You Reap What You Sow


He stepped so hard on my toes that before I knew what hit me I was on my feet saying, "Thank you Jesus! ...Hallelujah! ...Preach! ...Pastor! ...Preach!"

I doubt if anyone truly knew that the fire I was trying to put out was between my legs.

From the time I had Aidan in my view, it was as if I had fire shut up in my bones and it would not leave me alone. We must have both felt the same thing because we constantly peered at one another throughout the service. In a way that said, 'if, and when the time came, we were going to fuck, and get fucked, as hard and continuously as possible.'

I could tell that he had good taste in clothes because the cream two-piece linen suit that he was wearing draped him as if it were custom made specifically for his body and my eyes only.

I was able to secure a seat closer to the front of the church tonight so when Aidan started to make his way towards me he wouldn't have far to go. He briefly shook my hand while informing me that my ride was parked around the corner on the side of the church. Well I figured he must be satisfied with himself by getting souls out to the church, because his greeting was very cool and precisely to the point. So, before I let what happened affect my religion, I slung my purse under my arm and commenced to strut out of the church without so much as a grimace on my face to indicate how much the straps that lay across my toes actually felt like a garrote tightening and my toes would soon be amputated under the pressure.

A light drizzle had started to fall from the night sky and it was a relief to my warm skin. It felt so good that I didn't even try to shield my body from the rain. As I turned the corner I realized that the van had been parked right in front of the church, so when I turned back around attempting to not miss my ride. BOOM! I ran right into Aidan. Damn¾he smells just as good as he looks.

"Right over here, the black Navigator," he said.

I came back with, "What about the van, Brother Scott will be looking for me?"

"I already talked to him, I told him since you were a little further than the rest of his passengers I would save him a trip. Unless you want to squeeze in with the entire Mother Board of the church."

He should not have let his guard down with me because, here I go, "ha...ha...that was very cute, but I doubt if Brother Scott and his Rockerettes are willing to take me out for dinner this late, it's past their bed time."

"'s past my bed time too. So now what?" he said in his deep sexy voice.

"First of all, can we get out of the rain and into your big black Chariot?" The heat began to rise inside me all over again. It felt as if a heated cherry that was about to burst was growing between my legs and I thought, thank God for Playtex panty liners that are made especially for thongs because, the hot juices flowed out of me as if this was a normal everyday occurrence. I am going to fuck this man. Tonight!

He pulled off, and as we rode along Broad Street in the dampened night air, we listened to jazz music that was flowing so smoothly from his Bose' speakers. For the first ten minutes we conversated about what we should eat. I recommended something light since it was so late. If nobody else watched my weight, I certainly did. We decided to take a ride through West Philly for seafood platters¾shrimps, crab legs, corn, broccoli and potatoes smothered in the best garlic butter sauce I've ever tasted from The Bottom of the Sea. During the rest of the ride we discussed everything from church¾to politics¾to finally what I wanted to do to him when we got back to my place. Since losing my virginity I have never been shy to tell a man what I wanted or expected from him in the bedroom room ...shower ...hell, the stairway in my building. His dick stood at full attention from the time we picked up the food until we arrived at my apartment and I guided him inside, with penis in hand.

Chapter 3

When it comes to sex I allow my body to do all the talking. Once we sat the food down I bent over right where I was and in my stilettos my legs had about five extra inches added. Which made us eye to eye, so to speak. He slowly entered me from behind. Thinking about it now still makes my temperature rise. Either he knew exactly what to do or he was wading the waters, patiently awaiting my guidance. Perfection is not too strong of a word to describe this man, my pussy fit his dick like a glove and he commenced to lubricating his dick slowly...smoothly, back and forth... in and out... as if my vagina was the mouth of a school girl licking on a juicy popsicle, making sure that every inch of his manhood was licked and sucked via vaginal juices. Suddenly, I turned around, I had to kiss him, I wanted to feel his face in my hands as I slobbed him down.

It was as good for him as it was for me but neither of us gave in to our impending orgasms. I graciously laid him down on my extra-large sofa and began to lick him up and down, stopping at his nipples and slowly licking and tugging at them while he squealed and moaned. My next stop was between his big chocolate thighs where he anxiously anticipated fellatio, but part of my game was to make him wonder if I intended on doing the deed, instead of expecting the inevitable.

