tagIncest/TabooYoung Lust Ch. 03

Young Lust Ch. 03


I felt her fingers tracing lines of fire over the silky heat of my parted thighs. Their tingling touch felt almost cool against that slippery heat, as they pushed my thighs wider. Oh God yes, my mind roared; this time let those fingers take me! I could tell it's was the soft pad of her thumb sliding between my labia, and beginning to stroke back and forth over my slippery inner softness. My back arched, as she slowly circles it around a clit, stretching, swelling, and already taunt in erotic anticipation. Yes, yes, oh yes, she's so good! Knowing what's coming, I can only push a corner of my pillow deep in to my mouth. Biting down, stifled screams of pleasure echo in my throat. Focused on the tantalizing tease of her fast circling thumb, I miss the warning shift of her hand. So, unprepared, I feel fingers plunged deep in to my molten core. Back still arched, my hips slam up, greeting the twin fingers driving deep in to me. Loving my body's shameless response to her teasing, a wicked chuckle slips past her lips. Her laugh, her fingers, they send a torrent of tiny shudders coursing through my body. Fingers going deliciously deep, they gently rotate, probing and pushing through the velvety wet heat that is my vagina.

Her thumb lashes out, again, again, and again, every flick ripping another shiver of rippling pleasure out of my erotically charged clit. It's so swollen, rigid and exposed, oh God, and that thumbs so fast, so incredibly fast! Feeling them tearing out of my throat, and pouring out past that soggy corner of pillow, I scream "Fuck me...fuck me, fuck me!" I think I hear her snickering, before those fingers are ripped, almost violently, out of me. And, I don't even have time to gasp, before, oh yes, their driven right back in. And then, their taking me, fucking me just like I want; hard, real hard! I pant "Yes...yes...oh yes," and that thumb goes right on flicking out its frenzied tattoo. I'm prepared to beg; yes, because I want more! So, if you can call whimpered pleas for "More...more...that's it...that's it...oh yes, I'm going to cum" begging, well then I begged! Muscle clenching spasms rampage through my vagina, squeezing tight around stiffened fingers twisting, and plunging in my slippery inner heat. I'm delirious with the feeling of full; full of fingers, and full with an incredible flush of wet heat. Almost unbelievably, there's a small part of me that wants to beg for that thumb to slow, prolonging my sweet torture. But, I don't, and it doesn't, and I can only submit to the orgasms thundering through me. I ride wave after wave of exquisite pleasure, before they crash, burying me in another rush of overwhelming ecstasy. Wanting every sweet bit of it, over and over, I buck my ass up hard. Loving it, I slam and grind my clit against the hand pounding those fingers in and out of my convulsing vagina. And, it's those delicious fingers that rip the final shattering scream from my throat, and slam it in to my pillow!

My eyes pop open, shattering the fantasy. And, unfortunately it's my own fingers feeling those soft spasms still rippling deep in my vagina. Flickering candle light shimmers off the fine film of sweat coating my body. I grin at the naked girl reflected in the closet's mirrored doors, and she flashes back a conspiratorial wink. Sighing, I lay there wishing it was Anita's wicked gaze grinning back at me. Hey, I can't help it! Ever since that afternoon out by our pool, I've been fantasizing about doing a whole lot more then just spreading sunscreen over her very sexy body. I'm talking about that time I knelt right there beside her, and watched her blow my brother. That's right; I'm talking about the time I licked his cum off her face. Fuck me, I'm so unbelievably horny! I seam to want, need, so much more then to just cum. Honest, I want to scream torrents of frustration in to my poor pillow! I want to touch, be touched, to taste, and to be tasted; Oh God and I want to be taken! My mind's a flashing kaleidoscope of images: Anita's sexy melon sized tits, her round ass, her tantalizingly absolutely bare pussy, my brothers thick hard cock, the sight of his cum glistening on her face, the taste of his cum splashing in to my mouth, and poor me, yes the delicious feel of his big hard cock filling my ass. Well that did it! My pussies clenching, my nipples are hard enough to burst, and I'm so horny that just thinking about my throbbing clit might just get me off again.

