tagHumor & SatireYou Mean I Get to Watch?

You Mean I Get to Watch?


Debbie could not wait. She had been building the anticipation within her for several weeks now. Even her boyfriend Paul supported her decision to be with another woman. Debbie counted the days on the calendar until she would be reunited with her special friend Tanya. Tanya had promised her that she would give her immense pleasure in ways Debbie could never dream of.

At that moment, Debbie realized she had found the one. The one who would be gentle with her. The one who would take her to places she once believed were unattainable. The one could make her toes curl when reached her climax. Debbie's nipples throbbed with anticipation.

Debbie prepared herself with her meeting with Tanya that she made a checklist of things she needed before she went to see her. She appreciated Paul's attitude through all this. It gave her a warm feeling inside that Paul supported her choices and would be willing to accompany her on this exciting event.

There was an award for Paul too in all this by getting the opportunity to watch. Hell, he could even capture pictures on his cell phone if he wanted too. It was the least she could do by dragging him along as he always wanted to observe two women together. Debbie made a nervous sigh as she got ready.

Checking herself in the full length mirror one more time, she carefully chose the prettiest undergarments in her closet. Deciding on a matching pair of lacy bra and panties, she slipped them on feeling the wonderful softness against her bare skin. She added the garter belts just for little bit of naughtiness. Deep down she knew Tanya would appreciate it.

The lingerie accentuated her best curves as she wiggled into a sexy spaghetti strapped number complete with high heels and accessories to match. She wore a bright red shade of lipstick so that her lips appeared fuller and curled her lashes so that Tanya would be mesmerized by her beauty. Debbie took one last look in the mirror, satisfied with her work, grabbed her handbag and went out door with Paul.

They drove to high end retailer Blumensaks Neelans as Debbie and Paul made their way past the perfume girls spraying scents like Obsession and Passion. Right now, the only passion that Debbie desired involved Tanya.

They made their way through the throngs of customers until they found her. Tanya. An exotic beauty with long legs, a gorgeous body, and wearing a tight skirt that showed off her best assets. Tanya looked up from what she had been doing and recognized the couple coming toward her. She greeted Debbie with a hug and a kiss.

"Debbie! I'm so glad you're here!" said Tanya.

"Tanya! I have been fantasizing about you for weeks!" answered Debbie.

"Well I certainly shouldn't keep you waiting."

"Please don't. I have been hoping for this moment and I don't think I can wait any longer."

"Don't worry I'll make you feel really special."

"I'm sure you will."

"Let's get started. I'll be right back. I have a very pleasurable surprise for you Debbie. Something to make you feel like a natural woman!"

Debbie and Paul sat down in some chairs nearby as they waited for Tanya to return. Debbie constantly crossed and uncrossed her legs giving the lonely male customers a peep show by a sight of her garter belt or a flash of a leg. She enjoyed being watched and Paul loved that many men in the store desired her.

The blood in his groin began to circulate as he fantasized about Debbie being with other men. Debbie's body shivered with nervous energy guessing what Tanya's pleasurable surprise might be. Already her nipples hardened underneath her lacy bra as mind raced with alluring images that she almost did not notice Tanya coming toward her carrying a box.

"Here's your surprise Debbie!" Tanya smiled as she opened the container.

Inside Debbie stared at its magnificence. It was sleek, huge and gentle to the touch. Across its body from beginning to end displayed its hard pointed sharpness all pink and bright with an enormous width to it. Surely, just by looking at it, there was no way that it could fit inside Debbie but she was woman enough to try. Could it? Would it fit? Size does matter after all.

"Stuart Weitzman pink patent leather open peep toe stiletto pump in size 13!" Tanya finally said. "Do you think you can handle it?"

"Baby, I can handle anything," Debbie purred as she slid it on her foot.

Immediately, a jolt of electricity surged through her body as it caressed her bare skin and move along her spine and at the back of her neck. She felt light as a feather as it coursed through her body. The current brought an incredible ripple of shockwaves as her body surrendered to the temptation of it.

"Mmmmmm. Tanya keep going. Don't stop!" Debbie demanded.

"You wanted it real bad Debbie so I'm going to give it you real good!" smiled Tanya.

"Oooooo Tanya. Yes! That's how I want it!"

"Honey, that's just the foreplay. It going to get even better. I still owe you a kiss!"

"Oooooo Tanya! Don't tease me! Kiss me already!"

Tanya retired once again to the back as Debbie allowed her body to cream in the Stuart Weitzmans. The bulge in Paul's pants started to increase as he watched his girlfriend adjust her garter belt as she twirled around in the stilettos. He loved being a voyeur and enjoyed watching Debbie let go of her inhibitions. This really turned him on. Tanya came back out with a different box.

"Like I said I want to make you feel real good. Now for your special kiss from me!"

"Mmmmm Tanya. Yes please."

"Manolo Blahniks black ballet flats! This style is called The Kiss."

"Ooooooo Tanya! That feels sooooo good! I finally have been kissed by a girl and I like it!"

"Now let me stretch it out for you so that it fits nice and tight! Yes that's it! Slide it in with those folds! Slide it in!"

"Mmmmmm Tanya! This is amazing!"

Immediately, the electrical surge flowed right threw her teasing her skin and causing her to flush in embarrassment. Already beads of sweat began to form around her forehead, her back and on her stomach as goosebumps displayed on her skin. Tanya was really working her good and she refused to let go of this emotion. Meanwhile Paul hid his huge erection with the Stuart Weitzman box as he watched the exchange between Debbie and Tanya. It felt like heaven.

"Debbie you're feeling really good but I don't think quite you're full yet!"

"Fill me up Tanya! Fill me up!"

"You're one greedy woman! Well then, how about if you take on two of them!"

"No Tanya! Not two! It won't possible work! I'm not sure I can handle it!"

"Oh yes! You're going to try on two for size and like it!"

At this point, the sensation had been too much. Two at the same time? She could not possibly handle it but she had too since she got herself in this predicament and now she had to endure it. The perspiration dripped through her skin as she felt the electric heat ran through her teasing her nipples and stroking her breasts with tremendous fervor.

Her clit quivered with delight as she felt herself open up to this feeling of euphoria that Tanya kept putting her through. Paul silently jizzed in his jockey shorts as he kept watching Debbie writhe in pleasure but once again made sure that the Stuart Weitzman boxed kept him covered from exhibiting his wet spot.

"Jimmy Choo. Sandalwood color. I present the open toe wedge and the strappy espadrille!"

"OOOOOOOOOH Tanya! No more! I can't take anymore!"

"Just one more! Come on you know you want it!"

"I can't hold on much longer. I'm almost there!"

"Baby I'm going to take you there! You like being a bad girl?"

"Mmmmmmm. Yes I like being a bad girl!"

"Well bad girls need to be put in bondage!"

"Yes bondage me Tanya! Bondage me! Ooooooh! I'm a bad girl!"

Tanya made a quick dash in and out and returned with a final black and silver box. Debbie could instantly feel her release even before she opened the box.

"Debbie! Let me present to you the limited edition Dolce and Gabbana gold gladiator sandals called The Bondage!"


Debbie immediately soaked her Victoria Secret panties as soon as Tanya put her in bondage. She took a minute to regain her composure as she did a walk of shame to fetch her American Express card from her purse while Paul bathed in an afterglow moment. Tanya carried her five purchases to the register.

"Debbie that will be $8362.74." Tanya state and swiped her credit card. "I'm sorry Debbie you card is maxed out!"

Debbie's amazing bliss came to a screeching halt. She felt empty, lonely, used, and unsatisfied.


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