tagLoving WivesYou’ve Got Mail Ch. 02

You’ve Got Mail Ch. 02


I had just dodged a bullet. My name is Rob McMillan and I manage a rather large shipping firm. I have been happily married for twenty years to a gal I met in college. Erika is a beautiful blond Swede with long tan legs and really great tits.

An employee of mine, Art Lloyd, tried to get my job by blackmail. He sent me anonymous e-mails with pictures he said were of my wife and her lover. They were fake but very convincing and my responses were highly inappropriate. Looking at the pictures, I discovered for the first time that I had the fetish of being aroused by thinking about my wife with another man.

I was finally forced to tell my wife the whole sordid story before my employee blackmailed me with it. I got rid of the employee. And my loving wife didn't even blame me for getting aroused looking at dirty pictures I thought were of her.

She confessed to an affair she had some years ago with an old college boyfriend named Ben Ziegler and said that adultery was a hell of a lot worse than masturbating looking at dirty pictures. She didn't blame me for my fetish. She offered to help. Erika is a very loving wife.

"I love you very much," she had said the night I told her the whole story. "Let's go upstairs and get in bed and I'll tell you all about Ben Ziegler. Frankly I never thought that me cheating on you fifteen years ago might give you a hard on, but that's all we've got to work with and I'm sure as hell not gonna fuck any strangers to turn you on in the future."

"That confession will certainly be good for me and if you like hearing about me having sex maybe you'll enjoy it. Then we'll take our sex lives one step at a time to where ever they go. And as long as we keep loving each other, where our sex lives go doesn't matter."

Every man needs a wife that loving and understanding.

It was early but we went to our bedroom with our third double Balvenie. I asked that tall blond Swede to strip naked and walk around in her red spike heels for my viewing pleasure. She walked around the bed slowly giving me a full view of her body.

God! She was beautiful. Her long tan legs were made lovelier by those red spikes and the creamy white bikini protected skin accentuated her tan body. Her breasts were full, nipples erect, and showed only a slight sag to indicate their forty-two years of age. That thick curly haired beaver where I buried my face when I tongued her clit revealed only a slight hint of that clit. No man alive could resist the beauty of my blond Swedish Venus.

We played around a little bit in bed and then Erika asked me what I wanted to hear about Ben Ziegler.

"Start at the beginning," I said. "When you first met him and started dating him."

"I first heard about him at the beginning of my Junior year. The girls at the Sigma Kappa house would sit around and drink and tell Ben Ziegler stories. The drunker they got the dirtier the stories got. It was his stamina they all talked about most. He never fucked a gal less that three times and often more than that."

"His dick wasn't special. It was thicker than most but only a couple of inches longer than yours. Most of us had fucked guys with longer ones. What they talked about most was the size of his balls. They were huge and low hanging."

She reached over and stroked my cock gently and I came erect. Then she began to softly massage my testicles as she told me about Ben. What she said was turning me on. My wife was turning me on by telling me about another guy she had fucked! I was a pervert! The kind I read about on the Internet!

"Everybody figured it was his balls that gave him his stamina," she continued. "None of the gals had seen a guy with bigger balls. And he was hairy. When you showed me the picture of that hairy guy with the big balls in the saddle fuckin that bitch, the first thing I thought of was Ben Ziegler. You think that was Art Lloyd?"

"Yeah I think it was," I said. "He wouldn't get too many people involved in his scam. Jesus! That picture reminded you of Ben Ziegler?"

"Yes it did. Art Lloyd may be a blackmailing asshole but he's got the most beautiful pair of testicles I've seen since I fucked Ben Ziegler."

"Well, anyway, one of the gals set me up with Ben and I fucked him on the first date. That's what he expected and all the gals did it. He gave me three orgasms. He was the best fuck I had in college."

"And he really knew how to do a gal's asshole. It hurt at first when that thick dick was stretching you out but after a few weeks it felt great. He used the same technique on every gal and after we'd had a few drinks we all talked about it at the Sigma Kappa house."

"What did he do?" I asked.

"He'd take me doggie and gently ease that thick lubricated thing in. Then he'd reach around and stroke my clitoris to get it hard. You know how big my clit is when it gets hard -- as big as my little finger. He'd take the shaft of that thing between his thumb and forefinger and stroke it like he was jacking off a little penis, all the time fucking me very gently in the ass."

