tagNonHumanYoung Wolves Ch. 04

Young Wolves Ch. 04


After they got dressed, Cameron gathered his newly-formed pack around him. The girls stood facing him in a semi-circle, their heads lowered in deference.

Cameron could feel an overwhelming need to protect them deep in his soul. His Alpha instincts told him they belonged to him. He knew he would face any threat, fight with everything he had to keep them safe.

He also knew they'd do anything he asked of them. Cameron shook his head, wary and all too conscious of the dangerous train of thought. It would be so easy to let the power he felt inside take over, to use it for his own personal gratification.

The power was tempting, seductive. In that moment, he understood how Tyler had become what he was. He realized now that Tyler was the true slave -- a slave to his human weaknesses combined with the power and instincts of the wolf within him. He understood the danger as only another Alpha could.

Cameron, like every Alpha before him, faced his own inner struggle and mastered himself. He was determined to walk the line between command and kindness as best he could. He took a deep breath and assumed command.

"Listen up," he said. The Alpha tone in his voice came out stronger than he intended.

"Yes, Cameron," the girls said together and bowed their heads even lower.

"I'm sorry," he said instantly, softening his tone. "That came out harsher than I meant it to. Please, will you forgive me? This is new to me too, you know?"

"It's okay, Cam," Jenifer answered for all three. "Of course we forgive you." The other two girls bobbed their heads in agreement.

He nodded gratefully. "You don't have to bow your heads to me. And when we're talking, like we are now, anything I say is open to debate. I don't want mindless slaves. I want to hear your ideas. If you think I'm being stupid, I want to hear it. But if we're in a fight or a dangerous situation, I need you to follow my orders instantly and without question."

They nodded their heads, their postures straightening as they smiled tentatively at each other, then at him.

"I meant what I said before." he continued. "I will not order any of you to have sex with me."

"What if we want to?" Jen and Beth said together. They looked at each other for a second then laughed and hugged, before turning their questioning gazes back to Cameron.

"That would be... acceptable." A foolish grin covered his face.

The girls laughed again, and he laughed with them before turning serious.

"Another thing I think you all should know," he said. "I'm in love with Sarah Clarke and I intend to tell her the truth about me. I hope she'll want to join us, and if she does, I hope you will welcome her as one of us. Can you do that?"

"Oh Cameron, you still don't understand. For you, we will willingly do just about anything," Jenifer said. Nevertheless, she felt jealous. She knew in her heart that he was going to love her too, but wasn't sure how she felt about sharing his heart with a girl she barely knew.

He was relieved that they would accept Sarah. The real question was: would Sarah accept them?

They discussed their plans late into the night. Cameron finally called a halt to the meeting a few hours before they had to be up for school. He kissed both Jen and Beth goodnight. Beth kissed him hard and squeezed his ass while Jen's kiss was soft and loving. He folded Trish into his arms and hugged her reassuringly.

"Allen will be with you soon," he whispered for her ears alone.

She smiled at him thankfully and returned the hug.

He watched the girls disappear into the trees as they headed home. Before turning and heading for his own bed, he took a deep breath and nodded his head in acceptance of what was to come.

Tomorrow, the real struggle would begin.

* * * *

Cameron woke with a start, both nervous and excited at the same time. It was going to be an interesting day. He showered and performed his morning routine in a daze, his mind on the confrontation ahead. He grabbed his books and keys and left much earlier than usual so he could pick up the girls.

Beth only lived few miles away so her house was his first stop. She must have been watching for him, because she emerged from her house as he was pulling up. She was wearing her blue and gold cheerleading uniform, and her long blond hair swung side to side as she trotted around to the passenger side of his car, books clutched to her chest.

'Damn, she looks hot in that outfit,' he thought. He couldn't help but leer at her lovely legs as she climbed in beside him.

"Hi, Cameron," she said.

"What's with the outfit?" he asked.

"Oh, there's a wrestling duel tonight so all the cheerleaders have to wear their uniforms to school today."

He pulled onto the road and headed toward town.

"Cameron, are you nervous about today?" she asked.

"A little," he answered truthfully.

"Well, I know just the thing to take the edge off," she said with a smile. "I figure I've got ten minutes before we get to Jen's house."

