tagLoving WivesYou’ve Got Mail Ch. 04

You’ve Got Mail Ch. 04


Dear Reader: This is a cuckold story about a willing and grateful husband who is very thoroughly, skillfully, and lovingly cuckolded by a wife who loves him. If you find such stories uninteresting or unpleasant you should stop reading right now and go to a story that is less threatening.

My name is Rob McMillan and I manage a major branch of a rather large shipping firm. I have been happily married for twenty years to a gal I met in college. Erika is a beautiful blond Swede with long tan legs and really great tits. An employee of mine, tried to blackmail me. He sent me anonymous e-mails with pictures he said were of my wife and her lover.

Then a strange thing happened. I found those pictures sexually arousing. Somehow my wife and I got through it. But I came out of it with a new sexual fetish that I did not know I had. I was aroused by the thought of my wife fucking another man.

With my encouragement my wife began an affair with an old college boyfriend, Ben Ziegler. She wouldn't let me watch but simply listening to her describe their sex had given me sexual pleasure beyond anything I had ever experienced before. They spent a weekend together once or twice each month.

Now we were in Chicago at a board meeting of our corporation. Last night my wife had fucked the Chairman of our board, an old friend of mine William R. Fuller. It was the first time she let me watch and that trembling, aroused humiliation was the most exciting sex I had ever had in my life.

We spent the second day at the board meeting and Erika and I got back to the hotel in late afternoon. Billy had to stay for a committee meeting.

We were having a drink in our room waiting for Billy to call. I assumed we'd have dinner together and then go back to his suite for another party like last night. That had been a marathon of fucking and I was looking forward eagerly to another night just like it. I think my wife was as eager to fuck him again as I was to watch her do it and her eagerness turned me on too.

"Thank you for asking Billy to join us in a threesome last night," I said.

"Darling I had fun fuckin him," she said, putting her hand lovingly on my cheek. "And you're gonna get to watch us do it two more nights."

"Billy's a great fuck!" Erika continued. "His equipment is twice the size of yours and that's a turn on for both of us. And it's a turn on for me to see the intense, helpless arousal in your face when you're watching us fuck."

"You like Billy's big cock don't you?"

Erika gave a soft, sexy chuckle, "Any woman who says she doesn't like a big cock is a liar! Cock size was a favorite topic of conversation of the girls at the Sigma Kappa house when I was in college. We'd sit and drink and swap big cock stories and the drunker we got the bigger the cocks got. I think there was some exaggeration."

"I wish I could have been there listening," I said

"No you don't. Most guys would NOT have enjoyed those conversations."

"Why not?" I asked.

"Because we talked about the fact that most guys didn't know how to fuck and most guys didn't have big cocks and most of the guys that did have big ones didn't know how to use 'em."

Then she laughed, obviously remembering those college days.

"You always told me that I knew exactly how to take care of you."

"Yeah honey, but you were the exception. In fact some of the gals talked about you knowing how to bring them off when other guys couldn't. That reputation is why you got so much Sigma Kappa pussy."

I never knew I was a topic of conversation at the Sigma Kappa house.

"What did they say?" I asked eagerly.

"You don't want to know," she said with a lewd laugh.

"Tell me. Tell me exactly what they said."

"Okay, but you'll be sorry you asked," she said trying to control her laughter.

Getting control of herself Erika finally said, "More than one of them said, 'Rob's got a teensy pecker but he knows how to use it.'"

Then she doubled up in laughter.

"Teensy pecker," I exclaimed. "What the hell does that mean?"

"You got four inches honey and that qualified as 'teensy' at the Sigma Kappa house."

"I got FIVE inches," I yelled.

"All men exaggerate the length of their dicks," Erika said trying to control her laughter. "You got FOUR, maybe four and a quarter."

"The gals had two ways of showing the length of a guy's pecker," she continued, chuckling. "First they'd hold out two hands eight or ten or twelve inches apart. The other way was to hold up their thumb and forefinger to show how long a guy was. YOU were in the thumb and forefinger category."

Then she bent over again in raucous laughter almost out of control. It did not seem as funny to me as it was to her. Why do women think short dicks are humorous? They always laugh and joke about little peters.

"But you fucked a lot of Sigma Kappa gals," she continued. "You know why?"

"Tell me why," I said.