"Did you cum?" I asked.

"Oh yeah! He took his time but he always gave me an orgasm. And when my contractions started my anal sphincter contracted along with my pussy. I could feel my ass grabbing his cock. He was using my orgasm to make his own orgasm even better."

"He'd start pumping hard and during my contractions he'd ejaculate glob after glob of semen deep up my rectum. It was the strangest sensation when my anus felt the base of his cock contract with each spurt of cum."

"He did all the girls the same way?"

Erika started to laugh and nod her head as she remembered her college days.

"Yeah he did and we'd get drunk at the sorority house and giggle as we talked about his technique. Some of the gals had really sore assholes and we tried to explain how good it was gonna feel after he'd finished stretching 'em out."

She laughed again and shook her head. "It was hard to convince them that the pain was worth what they were gonna get to enjoy later."

"All the gals emphasized that he always made the girl cum. We were all fucking guys who didn't know how to fuck or didn't care if their date had her orgasm. They just thought about themselves. But Ben Ziegler always brought the gal off several times. That reputation is why he had first date pussy standing in line."

"You were fuckin me at the time," I said.

"Yes I was and you always gave me a tender, loving orgasm. But Ben never gave me less than three and always one with his cock up my ass. It was just raw, ugly sex. He was an animal! And I loved every minute of it! We all did!"

"Rob you gotta understand," she continued, "that inside every woman there's a whore trying to get out. Ben Ziegler had an animal way of getting that whore out of any gal he fucked. He turned me into a whore every time I fucked him -- just a foul-mouthed slut begging to be fucked. All the gals talked about him doing that to them. If we got drunk enough we'd tell each other the nasty things we asked him to do to us. Some of those gals had really dirty minds."

"So you'd fuck him one night like a whore," I said starting to get very horny. "And then fuck me lovingly like a lady the next night?"

"Well I'm not sure exactly how a lady fucks but that's sorta what I mean," she said laughing.

Then she squeezed my dick and said, "Let me take care of this thing. It's beginning to throb. I don't want your balls to start to ache."

She climbed on to do me cowboy. Jesus she had beautiful tits. They hung down and jiggled in my face.

Shit! I was ready and I pumped my load in just a few minutes, thinking about that hairy bastard's big balls slapping Erika in the ass. Only now it wasn't just my fantasy looking at a fake picture, it had really happened to her. She rolled off of me, breathing heavily, and curled her naked body close against me.

Being sexually aroused at the thought of another man fucking my wife was an entirely new experience for me. It first began when I was aroused looking at those e-mail pictures. I had checked it out on the Internet and discovered that some guys were like that but I never thought I was before this.

"Where did you fuck him?" I asked.

"In the back seat of a big old Buick he drove," she said. "I always stripped down buck naked for him. He wouldn't touch a gal unless she was starkers. A date with him was nearly two hours of solid fucking."

"Most guys I fucked were like you. They'd fuck five or ten minutes, cum, and then quit. That hairy bastard pounded a pussy twenty-five or thirty minutes. Sometimes I'd have two orgasms before he pumped his load. Then he'd rest five or ten minutes and he was ready to go again."

"He was the best fuck on campus but he had the IQ of a gerbil. He barely qualified as a lab tech and was lucky to get that hospital job which I think he still has. None of the gals ever thought about marrying him. They just wanted to fuck him. I was dating you and I saw you as a successful businessman, which you turned out to be."

"Yeah," I said in disgust. "I got rich but I couldn't fuck."

"Don't say that darling. You're being unfair to yourself! You gave me wonderful orgasms. Very loving orgasms! And you still do! Ben was just an animal."

"One loving orgasm, sometimes two, but never three," I said. "Shit!"

"Do you remember Olivia Winston? She was a Sigma Kappa," Erika asked.

"Of course I remember her. Who could forget those big boobs?"

"You fucked her. Why didn't you marry her?" Erika said defiantly.

"That's a stupid question. Because she was a dumb blond − a flake. Fun to fuck, especially when she was on top with her tits hanging down, but not someone you'd want to marry."

"The same with Ben Ziegler. Ben was fun to fuck," she said with a chuckle, "but not someone you'd want to marry."

Somehow it didn't seem right, I thought. Girls are not supposed to go out with guys just because they're fun to fuck. I started to point this out but then I realized that if I did Erika would just laugh and call me sexist.

