You'll See, Lucy


"I want that cock in me," Becca moaned, getting up on her elbows and looking back at me, "I wanna feel it inside me!"

"Baby steps, Becky, baby steps," Lucy said, patting her ass. I began to slowly withdraw my thumb from her ass, making her gasp, then gently pushed it back in.

"Ohhh mygod," Becca said, dropping her head between her arms, "Please…please!" I did it again, pushing my thumb slow and deep. She growled and clenched her ass down on my thumb, hard. Wow! "Please?" she said, looking at me again, "I want you in my ass soooo badly…"

Unable to speak, I looked at Lucy. She shrugged. "She always has been one to know what she wants. I say…give it to her," she said, smiling at us.

"Yes, please give it to me!" Becca whined, "I want it."

"You really think you're ready?" Lucy said, rubbing an oily hand over Becca's hip. She was ready. Rolling back onto her side, she propped her head up on an elbow to look at me while her other hand absently played with her breast, rolling her nipples between her thumb and forefinger. I hefted my cock in my hand, looking down at what was about to occur. When we had first made love, I had been surprised with the ease with which she took my cock in her pussy, always egging me on to go deeper, harder, faster. But that little back door of hers was so tiny, so tight, so innocent and fresh…and so, so inviting.

"I'm ready," Becca said, smiling at Lucy, and then at me.

"What are you ready for?" Lucy said, crawling around to kneel by Becca's head. Becca smiled up at her, big and beaming, loving to say the words as much as Lucy obviously loved to hear them.

"I'm ready to feel that big, hard cock in my ass," Becca said, patting her booty again as she watched me pour the oil over my hot steel shaft. I shuddered.

"In your ass?" Lucy said, touching her breast and biting a lip.

"Oh yeah, deep in my ass," Becca groaned. I put a hand between her buttocks and hefted her soft flesh, placing the tip of my cock between them meat between buns.

"How deep, Becky? How deep in your ass?" Lucy moaned, touching her pussy softly, tentatively. Becca looked up at her sister.

"Every…last…inch," Becca said. She looked at me again and nodded, closing her eyes. My tip poised on her tiny back door, I held her hip as I knelt by her ass.

"Push it in," she whispered, running her tongue over her upper lip. Only too happy to oblige, I pushed, gently but firmly. Looking up into my eyes, her lips just barely parted, she seemed to be holding her breath. Her muscle was strong and resistant, the guard to her rear end staunchly holding his post. But the oil was slick. And Becca wanted it. And what Becca wants, Becca gets. I felt her abs bunch and push, firm and steady, just how Lucy had shown her.

"Ohhh my God," I groaned.

"Uhh!" Becca moaned as my tip slipped into her booty. Lucy laughed and took her hand in hers.

"Congratulations, Becky, you're no longer a virgin!" Lucy said. Becca laughed breathlessly.

"Oh my God, it's really in my ass!" She marveled, smiling up at her big sister. Lucy patted her hand.

"More?" I asked, smiling.

"More!" she answered with a moan. I rubbed the oil over her ass and thigh, then placed my hands and pushed myself forward. Inside, she was slick and ready, and my cock slid smoothly on a bed of oil. The breeze around us was cool, and I could feel each and every millimeter of my shaft slipping up into her butt where the cool air stopped and the burning hot flesh began. My face must have told the whole story.

"Do you like it, Peter?" Lucy said over Becca's moans and cries. I nodded breathlessly, sweat pouring off mine and Becca's bodies. "Do you like my baby sister's little booty, squeezing on your cock?" she asked.

"Oh God yes," I gasped. Lucy moaned as she rubbed her pussy, and Becca gasped as another inch pushed up her bottom, with four more to go.

"How much more?" Becca gasped.

"You're halfway," I answered, breathing hard.

"Oh Jesus Christ," Becca moaned, pushing a small hand between her thighs. I felt her fingers touch her pussy.