"Because you knew how to take care of a clit and you always did. Whether you used your pecker or your finger or your tongue, you always did. Most guys didn't know what a clit was or didn't care. They thought only about themselves. Maybe a few size-queens were not impressed with your dick but most of the gals preferred you to a guy with a big one who didn't know how to use it."

"But Billy's got a big one and he knows how to use it," I said.

She laughed and paused in thought. Then very softly she said, "Yes he does and our relationship with Billy is just beginning."

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Tonight he'll want some different things. He teased my asshole in the shower this morning before he did me doggie. He might want to use my ass tonight."

"Jesus! Can you take that big dick up your ass?"

Erika laughed a loud and musical laugh.

"Can I take it? Shit! I told you how Ben's thick cock stretched out my asshole. Billy's gonna slip in easy. Of course I'll need my clit stimulated while he does me and his finger's kinda clumsy. You want to eat a little pussy while that big bastard does my ass?"

I felt a tingling in my pecker. In my head I saw us in the shower this morning. I was on my knees my tongue on her clit and Billy was doing Erika doggie with those big low-hanging balls slapping me in the chin. He'd do her ass the same way. I enjoyed giving her pleasure while another man was having his pleasure with her. Why the hell was that such a turn on for me? Because asshole, I shouted to myself, you're a God damned pervert!

"We haven't even talked about eating creampie," she continued. "But in the next two nights you better believe you're gonna be looking at a wide open pussy dripping thick creamy jism and hear Billy say, 'Clean it up for me Rob.' What are you gonna do then?"

I thought about burying my face in a freshly fucked pussy and gave the only answer I could give.

"If I wanna watch him pump that stuff into you, then I guess that means I gotta eat it out, so I'll eat creampie. Hell! I never tasted it. Maybe I'll like it."

Erika leaned over, gave me a soft kiss, and whispered, "I've eaten my share of jism baby. Never mixed with pussy juice of course but it doesn't taste all that bad. You'll get used to it. Then you'll just suck it out and swallow it down. Billy pumps a big load and it's thick and sticky so don't try to swallow it all at once. Work it back on your tongue and then just take little swallows and enjoy the flavor as that slimy stuff trickles down your throat."

I felt my dick get hard as she talked.

"And if Billy doesn't make you eat cum somebody else will."

"Somebody else?" I asked.

Placing her palm softly against my cheek again she said, "I'm gonna be fucking more guys for you to watch honey. You enjoy it and I want to please you."

Then she gave a sexy chuckle and said, "And besides I've started to enjoy having different cocks from time to time."

"Different cocks? You have someone in mind?" I felt excited by what she said.

"Yes, I have someone in mind. A sure thing I think and you won't even have to ask him the cuckold's question. He's young and hairy and hung and you'll enjoy watching, but we can talk about him later."

As she said that the phone rang. It was Billy and we were off on another night of stimulating and rewarding sexual pleasure.

We had dinner and danced as we had done last night except that Billy and Erika did all of the dancing. Clearly their sexual arousal was causing them to behave like lovers. After they found a dark part of the dance floor they were feeling each other up and laughing and kissing. Watching them was turning me on.

We finally started up to the suite and they were entwined and giggling like newly weds as we got on the elevator. Erika, flushed with arousal, couldn't keep her eyes off of Billy and he couldn't keep his hands off of her and I simply stood there watching them - just a helpless cuckold fondling a throbbing erection in my bulging crotch.

Anyone looking at our threesome could not fail to appreciate who was gonna do what to whom and who was gonna enjoy watching him do it. Fortunately we were not seen by anyone we knew. This was a somewhat different experience for Billy, who was usually an afternoon guy with the ladies.

Although everyone was aware that Billy Fuller was a philanderer, the cuckolded husband was always blissfully unaware that the ear rings his wife had gone shopping for that afternoon had been purchased previously and the pussy he had thought was private had been shared with, according to those wives in a position to know, the best endowed member of the corporate board.

When we got to Billy's suite Erika made an announcement while Billy was pouring out drinks.

"Leave the drinks on the counter. I have a surprise for you Billy. I'm gonna be your waitress serving your drinks."

Then she went into the bedroom and moments later when she came back I saw what she had done to please Billy. She was stark naked except for spikes, hose, and garter belt. Her voluptuous body was magnificent as she posed and strutted around the room serving our drinks and bumping her butt for Billy.

