tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersYou Keep Them (You’ve Earned Them)

You Keep Them (You’ve Earned Them)


"Stretch, two, three, four" the television commanded. "Up, two, three, four; down, two, three, four," relentlessly.

I tried hard to follow. The alarm had gone at seven thirty and I'd been to the bathroom then come back for the work-out. But this one seemed to be designed for professional athletes . . . I decided to give up: just where did these people get their energy?

I stood at the sliding door with a big glass of water, staring over the shared balcony onto the city.

I finished the drink, dried my hands then tossed the towel onto the chair outside. What next? Perhaps a few photos of the city from up here, or a shower, then down to get some shots of street-life as the city woke up? Or perhaps . . . I would be travelling for a while, so had prepared for lonely hotel rooms by bringing a pair of yellow, lace-edged full-brief panties and a sexy film with me (the intriguingly-named Tit Movie III). Tit Movie III was in the hotel room DVD player right now, and I was already in my yellow knickers, so. . .

No - shower first! I told myself.

I reached out and turned on the taps. The open-plan bathroom was one of the reasons I'd chosen this hotel: the shower cubicle was right next to the balcony and I'd be able to watch the spectacular view over the city while I showered.

I opened the hot tap some more, re-arranged by hardening cock inside my knickers, then quickly ducked outside to retrieve my towel.

At that moment, the balcony door next to mine opened and a dark-haired, middle-aged lady in a hotel dressing-gown stepped outside. She noticed me reaching for my towel and nodded a casual greeting.

Caught off-guard, I could only stammer a lame "good morning" in reply while I stood there in a pair of women's briefs.

She waved a hand slowly behind her. "Don't mind me, dear" she said: "I'm not looking." Then she settled in her chair, pulled off the dressing-gown and put it on the table. As she did so, I glimpsed the back of a large black, bikini bra and - what was that? Was it - a plus-sized g-string bikini bottom . .?

"Love your panties, dear" she called over her shoulder. She pulled the elastic around the edge of her underwear then let the black bikini slap back onto her thighs. "You should try and get a g-string though" she giggled.

I gulped, jumped back inside, pulled off my yellow knickers and dived into the shower.

Ten minutes later I turned off the shower and reached for the towel. But then I remembered: it was still outside on the balcony . . .

I wiped the water from my face and peeked out. The lady next door had vanished. I stepped from the shower ready to spring outside, but just as I did so, my neighbour re-emerged from the room next to mine.

"Lost something, dearie?" she asked innocently.

I stood dripping in the doorway.

She pointed to my balcony table: "Your towel?"

I nodded weakly and she walked over, picked it up then strolled over to hand it to me.

I stared at her, transfixed. My first impression had been wrong - it wasn't a bikini, it was lingerie . . . A big, black bra was straining to hold in a pair of huge, globe-shaped tits and a pair of high-waisted, plus-sized black g-string panties swept down from a lace waistband to a nylon panel over her vagina . . .

"I heard the television in your room" she went on, ignoring my stare. "Up, two, three, four; down, two, three, four."

I reached for the towel but she was still holding it out of reach.

"I was doing the exercises too," she said.

I mumbled a few unclear words in reply.

"I can show you how to do them," she said. "They keep me nice and trim, don't you think?" She turned around seductively and flashed the back of her knickers: a black triangle of panty material narrowed from the lace waistband to a heavy black thong pushing in between her cheeks.

"Very nice" I stammered. My mouth was too dry to say anything more: I was naked, dripping wet and now my bladder was starting to fill too. But I could hardly ask her to leave so that I could use the bathroom. And she still hadn't given back my towel . . .

She looked at the yellow panties on the bed. "You know, I think I have those knickers too" she giggled. Then she giggled again. "Well don't just stand there, put them on: don't you know it's rude to be naked in front of a lady?"

She tossed my towel back onto the balcony table, stepped inside my room and grabbed the briefs. "Go on, put them on" she insisted, holding them out in front of me.