What can a poor lonely, yeah and thoroughly horny girl do? Well, for starters this one can reach for her trusty dildo; that's what! Mine's bright neon blue and it's almost a full foot of delightfully thick realistic cock. OK, it's realistic if you ignore it's pretty blue color anyway. Giving in to an impulse, I flipped around and got my feet planted high on the wall above my bed's mirrored headboard. With my legs spread wide, I had my ass hoisted half way up off the bed. Somehow, go figure that has me feeling really wicked! So, getting a fist wrapped around the base of my dildo, I played, pretending to tease an imaginary Anita. Hey there girlfriend, how'd you like to watch this hot and horny bitch fuck herself? So, while I played, twisting and pushing my rubber cock's big head around my pussy's tight little opening, until it finally slipped in, I teased my make-believe lover. I'd love to be on my knees, with you wearing one of those strap-on things the lesbians wear, I said, and tried to picture Anita sporting my big blue rubber dick. OK, so yeah, it might look pretty funny alright; but, wouldn't it just feel grand! Yeah, you just love fucking me with a great big cock, wouldn't you, I tell the blonde staring out of the mirror at me, wishing it was Anita. Oh God, and I know Anita would absolutely slam it to me, so that's just what I do. My fist drives down, slapping hard against my almost swollen looking labia, driving a full ten inches in to my vagina. Feet pushing hard against the wall, I pumped bunches of hard full thrusts in and out. Gee, and I sort of intended to start out slow; but then, when I saw my big blue cock wet and glistening with my slippery juices , I kind of got a wee bit rambunctious! So, with that one fisted grip, I set to work with a fury. Honestly, I was so wound-up, I almost went for it, and let that monster push its way in to my ass. And OK, as scary as that thought was, I just had to giggle.

Seriously, Anita's always telling me how much she wishes she had my ass; so I figured, if she was wearing a big old strap-on, well, she'd probably really want my ass then. But then, I'd sure loved taking Dave's big fat cock there, hadn't I! So yeah, I thought about taking on my big blue monster! But, clucking like a chicken, I reached for my clit instead. Ooh, and wasn't it a sensitive little thing; well just then, maybe not so little." Pretty quick, I was panting and gasping, one fist pumping away with thick blue rubber, and one finger swirling over the throbbing knob that was my clit. Eyeing myself, but talking to my illusionary audience in the mirrors, I suggested, watch me cum bitch! Seriously, guess who was in such a frenzy, that if her finger had been an eraser; well; I wouldn't have any clit left? Luckily, it isn't; so, a certain horny young bitch bit her lip to keep from waking the fucking dead, while she shuddered and shook, and came all over bunches of fat blue cock.

Oh boohoo, I'm bored and lonely too! What I wanted was to be touched by something more then my dildo, my finger, and my imagination. Alas, it's just me and my trusty dildo. So, I was taking my time, half-heartedly trying to find my G-spot, while I lazily toyed with my equally bored clit. And who could concentrate on tracking down another orgasm or two, when thoughts of brother Dave's lovely cock kept intruding? Visions of his iron hard wickedly thick cock driving in to me set more then just my stomach quivering. But, it was just a silly fantasy; Dave's never fucked me. Well yeah, there was that one time he took me up the ass, but that doesn't quite count, does it? Un-huh, it'd sure counted then though, and how, wow! Anyway, besides time spent in my fist, the other place my brother's cocks spent a lot of time is in my mouth. So, thoughts of Dave's eight inches driving deep in to my throat had me twisting around and on to my stomach. Fists wrapped around the thick shaft of my dripping wet blue dildo, I braced it on my pillow. I stared hard at it, and at the uncertain girl reflected in my headboards mirror. Wondering if I could take it, I slowly ran my tongue up its impossibly long length. So, I'm thinking, practice is good, right? But, practice on a cock that isn't going to fill my mouth with a hot load of cum, why? That would be, because, boohoo, it was the only cock in town! Making the best of it, I pictured Dave's big cock dripping wet with Anita's sweet juices, and swirled my tongue around that dildo's fat blue head. With a moan that was probably more like a whimper, I pushed my lips down, popping that monster in to my mouth. Seeing that huge thing disappearing in to my mouth got to me; and pow, I slammed my mouth down clear to my fist. Yeah, I could have taken the rest, but I was just too frustrated to bother! Mad at David for not being there, I bit the damn thing! And, right about then, just what do you think I might have done, if I'd known that down on a strip of grass running alongside our driveway, Dave was fucking Anita? Well, it's probably a good thing, for everyone, that I didn't know; oh but the possibilities!

Hey, what can I say; while my sex crazed sister Clea was chomping down on her monster sized blue dildo, I was Banging the Hell out of her girlfriend! Earlier though, I'd been at my buddy Chuck's place watching porn. It's only a couple of blocks, and on my way home I took the long way around so I could grab a Coke at the STOP N GO. On my way back across the parking lot, I thought I heard someone calling my name. Some serious honking finally got me looking around; and, that's when I spotted Anita waving at me. She swung in to the parking lot and pulled right up along side me. Leaning out the window, she greeted me with a surprisingly uninterested sounding "Hi Dave; so, what's doing?" Who cared! My eyes were riveted to the tits, damn near spilling right out of her tank top.

I even managed not to stutter, stammer, or drool, when I answered "Hey, hi Anita. I'm just heading home, what's new with you?"

