tagMatureYoung Mary Ch. 2

Young Mary Ch. 2

byRed Hugh©

Mary collected her belongings and, just as a treat for Ted and herself, her old school uniform. When not working she normally wore pretty plain underwear her mother had bought her. Cotton and sensible bras even though she could get away without one being young, small and incredibly firm.

Ted and Mary arrived at his flat about 1 am and after showing Mary around Ted sat her down for a talk. He told her that he had a thing for youthful looking women. He might as well have said "I like teenaged girls". Mary furhter explained her particular bent for paternal figures. Things seemed complimentary.

Ted said he'd head south in a few days and she could come back down with him then. He secretly hoped she wouldn't want to return home and she secretly hoped she wouldn't have to. They undressed and went off to share Ted's bed. Mary had left her 'girly' cotton panties on and wore a T-shirt as she cuddled up to Ted. It had been a long day and they slept well. They rose late and had breakfast. There was no sex as they both seemed to try and process exactly what was happening between them.

Ted felt drawn to Mary sexually and strangely protective of her youth. She found him attractive and after a lot of hard knocks he had been kind to her. She was infatuated at least.

Ted had to go and do some work about 10 o'clock and Mary said she'd hit town for a bit of shopping. The flat was in the central city so it was just a trip in the lift to fulfil that wish. While in town she decided on a little present for Ted that evening.

She sought out a beauty salon and enquired about having herself completely waxed. Unfortunately because she shaved her lips regularly they could not help her and asked her to come back when her hair had grown back a little. Disappointed she decided to do the job with a razor and oil when she got home. She was still determined to show Ted how she liked to be treated and how she hoped he would like to treat her.

After a day in town she went back to the appartment for a soak in the bath and the removal of her last vestages of pussy hair. Ted was due back at six.

Hearing his key in the door she walked to the lobby and dressed in her school uniform, hair in pigtails and head bowed she quietly said
"Hello Daddy.".
Ted was stunned momentarily but gathered himself to kiss her on the forehead and ask how his 'little girl' was. She replied somewhat evasively and Ted falling into his role like a natural asked what was up. Mary replied that she had a note from her teacher and handed him the letter she had quietly worked on that afternoon.

It informed her 'father' that she had been caught smoking again and suspended from her school. The school assumed that before she returned next week her 'father' would exert some discipline.

"Mary, this won't do. You know what has to happen -don't you?"

Yes, no....but please Daddy I'll do anything, anything but please don't spank me. I'm growing up and it's too humiliating."

"Mary, I let you off last time and you broke your promise. You are going across my knee"

"Daddy please. I'm embarrassed you'll see my undies"

"Mary, I will see far more than that and don't think just because you're growing into a woman you are somehow imune from an old fashioned smack on your bare bottom."

A sweat of excitement broke on Mary's upper lip as she realised how her long held fantasy of exposure and humilation by a father figure was about to be realised. She tried not to wriggle in her excitement. Ted was right into this, he couldn't believe his luck and struggled manfully to stay in character.

"Go to your room until I call you"

"Yes Daddy." She tried to sob.

Ten minutes later a more relaxed Ted called Mary into the living room.
She came in head bowed. Ted explained how much he loved her and how her felt betrayed by her bad behaviour. She begged him feigning shame and embarrassment at her fate.

Ted told her to take off her blazer. He noticed her bare breasts under her white cotton blouse.

"Where is your bra young lady? Don't you have any shame? Don't you know what the boys from St Mark's must think when they see you on the bus like that?

"I have my blazer on then Daddy and anyway it feels more comfortable like this."

Ted shook his head. "What am I going to do with you? I've been far to lenient. From now on I am going to impose far more discipline and WHEN not IF necessary you will go across my knee."

Ted's stern attitude had actually thrown a sufficient scare into her that the tear that escaped her eye was as genuine as the moisture between her freshly shaved sex lips.

"Come here and bend over young lady."

"No, pleeeease Daddy." She stood still

Ted grabbed her forearm and she felt herself propelled across his knee.
Her tummy was pressed against his obviously rock hard cock. She closed her eyes and shuddered in anticipation.

"Daddy. I beg you don't. I'm so ashamed that you should even see my undies."

"Darling, I've told you that I'm going to see much more and you had better get used to the idea"

Her pussy gushed. Her humiliation was at hand and soon a loving spanking from her 'father' would send her over the edge into an erotic frenzy.

She felt a hand lift her skirt and she whimpered. Ted was confronted by his 'daughters' slender thighs and covering her little buttocks a pair of snug fitting cotton underpants with little teddy bears on them. His cock twitched, Mary wiggled, he warned her to stay still and raise her hips. Shaking she did so as she did Ted slowly pulled her pants down.

"Daddy" she wailed "I'm so ashamed. Please stop. I'll do what ever you want. I'll never be bad again. Daddy don't look at me!"

She was interupted by the first smack on her little bottom. The tension broke. She bit her lip as she felt the warm sting spread out from Ted's hand which now rested on her rear. His hand rose and fell 9 more times.
Each blow stung more. Mary wriggled and conspired to rub against her 'daddy's' cock and spread her legs to display her pink arsehole and swollen parted sex. In an effort to feel more humiliation

At the tenth blow Ted released her she rolled off his knee and fell back onto her stinging bottom her underpants at her ankles her legs wide open her naked sex facing him. Tears streaming down her cheeks she reached to her clit and rubbing it furiously leg go a scream as she came.
She almost passed out.

Regaining the power of speech and movement she nestled in Ted's lap
And looking up at him said in a little voice.

"I'm sorry Daddy. Can you ever forgive me? Do you still love me?"

"Of course I do baby." Ted managed as Mary unzipped him and took him in her mouth.

She lifted her lips just long enough to ask. "In that case would you love me tonight like you used to love Mummy with your big cock?"

As she put her lips back over the top of his cock Ted spurted into her mouth.

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