tagNonHumanYoung Wolves Ch. 05

Young Wolves Ch. 05


Authors note: This is a work of fiction. All characters are over eighteen years of age. All characters are figures of the author's imagination.


Sarah was heartbroken. All her fears of Cameron finding someone prettier than her had come true. She thought he loved her, but obviously, he had only wanted to take her cherry. Like a fool, she had fallen for his lies completely.

She sat through first period in a daze. She couldn't remember a thing Mr. Harper said about the Peloponnesian wars. The students were all buzzing about Cameron and those cheerleader whores, and something about a fight on the commons. She blocked their inane chatter out of her mind.

She had second period in twenty minutes. Cameron was in that class and Sarah knew she couldn't see him without making a total fool out of herself. She would either burst into tears or smash his face with whatever she could get her hands on, so she told Mr. Harper she wasn't feeling well, left class, informed the office, and went home.

She spent the morning crying in her room. Her chest felt like it had a hole right through it. She sobbed as she lay on her bed clutching her teddy bear, Mr. Giggles. Why was Cameron doing this? She thought they had something special. Sarah had daydreamed many times about him asking her to marry him. In her dreams, his face always looked so beautiful when she told him; of course, she would marry him. She felt like a naïve child.

Sarah cried until she had no more tears. She decided that she couldn't lie in her room all day feeling sorry for her self. She changed into some shorts and decided to clean house. Cleaning always took her mind off her problems. She cleaned her room first, then the bathrooms, the living room and finally the kitchen. She bagged up the trash and took it to the trashcans in the alley behind her back yard.

"Hey Goose," a voice said as she walked back through her yard.

She looked toward the voice and saw her neighbor Rick's head sticking over the fence between their back yards. Rick was a senior in college, but usually came home from the city on days he didn't have classes. Since she was a little girl, he always called her Goose. "Oh, hey Rick," she said.

"You look like you've been crying," he said concerned.

"Boy troubles," she said, "You know how it is."

"You want to come over and talk about it?" He asked.

'What the hell,' Sarah thought, 'I've got no one else to talk to.'

She told Rick she would be over in a few minutes. She went to her vanity and tried to make her face presentable. She gave up. No amount of makeup was going to disguise her puffy eyes.

Rick opened the front door for Sarah and she noticed that all he was wearing was a pair of shorts and a leather cord around his neck. A little jade square with some oriental symbol hung from the cord. He was a little taller than Cameron, but leaner. Where Cameron's muscles were thick, Rick's were lean like a swimmer. She figured he must have been sunning when he heard her in the back yard.

"Where are your Mom and Dad?" Sarah asked as he led her into the living room where he plopped into a recliner. She sat on the couch across from him.

"Work," he responded. "So I hear you're legally an adult now."

"Yeah, for two whole weeks now," she said.

"I'm gonna have a beer," he said as he brushed his black hair out of his eyes. "You want a beer?"

"Sure," she said, not wanting to seem like a kid to him.

He climbed out of the recliner and disappeared into the kitchen. Rick returned a moment later with two bottles of beer. He had already opened hers for her.

"Now," he said, "Tell me about these boy troubles."

She took a swig of beer and began. A half hour and two more beers later she finished. When Rick brought her third beer, he sat beside her on the couch. He put his arm around her shoulders as she finished her tale. She had a good buzz going and didn't seem to mind. Sarah only had three beers but she wasn't used to drinking alcohol.

"Sarah, this guy Cameron is crazy if he thinks these other girls are better than you." He said as he squeezed her reassuringly.

"I don't know," she said doubtfully.

"Trust me Sarah," he said stroking her hair. "A lot of guys would love to be with you."

"Really?" She asked.

He brushed a lock of her hair behind her ear, leaned in, and pressed his lips to hers. His tongue slipped out and caressed her full lips until she parted hers and allowed his tongue to fill her mouth. He swirled his tongue around her mouth with more force than she was used to and tasted of beer.

Sarah felt a little light headed from the combined effect of the beer and his insistent kiss. She barely noticed when he began massaging her breasts through her shirt. Her mind might not have noticed but her body responded and her nipple hardened under his touch. She moaned softly into his mouth.

Sarah followed when he took her hand and led her to his bedroom. She didn't really want to go, but Cameron had hurt her bad. Her alcohol-clouded judgment told her that if Cameron didn't want her at least Rick did.

