tagLesbian SexYoung Kate's Story Goes On

Young Kate's Story Goes On


My affair with Kate continued off and on after our wet and delicious first time. She had other lovers – girls more her own age – but she always came back to me, sometimes just to chat, sometimes for intimacy. I had other lovers, too – women mostly, though the occasional man as well – but I always saved room for her, the first woman I had tasted.

So it was no surprise when she rang my bell at nine o'clock on a Saturday morning, catching me before I'd dressed for the day – barefoot, in jeans and a tee shirt, thrown on to sit on the deck in my garden reading the morning paper with a first pot of coffee.

"Can I come in, Jan?" she asked, and I knew when she said it that something was wrong. There was something halting in her voice, and her eyes met mine for only a second.

"Of course you can, dear. You know you're always welcome here. Go straight out to the garden while I get you a coffee cup."

Kate's head lay on her arms on my deck table when I returned but she lifted it wearily when returned with a mug, her full lips down at the corners her eyes liquid and sad. She watched quietly as I poured a full measure of coffee for her, sat up to take a long sip, sighed as she leaned back in her chair.

"Tell me about it, Kate," I said. "Something's not right. Is it Susan?"

Kate nodded miserably. "She's leaving me. For some guy."

I felt her loss acutely but knew there was nothing either of us could do about it. "But you knew she was bi, didn't you? I mean she told you that, right?"

She nodded again. "But I thought, you know, thought she might be the one."

Poor Kate. But I knew that feeling sorry for herself would not help her. Gently I took her hand in mine. "Come and look at my roses."

She was as limp as wilted lettuce but she stood and walked hand in hand with me into the garden. I led her to the fence where a stand of Buff Beauties climbed in the morning light, their apricot blossoms glistening with dew, their sweet fragrance enveloping us as we stood shoulder to shoulder.

"Do you see these, Kate?"

She reached out to cup a blossom in her free hand. "They're lovely, Jan."

"They are, aren't they? And you know what? The beauty they have, they have in themselves, and not because of what anyone thinks about them. Just like you."

Kate squeezed my hand, released it, and slid her arm around me, resting her head on my shoulder. "You always say the right thing, Jan," she said, and turned to hug and kiss me softly.

It was a gentle buss but the touch of her lips to mine was enough to stiffen my nipples beneath the loose cotton tee shirt I was wearing, a movement that was not lost on her as my breasts pressed lightly against hers. Her tongue ex-plored my lips briefly before she pulled away. "It's different with you. I feel, you know, wanted and, like, good."

I felt myself smiling wickedly. "You know I can make you feel a lot better if it will help."

"Yes." Kate kissed me again, harder this time. "That would help. But I'm such a mess, I didn't sleep, I didn't even shower this – ."

"Never mind, Katie." Her hair was uncombed, her clothes wrinkled, her eyes puffy – but, as usual, she looked terrific! Her hips canted provocatively where she stood, and her full breasts strained against her shirt. I took her hand again and led her up the stairs to my bedroom. My bed was still unmade and yesterday's clothes were draped over a chair but neither of paid them any mind.

"Remember our first time here?" I said.

Kate nodded slowly. "You were so beautiful."

"And you were, too. And now I'm going to remind you of that. And next you're going to have a long nap. And then when your head is clear, we'll talk."

"Okay, Jan."

We kissed then, deeply, passionately, tongues and lips wetly exploring, my hands sliding down to her hips to pull them closer to me. I left her mouth open and panting, and let my lips and tongue slide down along her neck and throat as my fingers unhurriedly unbuttoned her blouse. When it was fully opened I licked her cleavage and let my fingertips caress her nipples through her sheer white brassiere, then squeezed them gently as they rose to greet me. Kate whimpered softly as I slid her shirt off of her and reached behind her to unhook her bra and let her slide down and forward to where my willing mouth found first her left nipple and then her right. They engorged completely as I sucked them, and I felt my cunt dampen and my own nipples harden further. Each of Kate's breaths was a moan now and her left hand frantically caught my right and guided down across her belly and up under her short, tight skirt. Her panties were exquisitely soaked, and I let my hand slide lightly back and forth, back and forth, as her labia swelled through the wet silk. She slid both hands under my tee shirt and found my small, firm breasts, squeezing my taut nipples delightfully as my left hand tugged her skirt's zipper down and my right slipped away from her knickers and reached up across her belly to pilot her skirt past the roundness of her hips towards the floor. She stood before me then in only her sandals and silk bikini briefs of light red with a darkening stain where her love juices flowed between her thighs.

I knelt before her then, like a supplicant before a goddess, and began to slowly kiss and lick each bare leg, starting at her ankles and working upwards, first one, then the other, across her shins, her knees, her thighs, holding my head mere inches from paradise where the sweet smell of her jism intoxicated me, summoned me, lured me. And yet I did not go quickly to that musky pool, instead teasing my way towards it with long tongue strokes that stopped just short of nirvana.

