tagExhibitionist & VoyeurYou Want Me to What?? Ch. 01

You Want Me to What?? Ch. 01


If you have never had a really close friend of the opposite sex, you probably can't understand.

Mary was my friend, we grew up together, fighting and playing and getting muddy and into trouble.

There was a wide spot down at the nearby creek, Mary and I would sneak down there and go swimming.

We weren't supposed to, both of our Mom's had warned us, or rather pretty much ordered us to stay out of there unless an adult was present.

But they were busy all the time doing things, and the swimming hole was a half mile away. So we sneaked down there all the time in the Summer months, it was fun.

Mary's chubby little body made the darndest splashes when she would roll up into a cannonball, leap off the old dock and hit the water next to me.

I was skinny as it is possible for a 10 year old to be, about all I could manage was a little plop.

Mary was probably 12 or so when I noticed her chest was getting swollen. I also spotted some hair growing between her legs, so I teased her about it with no mercy.

She glared at me, but that was the end of the swimming hole trips.

I soon figured out why from the other kids, my Mom just wouldn't talk about things like that.

Things happened to me, too. My Dad got the job of explaining most of it to me.

For one thing, I got tall, all the way to almost six feet, Mary just stopped growing at about 5 feet, heck, she was that tall when she was 11.

Still, we ran around together, played, did our studies together. I nearly always got a "B" grade and she almost always got an "A", a never ending source of frustration for me.

I took my irritation out at track, one thing I could do was run like the wind. I broke all sorts of school records, ran 2nd in the mile at State and I won State in the half mile and quarter mile run.

Mary was there that day, in fact, she was always there. She gave me a big hug after I managed to cool down, it hit me that she was still a little thick in the body, but she was a long ways from being fat. Her big chest mashed against me and for a few days it was all I could think of, it felt kind of good.

Mary went off to college, so did I. But it was different schools. I found myself missing her.

Then in my junior year I was walking towards a class when I heard her voice. She came running, hugged me and kissed me. I stepped back, I almost would not have recognized her unless she spoke.

The transformation was amazing!

Here was this lithe, beautiful young woman, well dressed and just...just...beautiful. I stood there and stumbled over my words as she smiled, knowing the effect she was having on me.

Mary had transferred to the same school as me, not because of me but because of some programs she was taking.

We went right back to being buds, just like that. Mary would pop in at my tiny apartment, we would head down to the corner and share a milkshake, sometimes we got our heads together and cooked dinner for ourselves.

We were both in the same boat money-wise, I was pumping gas at a payless and she was stuffing Big Macs in sacks for people.

Anything to pay the next semester, we both got a dab of money from home but it wasn't nearly enough. I had a small stipend for my track but winning everything at our 60 person high school was one thing, winning at the college level was something else.

My 4.30 mile was quickly a 6-7th place and I was filling out, gaining weight.

I was getting slower, not faster. The odds were high I wouldn't even make the team the next year.

So both of us were always broke.

Then came the annual beach party, it was a big deal. We all went down to a nearby seaside resort for spring break, and it was supposed to be one heck of a party.

I had never been to one, instead investing my time working and putting away much needed dollars. Besides, I had no girlfriend, I had no time or money for that.

So it surprised me when Mary said she wanted to go and she wanted me to go with her. It seems her grandmother had left her some cash, it wasn't much but it was enough to cover the motel room and the bus trip.

Mary even bought a bathing suit, I was there when she opened the package.

"Are you really going to wear this?" I asked her, holding up a piece of string and tiny patch of cloth. It was white, there just wasn't much to it.

"Yes, that is the style now."

I just grinned.

"Don't bend over very far in it." I told her.

She blushed and took a fake poke at me, then went into my bathroom to try it on.

"Oh, shit!" I heard her say.

"What's wrong?"

"I didn't try it on, it doesn't...It's not.."

"Let's see." I said.

Mary came out wearing her shorty T-shirt and the bottoms, I started laughing which pissed her off. Her full brown bush stuck out both sides, there was no way in the world she could wear it like that.

"Looks like you need to trim some brush or take that back."

"I can't take it back, it was off the sale rack and there are no returns."

"It cost me $40.00! She wailed.

"You could just shave some, maybe get waxed?" I told her, feeling a bit odd with her standing there almost naked.

"God, they charge $60.00 for that!"

"Maybe get some guy to help, I bet they wouldn't charge you." I snickered.

She looked at me for a few seconds.

"You can help."

"Me? You want me to...?....I don't know how."

"You shave your face!" her body language took on a familiar determined look I recognized from when we were kids.

"What if I cut you?"

"You soften it some first. And be careful!"

"How much do you want off?"

"The other girls, some of them are..you know."

"Oh." Well, I really didn't know, actually.

"Well, will you?"

"Oh, all right."

I am not real sure what I was thinking just then.

Mary was asking me to, well...pretty much poke around in her privates?


I turned bright pink at the prospect, my experience with girls was...well...I didn't have any experience with girls.

If I even tried to talk to one my mouth would come open and my eyes would glaze over. I was always sure my nose was running or my pants were unzipped or something.

