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You Never Know


This is just a short story, completely different from what I normally write. As usual there will be no descriptions of sex.

When someone discovers they have been taken for a fool, you can never know for sure how they will react. Some become wimps, some run away, some turn themselves inside out and do things you would not expect them to do.

I chose to end it how and where I did because it intrigued me to do so. Anything after it seems unnecessary to me. Perhaps I may, or may not, continue the story.


I knew Jane was special the first time I saw her. It was the first day of kindergarten, we shared our table. Her twin sister Joan sat on the other side of the aisle from her, she and Doug shared the next table. It was that way for the rest of the year.

Elementary teachers have no imagination, so we sat beside each other all the way through sixth grade. We became best friends by the end of first grade; before that we were friendly and sort of tolerated the other. The "OH, you're a girl/boy!" thing was still going on.

Jane and Joan had the twin thing going on too. Joan liked Doug. I didn't trust him; he was always trying to make me look like a fool in front of the girls. They thought he was cute when he pulled his stunts.

I soon learned how he telegraphed his intent to prank me. He would elbow poke one of the girls and look around to be sure the coast was clear each time before he would act. I managed to either deflect or turn his pranks around almost every time after my discovery.

By sixth grade he was desperate to show me up; that was the year he talked me into joining Golden Gloves down at the Boys Club. I was a thin boy; he had six inches reach and about 15 pounds on me.

He had no idea that Dad was teaching me various forms of fighting on Thursday evenings; while Mom was at choir practice. Dad told me he looked like he had a glass jaw and showed me how and where to hit him to take advantage of it.

The third week of matches he and I were listed together on the lineup. I deflected his punches fairly well, allowing him to make contact, but do little damage. I connected as many as he did. We only had one round; I was watching the clock out of the corner of my eye. With fifteen seconds left on the clock I struck just like I was taught, he went straight down.

"That was a lucky shot." he told me the next day. I shrugged and said nothing.

We met in the ring four more times that year. I fought him to a draw the next three times. He had been telling the girls how badly he was beating me each time. When he invited the girls to watch the last match I knew what I had to do. He was showing off for them before the round began; after the bell rang I let him get in two punches and put him on the mat with my first shot. His girl Joan was angry with me for hurting him. Jane didn't like the violence involved and swore to never watch again. I told Jane that I would drop out to make her happy.

I had bested him at all his antics. I was not sure if he figured I would win each time or if he matured that summer.

The four of us dated all the way through the end of high school. We rented a limo to take us to the prom. That summer after we graduated at his insistence we tried skinny dipping down at the creek. June put a stop to that after 10 minutes; he was too busy paying attention to Jane. I was about set to act when June dragged him out and pushed him up the hill away from us. June and I noticed that Jane was more interested in him than she should have been.

The girls were distant for the rest of the summer. I told Jane if she was going to be my girl that she couldn't show interest in any other guys. I thought she gave in way too fast.

Doug signed up to join the police department, June became a nurse, Jane began to sell real estate and I got a BS then a MS in Computer Science.

Jane and I were married soon after I finished school. I felt like I was swinging the world by its tail.

Five years or so later

I was scheduled to travel about three hours south of town to review some problems a customer was having with their network when I received the emergency call to return to town; the server of one of our largest customers had shut down and would not restart. I was quickly there and soon diagnosed the problem. The electricians had not installed the correct equipment on their new equipment and a surge had damaged some boards. It would be 2 to 3 hours before the electrical repairs were made and I could restart. I decided to go out for a jog while we waited.

I was seven blocks from the site when a familiar car drove by and turned into a motel parking lot. The big dent in the rear bumper told me immediately it was Jane. I jogged by the lot and turned down the other side the next building. I came out next to the dumpster; she was parked in front of a room at the back of the motel. After a short spell another familiar car pulled in a few spaces down. Jane and Doug both got out and almost ran into the room on the corner.

After waiting five minutes I went over to his unmarked police car and felt around inside the bumper to find his emergency key. I opened the trunk and looked around for the bag I knew he kept. In it were a face shield, arm length rubber gloves and a heavy jacket; among other things. I pulled out the unregistered pistol and checked to be sure it was ready. I used the ice pick in the bag to flatten the tire.

An hour later he came back out to find the flat. He never saw me walk up behind him; the rag soaked in either soon had him out cold. I picked him up and took him back into the room, stripped him and handcuffed him to the bed. Jane was still in the shower. When she came out and saw me, she demanded to know what I was doing there.

I asked "How long?"

"...this is the first time." She replied.

I cuffed her to the other bed. He soon began to return to life. The look on his face showed he was shocked that he was caught. It soon turned to a smirk.

I asked him the same question "How long?"

Through the smirk he told me "...it was shortly after we skinny dipped. I got her cherry the week before I got Junes."

I gave him another dose of either. I had dressed in the setup he kept in the trunk of his car. First I put the gun under her chin and pulled the trigger. I then removed the cuffs from his wrists sat him on the side of the bed and wrapped his hand around the pistol. The gun shot was not immediately fatal; he came around just before he died from loss of blood.

As he lay dying I thanked him for providing a pistol with a silencer. After I stripped out of his costume I took the bag back to the site I was working at and put it in my trunk.

I slipped back in the loading dock of the company and walked into the computer department to do the restart.

Two hours later I left and drove to the far side of town and disposed of his things. The clothes were dropped in a donation box, the rest I threw into a drill hole in a construction site. I used a piece of wood to push the dirt in on top of it. I went home and fixed a nice dinner for two and waited for my loving wife to return home.

I fell asleep before the news at eleven. The opening story was about a murder suicide at a motel just north of town.

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Quick effective justice.

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