I hesitated, then stepped into them and was about to pull them up but she pushed my hands away and pulled them up herself, firmly manhandling my cock and balls into the front of the knickers.

But the pressure in my bladder and her fingers, which seemed to stay touching all over the end of my penis, became too much and a wet patch appeared on the front on my underwear . . .

The lady seemed not to have noticed. "Such a nice sight," she assured me, standing back to view me. "So good to see men wearing nice panties . . ."

But now, while we looked at each other, more jerked out of the top of my cock, flooding the front of my knickers and running onto the shower floor. I tried to hold everything inside my briefs but it was too late: the stream rushed out everywhere, through my hands, around the lace-trim on the edges of my panties "I can't - I can't stop it . . ." I apologised.

She watched it gush through the front of my underwear. "It looks like you need to finish in your knickers first," she smiled at me. "But join me for breakfast, why don't you? When you're all done in your panties," she added, tenderly. I couldn't wait any more and let go completely: "It won't take much longer," I groaned, watching the water splash through the briefs and onto the shower floor.

She stood looking at me with a smile. "My, I really didn't expect that much," she said, then strolled back to her table and settled down with her paperback.

I quickly got back in the shower, turned on the taps and washed myself (and my panties) all over again.

When I got out I glanced outside through the window again and I saw my neighbour still sitting there with her back towards me, occasionally turning a page and occasionally stopping to gaze out over the city.

I fixed my towel around my waist, squeezed the panties dry then quietly stepped out onto the balcony. A few feet away, my neighbour now had her feet up, but was still reading then staring out into space. But then I lost my nerve: maybe I shouldn't leave my knickers outside to dry - she'd be offended. Maybe I should just apologise and leave. I'd just put my panties on while they were still damp, get dressed and leave quietly. In fact, maybe that would just be best all round.

A small noise distracted my thoughts and I looked again. She still had her back to me, but now she was - rubbing herself . .?

She still had her feet up, and was still reading her book but now she was clearly rubbing herself - rubbing her clitoris? - through the black underwear. "God, come, God, yes, come in my panties" she was groaning away to herself, wanking at the table - "Yes, I'm going to come, I'm going, I'm - I'm coming coming coming" she announced in a quiet groan, yanking at her underwear and massaging the lips of her vagina. "Yes, come you bastard, come you, come you -" she groaned again and again. The paperback was forgotten as she slipped her other hand behind her, pulled the lace thong of her g-string out of her backside and rolled a moistened finger into her own anus.

My cock shot to attention and I stood transfixed: the world moved in slow motion.

"Well, don't mind me, dear, why don't you?" she suddenly broke into my dream. I was standing motionless on the balcony, holding my panties in my hand.

Her big tits swung as she turned around in her chair. "Just what do you think you're looking at?"

She stood up from the table and straightened the plus-sized black panties over in front of her vagina. "Just because I've made myself come in my g-string knickers" she said, "Doesn't mean you can stare . . ."

She looked me straight in the eye, then murmured "Hmm," looking around us on the balcony. "This'll teach you," she said. She bent over and slowly peeled her black panties down the length of her legs, then slowly stood erect again, flaunting a naked, glistening cunt at me.

I felt a dribble of pre-cum soak out of my penis and into the towel around my waist.

She yanked the towel away.

"Thought so," she smirked. "Just another of those naughty boys who goes all hard at the sight of a woman's underwear. Or at the sight of a woman wanking herself off, perhaps . . ."

She reached out and yanked on my cock. "Thought you might be one of those hard boys quite soon . . ." She slapped my backside. "You need some panties to hide that big one away from me, don't you?" she said. "Can't have you standing there with a hard-on in front of me . . ." She took my yellow panties out of my hand: "But not these ones, dearie," she decided: "Try my g-string on for size."

I reached out in embarrassment for anything to hide my erection, desperate to cover my nakedness. The lady's glistening vagina was still exposed right in front of me . . .

She held out the g-string: "This is for you," she whispered: "I'll just put it on you." She manhandled the head of my penis around to fit it inside the front, then she paused: "It's just too big to fit in" she said: "It's sticking out over the top . . ."