"Do you want me to stop?" I asked, concerned but at the same time fearing a "yes" to that question.

"No! God no," I gasped, "Just…be gentle with me…more gentle than you were with Lucy."

"I promise," I said. Becca nodded and breathed deep, holding her sister's hand. She nodded.

"OK. Push in some more," she said softly, smiling up at me. Holding her hip, I obeyed. So tight. I just couldn't believe how tight she was. Even though we were both lubed to the max and there seemed to be no real frictional resistance, her muscles gripped my shaft so tightly that I could barely move. She groaned piteously as I slowly fed two more rock-hard inches of cock into her tiny little hole. "Jesus!" she groaned, burying her face in the grass and squeezing Lucy's hand harder.

"Breath, Becky, breath," Lucy said calmly. Becca obeyed, her chest heaving as she relaxed her body and booty.

"God that's so deep," she whimpered under her breath. Only an inch to go, and I would be totally imbedded in by girl's bum. Slowly, ever so slowly, I watched the last glistening section of my shaft disappear. And there it was. My balls pressed warmly against her buttock, every last inch of my cock imbedded deep in her butt. Her fingers pinched her nipple hard, while the other hand gripped Lucy's hand. Lucy was sweating almost as much as the girl with the cock in her ass! Her eyes shone like diamonds, and her breasts heaved with her quick, excited breaths. Becca looked up at me, her lips wet and her eyes dreamy.

"Oh my God," she breathed, "Oh my God!"

"That's right, Becky. Every last inch, just like you wanted," Lucy said, giving her sister's hand a squeeze back. Becca's hand stopped playing with her nipple and moved to her side, where she ran her palm over her hip and belly, then around and over her ass. She felt with her fingers down between her glistening, slippery buns where my shaft disappeared into her newly-opened rear entrance.

"God, it's really in there, isn't it," she moaned.

"Couldn't go any deeper if you asked me to," I gasped, smiling down at her. I ran my own hands over her hip and ass as she lay her head on Lucy's thigh, looking up at me with a smile of her own. Her eyes darted up to her sister's. Becca nodded at her and smiled, then looked back at me.

"Alright," she said in a breath, her eyes sparkling.

"Alright?" I replied. She just nodded and took an even tighter hold on Lucy's hand as she lay her head in her lap. I needed no more. Placing my hands on her up-thrust hip, I slowly began to slide my cock out of her ass, listening as Becca moaned and gasped with every inch.

"God, I can't believe all of that was inside me," she said as I stopped, the strong ring of her anus gripping the sensitive ridge on the head of my cock.

"That's right Becky, you took all that like a big girl," Lucy moaned, watching the action.

"Go in again," Becca said, nodding to me. I obeyed, moaning loudly as that tight, slippery ring ran all the way down the length of my cock, right to the base. My balls again touched her bum, and Becca groaned loudly and winced a bit.

"Are you alright?" I asked, instantly concerned, "Do you want me to stop?" Becca shook her head, her eyes closed and a smile on her face. Her brow furrowed for a second and she groaned deeply.

"Ohhh fuck," she whimpered.

"She'll get used to it," Lucy said, answering for her little sister, "It always hurts a little the first time." And then she mouthed to me, "Fuck her," and winked. Trusting the big sister's judgment, I again slid my shaft from my girl's bottom, listening to her moan and gasp as it withdrew, then groan and whimper as I plunged back into her tight booty. Unable to move as quickly as I did in Lucy's ass and also concerned for Becca's comfort, I developed a slow, steady, gentle rhythm, thrusting my cock up into and out of her butt in long, firm strokes. The feeling of that tight ring sliding up and down, over and over, was far too much for any man to bear for long. Slowly and almost imperceptibly, I began to feel my balls begin to boil.

"Jesus…"I breathed. Lucy smiled knowingly at me.

"How's it feel, baby sister?" Lucy cooed, cradling Becca's head in her lap, "How's that big cock feel in your tight little bottom?"