My mouth was destined to dry out so I eased back up to his face and we kissed so soft and sensuously that I hated to stop but before I rose all the way up I slowly rubbed my juices from his belly up to his warm mouth and although I hadn't gone to town on dark chocolate, he eagerly, yet gently, jammed his tongue up into me. Lord have mercy...I raised up and switched my sweet ass into the kitchen. When I returned I had a bottle of cold spring water and as I stood over my new man drinking from the bottle I allowed some of that water to drip out and onto Aidan's gorgeous body. Since I was about to give him what he wanted he removed all of his clothes while I was in the kitchen.

One of my biggest pet peeves is to take one's own clothing off. I wish he would have waited. I think when the mood is right all undressing should be done in the heat of passion and this move of his has somewhat killed the moment for me, but not entirely because it has been a long time since any man has made me feel this way. Now that my mouth was moisturized I commenced to licking and sucking on his fudge pop. And one thing for sure, two things for certain, if there were ever to be a contest for sucking dick, I'm your winner. He came so hard that he could have won an Oscar for portraying a man suffering a heart attack. Once all of his little soldiers shot out, he sat straight up and began to take over the role of Master and Commander. He started by rubbing and caressing my breast. Gently fondling my clitoris while nibbling on my ears. I whispered to him that we should take this into my bedroom.

My work as a registered nurse has afforded me to have a comfortable life since I was single and had no children. I noticed the look on Aidan's face when we entered my bedroom and he laid eyes on my beautifully arranged room. The focus point was my king sized bed with all the coordinating tossed pillows and linens on top. Even my drapes that hung above the ten foot high cornered windows, which offered a view of the Ben Franklin Bridge and the downtown area of Philadelphia, matched. We at long last made love all night long as if were experienced virgins who could not get enough of each other's body.

* * * * * * *

When I could no longer tolerate the heat of the sun beaming down on me through the top of the exposed portion of my window I rolled over to find that I was alone and my room had a distinct odor of fish. Sometime during last nights workout we decided to eat our seafood platters and now my room smelled like The Crab Shack. Thank God for central air because when I opened my bedroom windows after stripping my sheets off the bed and tossing them into the washer that was tucked away behind my sliding door hall closet, the heat engulfed my room causing me to close the windows again. I decided it would be simpler for me to just burn some candles throughout my apartment and spray my mattress with febreeze. I love the smell of peach candles, so I filled my holders with some fresh candles that I purchased from the Peir 1 on City Ave.

I was so consumed with getting that smell out of my room that I nearly forgot to wonder what happened to Aidan. I had no idea that he left, it must have been between six and seven this morning since I didn't collapse in my excitement until five thirty. I clearly remember because we both acknowledged the time, since my orgasm lasted almost five minutes. As the thoughts of last night began to slowly come to fruition in my mind, my kitty kat began to heat up again. Damn, he must have had to go to work. Since I had a few more days left of vacation I decided to put in my Mis~Education of Lauren Hill CD on full blast and give my apartment a thorough cleaning. First, I turned the air up higher and started my task in the kitchen. Thank goodness for the onboard attachments on my carpet shampooer. In my living room, I thoroughly cleaned my couch and the area rug that lays just below it. There's no telling what might start growing after last night. It was about one in the afternoon when I finished my mid-summer spring cleaning. Luckily I live alone and it didn't take as much time as most people who have children or roommates for that matter. I saved my bed for last in order to give it as much time as possible to air out. In the long run I didn't bother to make it, I decided to sleep in my spare bedroom so that I could give my mattress at least twenty-four hours to recover. Where is my man?

I laid out my clothes for church and called Brother Scott to line up a ride since Aidan and I still hadn't exchanged phone numbers. How in the world did I have the best sexual experience of my life, without exchanging phone numbers, is beyond me. Anyway I still did not feel comfortable putting church members in our business. I thought better of it so, I didn't ask the church secretary for Brother Aidan's number, I asked her to put me on Brother Scott's pick up list instead. Right on schedule Brother Scott beeped the vans horn at six forty-five. We ran into some heavy traffic, so by the time we arrived at the church, services were underway. We hadn't missed that much, most importantly we arrived just before the offering.

The service this evening was on fire again and during altar call I decided to walk up to the front of the church and take a seat in one of the three chairs that were aligned in front of the pulpit. Tears had been streaming down my face since the Pastor solemnly said as the organist played in the background.