"Well, will you?" She had spotted my hesitation.

"Can't you get one of your girl friends....?"

"No, I can't! Now come on!"

I watched as she turned and went into the bedroom, the thin string vanishing between her butt cheeks was all I could see.

I meekly followed along behind, already breaking a sweat.

"OK. So what do I do? I asked her. Mary was sitting on the edge of the bed, still wearing the thong.

"Get some warm water and soap and mix it in a bowl."

I ran some water, brought the bowl back and set it down.

"Put a towel down." I spread a towel on the bed, she moved over and sat on it.

"You can do this part." I told her.

"No, you do it!" She pulled the strings at her side and tugged the wisp of material off.

I looked down, her legs were firmly planted together. Sighing, I reached for the bowl, kneeled down on the floor in front of her.

"If you tell anyone about this I will beat you up!" she threatened.

"You can't beat me up." I retorted.

"I can hire it done, I got Grandma's inheritance."

"You got $600 from your Grandma." I laughed.

I realized Mary was suddenly nervous, the banter was funny, to break the ice.

That gave me some courage.

"Say AHHHHH!" I laughed.


But she lay back, squeezed her eyes shut tightly, and spread her legs wide.

I tried to not sneak a peek, failed miserably. Her pubic hair has parted, leaving a set of wrinkly lips sticking out. She looked shiny, nothing at all like the two gentle curves I remembered from when we were kids.

I got a handful of the soap in the bowl and put it on her pubic hair, rubbed it around a little.

"You need to do better than that." she said.

"Hey, this is embarrassing!" I protested.

"I am the one with everything hanging out, just rub the damn stuff in!"

"All right. But you asked for it!"

I began to massage the shampoo in furiously, I was missing nothing. Mary's face changed, she turned first bright red, then her mouth began to sag open and she started to breathe funny.

When her stomach muscles jumped, she opened her eyes. They were glazed over, and her outer lips were engorged. Her clit had popped out from under the hood, I was deliberately concentrating on brushing up against it.

"That should do it." she hissed betweenn her teeth.

"Just a little more!" I grinned.

"No playing, this is serious."

"Yea, it's serious all right." I was now aware that my cock was just about to bust the front of my jeans.

She jumped up and ran to the bathroom, I heard the shower running for maybe two minutes. She was drying herself with a towel when she came back out.

Then she laid back down, spread herself out again. I took a deep breath, sprayed on a dab of my shaving cream. She jerked slightly as the cool foam touched her, then she relaxed.


"Just do it."

I used my razor carefully, starting at the top. In just a few strokes I had that clean as a whistle.

She took a deep breath, relaxed.

"Get some more."

There were stray hairs alongside her lips, I used my left hand to press her sideways and trimmed those, then shifted her the other way and got the rest.

Looking up, I noticed her eyes were blinking rather furiously.

"I need you to turn over."


"You have hair back there that will show! Turn over."

Sighing in resignation, Mary rolled over on her stomach.

"Get up on your knees."

"Oh, my God!"

"Sorry, it's the only way I can reach those, I don't want to nick you."

She got up on her knees, leaned forward on the bed. I got a good look up her short T-shirt as she leaned forward, looking between her legs I could see both nipples hanging down on her full breasts.

I must have hesitated.

"Hey, are you going to stare or finish up!"

I reached up and pulled her butt cheeks over to the side. Her tight puckered hole was inches from my face, her vagina was swollen and damp looking. I trimmed the few stray hairs and then moved to the other side, trimming those too.

I was trying to keep a straight face but my poor loins were close to bursting. I took a final look at the vision before me and patted her on the butt.

"All done."

Mary hopped up and ran to the bathroom. She came out in a few minutes wearing the full outfit.

She might as well have been nude. The top was just a triangle on each side with some yarn tied together, the bottoms hooked at the side but barely covered her.

"You are really going to wear that on the beach?" I asked her.

"Yes, the bottoms anyway!" she giggled.

Then she hugged me, that didn't help my situation one bit.

Realizing, her expression changed.

"You are...let me help you. Fair is fair."

"Help me?"

"Lay down!" she pushed me back on the bed, reached down and fumbled with the catch on my pants.

My erection sprang free, she grinned.

"You grew up, I see!" Then her lips closed over me. I lay back as she began soft swirling motions with her tongue, then finally I reached up and fondled her breasts as she let her lips stroke me.

I only lasted a few seconds, then I was blasting off inside her mouth. I expected her to jump up and spit it out, she didn't. Wave after wave passed over me, I almost passed out.

Finally I was done.

"Wow!" I exclaimed.

"That's your reward." she smiled, a droplet of my sperm at the corner of her mouth.

Mary dressed and came back out, looking like nothing had happened.

I had to ask.

"Where did you learn to do that?"

"I have dated some, it keeps the guys from pestering me...you know."

"I am still a virgin." she grinned.

"Oh. Well, I was wondering...?"

"Thinking maybe you will get that, too?"

"I am a virgin, too!.. Well, I was...."

"You still are then. Maybe...while we are at the beach?"

"Maybe what?"

"I probably will need a touchup trim."

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