She fiddled with the lace waistband of her plus-sized panties: "Don't come on me now," she murmured. "Not where everyone can see us . . ." and she pushed me back into the hotel room.

"Tit Movie III," she smiled, picking up the DVD box from my bed. "Let's take a look . . ." She picked up the remote control and flicked on the television.

The screen flashed on and showed an enormous pair of breasts swinging over the top of a lacy red bra.

She walked me over to the full-length mirror on the wardrobe and squatted on the bed behind me, reaching around in front to yank me as she watched the movie. "Nice cock," she murmured, "And I like to see a nice cock inside a pair of women's underwear," she went on, lazily yanking away, watching me bulge in the mirror. "You know, I think I'm starting to get wet again too . . ."

I glanced in the mirror and watched her bare cunt beneath her, then her hand reaching underneath and parting the glistening lips. "Like what you see, dear?" she asked.

"I want my tits out too" she whispered. "That's right - now tug on them hard, yes, on my big nipples," she groaned as I pulled the tits over the top of her bra.

She looked down at my cock, jutting over the lace waistband of the briefs. She pulled the new knickers high up around my waist, trying to balance them over the end of my erect cock, then traced the lace and thong around to the back, carefully nudging it carefully into my backside. "Nice bottom," she said, pressing a fingertip inside my anus and tugged my hard cock through the black knickers at the front. "Yes, I think you're rock hard now!" she said . . .

She turned the volume higher on the television. "Good movie," she murmured: "Now do me like the movie . . . But keep wearing my knickers," she said: "Just pull your cock out . . . Yes, just pull it out of the side of the panties." She massaged the end of my cock: "God, I've come a lot when I've been wearing those knickers."

She turned to face the television and showed me her exposed cunt from behind. I pulled the lace waistband high around my waist until I could see the plus-sized panties in the mirror, then grabbed my cock and pushed it straight up inside her.

She reached underneath and grabbed my balls through the panty material, then I began rolling her clitoris with one hand and nudging my little finger onto her anus with the other.

"Yes, fuck me in my panties," she groaned, "Yes, in panties . . ." She grabbed my hand: "Look at the mirror, yes, God! A second come," she exclaimed. I banged away from behind, clinging onto her hips and watching her massive, big-nippled tits swinging back and forth in the mirror. "Yes, I'm coming," she gasped. A flood of come began hosing out of me, surging deep inside her, soaking my cock and even splashing back out of her cunt as I banged her. All the time she kept rolling my balls in her black knickers, teasing out every drop to keep my cock hosing out come.

When we'd both finally finished, gasping and drained, we slowly pulled apart on the hotel bed.

I rolled over onto my back and she flopped down beside me, lazily pulled her panties off me and casually played with my wet cock and balls. Tit movie III was still running in the background: an enormous cock pounding in and out of a woman's cunt. She paused: "You know, I could really get to enjoy this!" she said.

She sat on the edge of the bed, heaved her swinging breasts back inside her bra. Then she started to pull her knickers back on, but paused. "You know, I've got better idea" she said. "Do you think -" She stopped. "Why don't you" she said, then - "Why don't you keep my panties?"

She paused. "Would you like that, dearie?" she asked quietly.

I nodded, my mouth dry. She pulled her knickers back down again: "Put them on for me," she whispered.

I stood up, then stepped back into the g-string. She leaned forward and pulled them up, gently arranging my cock and balls in the nylon panel in the front. Then she turned me around in front of the mirror, adjusting the waistband softly and slowly pressing the triangle of lace thong at the back of the panties deep inside my buttocks. Then she gently cupping my balls with one hand, and slipped a damp finger into my anus and with the other: "Perfect!" she murmured.

She stood back and looked at her handiwork. "You know," she said: "You can keep them - you've earned them!" and with that, she tweaked the end of my cock through her panties picked up my DVD and slowly strolled out, with Tit Movie III in her hand.

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