Her belly was flat like a woman half her age and her big tits jiggled in a perfect rhythm as she walked. Those heels made her legs look even longer and more beautiful and somehow her beaver looked even hairier when she had that sexy garter belt on.

Her clit was invisible in that mass of curly brunet hair but I was sure it was hard as a rock because she was flushed with sexual arousal and ready to fuck. I was gonna have a mouth full of jism-soaked hair sucking that clit before this evening was over, I thought.

Billy was impressed! His pants bulged with a huge erection as she walked over and handed him his drink. I could see he was in a hurry to get my wife in the bedroom. My mouth felt dry as I pictured her eagerly spreading those long legs for that horny bastard.

By the second drink both Billy and I were naked and my little pecker was rock hard and almost quivering in anticipation. Billy's heavy cock was semi-erect and swung slowly between his legs as he walked over to pour his last drink.

Finally, Erika said in a sexy voice, "Billy honey, are you ready to fuck me now?"

"I been ready since dinner," he said eagerly.

"Darling husband," she said, turning to me for the first time. "May your loving wife have your kind permission to fuck your old friend Billy Fuller?"

A nice touch I thought – making the husband she was about to cuckold give his permission in front of her lover. Humiliating! It was like kicking me in the balls. It was hard to talk.

"Billy and I are waiting for your answer darling. Do you wanna watch us do it?"

She knows exactly what she's doing to me and she knows I'm so desperate to watch them fuck that I gotta say it out loud. They had made me say it last night and now they were gonna make me say it again. And when I say it they're gonna laugh.

They're just having fun with me. And I'm so choked up with arousal it's hard to speak. Finally, surrendering in helpless humiliation, I manage to nod my head and mumble like a submissive cuckold.

"Yes dear, I wanna watch."

Immediately I began trembling in anticipation of what they were gonna let me watch and not caring if they saw me I reached down and started playing with my peter. Why does getting humiliated like that turn me on so much? Because I'm a pervert, I said to myself for the tenth time tonight.

"Thank you darling," she said. "That's sweet of you. Billy and I both are very appreciative. Aren't we Billy?"

Billy looked at me playing with my peter, chuckled and nodded.

Erika giggled and extended her hand to Billy who took it eagerly and she led him into the bedroom. I grabbed a towel off of the bar and scurried after them. I was gonna lose control and ejaculate any minute and I didn't want my juice to make a mess like I did last night.

Erika pulled back the covers and got in bed, shoulders back to show off her tits. I sat down on a chair to watch. Billy stood there ready to get in bed. Then Erika threw me a bottle of scented oil.

"Get him ready darling," she said.

Oh my God! Suddenly I realized it was my humiliating job to use the oil to lubricate that huge cock he was about to shove into my wife. Thank God she gave me the oil, I thought. When she got him ready last night she had sucked that blue-veined monster. Shit! I was gonna have to do that one of these days for sure. I said a silent thank you to the woman I loved – she was making it easier for me by giving me the oil.

Billy stood in front of me, his semi-erect cock inches from my face. I poured a generous amount of oil into my palm and for the first time in my life I took another man's cock in my hand and began to lubricate it. I skinned back his heavy foreskin and oiled that big purple head. Damn! His cock was thick – my fingers didn't reach around it. I felt him go from semi-erect to erect as I massaged the oil into the full length of what Billy claimed was ten inches of rock hard cock.

"Use plenty of oil darling. He's thick and I want that damn thing to slip in easily. And get his balls oiled up too. But be gentle with them – Billy's got sensitive balls."

Shit! In my head I saw that big oily thing slipping into her. I could almost hear her groan. I was trembling with arousal and humiliation.

She chuckled and gave a sexy laugh as she watched me prepare her lover to fuck her. My dick was throbbing and standing straight up in my lap as I ran two oily hands up and down the full length of that enormous phallus. This is demeaning I thought – lubricating another man to fuck my wife as she watched and giggled in eager anticipation.

"Now do his balls honey, but be gentle with them," Erica said chuckling.

I poured more oil into my hands and rubbed them together. Then I lifted his massive scrotum up in two hands and began to massage his testicles gently applying the oil. Damn! The humiliation of getting him ready to fuck my wife was exciting me sexually! I'm a damn pervert!