He pulled her inside his room and pushed the door closed with his foot. He grabbed her with both hands by her head and pulled her lips to his. His tongue invaded her mouth again, and she sucked on it hungrily.

Rick removed his lips from hers long enough to pull her shirt over her head. He continued feasting on her mouth and running his hand over her back. He unsnapped her bra, removed it and threw it on the floor. He fell to his knees in front of her. He cupped her breasts underneath and lifted them up. He sucked first one nipple into his mouth and then the other. He nibbled and sucked on her hard nipples until he heard her moan with pleasure.

He removed his hands from her sensitive breasts and pulled her shorts and panties down to her ankles in one smooth motion. She stepped out of them and he tossed them aside. He cupped her ass cheeks in his hands and pulled her to him. Rick buried his nose in the black curls above her pussy while his hands squeezed and rubbed her ass.

Rick pushed her backward and she fell back on his bed with her feet still on the floor. He lifted her legs and settled them on his shoulders with his head between. He leaned forward and ran his tongue around the outside of her pussy.

Sarah shivered when his tongue touched the tender flesh, and she gasped when he lightly licked her slit from bottom to top. He swirled his tongue in a circle around her entrance and then slid it up to flick her clit.

"Your pussy tastes good, Goose," he mumbled. He worked his tongue more insistently on her clit occasionally sucking it and pulling on it with his lips.

He stood quickly and removed his shorts. His cock stood out before him. It was as long as Cameron's she noticed, but not as thick. His foreskin was intact and covered half of his swollen head. He pulled her up until she was sitting on the edge of the bed and pressed his cock against her lips.

She opened her mouth and allowed his stiff cock to slide between her lips. She could feel his foreskin slide back as her lips closed around his dick. She sucked it and rolled her tongue around it. His uncircumcised cock felt strange in her mouth as her tongue licked around the folds of skin.

She grabbed his shaft with one hand and cupped his balls with the other. She started sliding her hand up and down his long cock while rolling his balls around in their sack. She slurped on his cock head hungrily almost angrily. 'Fuck Cameron and his cheerleader whores,' she thought.

"You suck dick so fucking good," Rick moaned as she worked him.

He let her suck his cock for another minute and then pushed her back on the bed. He lifted her leg up and hooked his arm under her knee. She pulled her other knee up while he grabbed his stiff cock with his free hand and guided it to her pussy. He rubbed the engorged head of his cock up and down between her wet hot lips a few times then sunk his dick in her as far as it would go.

"Oh, shit!" She cried as he filled her pussy with his hot meat.

He fucked her fast. He sawed his cock in and out of her pussy as fast as he could. Her moans sounded like she had a vibrato in her voice from his pounding. He grabbed her by the ankles and held them out forming a V with her legs. He looked down and watched his cock disappearing into her tight pussy.

"Damn! Your pussy is tight," he said as he thrust into her.

He scooped her up with his cock still in her; she wrapped her legs around his back to keep from falling. He spun around and sat on the bed with her in his embrace, his cock buried deep inside her pussy. He grabbed her ass with both hands and used them to guide her movements on his cock.

"Oh yeah, Goose ride that dick," Rick groaned as she squeezed his cock with the slippery tight walls of her cunt.

He lifted her again and deposited her on the bed. For a second she didn't know which way he wanted her to go. He awkwardly pulled her around and placed her on her hands and knees. He stood on the floor and pulled her back to him with both hands on her small waist. He lined up and shoved his cock into her depths.

He thrust into her fast and hard, pulling her to meet each thrust with his grip on her waist.

"Ungh, ungh, ungh, ungh," he grunted with every thrust.

Sarah realized that, unlike Cameron, Rick wasn't going to make her cum with his dick unless she helped him. She shifted her weight onto her left hand so she could reach back and finger her clit with her right. She circled her finger around her clit softly at first and then more urgently. She didn't even bother to tell him when she made her self cum. He seemed oblivious anyway.

"Don't cum in me," she said when she sensed him getting close.

He pulled out of her and leapt onto the bed beside her. He grabbed her head and tried to guide his cock to her mouth, but didn't make it in time. His first spurt hit her on the cheek. He crammed the head of his spewing cock into her mouth before the second squirt and jacked his own shaft as fast as he could. He cried out as he spilled his cum into her mouth.

