tagGroup SexYou, Me and My Best Friend

You, Me and My Best Friend


You were completely gorgeous and we both wanted you as soon as we saw you, my best friend and I that is. So we both just left you alone, not wanting to step on each other's toes. Then one night, we were talking in our shared dorm about all the guys we would love to hook up with, not strings attached. Just get some ass and get out. Yes guy, we women do have those feelings too.

Well, it was not surprise when your name came up. With your sexy five o'clock shadow and icy blue eyes. What was surprising was that neither of us wanted a relationship with your fine ass.

That was the last we thought about it until we went to a dorm party, not knowing is was at your dorm. I can't speak for Jess, but as soon as I was you, my pussy got wet. Then it came to me. I whispered something in Jess' ear and waited for the affirmative response I was sure would follow.

I walked over to you and started grinding up against you in rhythm with whatever top 40 R&B hit was playing at the time. You got into it very quickly, reaching behind me to grab my ass, pulling me closer to you. Close enough to feel your erection harden against me. I reached down between us and started rubbing your dick through your pants. I looked up at you and saw your eyes alive with lust.

"You live here?" I asked


"Why don't you show me where you sleep"

I didn't have to ask twice. No sooner were the words out than you had me by the hand, leading me upstairs. The next thing I knew, you were pressed up against me, my back to the door. You were kissing my neck rather urgently while massaging my breasts with both hands.

"Whoa, slow down sweetie." I said pushing you away.

"I......" you stammered, "I thought you wanted....."

"I do." I cut you off, "but not here where someone might walk in on us."

Looking up at you I almost felt sorry for you. You looked so confused, even more so because as I was talking, my hands were busy getting your thick hard dick our in the open. I didn't feel too bad though, knowing that what I had in mind would more than make up for the way I was messing with your head, no pun intended.

I got to my knees and started licking your balls while holding your dick in my hands. I gently took them in my mouth one at a time and rolled them around on my tongue, sending a shiver through your body. I was just about to start sucking your cock when my cell phone rang. I stood up and answered the phone, letting you go rather unceremoniously as I stood.

"Sorry Hun," I said casually. "I gotta go."

"Just like that? You're going to just leave me like this?" you asked pointing at your completely aroused manhood.

"Of course not," I said imagining how that thick hard dick is going to feel deep inside me.

"Here," I say taking your hand a writing an address on your hand.

"Be there at 11 PM and I promise you'll get the fuck of your life."

With that, I left you right where you were, not even looking back.

Knock Knock

"Who is it?" Jess asked.

"Uh, this is Craig...." you hesitated not recognizing the voice."I met someone over at my dorm's party earlier and she told me I could......ah....meet her here?" you finished, more as a question than a statement.

The fact that despite being totally gorgeous, you weren't cocky and pretentious was extremely endearing, making Jess and me even hotter for you. It's amazing that such a thing was even possible.

"Come in." I called

You opened the door and the sight that met you was almost more than you could handle.

Jess was in a white lace bra and matching thong and I was in red booty shorts and black bra with red trim. We were sitting on one of the beds, kissing each other soft and slow, our tongues exploring each other's mouths as our hands wandered over one another's bodies. We stop briefly while I tell you to close the door and take a seat on the opposite bed. Once done, Jess and I continue our little show.

I pull her bra down exposing her hard pink nipples. I lean down and quickly flick my tongue, first over on then the other making her moan and arch her back. I don't miss my cue as I open my mouth wider and start sucking on as much of her full breast at will fit in my mouth.

Soon, I feel a hand start to rub my pussy through my panties. Now it's my turn to arch. Jess gets off the bed and gets down on her knees in front of me. She pulled my panties down and off, turning around to toss them at you. Next her finger slides into my warm, wet pussy. Slowly and as far as she can push it. She finger fucks me slowly increasing the speed and pressure until I'm moaning uncontrollably.

You pull your dick out of your pants and start playing with it while you watch. Seeing that beautiful dick again while getting so much pleasure pushes me over the edge. I cry out with my orgasm, pussy juices flowing like crazy.

As soon as Jess realizes what's happened, she starts eating my cookie, moaning as she savors all my wetness. Seeing her head buried between my legs like that is all you can take from across the room. You walk over and start kissing me, your tongue deep inside my mouth, your hands taking off my bra as fast as you can manage.

You push me down on the bed and Jess moves as well. Now I'm lying on my back, legs hanging over the side of the bed. You're standing, leaning over the bed, kissing me and Jess positions herself between you and the bed, taking your cock in her hand. You let out a rough moan as Jess closes her mouth around you and starts sucking.

I'll admit, I was a little jealous that she got to suck on you first, but as I feel one of your thick fingers begin caressing my clit, I decide I'll just fuck you first.

The three of us find a groove and we're all moaning with delight. All of a sudden you decide to take control.

"Get up." you tell me in a tone that brooks no argument.

Jess and I exchange an intrigued glance. We both liked to be dominated, but a guy who could handle both of us at the same time? That would really be something.

"You," Craig continued pointing to Jess. "Lie down where she was."

Jess quickly complied, curious to see what would happen next.

"Now sexy," he said smiling at me. "Get in a 69 position and start eating."

"Sure." I smiled as I got into place. Within seconds Jess and I were providing each other amazing oral pleasure. In fact, we were so involved with each other; I had forgotten Craig was even there until I felt his strong hands on my waist, pulling me into doggie position. I turned around to look at him as he entered me.

"Keep eating." he told me.

I was more than happy to obey. Jess' pussy tasted so good, and hearing her moan as I passed my tongue back and forth over her pearl was keeping me incredibly hot.

All of a sudden, Craig must have decided he wanted my attention. He went buck wild on me and DAMN was it good! He started thrusting deeper, harder and faster. I had to clamp my mouth around Jess' pussy just to keep from screaming, which apparently felt pretty good for Jess, because just as Craig began to cum all over my back, Jess began to cum all in my mouth. She thought it would be nice to return the favor, so she reached up and pulled me down on top of her mouth. With a few short licks, I was cumming in her mouth for the second time that night.

Jess finished everything off with a bang. She crawled out from under me and started licking Craig's load off my back. Once she got most of it into her mouth, she started kissing me. The tangy takes of Craig's jizz, combined with my pussy juice making our kiss that much more erotic.

Seeing that was enough for Craig to be ready for round two. The three of us did it every possible way we could think of that night and for the rest of our College time together. Even when we were all in relationships, we had our little threesomes. Craig ended up moving out of the country for work, but you can bet the three of us had quite a going away party.

Jess and I are now both happily married, but every year on the anniversary of our first fuck with Craig, we go to a club or a bar, pick a guy and ask him what he would say to a night involving,

"You, me and my best friend."


Thanks to everyone whose read my stories so far. You're really giving me incentive to keep writing. As always, I appreciate your constructive feedback.

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