"How much did you fuck him?" I asked.

Erika chuckled. "As much as I could. He had first date pussy standing in line so he was very selective and I was lucky he did me once a week. I was dating you twice a week and I'd quit fuckin other guys. I had already decided that you were the man I wanted to marry."

"Shit!" I said. "You'd decided you wanted to marry me and you kept dating him? Why?"

"I just told you darling. Because he was fun to fuck! He brought out the whore in me. I'd just spread my legs and lay back and pump my ass and he'd fuck my brains out. My whole pelvis would feel great for days. I'd get so turned on I'd lose my gag reflex and take that big dick deep throat."

Then very softly she asked, "Does it turn you on for me to tell you what it felt like to fuck another man and have a pair of heavy, low hanging balls slap me in the ass?"

I nodded and that picture came back into my head. I remembered masturbating as I imagined that I saw Art Lloyd's big testicles swinging back and forth as he fucked my wife. That had happened to her for real with Ben Ziegler. Shit! My cock was throbbing again!

Erika saw my reaction and she giggled. Then she pulled me between her legs, slipped my dick into her, and I started pounding that pussy big time. It was only a matter of minutes before I pumped my second load.

"You're very energetic tonight," she said, as I lay on top of her panting for air. "Maybe I should have told you Ben Ziegler stories before this. Talking about him turns me on too. It makes me remember what it feels like to get turned into a slut and beg a guy to fuck me."

We talked some more and then I fucked her a third time before I fell asleep exhausted. I felt proud of myself to pump three loads into her − just like Ben Ziegler.

That next night on the patio I asked Erika, "Do you want to go to bed early?"

"You are a satyr," she said. "You pounded me like a slut last night. Remember I passed my fortieth birthday two years ago. I can't fuck like I did in college. But yeah I want to go to bed early. It's been a long time since you fucked like this. I think I better take advantage of it."

After we were naked in bed she asked me what I wanted to hear about. I thought it over and asked her a question I had been wondering about since last night.

"Did you ever fuck me when you had his fresh cum inside you," I asked.

She thought about that question for a minute and then suddenly began to laugh.

"Do you remember that Sigma Kappa spring picnic out at Seneca Park?" Erika asked.

"Yeah I remember that," I said. "They had that party once a year. Nobody had dates with anybody. They called it a free-for-all."

"And you and I hooked up after dark and you took me to the Sigma Kappa parking lot and screwed me," she said laughing.

"Yeah, I remember."

"Well, just a few minutes before we hooked up, Ben Ziegler caught me in the woods, pulled my pants down and did me doggie tickling my clit to bring me off. It was just a quickie but it felt good. So when you got me back to the sorority house I was dripping a big load of Ben's fresh cum. Do you remember what you said?"

I thought back and couldn't remember. "No I don't."

"You slipped that thing into me and felt me dripping wet," she chuckled. "You said something about me being horny and wet. But it wasn't MY juice. It was Ben's fresh jism. You were getting sloppy seconds in a freshly fucked pussy and you didn't know it."

Then she broke out in loud laughter as my cock throbbed at the thought of Ben's cum lubricating my entry into her. She reached over and felt my cock and pulled me on top of her to fuck. I lasted less than five minutes thinking about my dick in her just minutes after another guy fucked her. And she was laughing at how aroused that story made me.

I lay there resting and cuddling with Erika, thinking about those college days.

"During that Junior year," I said, "Ben was fucking you as much as I was."

"Almost as much darling," she said, "almost as much."

Then she chuckled and added, "Of course it depends on how you count it, doesn't it."

"What the hell does THAT mean?" I asked.

Erika was giggling like a schoolgirl as she said, "Whether you count loads or dates. He pumped at least three loads on each date and you had twice as many dates with me but you usually pumped only one load, so ... "

"You horny bitch!" I yelled. "Thinking about him STILL turns you on!"

"It turns YOU on too," she said laughing. "I'm gonna keep telling you about him."

The next night I got to wondering if she fucked Ben after we got engaged. So I asked her.

"In January of our Senior year we got engaged," I said. "You were still fucking Ben at that time?"

"Yes I was," she said. "I'd been fuckin him steady for almost a year and a half."

"Did you quit fucking him after we got engaged?"

"I thought it was not right to fuck another man wearing your ring," she said.