"Oh God," Becca whimpered, burrowing her nose into her sister's leg and squeezing her hand hard. "It feels…fucking huge!" she finally managed, gasping again, "It…uhhh! hurts in my belly…when it goes deep!"

"Too deep?" Lucy said.

"No! No…it's…uhhhh!!...alright," she gasped.

"Ooooo, you dirty little girl," Lucy moaned, "You like it like that?"

"Yeah…I –awwww!...I like it!" Becca groaned.

"Yeah? You like it deep in your ass? You like feeling it up in your belly, making you hurt in your little bum?" Lucy said, locking her eyes on mine.

"Yes!" Becca moaned back, crying out loudly as I again pushed deep into her ass, the tight ring sliding down to my balls. They had come to a rolling boil. I couldn't bear much more, and Lucy could tell.

"Oh, look at him Becky! He's making that cum face for you! You want him to cum in your ass?" Lucy said. I barely had any idea what was going on, my mind was in such a fog. Steam roiled around us as I fucked my girlfriend's butt. She and Lucy's bodies were covered in steam and sweat as we all worked together as one. Becca just moaned and gasped again in response to her sister's question.

"Or maybe all over your booty? You'd look good with that big white load all over you. Mmmm…or maybe we should share it, yeah? Let him cum on our tits?"

"Let's split it!" Becca moaned. The image was too much.

"I'm gonna cum!" I gasped, still sliding my cock in and out of Becca's tushy. "Oh fuck I'm gonna cum so fucking hard!" And for once everyone was on the exact same page. With a soft pop, my shaft slipped from Becca's ass, making her moan one last time. I climbed quickly and unsteadily to my feet as she and Lucy crawled over to sit on their heels in front of me, shoulder to shoulder. My balls ready to burst and my knees ready to buckle, I placed a hand on each of their shoulders, the twitching tip of my cock poised inches from their faces. They nestled close, their sweaty, glistening breasts pressed together, awaiting my artistry. An expert on the subject, my sweet little Becca did the honors, reaching forward to grasp my throbbing cock in her hand while Lucy cupped her and her sister's tits, eager for the first spurt of white gold. It didn't take long. Two or three quick pumps of my girl's hot little hand and the orgasm came. I roared out my release into the starry night as a week's worth of pent-up sexual tension burst forth. The first spurt sailed from my tip as my cock cleared its throat, landing perfectly on Lucy's presented cleavage. She moaned as if she had just stepped back into the hot pools as Becca turned my monster on herself, a broad smile on her lips as my cock flexed hard in her hand. The second spurt, always the biggest and hardest, burst out of me with what felt like the force of a shotgun, splashing across Becca's tits in a long white rope and running down between them to pool against Lucy's.

"Ohhhh yes baby, shoot out all that cum," Becca moaned. Her hand still pumping slowly, she turned my cock towards Lucy, aiming me perfectly. The third spurt nearly made my knees buckle as it shot from my cock and all over the smooth tops of Lucy's tits. Back to Becca, and I painted her face in a single shot, pure white dripping from her lips and onto her breasts. She then graciously gave her big sister two in a row, the first directly into her open mouth, the next from her chin to her forehead. Just when I thought I would die from lack of oxygen to the brain, Becca milked the last few spurts from my balls, letting them drip over her tits and run down to mingle with the rest of my pooled load. My legs shook as I locked my knees and straightened up, the orgasm finally over.

"Oh my God," I gasped, breathing hard.

"Wow!" Lucy giggled, rubbing her cum-covered tits against her sister's, "That was a big one!"

"Pretty normal, actually," Becca boasted, then giggled as the "lake" between her tits drained and ran down over her belly, "When I go down on him I either have to finish him on my tits (which he never complains about), or be prepared to swallow about six times to get it all down!"