Kate's moans became more guttural and intense, and her right hand slid into her panties and traced tight circles on her love mound. I removed it gently, licking the spunk off her fingers, then pressed my mouth onto the saturated silk that clung to her slit. Kate put both hands on the back of my head, holding my face tight against her, crying out now, "Take me, Jan. Take me. Take me."

I pushed her gently back onto the bed and stopped to look at her luscious young body with its full breasts and erect nipples. Still on my knees, I moved closer and slid her soaked red panties down her long, slim legs, which were draped over the edge of the bed. When I had dropped them on the floor, I lifted one of her legs over each of my shoulders and gazed down at her lovely wet cunt, with its pale purple clit swelling up between pink lips.

I let my tongue make one long stroke up her creamy slit before I settled my mouth of her mons and began to suck, gently at first and then more urgently as her hips began to rock beneath my face. I slid two fingers of my right hand deep inside her to stroke her g-spot as I suckled her pussy while my left index finger circled the pink bud of her anus, slickening it with her own love juice.

She came hard as I continued to mouth her, calling my name, holding my head with both her hands, wrapping both legs around my neck as her cunt poured forth a torrent. I did not slow until she did, my tongue and lips matching the rhythm of her hips as she slowly rocked to stillness. I could almost hear her purring as I eased myself up off my knees and gently lay my half dressed body on hers. She kissed my softly and lapped her slick jism off of my face.

"Now you, Jan. Now let me do you," she whispered.

My whole body was aching for the feel of her lips but I hushed her told her no. "Sleep first, Katie. You need some rest. There'll be time enough later. Okay?"

"Okay, Jan." She nodded sleepily and closed her eyes as I rolled onto the bed beside her. I watched until was sleeping peacefully, glorying in the sight of her young body, exulting in the pleasure yet to come. When I knew I wouldn't wake her, I slipped off the bed and headed to the master bathroom for a shower, letting the warm pulsing streams play on my nipples and using the hand-held to water massage my still throbbing pussy as I imagined the feel of Kate's tongue along my labia.

Still excited, I had slipped into a long silk robe and was drying my hair when the doorbell rang. Probably the gardener, I thought, who wouldn't mind a look at silk clinging to my nipples. Smiling wickedly to myself, I hurried downstairs to the door.

I was wrong, though. I swung the door open to find Kate's mother, Sally, there, almost as transfixed by my breasts beneath the robe as I had expected the gardener to be. She and her husband Mark had been good friends back when I was still married but I hadn't seen much of her since the split. She looked much the same, though; blonde, blue-eyed, full-figured, dressed to the nines for a Saturday morning – a short blue skirt and a tight white blouse cut low enough to reveal the white lace of her bra below the cleavage of tanned breasts. All of what most men – and not a few women - wanted.

"Jan, we have to talk." She was almost breathless as she spoke, as if she weren't sure the words would come out.

"Sally, I'd love to but couldn't you have called?"

"I know about you and Kate."

So that was it. The protective mother come to save her daughter from the wanton shrew. "And what is it you think you know, Sally?"

"I read her diary."

"Well I can't know what she writes there but I do know this – it's her business and hers alone. And if there is anything between us, it's our business and ours alone."

"I know that's true, Jan, but that's not it." Evidently she didn't know her daughter was in my bed at that very moment

"So what do you want, Sally?" I'm afraid my tone was harsh, even cutting.

"I want . . . um . . . I want you to give me what you give her."

"What?" I was astounded. Sally?

"I want . . . you know."

There it was – the fantasy of the middle-aged housewife – never been with another woman but thinks she might enjoy it. Still, I'd been there myself not long before – and she was attractive. Without thinking, I took a step back into the house and let the top of my robe slip open around my high, firm breasts.

"I give her these, Sally. Would you know what to do with them if I gave them to you?"

Her sudden intake of breath was almost a gasp. She stepped into the house after me without taking her wide eyes off my bared chest. Gingerly she reached up with her right hand and gently touched my left nipple. The effect was instantaneous – it pulsed with pleasure and raised itself under her fingertips. I took her left hand and brought it up to my untended right breast. It, too, responded to her caress and I felt new moistness between my thighs. Sally was breathing hard now, and squeezing me firmly; I kissed her firmly and thrust my tongue into her ready mouth, then disengaged and said, "Use your lips."

Instantly she was suckling me, and my nipples swelled almost to bursting while my cunt went tingly and wet. While I let her pleasure me, I worked my own clit with one hand and eased the other up under her skirt to stroke her engorged labia through her soaked thong. She shuddered tangibly under the touch of my fingertips but did not stop circling my aureoles with her ravenous tongue. I reached up and grabbed her short brown hair with both hands to pull her mouth away from my breasts.

"My aren't you the hungry slut, Sally." I knew that what I said must sound cruel but I wanted to see how far she'd go. "Let me show you what else I feed your darling Kate."