Beth unfastened her seat belt. His old car had a bench seat rather than bucket seats, so she scooted over right next to Cameron. She ducked her head under his arm while climbing onto the seat, settling on her knees with her face in his lap. She attacked his zipper and pulled his rapidly hardening cock out into the open.

Once she had his thick cock free, she lay on her stomach with her large breasts resting on his right thigh. She slid her left arm behind him in the space between his butt and the seat, her legs bent at the knee with her ankles crossed in the air. Beth wrapped her right hand around his vein-covered shaft and swirled her tongue around the engorged head of his thick, hard dick.

"Shit, Beth! That feels good," he moaned. He couldn't see what she was doing. Her cascade of blond hair concealed her actions from his view.

She knew she didn't have much time so she decided to skip the teasing. She pumped her tiny hand up and down his shaft at a fast pace, while swirling her tongue around the head. She moved her hand in time with her mouth, down and up every ten seconds or so, sucking hard before going back to swirling her tongue.

It took all of Cameron's discipline to keep the Impala on the road. Beth was sucking his cock so expertly he didn't know which way was up. He glanced at her cute round ass in her cheerleading skirt and wanted to reach over and caress it, but didn't dare try lest he lose control of the vehicle.

"Beth, you do that so good," he moaned, briefly swerving onto the shoulder of the road.

She allowed his cock to slip out of her mouth with a wet pop. "I dreamed of your fat cock last night, Cameron. And now I'm going to suck out every drop of cum you have."

He could only moan in response when she took him back in her mouth. He was just barely keeping the car on the road. He was a little intimidated by the gorgeous blonde and the bluntly sexual way she spoke her mind.

Beth stopped pumping his cock long enough to gather her hair up and pull the locks to one side, allowing him to glance down and see what she was doing. She pulled her hot mouth off him and turned her head so she could flick the sensitive underside where the head blended into his shaft. Her hand kept sliding up and down while she flicked her tongue.

She watched the tortured expression on his face as she worked him toward orgasm. She could tell that he loved what she was doing. She never wanted to please anyone like she wanted to please him.

"Holy shit, Beth," he groaned. Her hot, wicked tongue was driving him crazy.

Cameron glanced down and she smiled, more with her eyes than her mouth, since her mouth was busy pleasuring him. He felt his orgasm coming. It was the sight of her pink lipstick smeared around her full lips that pushed him past the point of no return.

"Beth girl, you're gonna make me come," he grunted.

She squeezed harder on his shaft and continued to flick her tongue as fast as she could. When his cock throbbed, she quickly swung her head and sucked the head of his cock into her warm, wet mouth just as the first jet of cum erupted from him. She increased the speed of her hand movements, sliding up and down his shaft as fast as she could go. Beth sealed her lips just under the ridge of his cock head and swallowed each spurt as it gushed into her willing mouth.

He grunted with each orgasmic spasm that coursed through his body. His legs jerked on the pedals and he swerved into the oncoming traffic lane, over-corrected, drove across his lane and onto the shoulder of the road before finally regaining control of the car and his senses.

Beth milked the last drops of hot cum from his dick then pushed it back into his pants. She zipped him up and scrambled back into a sitting position. "Mmm, that was so good," she said, smacking her lips.

"Jesus, Beth. That was better than good. You're a fucking artist," he said breathlessly.

"Cameron, I will do that for you anytime you want," she said with a pink lipstick-smeared smile, and was surprised to realize she actually meant it.

Beth had never had an emotional attachment to a boy before, and vehemently denied to herself that she was developing one now. Her father had run off when she was a baby, and what Tyler had done to her was an abomination. Boys could be used for her pleasure, but could never be trusted.

She reasoned away her willingness to do anything to please Cameron by telling herself she just liked his fat cock. Besides, love was for suckers, wasn't it?

She grabbed her makeup bag from her purse and started fixing her face using the mirror located on the rear of the visor.

* * * *

Jenifer saw Cameron's black Impala coming down her street as she waited on her porch. She nervously adjusted her cheerleading uniform as her heart beat faster at the thought of seeing Cameron.

'My god, I'm acting like a thirteen-year-old with a crush,' she thought then laughed at herself.

The laugh died in her throat when she saw Beth return her lipstick to her purse and fluff her hair in the car's visor mirror. She saw how Beth made sure Cameron got a nice look at her ass as she crawled into the back seat. A surge of jealousy seared through her chest.

