tagInterracial LoveYoung Chocolate

Young Chocolate

byDai Raku©

I met her at the being of the 2nd semester of my freshman year in college. She was a part- time instruction in the psychology. The attraction between us was visible from day one. When she introduced herself as Mrs. Seneca Johnson, the question wasn't if I was going to fuck her, it was when and where.

I would sit in class and watch her as she made a point to show off her sexy curves. Her form fitting dresses left little to my imagination. The material would press against her body and show off her well contoured shape. Her breasts looked like they were a size 36 B, her waist was small, and her ass reminded me of a small honeydew melon. Every time I saw it I wanted to grab it and devour it.

At age 48 she was stunning. You knew she had been around the block, but they were short blocks. I could see experience written all over her face, but at the same time she had a sense of innocence about her, an innocence that I wanted to explore. One day after class as the students were leaving I walked up to her desk with a hard on; she was looking at some papers.

"Excuse me Mrs. Johnson." I said

She raised her head and her eyes were face to face with my hard cock and it was bulging out towards her. She took a deep breath and said.

"Yes what can I do for you young man?"

"I was wondering if you could suggest a good book or two to read on Skinner."

"Sure let me write them down for you."

She wrote the names of a couple of books down for me and I turned and walked away, as I was about to head out the door she stopped me.

"Hey I don't even know your name, with over 100 students it's hard to know everyone, but 1 or 2 always stands out. I think you may be one of those students."

"Thank you Mrs. Johnson, I'm Marcus Taylor."

"Well Marcus I hope you enjoy the books and please call me Seneca."

"Okay Mrs. Johnson."

Marcus you don't. Never mind, forget it."

"What, I don't what?"

"You take care I need to finish these papers I'll see you next Thursday."

"Okay bye."


I walked away but not before leaving my name and number on her desk without her knowing it.

* * *

I noticed him the moment I walked into the classroom he had a mature look about him that the rest of the class didn't have. He couldn't have been any more than 18, I was old enough to be his mother, but he had me shaking inside like I use to do when I was much younger and much prettier. After class one day he stayed to talk to me about getting some books on Skinner. As I sat looking over papers he asked me about the books, as I lifted my head my eyes came face to face with a cock that was not a young man's cock.

He was wearing a pair of loose fitting slacks and the bulge was huge. It had been years since I had seen suck a cock like that. It excited me; although we talked I don't remember anything I said to him, I was so taken aback by his cock.

As he talked I got lost in his brown eyes and his sexy bald head. He was wearing a tee shirt under his denim jacket and his muscles were trying to burst out of it. His midnight black skin glowed from the lights beaming down on him from the ceiling. I sat feeling if though I was sitting in front of an angel as I basked in his after glow. As he talked to me my mind allowed me to see my creamy white flesh next to his powerful black skin.

After he left I had to gather myself for my next class. I was taking a deep breathe when I noticed a slip of paper on my desk, I picked it up and it was his name and number. My heart stopped at that moment, for I knew the road I was about to travel down, it was a road I had promise myself I wouldn't dare go down. But something was pushing and prodding me to take the low road.

I went home that day thinking about Marcus, I envisioned his strong black hands caressing my soft white skin. His every touch sending chills over my body. His soft full lips embracing mine as our tongues gets to know each other. I wanted him so bad, and it was making me so horny that I rolled over onto my husband around 3am and sucked his cock and sat on him and rode him like he was a bull. I used his cock to fuck Marcus that morning. My orgasm was awesome and my pussy was temporarily satisfied.

* * *

It had been a week since the day in class, I was surprise she didn't call me, but I wasn't

discouraged. I got to class early for our next session. I put a note on her desk and grabbed

a seat. Ten minutes later she entered the classroom looking stunning, she was wearing a long black skirt the was forming fitting and went to her ankles, it had a long slit on the right side that went up to her knee, exposing her long black leather boots that went all the way up to her knees. Her white satin blouse was tucked in her skirt. The blouse had ruffles on the each sleeve and down the center of the blouse.

"Good morning Marcus how are you?" She said.

"I'm fine, how are you Mrs. Johnson?" I said.