So, I'm still staring, and she says "Nothing...my boyfriend was being a dick, and a bore...fuck, so I split!" So, there I am wondering why any guy would be a dick around a girl as hot as Anita, and she asks "Hey, so do you want a ride?"

What, was she kidding! I was half way around the car, before I bothered to say "Sure, thanks." I got my butt settled on to the passenger seat, looked over at Anita, and my heart stopped. Never mind the colossal, and clearly braless tits, her shorts were way hiked up, and showing off some serious camel-toe. Beats me why that was such a turn on, but it totally grabbed me by the balls. Hell, I've seen Anita bare ass naked bunches of times. Once even, while Clea jacked me off, we'd played voyeur and watched Anita playing with herself. Forget that, another time Anita actually gave me a blow-job that ended up with Clea licking my cum off her girlfriend's face. Now, that was hot, smoking hot!

My eyes were bouncing back and forth, egged-on by the sight of Anita's terrific tits, and the tasty bit of pussy barely covered by her shorts. Anita's giggling finally registered, and I looked up, and straight in to her big grin. Pointing, she cooed "Gosh Dave, ooh, at least that puppies glad to see me!" So, pardon me while I blush, but she really did say "Oh shit, I love a hard cock, especially a great big one like yours Dave!" But, she wasn't through teasing me; nope, she reminded me "Hey, last time I saw you, I gave it some pretty good head, didn't I?" I might even have managed an answer, if she hadn't closed her hand around the hard-on bulging my shorts. I gulped when she moved her hand to my bare thigh, giggling and teasing "Gosh Dave, maybe I better check; but, I'm pretty sure this is the same big cock!" And, I gulped again when her hand slid under my shorts, and wrapped itself around my raging hard-on, and she said "Ooh, that's the one alright!" Well, that was great; but she was still parked in the middle of the parking lot. Now, I'm sure not opposed to getting a hand-job in the middle of a parking lot; only, some impatient asshole wanted to get by. And, when the son of a bitch started honking, I nearly had a fucking heart attack! Predictably, Anita let go of my hard on, turned around, and flip the jerk off. But, she was all giggles again, when she blasted out of that parking lot, and headed towards my house.

I'm sure glad it was such a short drive; because, Anita had pushed her hand right back in to my shorts, and she sure did keep it busy! Like maybe she'd practiced the move, she killed the headlights, shutoff the engine, and coasted silently in to our driveway. My heart was pounding, even before she let go of my cock, and swung around to face me. I mean wow; she was saying "I'll show you mine, if you'll show me yours," and pulling her top off over her head at the same time. Man, those big round tits were cupped in her hands, and she was sexily insisting "Come on Dave, pull it out. Let's see that big beautiful cock...come on, do it, show me!" Playing the tease, I pulled up the leg of my shorts just far enough to let the head of my cock show. She squealed "Oh no you don't," and used her hands to cover those luscious melon sized tits. So, her "You're not touching these tits until I've seen it all," wasn't exactly a surprise!

"But gosh Anita," I protested, "If I take it out; well you'll probably want to go down on it or something!" Anyway, I was sure counting on it! I'm not a complete idiot; so, I didn't waste any time getting my shorts pushed down.

Knowing what it does for Clea, I wrapped a fist around my hard on and slowly pumped it up and down. Oh man, and did I ever love the look that slid over Anita's face. Her eyes went all big and glassy; and it looked like she might just pinch her nipples right off her tits. She totally lost it when my fist stopped with the skin of my cock stretched tight, really emphasizing my length and thickness. With a whimpering moan she swooped in, and slammed her soft lips down my cock clear to my fist. And, just as quickly as I yanked my hand away, she had me deep throated. Gosh, I seriously missed being able to grab Anita's sensational tits; but then, I was pretty happy having her pistoning mouth bouncing up and down my most totally rigid cock. Believe it or not, I actually pushed her away, before that amazing mouth could make me cum.

Swinging around, Anita came up kneeling on her seat. An arm snaked out, and a finger reached to collect a smear of pre cum. Oh man, I didn't know what to think, when she rubbed that finger full of cum around, smearing it all over one rock hard looking nipple. And then, she shot me this truly wicked grin, lifted one big tit; and, casually licked my cum off its nipple. Hey, I can be cool! Well at least, I didn't blow my load right then and there! I even held out, despite being forced to endure the sight of her pushing those beauties together, and then licking and sucking both jutting nipples. A sharp "Wait, froze my reaching hands in mid grab. Anita swiveled around, and started to Rummage around in the back seat. Over her shoulder, she asked "Hey, I've got an idea. How about, the next time I'm laying-out with Clea, you can give me a hot little titty fuck! Un-huh, and then she can lick all your hot cum right off my tits. Oh fuck, and I just bet that'd just about have her Cumming!" I was trying to picture that; imagining, my cock being squeezed between those awesome tits, while it exploded gobs of cum. Oh yeah, she had that right; definitely, Clea would sure as hell dive right in!