'Was Beth putting lipstick on, or putting lipstick back on?' she wondered.

She pushed the jealousy into the back of her mind. She knew that Cameron was Beth's Alpha too, and Beth had as much right to Cameron as she did. Jealousy was an emotion that a girl in a pack with other females could not afford.

'Beth might get his cock, but I'm going to get both his cock and his heart,' she thought defiantly. She forced a smile to her face and climbed in his car.

They arrived at Trish's house a few minutes later and found her also wearing the blue and gold cheerleading uniform. The girls chatted for a few moments then fell silent, growing too nervous to make small talk. Silence reigned as Cameron pointed the Impala towards school and the fate that awaited them.

* * * *

Sarah waited for Cameron on the school commons. She knew she hadn't been fair to him about Missy and Leanne's behavior. Maybe he really had nothing to do with why they were fighting over him. Maybe others were just beginning to see Cameron the way she had, all along. She was worried that if prettier girls like those two started showing a genuine interest in Cameron, he wouldn't want her anymore.

Her emotions had been out of control since she and Cameron had made love. She was at turns confused, overjoyed, sad, aroused, and dismayed about having thrown caution to the wind. It had been an amazing experience, but she had really wanted to wait and see if Cameron intended to marry her before surrendering her most precious gift to him. Not only had she surrendered her virginity, but she had let him come in her mouth too, something she had thought she would never do.

'What's done is done. You can't put ketchup back in the jar,' she thought. She really didn't want to anyway.

Still, she was confused about the way her attraction to Cameron had so overwhelmed her. He had made her pussy wet with need many times before, but she had always been able to control herself. Why had Saturday been so different?

She shook her head to clear her thoughts and glanced at her watch. It was twenty minutes until first period. Cameron would be at school soon, and she wanted to talk to him. She wanted to tell him how much she loved him, and how silly she had been. Sarah wanted him to forgive her and hold her in his strong arms. She couldn't lie to herself; she wanted him to come in her mouth and pussy again too.

Her heart leapt when she saw his black Impala pull into the school parking lot. She watched anxiously as he parked. She forced herself to wait calmly, but she wanted to run to him so badly it hurt.

She started to call out to him when he emerged from his car, but the words turned to ashes in her mouth when his passenger door swung open and Jenifer Myers climbed out. Her eyes brimmed with tears as she watched Beth Collins and Trish Ross climb out behind Jenifer. There was no way Sarah could mistake the look Jenifer gave Cameron. It was adoration.

Cameron never saw her run crying from the commons.

* * * *

Tyler was in a good mood. His girls had prepared a surprise for him and he couldn't wait. 'I guess those bitches finally realized how good they've got it being with me,' he thought.

"What's keeping the girls?" John asked.

"Maybe I should call Trish on her cell and see if they're all right," Alan said, concern for Trish clearly on his face.

"Would you pussies relax," Tyler snapped.

'They are probably just putting the last touches on my surprise,' he thought.

John and Allen were beginning to annoy him. It pissed Tyler off that none of them seemed to appreciate what he'd done for them. He'd given them speed and power, awakened them to a world of scent, sight, and sound that they otherwise would never have known. And did they thank him for it? No.

He'd given John a free ticket to all the human pussy he wanted. Those human cunts wouldn't be able to resist him, but the pansy just said it wasn't fair to take advantage of them.

Tyler didn't much care for human pussy, or humans in general for that matter. Humans were too fucking weak. That's why he'd turned the hottest girls in school, so he could have fine wolf pussy whenever he wanted.

Thing would have been perfect if that stupid bitch Trish hadn't turned Allen. Now he had to put up with Trish and Allen mooning over each other all the fucking time. He actually considered giving Trish to Allen just so he wouldn't have to see that stupid look on their stupid fucking faces any more. Beth and Jenifer's pussies were good enough; he didn't really need Trish. Besides, Trish's tits were small and he liked big tits. If she hadn't had all that sexy red hair, he wouldn't have turned her in the first place.

'Fuck that shit. They need to learn their place,' he thought.

"Uh, Tyler," John said.

"What, god damn it?" he demanded, his good mood forgotten.

John just pointed towards the parking lot.

Tyler turned and for a second didn't see what John was pointing at. Then his eyes picked out the familiar blue and gold cheerleading uniforms of his bitches. "It's about fucking time," he spat and then, "What the fuck?"