She walked to her desk and noticed the note, she picked it up and read it, she looked up at me and started to speak, but several students walked in. As the students piled in I readied myself for her looks and stares, and she didn't disappoint me. Her looks said what I wanted to hear and see from her. I knew she was into me and I knew it would only be a matter of time before I would have my cock buried deep inside her. Sitting in my seat on the front row, her desk was directly in front of me and below me. When she looked up she could see under my desk.

I took my cock out as I was doing the assignment. With my head down I would glance up at her without moving my head and catch her eye balling my cock. She wet her lips several times as she looked on. After at least 45 minutes of this she got up and left the room, her face was blush red as she walked out the room. I finished my assignment and slide another note on the desk and walked out.

We met as I exited the door, I nearly ran her over. I closed the door and was leaning back against it.

"Oh Mrs. Johnson I'm sorry." I said

"No problem where are you in a hurry to go?"

"I'm not, I was just leaving."

She cleared her throat and looked deep into my eyes.

"What do you know about pleasing a woman Marcus?"

"I know a lot Mrs. Johnson."

"You're just a child."

"Do you think a child can do this?"

I leaned over and whispered in her ear, she pushed me away and looked at me and walked in the room. I could tell it had gotten to her, she was thinking about what I had said.

* * *

I wanted to call Marcus oh so bad, but I didn't. I knew after that super sonic orgasm my husband gave me courtesy of thoughts about Marcus, that if I did call I was going to fuck him and I knew if I fucked him, my pussy would no longer belong to me, it would be his. I wasn't ready to give up ownership of my pussy; I had held the rights to her for several years. I had to leave my first husband to get her back.

When I got to class the following week he was the only one in the class room, it was if though he was waiting on me. I spoke and took a seat at my desk. There was a note on my desk, I picked it up and read it, it said. "Last night I dreamed I was in bed with you. I was between your legs I had a finger in your pussy and my mouth was on your clit." After I read it I looked up at him and he was looking back at me, I started to speak to him but other students came in.

After the class room filled up I handed out the assignment. Five minutes later I heard someone clearing their throat as though they were trying to get someone's attention, I looked up and my eyes focused directly on Marcus' cock, it was right in my face, he had taken it out for my eyes only. I tried to continue my work but his gorgeous cock was preventing me from getting any work done. He opened his legs and let his cock fall against the seat, he then put his hand under the desk and rubbed his cock as he looked up at me. After about 45 minutes of cock gazing, I couldn't take it any more, so I got up and went to the restroom to splash some water on my face. I could feel the redness taking over my face as I left the classroom.

On my way back to the classroom Marcus was coming out the door and almost ran me over, the sight of him sent a fuck message straight to my pussy. We exchanged small talk, and then as he was leaving he leaned over and whispered in my ear, he said.

"I going to touch and kiss every part of your body, then I'm going to slide between your legs and apply my tongue to your clit in a flicking motion. Then I'll wet a finger and insert it in your ass. Then I'll position myself so you can play with my cock, ass, and balls. I'll let you tell me when you want my cock in your pussy."

I was taken back by what he said, and excited at the same time. I pushed him away and walked in the class room.

* * *

Another week went by and still no call from Mrs. Johnson I was beginning to think I had lost my skillz when it came to seducing older women. The next class meeting arrived and to my surprise she didn't even speak to me. She walked in the door wearing a red knee length skirt, a red blouse with some black in it. She was looking fucktastic to say the least. I tried to get her attention by she totally ignored me. When the class was over I walked down to her desk.

"Mrs. Johnson how's things with you?" I said.

"I'm just dandy Marcus."

"So did you give any thoughts to what I said?"

"No not really, frankly I've forgotten what you said."

"Well let me refresh your memory."

"No I'll pass."

"So it's like that?"

She didn't say a word; she just looked at me with a blank look. In discuss I walked out. I went and grabbed me a bite and sat fuming at the way she had treated me. I was so pissed I headed to her office. On my way there I was approached by some guy trying to proposition me to do him a favor. So I took a moment to hear what he had to say, turns out he was one of those freaky ass white guys that get off on watching his wife get big black cock fuck. I didn't want any part of that bull shit at the time. But I took his name and number and promised to give him a call if I changed my mind. If he had caught me a month earlier I would have been all over it, but I was hell bent on getting to Mrs. Johnson.