Anita finally turned around, and she was holding a big beach towel. Without a word , not counting giggles and snickers, she opened her door and got out. Not even believing my eyes, I watched her spread that towel out on the strip of grass bordering the driveway. Spinning around, she caught my eye, paused, and pushed her shorts down. And, I'd been right too, there wasn't anything under them, except bare naked girl. With a giggle, she tossed them through the open driver's side window. Well, I was watching Anita, and not her shorts, so when they landed on my lap, they slid right to the floor. Picking them up, I dropped them on her seat, while my hopes soared, and I listened to her say "Oh fuck yes, this girl wants it bad!" I watched her finish arranging that towel, while she, yeah definitely insisted "Come on Dave, I want to feel that big thing inside me! Yeah, let's fuck!" By the time I made it out and around the car, she was laying on the towel with her legs spread wide open. Fuck, I barely believed my eyes, or my luck; she was naked, and I was standing there right between those legs. Her snickered "Come on Dave," got me moving though. And, my shorts hit the ground, and I dropped to my knees. OK sure, I was staring hard at her pussy, but I reached for her tits. Yup, and she reached, only her hand closed around my cock. Back arching, she ordered "Yes, do it...pinch them, do it hard...o God yes, yes like that!" OK, so I knew for sure, that she really did mean hard! Clea really likes getting her nipples done hard too; only, even popped out and rigidly erect hers aren't even half the size of Anita's. Wow, and I wouldn't have believed nipples as big as Anita's could get so awesomely hard! So, while she moaned and squirmed, I pinched, twisted, and rolled those giant size puppies. When she did finally turn my cock loose, reluctantly, I released my hold on her nipples.

Leaning back on my knees, I watched her cup those magnificent tits in her open palms, as she breathily ordered "Bite them, come on Dave bite my nipples!" Well, I'd been fantasizing about doing just that, a whole lot longer then my hard-on had been demanding attention; so, I went for it! When I leaned forward, intending to suck one of Anita's darkly swollen nipples in to my mouth; oops, the head of my cock pushed right up against her pussy's incredible wet heat. So, while my teeth closed around that jutting nipple, almost accidentally, Anita took my virginity! OK, only technically; because, I pretty much figured fucking my sister's ass had taken care of that unfortunate situation. Well, so there I was, trying hard not to bite her damn nipple off in all the excitement and she's grabbing for my head, and moaning from way deep in her throat. And meanwhile, the head of my cocks already pushed past her vagina's soft slippery lips. Yes, at last, my cock had gone where only fingers and tongue had ever gone before! Well, that was it for me; forget tits, I wanted pussy! So, Anita took my eight inches, and she took it in one hard thrust too! She sucked in a breath, wrapped her legs around my waist, and demanded "Yes, do it, fuck me!" What, was she kidding? Whatever, I sure didn't wait to be told a second time. It was unbelievably awesome; and sure, for a while I was totally out of control! All I knew was, I just couldn't get enough of that steamy, slippery, and seriously tight pussy. And unfortunately, I'm pretty sure it wasn't all that long before I shot my first load! Well, it wouldn't have been, not with the way I'd been pounding it to her anyway! Oh hell yes, you bet I remember the awesome feel of my cock swelling, and then jerking hard as it blasted spurt after spurt of cum in to Anita!

When I could breathe again, I rocked back on my knees; disappointed, when my cock slipped out of her. Anita pushed up on her elbows, surveyed the situation, and loudly proclaimed "Hey their, you're still nice and hard! Un-huh, and I'm not half done with you, buddy boy!" well, she was nearly right; anyway, right enough to order "OK hey, now you lie down, and let me ride that beautiful thing for awhile!" Not about to argue with a naked girl who wanted to fuck me, yeah, I scrambled around, and stretched out beside her. And, just like Clea would have, Anita stopped to lick up the cum still dribbling out of my cock. I guess something about the way my way over sensitized cock twitched must have struck her as funny; because, she was giggling when her lips closed around its head. Lets just say, by the time those lips had slid down my cock's shaft and hit bottom, well, their wasn't any question about me being hard. As she swung around and straddled me, she was giggling again. Anita knelt there, giggling and rotating her hips, pushing the head of my cock all around her soft, fiery hot, slippery wet pussy. Wow, and boom, with a grunt, she slammed her dripping wet pussy right down on my cock. And just in case maybe I'd forgotten, she reminded me "hey, you just lay there, I want to do it!"

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