She swallowed his spunk as it was deposited and grimaced at the taste. She tried to pull away when he was done, but he held her head in place with his hand. She turned her head enough to spit his dick out of her mouth. He grabbed his cock at its base and squeezed while moving his hand to the top of his dick. He forced his foreskin over the head of his cock until it met hose like in front of his pee hole. He milked one last drop of cum out of the tip of his foreskin then shook his dick, flicking it onto her face. It landed just under her eye.

He finally released her and rolled onto his back. "That was great," he said as he grabbed a cigarette and lighter off his bed stand. "Bathrooms over there." He lit the cigarette and inhaled deeply. The acrid stench of the tobacco made her head hurt.

She gathered up her clothes and went to the bathroom. She felt dirty and wanted to wash as quickly as possible.

She came out of his bathroom fully dressed. "I gotta get home before my parents do," she said.

"Let yourself out," he said blowing smoke while his now flaccid uncircumcised cock lay obscenely on his stomach. "And Goose," he said.

She paused at his door.

"You're a really great fuck," he said.

She fled. She went straight home and to her room. She closed her door and leaned her head against it. She just stood there thinking. While clearly more experienced than Cameron was, Rick was a far distant second as far as she was concerned. She felt unclean. She wished that she had never seen Rick or his ugly dick. She needed to take a shower.

She heard her cell phone beeping. She had a voice message. She sighed, crossed the room, grabbed the cell phone off the dresser and hit the button that played her messages. Her heart skipped a beat when she heard Cameron's voice.

"Sarah, it's Cameron," he said. "It's lunch time and I'm on the cafeteria pay phone. They told me you went home, sick. I just wanted to call and see if you're okay, and to tell you that I love you. I know you're mad at me, but I can explain everything. There are some crazy things going on with me right now and you're the only person I can really talk to. I love you and I want to fix things between us. Please, Sarah I need to talk to you. Okay, well, I'll talk to you later then. I love you. Bye."

Sarah's eyes stared blankly as she dropped the phone, 'My God, what have I done?'

She had more tears after all.


The wrestling dual was a bust. Tyler never even showed up and their school had to forfeit the heavyweight match. Cameron did enjoy watching his girls do their cheers though. Afterward he drove each of them home and watched until they made it safely inside.

He pulled into his drive way and killed the engine. He got out of his car and froze. His enhanced nose smelled all the scents that were supposed to be there, but he thought he caught another scent for a split second. He sniffed again it was faint but it was there: Tyler. He ran for the house as fast as he could without turning to half wolf. He almost tore the door off its hinges getting inside.

His mother was sitting at the kitchen table crying. He rushed to her.

"Mom are you ok?" Fear gripped his heart. "What is it? Is it Camille? Is she all right? Mom!"

Sharon looked up and handed him a piece of paper. He read it quickly. It was from Camille. It said she was eighteen now and tired of living by her mother's rules. She had moved in with a friend and didn't want us to come looking for her.

It was almost believable. The way Camille and his mother had been fighting lately. If he hadn't caught Tyler's scent outside, he might have believed it himself. There was no doubt in Cameron's mind. Tyler had Camille, and he made her write the note.

Cameron had made a grave mistake and he knew it. He had assumed Tyler would behave in the same way Cameron himself would. He should have known Tyler wouldn't keep the conflict just among the wolves. Tyler had no honor or morals. Tyler just wanted to win, and he just hit Cameron where it hurt most. Instead of going after him directly, he was going to hurt the ones Cameron loved.

'Oh god, Sarah,' he thought. 'If he knows how I feel about Sarah he might go after her too.'

He started making plans. First, he would call Jen and have her go get Trish. Those two would go to Sarah's and see if she was missing. He would go get Beth and bring her here to keep an eye on his mom, while he searched for Camille and Tyler.

Cameron started for the phone when the doorbell rang.

"Mom, stay here," he said as he headed for the door. He made himself ready for whatever may be on the other side.

He opened the door and Allen stood there. Cameron lost his mind. A guttural snarl erupted from his throat, and he was on Allen before he could think. He was unaware, in his rage, he had transformed to half wolf. He grabbed Allen by the front of his jacket and hoisted him into the air. His momentum carried them off the porch and into the yard. Cameron slammed Allen on to the ground hard. Allen's air exploded out of his lungs from the impact.