Jesus! His balls are big! And they're heavy. They gotta be full of sperm, I thought. I gently caressed them rubbing the oil thoroughly over his scrotum. He was gonna pump that sperm deep into the soft, warm wetness of my wife. I looked at the length of his huge erection, glistening with oil in the low light of the bedside table lamp. I imagined his thick, creamy jism shooting out deeper in her pussy than my little dick had ever reached.

Billy looked down at me and smiled as I gently lubricated his genitals. It was not the smirk of an arrogant stud about to fuck the wife of a helpless cuckold. It was the warm smile of a close friend about to do something he knew I very much wanted to watch. He was doing me a favor and he knew it! A wave of gratitude swept over my body and I almost thanked him for the pleasure he was about to give me.

When I finished getting my old friend ready to fuck my wife I turned and looked at her in bed, naked and ready to fuck.

She smiled sweetly at me and said, "Thank you darling. Now just sit back and play with your peter and have your fun watching us have our fun."

Then she looked at my crotch and giggled when she saw I was already playing with my peter. Cuckolds are funny – even to the wives that love them. My wife was about to fuck another man and she could see how eager I was to watch her do it.

Billy walked over to the bed, his oiled testicles hanging low and that glistening cock sticking straight out and bouncing slowly as he walked. I trembled as wave after wave of arousal and anticipation swept through my body. Helpless with fierce sexual excitement, I realized that this big bastard was getting ready fuck my wife and I felt grateful to him for letting me watch him do it.

"You want my spikes on or off honey," Erika said to Billy with a giggle.

"They're real sexy," Billy said, "Leave 'em on."

Erika laughed and said, "Okay but the way you throw me around when you fuck me baby you're gonna have to be careful you don't get one of these spike heels shoved up your ass."

Billy laughed, "Okay better take 'em off. Hey Rob, come over here and get those damn weapons off your wife's feet."

I went over to the bed and Erika held her legs up toward me and spread them obscenely so I could reach her feet. I looked at that dark, hairy pussy in the light of the lamp on the bedside table and I could see the glistening wetness of her widely spread inner lips, which were engorged with arousal and hanging out a good two inches. Shit! I thought. My wife really wants to fuck him! Why the hell does that turn me on so much?

I turned to walk back to my chair and before I sat down I heard Erika groan and looking back I saw Billy's ass between her widespread thighs. He'd just rammed that fat sausage home. He was as eager to fuck as she was.

Shit! Suddenly I'm ejaculating! Just spurting out jism like a wet dream. Where'd I put that damn towel? I sat down catching as much semen in my hand as I could and finally grabbing the towel, I wiped up my jism and listened as Erika encouraged Billy to fuck her.

"Oh yeah baby! Put it to me! Let me feel it deep! Deeper!"

Billy pulled her legs up high and shoved that monster into her balls deep and Erika squealed at his extreme penetration. Then he started pounding her steady and she started grunting like a whore, like she did thinking of Ben Ziegler.

And I was pounding my peter again as I watched his oil-covered, low-hanging balls slap her in the ass – big sperm-laden balls that I had tenderly massaged only minutes ago. Shit! I thought, for the hundredth time: when watchin your wife fuck a stud is more fun than fuckin her yourself you know you're a pervert.

They both had their orgasms quickly. They had been teasing each other for over an hour. There was hardly a minute's rest after he pumped his load until she was doing him cowboy. I heard the rhythmic slap of her sweating, naked body as she thrust down on him again and again, her tits bouncing wildly. She'd had her first orgasm and now she was using the full length of that huge cock working hard for her second and when it came she seemed to scream even louder than before.

She rested a few minutes on top of Billy and then rolled off his exhausted body and looked at me. I had already pumped my second load into the towel and was playing with my peter again.

Erika was not finished yet. Almost twenty minutes of steady fucking and two orgasms and the bitch was still horny! She glanced at Billy who lay there, worn out, panting heavily - his big dick limp and lying useless on his belly, a stream of creamy semen dripping from the tip and forming a puddle.

She turned to me and smiled and beckoned me to come to her. My God I thought! She's gonna feed me creampie! I got up and walked over to the bed telling myself that I had to eat it some time.

She spread her legs and I saw her big, hairy pussy gaping wide with gobs of creamy jism dripping out of it and running down over her asshole. That big bastard had stretched her out and pumped her full of sperm.

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