That answer seemed okay but somehow she said it in a strange way so I followed up.

"So you quit fucking him?"

She paused a long time and then said very softly, "Not exactly."

"What exactly does 'not exactly' mean?"

Again she paused as if searching for words.

"I fucked him after we got engaged − but I only called him when I got real horny and needed him bad. And I always took off my engagement ring," she said.

Her hand reached over and began to stroke my erect cock.

"When was the last time you fucked him before we got married?" I asked.

"Wednesday before we got married on Saturday," she said softly. "I didn't fuck him again until five years later when I was unfaithful to you."

My cock began to throb and she rolled over and mounted me cowboy and guided my erection into her and began to hump. I humped back as hard as I could, thinking of my Erika pumping her ass for that hairy bastard just a few days before we were married. It was only a few minutes before I ejaculated.

It went on like that night after night for weeks. We hadn't fucked so much since our honeymoon. Art Lloyd's stunt had rejuvenated our sex life. We even fucked in the afternoons on weekends − something we hadn't done since the early years of our marriage. And we always talked about Ben Ziegler. Talking about him turned us both on big time.

One night Erika asked me if I remembered a friend of hers from Sigma Kappa.

"Do you remember Nancy Harris?" Erika asked.

"Blond. Big tits?"

"That's her," Erika said laughing. "Well she got married and now works in administration at Norton's Hospital."

"Where your Mom had her surgery?" I asked.

"Yeah," Erika said. "She fucked Ben Ziegler in college and later helped him get a job as a lab tech at Norton's. Her husband travels a lot and she still fucks Ben when her loving hubby is out of town."

"For TWENTY YEARS?" I said, shocked. "And her husband hasn't found out?"

"Yeah for twenty years and she says Ben still pumps three loads a night," Erika said laughing.

Then she got very quiet and said softly, "Nancy is the gal that fixed me up with Ben when I was there for Mom's surgery. Are you ready to hear about that now."

I guess now was the time to hear about when she was unfaithful to me. Hearing about her fucking him in college was a turn on. I wonder what I will feel hearing her describe fucking another man with my wedding ring on her finger.

"Yeah. Tell me about it. Where did you fuck him?"

"At Mom's house. He'd come over after work and I'd get naked and into my spikes."

"Those are the shoes you call your 'chase-me-catch-me-fuck-me' shoes," I said.

"And that's exactly what that hairy bastard did," she said laughing. "He'd chase me around the house and catch me and fuck me − fuck me where he caught me whether it was on the living room rug or doing me doggie over the kitchen table. He said he liked to watch my tits bounce when I ran naked. He'd pump his usual three loads every night, just like I remembered from college. And a couple more the next morning before he went to work."

"Did you wear your wedding ring when you fucked him?" I asked.

Erika fell silent for a couple of minutes and then said softly, "I better tell you the truth about that. I didn't wear my rings the first night. When I invited him back to fuck me the next night he said it turned him on to fuck another man's wife but he wouldn't fuck me any more if I didn't wear my wedding ring. So I wore it the rest of the two weeks he fucked me. I felt ashamed that I needed him as much as that."

"We fucked every evening and most mornings for two weeks till Mom got out of the hospital. I have felt guilty about it for all these years, especially about wearing my rings."

Then she giggled and said, "But it seems different now somehow. If I'd known it turned you on I'd a told you sooner."

"Fuck me and think about him," I said. "Fantasize him fucking you. I want to fantasize watching him catch you naked and fuck you."

And we played that game. Only this time it wasn't a story about before we were married. It was a story about my wife being unfaithful. Still, I was as horny as I could be thinking about it and I only lasted a few minutes.

But what was remarkable was the way Erika pumped her ass real hard and grunted like an animal. She had never fucked me that way before. She had her orgasm before I did. I remembered her saying that Ben fucking her turned her into a whore. Did thinking about him when she fucked me do the same thing?

We lay there sweating and panting and resting. I couldn't get my mind off the picture of Ben fucking her and her grunting that way. My dick got hard again and I started stroking it thinking about them fucking.

Finally I whispered in her ear, "Thinking about Ben when you fuck turned you on didn't it?"

"Yes it did," she said. "I was also thinking about you getting aroused as you imagined me getting fucked by another man -- aroused, not angry. That thought turned me on too. Shit! We're both getting very weird!"

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