I stepped away from her, let my robe fall open all the way, revealing the trimmed brown bush from which my swelling pink clit peeked out. "Do you want it?"

Sally stared but only for a moment. Stepping towards me, her eyes still fixed on my pussy, she reached out with her right hand – but I caught it at the wrist. I led her to the end of the couch in the living room, sat on its arm and tipped myself back onto the cushions, my bottom still elevated on the arm. "you have a talented mouth, Sally," I whispered softly. "Use that."

Sally knelt down as if in a trance, an acolyte before a priestess. Her lips moved slowly towards me, and I felt the exquisitely cool touch of her moist tongue slide along the brimming edges of my slot before it slowly circled my throbbing love button. I was right about her talent. She thrust her tongue deep into me before her lips covered my clit, gently sucking as my hips began to rock beneath her face. From between my thighs warm, wet delight pulsed up through my body, sending spasms of pleasure in the rhythms of her mouth's work, finally convulsing me in an explosive orgasm that pushed my cunt hard against her mouth while jism squirted out in streams. While I came down slowly, Sally caressed my labia with long slow licks that made me shudder while she lapped up my cream. When she finished, I sat up and pulled her wet face up to mine, kissing her deeply and savoring my own flavor on her lips.

"A whore couldn't do that better, Sally." Though spent, I sensed that she was giving me power over her. "Would you like to be my whore?"

She didn't even blink before she nodded and I could hear her breath rise and fall a little more quickly.

"That's good. Would my whore like to come now?"

Another nod.

I stood next to her and kissed her again, pulling her gently around so that her back was now against the shoulder of the couch, easing a hand up under her short skirt to the soaked silk of her thong, caressing her engorged mons gently through the cloth as soft whimpers escaped her lips. She tried to move herself to the couch's arm so that she could lean back as I had but I spun her round to face it with her back to me.

"I have something else in mind for you, my whore. Bend over."

Since my hand was back stroking her wet pussy through her sopping thong, she readily complied and I lifted her short skirt up and pulled the sodden undergarment down to the middle of her thighs, exposing her trimmed pussy and fully swollen labia. Without hesitating I slid two fingers of my left hand deep inside her while teasing her clit with my thumb. She responded with a throaty moan, and her hips began to pump back and forth as my fingertips found and tickled the spongy thickness of her G spot. With my free hand I began to work her juices up between her cheeks, circling the pink rosebud of her anus which prompted her pump all the harder, her breath in gasps that matched the rhythm of her hips. At the moment I felt her pussy tighten around the digits of my left hand, I deftly slid my right index finger into the now wet bud of her asshole. Sally exploded in orgasm. I cupped both my hands below her cunt and let her squirt into them, catching her warm nectar in my palm. When she stopped dripping, I held them below my face and inhaled the sweet musky aroma of her jism, touched my tongue and lips to it, then moved to her face, still bent over my couch.

"Here's what you made, my pretty whore Sally. Taste it – it's delicious."

Sally hesitated but then leaned over my hands and licked up her own juices as hungrily as any stray cat before a saucer of milk. The sensation of her tongue on my palms was wonderful, and I felt my own pussy warming again.

"Now it's time for you to go, my whore." She stood, face flushed and still breathing heavily. "But I have a rule for you. If you want to cum here again, you can't cum anywhere else. Is that clear?"

Sally meekly nodded as she reached under her skirt to pull her thong up again.

"Good." We embraced and she kissed me with passion, sliding her tongue, still slick with her spunk, easily into my mouth. Then she turned to leave but turned back again at the door.

"Thank you, Jan," she said softly, and then she was gone.

It took a moment for my head to clear – the new idea of a love slave swirled around, mixed with the thought of a beautiful young woman still asleep in my bed. Quietly I returned to the master bedroom, gave my hands and face a wash in the lav, dropped my robe on the floor and snuggled in next to a still sleeping Kate.

Waking slowly, Kate instinctively moved closer, her breasts pressing circles of warmth against my side. Only half conscious, she reached across my arm to find my aureoles and nipples, stroking and squeezing them tenderly until they were hard and erect. I rolled onto my back, hoping that she would suck them, and I was not disappointed. Her mouth was gentler than her mother's but the effect was the same – I gasped quietly and felt my slit flood with liquid joy.

Reading my mind again, Kate sat up in bed and tenderly eased my legs apart, her full breasts swinging alluringly as she moved between my thighs. She chuckled almost inaudibly as her thumb toyed with my clit.

"What?" Excitation was radiating from my cunt like ripples in a pond.

"I was just wondering what Mommy dearest would think if she could see me now?"

I reached up to catch her by the forearms and pull her down closer to me.

"Who knows?" I said, smiling with her. "Maybe it would turn her on."

Her tongue slid along my labia and I raised my hips to meet her mouth, thinking of both of them as her fingers slid into me.

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