"Mmmm, but it goes down so easy," Lucy murmured, running her fingers over her glistening tits before bringing them to her mouth to be sensuously licked clean. Once I was sure of my balance, I helped each dirty girl to her feet, cum still covering their tits and facing, and running down their bellies. One on each hand, we stepped gingerly back into the pool and sank up to our shoulders in the water. I hugged each of them close by my sides as we all looked up at the stars. I let out a long breath.

"Did you have fun tonight?" Becca giggled.

"Words fail me, girls," I laughed, "I think I've died and gone to heaven."

"Hear, hear," Becca said, laying her head on my shoulder.

"Are you sore, Becky?" Lucy giggled. Becca laughed and nodded.

"Probably more-so in the morning, but it was worth it, just to see the look on Peter's face," Becca said, looking up at me to receive a kiss and a smile.

"I think, love, that the look on your face was what put me over the edge at the end there!" I laughed. Becca blushed.

"What did you expect? First time anal experience, and I take 8 inches up my butt? I'm a little girl!" she said.

"And a natural," Lucy added.

"Must run in the family," I said, giving them both a squeeze.

We walked naked back to camp that night, having spent a full 3 hours fucking at the hot pools. My cock hung huge and sore between my legs, having been squeezed hard by two different butts in quick succession. We took a detour by the cold, shallow river nearby, wading into the icy water to laugh, splash, and rinse the sweet sweat of great sex from our bodies. By the time we got back to camp the moon was high, the air was chill, and both girls were complaining of goosebumps. We bundled ourselves into the tent and were all fast asleep in minutes, a soft head on each of my shoulders as I cradled the sisters at my sides. I fell into a deep sleep that night, the luckiest man in the world.


The rest of the trip passed far too quickly for all of us. The next day dawned sunny and warm, and we lolled in the tent for the better part of the morning, and by the river for the better part of the afternoon. Becca had been right; she was sore! And for that matter, so was Lucy. Anal virgin or no, they'd each taken a pumping that would have humbled the most jaded of red light starlets. We alternated lying in the sun on the round river pebbles, and lying in the shade on the soft grass, too tired and too satiated to think of much of anything else. The next morning we packed and headed out. It was a strange feeling that the three of us shared as we hiked, mostly in silence. Now that the drugs and the alcohol and the magic of the pools had left us, we were all thinking deeply about the shockwaves that our one wild night together would have for our respective relationships. Was this the end of the old? Was it the beginning of a new? Could we live with each other having done what we'd done? Two nights and three days of travel, on boot on and wheel, found us again out on the Akaroa Peninsula at our previous backpackers. This time Lucy and myself joined Becca and we walked out amongst the sheep in the fields to sit on a rocky outcrop and stare up the the endless stars, unsullied by electricity. We were silent for a while, Becca resting on my shoulder, Lucy by herself.

" just a one-time thing," Lucy began. I nodded in ascension.

"What happens in New Zealand stays in New Zealand," I reassured her.

"It's for the best," Becca agreed. We were all silent again, but the breathing was easier. The next day we met Frank at the airport to drop of his ute. I gave him a look and a handshake that said, "Meet me at the pub, I've got a tale for you," and he drove off with a polite nod and smile to the girls. Becca and I took Lucy into the airport as far as security before saying our goodbyes. She still looked amazing, standing there, happy but slightly sad, dressed all pretty in her light skirt and sandals, her deep cleavage once again beckoning. I gave her a long, strong hug when it was my turn, and she surprised me by giving me a long, deep, loving kiss. When we finally broke I saw that Becca was flushed and smiling. She squeezed my hand. I was getting laid that night for sure. Lucy bit her lip and ran and hand down my chest as she took a step away and picked up her things.

"I've got some free time around Christmas," she said, slinging her bag over her shoulder, "And I hear this country is beautiful that time of year. Perhaps I'll come visit you two? Besides..."

"What happens in New Zealand," I began.

" New Zealand," Becca said, smiling at her sister and pulling in close to me. Lucy winked at us both, turned, and was gone.

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