Cameron crouched over him, Teeth barred, with his ears laid back flat. A deep vicious growl rumbled deep in his throat. Saliva dripped off his fangs onto Allen's human face.

"Where is she?" He snarled. The words came out slurred as he tried to form the words with his changed mouth.

"Tyler has her," he said gasping to get his breath back.

"Who else does he have?" Cameron inched his fangs even closer to Allen's face.

Allen looked confused, "No one else. Just your sister."

"Where are they?" Cameron roared, his enraged voice echoing off the trees.

"I don't know," Allen said despondently as though those words had signed his own death sentence. "Tyler took her and John and left. They aren't coming back until her change is complete."

"So he bit her?" Cameron asked. His words were coming out clearer as he adjusted to his new mouth.

Allen nodded.

"Cameron what's-" Sharon stood frozen on the porch. She stared at Cameron, horror painted on her face. She took in his visage, and screamed. She bolted into the house and slammed the door so hard that it bounced back open without the latch engaging.

"Mom wait," he called, but her panic has so overwhelmed her that she didn't hear.

Cameron hauled Allen up and dragged him into the house. He flung Allen onto the floor. He slid across the hard wood floor, and landed in a crumpled heap.

"Don't move," Cameron told him.

Sharon was crouching in the corner. Her eyes were open wide in disbelief and terror. He took a step toward his mother to try to calm her.

"Stay away from me," she screamed. She tried to scramble away from him but the wall prevented her, her legs just scrabbled and slipped on the floor.

Cameron realized he was still in half wolf. He quickly changed back to full human. "Mom, it's me. It's me," he said soothingly.

Recognition dawned in Sharon's eyes. "Cameron?"

"It's me mom," he said.

She stared at him, mascara smeared around her eyes, "You're a, you're a-"

"Werewolf," he finished for her.

"I need a drink," she said.

"Allen," Cameron said, "Get my mom a drink. The bar is over there." He nodded in the direction of the bar.

Allen climbed off the floor and limped to the bar. He grabbed a bottle of vodka. He looked for a glass as Cameron helped Sharon off the floor.

"Just bring me the bottle," Sharon said. Allen brought her the bottle and she took a long pull on it. She coughed and patted her chest when she swallowed the fiery liquid. "Okay, I'm ready. Tell me how this happened."

"Mom, I need to make a phone call, and then I'll tell you everything." He shifted his gaze to Allen, "you gonna run?"


Cameron called Jenifer and asked if she could pick up the others and come to his house. He was relieved when she said she could arrange it. With Tyler out of town, he didn't have to worry about protecting Sarah, at least until Camille finished her change.

While Cameron waited for the girls to arrive, he filled his mom in on the events of the last five days. He glossed over the parts where he had sex with Sarah, Jen, Beth, and Trish. He told her about Camille's note being a sham, and that Tyler had really kidnapped her. She took it pretty well.

"Will this Tyler, hurt her?" she asked.

"No mom. He's making her like Allen and me. However, she will have to obey him whether she wants to or not. Remember that if she shows up here," Cameron said.

"You can get her away from him though, can't you?" she asked.

The realization that to save Camille he would have stick his dick in his own sister, hit him like a physical blow. He wasn't sure if he could do it.

"I'll think of something Mom. Don't worry," he said. He exchanged a glance with Allen, and shook his head slightly. He didn't want Allen to mention what getting Camille back would entail. Allen nodded, getting the message.

The doorbell rang and Cameron let the girls in. He led them into the living room where Sharon and Allen waited.

Trish saw Allen standing there and threw herself into his arms with a cry. He buried his face in her red curls as he wrapped her in his embrace. They stood for a moment bodies pressed together, before Allen looked up at Tyler.

"You meant what you said this morning on the commons, didn't' you?" Allen asked Cameron.

"I did," Cameron said.

"Cameron, what are we doing here?" Jenifer asked and glanced at Sharon meaningfully.

"Everyone, this is my mother Sharon," Cameron said. "Mom, this is Jenifer, Beth, Trish, and you already met Allan. My mom knows we are all werewolves so I'm gonna get strait to the point. Tyler has taken my sister and he's turned her."

Jenifer gasped, "I'm so sorry Cam."

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