* * *

The next class meeting I totally ignored Marcus, I knew I had to or I was seriously going to get fucked by him and it may have happened in the classroom in front of the whole class. He approached me after class, but I was short with him, he tried to get me to be more forthcoming, but I gave him the cold shoulder. He walked away mad as hell. I thought that would be enough to make him go away, but I was wrong. I was sitting in my office when he knocked on the wood door facing and stuck his head in my door.

"I'm sorry to bother you Mrs. Johnson, but I need to talk to you."

"Okay come in, what's this about?"

He closed the door behind him and extended his hand out to me.

"Here give me your hand please." He said.

I put my hand in his and walked around to the front of the desk and stood in front of him.

"Now what Marcus, are we going to dance?" I asked.

He turned me around, and before I knew what had happened. He gently pushed my head forward and started placing soft wet kisses on the back of my neck.

"I know you want this don't you Seneca?"

"No. I don't want this, what are you doing stop please stop."

My voice was saying no but my body was saying yes. I lifted my head and leaned back against Marcus with my head to the left of his. He nibbled on the side of my neck as he unbuttoned my blouse; I ran my hand on top of his as he took his time removing my blouse. He pulled my blouse down my arms, my blouse slide down my arms and he threw it across his shoulders and took each of my wrists and pulled my hands behind me. He then took the blouse and wrapped it around my wrist and hands and tied them up. He turned me around to face him and he unclamped my bra and darted for my erected nipples, oh the moment his lips touched my right nipple my panties became wet. He licked my breast and sucked on each nipple for 10 minutes, it was obvious from his tongue action he was sexually much older than 18.

I felt his tongue glide down the center of my body and stop at my navel, he unzipped my side zipper on my skirt and gravity did the rest. He had a pleasant look on his face when my crouch less panties was exposed to him. He picked me up and walked me around to the back of my desk, he sat me on the desk and sat in my seat and spread my legs I could feel my pussy lips parting, exposing my hard to miss large clit.

I wanted to touch myself oh so bad but I couldn't, but I was trying to free my hands but it wasn't going to happen. He pulled me closer to his waiting lips and slowly covered my thighs with wet kisses as his massive hands slithered over my breast. After 15 minutes of this I put my left leg over his right shoulder and forced his head between my legs where my completely soaked pussy was waiting.

He ran his tongue along the inner portions of my pussy lips, then his tongue found my clit and he started flicking his tongue on my clit, his middle finer entered my pussy and my muscle clamped on it and refused to let it go. I moved my ass quickly on his finger. You could hear the sound of my wet pussy echoing throughout my office. I looked down and I could see my juices all over his finger as he slid it in and out of me.

I sat helpless as he went to work orally on my pussy; the more he slid his finger in me the more I wanted his cock in me. He sat in that chair and fingered me and ate my pussy for what seemed like hours, but was for only ten minutes. My orgasms shot out of me like bottle rockets of a bottle, each one accompanied by long shakes and shivers. Marcus then lifted me from the desk and bent me over the desk with my hands still tired behind me. He used his foot to kick apart my legs. My pussy was completely open and the wetness along with the somewhat cool room was sending chills up through me. Marcus's right forearm found the back of my neck. I felt him using his cock to find the entrance to my pussy. Once he was able to slide himself in, I gasp from the amount he pushed up in me.

I remember thinking that it wasn't possible for someone so young to have so much cock. My breasts were pressed against my desk and my head was turned to the right with the left side of my face on the desk also. His forearm left my neck only to be joined back his right hand on my shoulders. He pushed all his cock up in me and began to fuck me like he own my pussy, and at that moment he did own it, my pussy was at his mercy, but he wasn't showing her any mercy at that time.

"Yes take this cock you Mrs. Johnson. You know you've wanted it, haven't you?"

"Oh yes Marcus, I've wanted your big cock in my pussy the first day I saw you."

"I know you did, you like my cock in you baby?"

"Yes oh God it so big, thick and long. Damn you're ripping apart my pussy."

"Mmmmmmm, hell yes baby this little tight pussy is mine."

