tagHow ToYou Want Oral? Here's How

You Want Oral? Here's How


The best oral sex I've ever had went something like this:

1. Set the mood. Candles, music, clean bedding, fluffy pillows, maybe some restraints (if you're into that kind of stuff), and make sure you're both clean and ready for fun.

2. Start out slow. There should be no rush. Take your time touching each other, running your hands up and down bodies (torsos, arms, legs, face, through the hair, avoid errogenous zones for now and build the tension elsewhere). Make good use of your mouths- wet open kisses, caressing tongues, soft lips. Kiss your partner's mouth, her cheeks, eyelids, neck, shoulder blades, collar bones, down her throat, etc.

3. Listen for cues- moans and panting, breathy whispers are all good. No noise, throat grumbing, sharp intake of breath... those are bad. Move on and try something else

4. Slowly increase the pleasure. start skimming your hands over her breasts, put more pressure on spots you know she likes, work to get her turned on. At this point, if you skim your hand between her legs, you should be able to feel heat, and depending on what she's wearing, wetness.

5. Unwrap the prize. Maybe she's wearing lingerie for you, maybe she's still dressed. What ever it is, as you slide off her clothes, trace the path with your hands and mouth. Keep touching, make her moan and squirm (trust me, its a good thing).

6. Zero in on the target. When you're both so turned on you can't wait anymore, use your hands to let her know you're starving for the taste of her. Rub gently over her belly, glide your fingers across her thighs, slowly part them. Dip a finger into her slit and GENTLY brush her clit..... I'm sure you get the picture. The key is to go slow and gentle, it will torment her more and its just more fun.

7. GET COMFORTABLE! Girls take longer than men, you should know this by now. I recommend splurging for a Liberator Esse, it is a big girls best friend, and its FANTASTIC for oral.... Anyway. Get comfortable. If you're laying between her knees, make sure you have support for yourself, maybe put a pillow under her butt to tilt her up for you. You want your hands free, so don't restrict those to your braces.

8. Tease your girl. Lick up the insides of her thighs, skim across her pussy WITHOUT touching it to do the other leg. Gently flick your tongue against her skin. Slowly slide a finger into her (She'll most likely LOVE that). By now she should be panting, maybe scratching at your shoulders or grabbing your hair, maybe even begging you to taste her. Smile, (she'll feel it if you do it against her) and nuzzle her cleft with your nose or cheeks, and drive her just a little bit more wild.

9. Taste test. You know neither of you can wait anymore, so go ahead. Take a little taste. Keep your tongue soft, and use the flat part of it to skim between her lips. Short, shallow strokes the entire length her her cleft. Suck those plump lips into your mouth, nibble at them, if you've got a big mouth, try to close it over both at once. Increase the pressure with your tongue, lapping up and down, licking up the juices. Flick it GENTLY over her clit depending on how sensitive she is.

10. USE BOTH HANDS! It's like little league- coaches are always telling you to use both hands, so USE THEM. My personal favorite is when the giver takes both hands, and spreads the lips far apart with their thumbs, opening the delicate flower to their own pleasure. If makes me feel wide open and extremely submissive. Do that, and you can do what ever the hell you want to. It also makes the clit a very easy target. Lick it, flick it with your tongue, suck it into the mouth, whatever you can to make your girl scream.

11. Don't for get the Gspot. When you're girl is getting close, and your tongue starts to fail you (we know it gets exhausted....), don't forget about the inside. Slide a finger (or 2 or 3) inside, hook it in a come her fashion (like when your mom was mad at you when you were a kid in trouble) and find the spongy, odd feeling clump in the roof of your girls vagina. Stroke your fingers against it, put a good amount of pressure behind it, and suck on her clit at the same time. You'll be lucky to get your fingers back when she comes, because she's going to clamp down on those and not let go till she's all tuckered out.

12. Post Game. Whatever you do, don't just pull away when you're done. keep working her till she tells you to stop, and when she lets you go, kiss the OUTSIDE of her mound (the inside is going to be extremely sensitive), up her thighs, belly, chest, and give your girl a kiss. Don't push for yours right away, because she's gonna need some recovery, but don't worry. She'll be more than willing to return the favor....

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I want this done to me so bad

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