All three of his bitches were walking across the parking lot with that loser, Cameron Reed.

* * * *

Cameron scanned the commons looking for Tyler and found him and the remains of his pack loitering on the far side. He saw John raise an arm and point in his direction. He watched Tyler turn and say something that he couldn't quite hear through the bustle of students. Tyler's face turned an ugly shade of red and he stomped towards Cameron and the girls with John and Allen close behind.

"Here they come," Cameron said quietly. "Stay behind me, and let me do the talking." Cameron took a deep breath and strode purposefully to meet Tyler and his pack, mentally preparing himself for a fight. He knew that it would be the classic jiu jitsu versus wrestling scenario. Tyler would be bigger, stronger, and probably have superior takedowns but Cameron would have the chokes and submissions that wrestlers were unprepared for, as well as the element of surprise. Tyler wouldn't know about his jiu jitsu skills.

The two groups came to a halt about five feet apart.

"Get over here," Tyler barked at Jenifer, Beth, and Trish.

"I don't think so," Cameron said calmly.

Tyler's eyes bulged in his head when the girls remained where they were. He looked at Cameron and sniffed the air. The blood drained from his face as he realized he was facing another Alpha.

John and Allen glanced nervously between Tyler and Cameron.

"Who turned you? My Mother?" Tyler asked furiously, "I'll make that bitch pay-"

"Hey stupid," Cameron said. "I've never even met your mother."

"Then who, asshole?" Tyler demanded, "Couldn't have been one of my bitches. They ain't pure born."

"I think you mean my bitches," Cameron replied. "And since you asked so nicely, I'll tell you: it's none of your damn business, that's who it was."

It took all of Tyler's self-control to keep from turning half-wolf and ripping Cameron to shreds. It dawned on him that Cameron was deliberately trying to provoke him into a fight. Tyler was cruel but not stupid. He knew that the odds, while still in his favor, would be closer if they couldn't change to half-wolf. He took a deep breath, and forced himself to stay calm.

"What do you think you've accomplished?" Tyler asked. "I'm just gonna beat you to death and then reclaim my property."

Cameron laughed in his face. "What makes you think you can do that? Is it because you're as big as a Neanderthal, or is it because you're as dumb as a fucking stump?"

"I'm the state champion wrestler at heavyweight," Tyler spluttered.

"Oh, that's right. I almost forgot," Cameron said, his voice dripping with disdain. "Against humans, you're the state champion. Tell me Tyler, how many Alphas have you wrestled?"

"You mother fucker," Tyler spat.

"That's what I thought: none," Cameron continued. "I bet you display all your football trophies and wrestling medals in your own little shrine to yourself, don't you?"

He could see by the look on Tyler's face that he was right.

"You're pathetic, Tyler," he said.

"I'm gonna kill you, Reed," Tyler fumed.

"You know what I'm going to do right after I've taken the rest of your pack, Tyler?" Cameron asked. "Let me tell you: I'm going to let Trish and Allen love each other the way they were meant to."

Cameron glanced at Allen, who had been staring at Trish since the verbal sparring began. Allen jerked his head toward Cameron as his last words registered. Their eyes met and Cameron could see the desperate hope etched into Allen's face. He could clearly see how much Allen loved Trish. If it were possible, his hatred for Tyler deepened.

Tyler's face turned purple with fury, and a blood vessel pulsed in his forehead. He clenched his fists so tightly that the veins on his neck stood out like rivers on a map.

'I've almost got him,' Cameron thought. 'It's time to push him over the edge.'

"A little word of advice," he continued. "If my dick was as small as the girls tell me yours is, I would stick to human girls. Our kind needs a real Alpha."

"Ahh!" Tyler screamed at the top of his lungs. "I'm gonna rip your fucking head off!"

Every head on the commons turned at Tyler's outburst. Sensing a fight, the crowd of students ran to surround the two Alphas.

"Well, come on, bitch," Cameron taunted. "I'm standing right here."

Tyler looked around him at all the faces eagerly anticipating a fight.

"This isn't the place for this, Reed," he said, getting control of himself with supreme effort.

Cameron had Tyler as flustered and off balance as he could get him. He knew that now was his best chance; he wouldn't catch Tyler off his guard again. "You're nothing but a coward, Tyler," Cameron goaded him. "If you won't fight, I'll make you fight."

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