tagNon-Erotic PoetryYou Will Never Be Alone

You Will Never Be Alone


Taking your hand into mine,
I look into your eyes,
That shines with undisguised
And tenderness.
I will banish your fears and loneliness.

My dark eyes looks into a pair so much like my own.
I love you grandma, I whisper.
You will never be alone, I promise.
Hold my hand and hold onto dearly,
As God calls you home.
I will be here to give you the courage you need.
Just as you held me as a baby,
Giving me all your love you have in your heart.
And now, tears run down my cheek, as you begin to depart.
I have tried so hard to be brave, and not cry.
Your cool fingers reach up one last time to brush away
A warm tear.
I tried so hard to keep at bay.
But to no avail, they fell anyway.
As your hand touches my cheek,
I turn my face into your palm, crying softly.
About to lose the one person who understood me,
And loved me unconditionally.
"Goodbye grandma, I love you".
"I love you too"
She softly whispered before she slipped away.
One single tear fell down her cheek as she took her last breath.
I took her limp hand and placed it upon my heart,
And there I sat there for a long time,
Saying nothing,
Not moving.
In my mind, I heard my grandmother's voice say:
"I may have gone Home"
But you will never be alone.

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