"Yes fuck your pussy, make it hurt, Oh yes make my pussy cum all over you magnificent cock."

He did exactly what I told him to do; his cock was slamming against a part of my pussy that had never been touched by a cock before. The pain coupled with the shear pleasure he was bestowing on my virgin to big black cock pussy was over whelming, so much so, that my cum burst out of me and on to his cock twice in an earth shaking manner.

The sweat from his Adonis like body began to drop on my back, the warmness of each drop was a welcome sensation, each drop hit my back and slithered down my spine to the crack of my ass and down to my pussy, then hitting his cock. The heat, the sweat and his cock pounding my pussy nearly caused me to pass out from pure unencumbered sexually bliss.

He fucked me like that for 30 minutes, but it felt like hours. He grabbed my hips and announced he was cumin, within seconds his powerful jets of cum slammed against the front door of my uterus. He pumped me until his cock went limp.

Then he came around the desk and stood in front of me. I knew what he wanted I used my tongue to lift his cock up and into my mouth. Mmmmmmm my juices and his cum mixed together was a treat to my taste buds. I kissed and sucked for 10 minutes bringing his cock back to life. He pulled his cock from my mouth and forced my head down to his balls, I attacked his balls with my tongue and lips as he stroked his cock above my head.

The salty sweaty taste of his balls was intoxicating to the sexual urges swirling around inside me. My tongue slid over and under his balls, I wanted to pull him closer to lick the space between his balls and his ass, but with my hands tied I could only wish.

"That's it lick my sweaty nuts, Mrs. Johnson." He whispered in my ear.

"They taste good don't they?"

"Yes they are the best, you have the best nuts baby, and they're so damn tasty." I said in a moan filled tone of voice.

I didn't want to stop licking them, but he took them away from me and started rubbing his hard cock over my face, and like a grown-up bobbing for apples at a county fair, I went bobbing for cock as I maneuvered my head back and forth, up and down, trying to lip lock his cock for my consumption.

After watching me struggle to obtain my prize, Marcus placed a hand on each side of my head and guided his cock into my mouth, my tongue licked underneath his cock as it inched into my mouth and towards the back of my throat. I could feel the skin of his uncut cock give way to his swollen cock head as it scrapped the sides of my mouth and pushed the head of his cock out, leaving the skin pulled back to the base of his cock.

My mouth was being fucked by the most wonderful cock in the world, and although it was my first Black student cock I was looking forward to many, many more just like the one that was in my mouth. He pushed and pulled my head as he pushed and pulled his cock in and out of my mouth. He would push his entire 8 inches to the back of my throat and hold it there until I was about to gag, he would then pull out, each time he did that I would shower his cock with ounces of saliva. This made his cock completely wet and left strings of saliva clinging on to my face.

The sudden inability to swallow, plus having his cock down my throat, and having him quickly pull out his cock, created a sense desperation and pleasure at the same time, which gave me an oral gratification surpassed only by the fulfillment I had received earlier from his cock slapping against the outer walls of my uterus.

As his previous cum deposit began to ooze out of my pussy, he prepared to make a deposit in my mouth. I was at the mercy of his load as it slammed against the back of my throat and slithered down my throat, the overwhelming amount of cock caused me to gag and push some of his cum and a few inches of his cock up and out of my mouth. I looked like an inexperienced porno start sucking her first big cock, as my saliva mixed with his cum made its way out of my mouth and down my chin and onto the desk.

He grabbed my head and pressed it downward, forcing me to lap up his precious cum from the desk.

"No one should waste cum, especially mine, so eat your supper Mrs. Johnson." He said.

"Mmmmmmmmm, it's so good baby, I'm sorry I couldn't swallow it all, but I'll make sure I clean the desk baby." I said.

Marcus stood brushing his cock all over my face, poking it in and out of my mouth, then under my eyes and my cheeks.I could feel his cum that was deposited in my pussy seep down my legs; my thighs were wet and sticky at the same time. Suddenly there was a knock at the door. Not know who it was, we quickly put ourselves together.

"Yes who is it?" I weakly shouted out.

"It's me, your one and only." My husband said.

"Just a minute sweetheart I'll be right there."

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