tagRomanceYou Never Even Wrote Ch. 07

You Never Even Wrote Ch. 07


So sorry for the long wait, I'm already half way through chapter 8 so hopefully it'll be up soon. Enjoy the read and please comment and rate. -kk

Well now I was nervous.

James wasn't even home.

I had gotten myself all worked up and now I had to wait for him to get back. I know he didn't have to go to work, so where was he?

I let myself into his apartment with the key he had given me, temporarily distracted thinking about how exited I had been when he'd done that.

How it made us seem so official.

When I got to the kitchen there was a note thanking me for the breakfast and saying how he wished I would have woken him up, he wanted to see my face before he had to leave.

He said he had been called in to work for a few minutes but that he would be back soon.

I decided this was to my advantage.

I would be in the lingerie when he got there and just wait on the bed, I hoped he wouldn't be to long but his note said he would be back soon and I didn't know how long ago he had wrote that so I probably wouldn't have to wait too long.

As it turns out I didn't have to wait very long at all.

I had just got done putting the outfit n and tousling my hair in that sexy messy curly look when I heard the front door opening.

I quickly hoped on the bed and arranged myself so I was sitting to the side with my legs folded in front of me and I was leaning on my arm.

I heard James throw his keys on the table and call out "Chloe, you here?"

"In the bedroom" I yelled back to him trying to stop my voice from wavering.

"Hey you'll never guess who I just ran into hanging out with your brother Andrew, it was-"

The words died on his lips as he walked in and saw me, his eyes got wide and his mouth dropped.

"Welcome home babe" I said seductively as I crawled towards him

For a few moments he stood there frozen watching me.

He started to come back to his senses a bit and walked to the edge of the bed where I was on my knees waiting for him.

"James, baby, say something?" I was started to get worried that maybe he didn't like it.

He read my expression and quickly snapped out of it "my god Chloe you look amazing, I can't believe my eyes. Your beautiful." He said as he took in my whole body

He sank onto his knees on the bed and kissed me sweetly.

He stopped and looked me again, a gleam in his eye. "You're like a Christmas present, just waiting to be unwrapped"

He started to do just that, unwrap me, but stopped as he was unzipping my corset. His breath hot on my neck where he had just ben kissing me.

"I am curious as to the occasion though" he said with raised eyebrows, leaning back to look at my face.

I blushed and turned away.

This is the part I wasn't looking forward to so much. "I did something stupid, very stupid"

I peeked at him and he had his eyebrows up even higher, giving me a questioning look.

I took a deep breath and explained how I'd seen the text and instead of asking him I freaked out and called Kristie. And how she set me straight about it afterwards.

I was looking down at my hands in my lap when he finally spoke

"You little idiot, don't you know you can always come to me when you want to know something like that." He pulled my head forward and kissed my forehead.

"I know it's just- I don't know I guess I let insecurity get the best of me"

"That's crazy you have nothing to be insecure about, don't you see yourself? Even without an amazing beautiful personality like yours any guy would be crazy not to want you. And only you" he punctuated this last past by pulling me against him so I was straddling him.

"Don't you feel what you do to me?" he pushed up so I could feel the evidence of his arousal against my center

I was trembling from the sensation of having him pushed up against my core, I started to rock back and forth and he took my face in his hands and kissed me deep and slow.

"James please"

He took his time, savoring every part of my body that he undressed. Kissing where the cloth had been, occasionally nipping my skin lightly then licking it to sooth the pain.

I was panting waiting for the fleeting soft kisses that I knew would come

He shifted and slowly laid me down as the corset came off.

He sucked in his breath seeing me splayed out on the bed, my hair laid out behind me like a halo, my chest heaving, knees apart, cheeks flushed and wearing my white panties, garter belt and stockings.

I could see myself in the mirror, it was an erotic sight.

He mumbled something about beautiful as he lowered his head to my abdomen and kissed and licked down my belly.

I was a ball of nerves as he took off my panties slowly, just waiting for him to get where I wanted his mouth most.

He was making me wait for it though. Little licks and nips everywhere but where I wanted them, he was too good at this.

"James..." my voice came out as a hoarse whisper.

He didn't make me beg this time, or say what I wanted. He just gave it to me.

His tongue was suddenly in me, wiggling deliciously and his teeth were just barley scrapping my clit.

It was driving me wild.

I could feel my climax building as his tongue moved in my slick opening but I couldn't get release, he sensed what I needed and quickly replaced his tongue with his talented fingers, stroking me in all the right places as they moved in and out of me in time with my breathing.

I felt that familiar pressure building up and started to moan his name, slurring my words as I got closer. Then it hit me, like a tidal wave.

I was lost in that bliss filled land you go to mid orgasm and screaming incoherency's over and over, then suddenly I was back on the bed in James arms as he held me kissing away the last of my shaking.

"My god James, that was..."

"Intense" he finished for me.

All could do was shake my head yes with a stupidly happy grin on my face.

He chuckled that deep throaty sound that I so adore, and then flipped me over onto my stomach.

"I think I'm ready for some play time now" he said as he plunged into me.

My god you look beautiful like this Chloe. He was stroking my thighs where the stockings ended as he pumped in and out of my slick passage

I relished the feeling of his hard member moving in me, and I was suddenly struck with the closeness of the two of us, there was something significantly different about this time, I couldn't place it, it was as if this was a turning point for us.

He pulled out and flipped me so we were eye to eye as he slid back inside of me.

We made love for what seemed like hours, and as we woke periodically throughout the night we would make love again, I lost count after four times.

It was magical.

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