the dark now and heard my next partner breathing heavily on the bed. I found my way to the bed and slipped in knowing as soon as I hit the sheets that the tits I felt belonged to Helen. I heard her sigh as she realized a woman had climbed into her bed for what may have been the second time that night.

We both just stayed still and I contemplated the situation. I'd never desired a woman and I could not help but wonder if Mark was right about the nature nurture thing. Tentatively I reached out to Helen and lightly caressed her large tit. I searched for and found her nipple, hard and erect, and leaned in and took it in my mouth. I discovered I didn't hate it and wrapped my arms about her and she did the same to me. I let my lips find her and we kissed, softly at first and then with more passion. I found I enjoyed the taste of her lips more than I ever thought possible and felt very comfortable in her arms. I admit I gasped and jumped when her hand found my recently fucked pussy, but soon allowed myself to relax. When my legs, seemingly of their own accord spread for her, I took my own hand and searched for her cunt. I did enjoy fingering her and her fingering me, but neither of us seemed inclined to 'go all the way'. We spent the hour playing with each others cunts and tits, kissed often and dueled tongues but that was all. When the hour was up we kissed and I put on my robe and retuned to the living room

I didn't hate being with Helen, but I didn't cum either and I wondered what my expression would look like to the others. I did smile when I realized that for at least two sessions now, two guys were paired off. I stifled a giggle though trying to maintain the dignity, such as it was, of this experiment of Marks. On the last go round we repeated the positions of the first only changing our rooms. Why I don't know, but it seemed important to Mark, so we did. He seemed a bit tense and I wondered if he was mated with guys both times and was hoping to change his luck. This time no one's face showed much of anything except that they were tired of the game and would have preferred to just choose a mate and go fuck. In my room I lay naked and blind, my hearing now acute enough to hear the key in the lock and the soft footsteps of my next partner.

By the size and smell of my partner I knew it was Tina and when she climbed into bed and realized it was me she seemed to relax. I did too, though after the nice but not hot time with Helen who knew what might occur. I reached out to her like I had with Helen but when my hand touched her smaller tits; I felt a connection and quickly rubbed her nipples with a degree of pleasure. I heard her moan and knew she was enjoying my touch as much as I was enjoying touching her. Soon we were in an embrace and kissing deeply with a good deal more passion then I intended or expected. When Tina slithered out of my embrace and worked her head between my thighs, my legs opened wide to give her access. When her tongue grazed my clit and her lips sucked on my labia I wanted her to do more. I took her head in my hands and pulled her into me, enjoying the feel of her tiny tongue penetrating my wet and ready pussy. I heard myself groan as she worked that tongue inside me, somehow it felt so much better than when Kevin had done something similar. I only know I was building quickly to an orgasm and if she stopped I think I might have strangled her. But she didn't stop and I came, oh how I came. I came and came and flooded her mouth with my cunt juice and she slurped it all up and kept on licking me. I was so turned on that I literally lifted little Tina up and swung her around planting her cunt on my face while she kept eating my pussy. The first time I'd ever willingly attacked a woman's pussy. Sure I'd played a bit when we had a woman in for a threesome, but this was different. There were no cocks to be had and I wanted, no needed to eat this woman, to taste her, the feel her cunt spasm on my face, to have her cunt juices filling my throat. I ravaged her pussy as she attacked mine. I wrapped my legs around her head and used them to pull her deeper and then clasped her ass and pulled her into my mouth, wanting in some ways to swallow her cunt.

I was so involved with Tina's sweet pussy that I cried when the alarm went off and we had to split. I'd cum so often and brought her off just as often. I was spent. I was a wet rag with almost no energy. As Tina moved to get off the bed I took her arm and pulled her back. I told her I wanted her to stay and she reminded me that we had one more session but that after that, if I wanted to, she'd spend the rest of the weekend with me. She kissed me again, pulled each of my nipples then I heard her leave. I took out the contacts and reluctantly put on my robe and went to the living room. I drew Mark for my last session and while he seemed to enjoy fucking me, all I could smell was the odor of cum on his breath and knew at that moment I'd never fuck him again.

I did spend the rest of the weekend with Tina and when we went home I packed my things and moved in with her. Tina is a bit of a submissive and we've sort of developed a Mistress/Slave relationship and are for the most part an exclusive couple. The one exception is that now and again, usually when both of us can think of nothing else, we ask Kevin to join us and together we enjoy his big hard cock. I love watching it open Tina's small cunt and hearing her scream in ecstasy as she rides him. She's loud, sometime too loud but I've come to love her and the way she obeys me. I never thought I'd live with a woman, never thought I'd be the dominant type, I never thought I'd settle for just one lover, but with Tina all that may change.

Mark? Well last I heard he was trying to write a paper on our experiment, but none of his conclusions seemed to be important. Only Tina and I changed. All the others continue to be mainly hetero and most of us get together for drinks now and again, still friends. Mark has left the circle, but it seems no one misses him all that much. Only Josh ever mentions him and that kind of makes me wonder.

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