"Do you know him?...get to know him...when your best friend turns against you...he is the Alpha and the Omega...come to Jesus...if your heart is heavy...take it to him...he'll be your friend in the midnight hour..."

As I walked what seemed like the longest mile all I could think about was the conversation or should I say argument that I had with my ex-best friend, Felicia. That miserable bitch had the audacity to sound off at me when I told her the details of last nights tryst with Aidan.

* * * * * * *

"Look, I wouldn't say this if I weren't your friend. You don't even have this man's phone number to call him. For all you know he could have been a serial killer or even worse."

I have to admit I felt really stupid when I lied and told her that we had used condoms, when in actuality she caught me with my guard down. The way I shared detail for detail and blow for blow, there had been no place in last nights exhibition for condoms. She ranted and raved about AIDS and pregnancy. She even called me dumb and stupid and told me that I must like getting hurt. I shot right back at her that she was a jealous and bitter bitch with no excitement in her life. And she hated that I always wound up with the best prospects for a husband because she was stuck at home, in her miserable marriage, to that boring ass Jonesy.

* * * * * * *

Aidan's mother was standing in place of the missing church secretary tonight. I doubt if this was the first lady's regular position in the church. While she wrote down my information and instructed me on the process of the Right Hand in Fellowship, new members' classes, and the importance of tithing, Mrs. Bitch had the audacity to look me up and down when I told her I was single, childless and an emergency room R.N.

I sat in the seat of the office graciously, being nothing less than courteous to my future mother in-law. I got vibes from Mrs. Peacock that she did not like me. From my end I have never been an ass kisser and I was not planning to start today. Aidan would have to knock my boots on a regular consistent basis in order for me to suck up to Cruella DeVille. Had she been a normal humble woman, I would have had the nerve to ask where my Prince Charming was, I hadn't seen him all evening.

There had been five of us who went up to the altar to surrender our souls to God and become members of the church. Two of whom were children with there mother. We were ushered out of the office as the mass of congregation filed away from the altar, heading back to there seats. Once every one was seated again Sis. Peacock read off the list of names, she began with Ms. Nakia Sanders, who was coming back to restore her membership in the church and she had her two girls with her, ten year old Tasia and six-year-old Asia Sanders who wanted to be baptized. All were to receive the Right Hand in Fellowship on the first Sunday of the following month. Next there was an elderly man who from the smell of things came in to get out of the heat. Lord forgive me...I'll leave that alone but¾I haven't seen him since. She saved me for last, 'til this day I still wonder if that was some sort of play on my psyche'.

Anyhow she starts with, "Last we have a Ms. Jada Lindsay who is looking to restore her faith in God. She is a registered nurse, who was baptized as a young girl and has not been a standing member of any church for over ten years." Bitch! Telling all my fucking business.

As the Pastor, her husband, held a death grip on my hand she continued with, "She seeks to become an asset to the choir as she was the lead soloist when she attended her previous church."

All I could do was smile. Now it was his turn, what he had to say was nothing compared to what was soon to come.

"Sister Lindsay, God is smiling down on you right now... He is pleased with you more than you'll ever conceive... I want you to walk with him¾talk with him¾and pray to him... because he'll never leave your side... God bless you... and heaven smile upon you... you may take your seat now."

Then the blow came that almost knocked me out of my seat.

Pastor looked over to Cruella and kindly said, "Thank you Sister Peacock, you've done an excellent job this evening. We may need you to fill in just a little while longer."

With a quizzical eye she looked over at her husband as he continued, "Since the other Mrs. Peacock just gave birth to our first grand baby."

As the 'Praise the Lords' and 'Hallelujahs' began to ring throughout the church I began wondering why the elder Mr. & Mrs. Peacock were not at the hospital with their daughter instead of Aidan.

The next tidbit of information told it all when Pastor Peacock, let it be known that, "Church... our son Aidan and his wife Melissa just had little Aidan Jr. and my wife and I are heading over to the hospital, post-haste."

"So if it's alright with you I would like to dismiss early so that we can get over to the hospital."

I had no idea that a person's body could do what mine had begun to do without any physical provocation. It took every fiber in my body to hold back the tears that were inevitably coming. It was my heart and my stomach that truly gave me the most concern. The flutter of butterflies was not just a myth to me any more - they were real.

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