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Younger Brother's Friend


My brother Mark has this friend of his naked Steve. Steve is 3 years younger than I. Every time Steve visits he liked to chat with me, a really friendly guy. I never thought much about it as he is like a younger brother. Steve went overseas for 2 years and when he came back, I was 21 and he had just turned 18. I didn't recognise him - he was a real hunk. He has dark hair, a muscly body and is tall and sexy.

Last week he came over and my brother was out at the time, so he came over to speak with me. I had just got back from a run and was wearing my light blue bike shorts with a blue crop top. I was sweaty from the run. You could see the sweat triangle showing through my shorts and my top was soaked. I had my hair tied up and my walk man tied around my shorts still. I was going to go for a swim when the doorbell rung. Steve came in and I knew he was staring at me as I opened the door. I turned around to lock it and I saw his head rise up quickly. He was staring at my sweaty bike shorts, which were clinging to my butt. As I turned around I saw him go red in the face. He had been caught. I had never thought of him ogling me, but I felt a tinge of excitement at the attention. I don't know what was going on with my hormones but I longed for more attention. I wanted to look sexy suddenly.

I offered him a soda and then poured it for him. I told him I had just been running and was about to go for a swim. He told me to go ahead and have my swim. I went to my bedroom to get changed into a swimsuit. I opened my drawer and took out my plain navy blue with white straps one-piece. I was about to put it on when I decided to first check on something.

I went back downstairs and Steve was just standing around. I teasingly told him to come join me and have a swim. It was really humid and hot anyway. He said he didn't have a swimsuit so I told him I would get one of my brothers for him. I went to my brother's room and opened his cupboard and I picked up a pair of his boxer swimsuits and then I saw one of his tight Speedos from his school swimming days. It was a royal blue and looked tiny. I was feeling a bit naughty so I put the boxers back and took the Speedo.

I went downstairs and handed it to him. He looked at it and said he couldn't wear it, its what the gay guys wear. I said that was not true and it looks good on guys. He heard that and trying to please me I think he took it and went to change. I ran upstairs to put on a swimsuit myself, but my bedroom door somehow jammed and I could not get in. I pushed and pushed but it wouldn't give so I went back downstairs. Steve had a towel around him and he came up and tried to force the door open. He gave up to. We went downstairs and out to the pool. He was a bit shy but I told him to swim and not wait for me. He let the towel drop and jumped in. I sat down on the pool bench. He was so hot. His penis showed through the material and I could make out the shape of his balls. They were so big and when he got out the water the Speedo clung to his sexy ass. I couldn't believe I was thinking all this. He was 3 years younger than me.

He told me to jump in in my clothes and come join him. It was hot so I thought about it. Nobody else was at home. I was about to jump in in all and I decided I would take my bike shorts off first. I took them off. I saw him staring as I pulled them off my bike shorts. I was wearing white satin bikini undies. I then pulled the crop top off and was in my lacey sheer bra. I was getting turned on doing this little strip show for him. I then jumped in the water. As I got in I noticed how my underwear went see through. My dark pubic patch showed through my panties and my nipples pierced through the lacey material. I saw him looking at me. His eyes drawn down to my crotch. I told him I would race him to the other end. He won and then I stood up at the shallow end and when he stood up I saw that his cock was erect pushing out his Speedo. It looked funny. He went red when he realised that I had noticed.

I jokingly said to him that he had a nice pecker, and he needs a bigger swimsuit. He went red and said to me I needed another style too. I don't know what went into me but I put my hands on my panties, leaned back and said why what is wrong wit this. My pussy was totally exposed in the wet material. He looked over a bit shocked and I moved forward and put my hand on top of his Speedo and felt his hardness. I rubbed my hand down and clenched his balls. They felt big. I rubbed his erection up and down a bit and I felt his hands reach toward me and grab my butt. His other hand brushed my nipple and he pulled my bra aside. He then started to stroke my nipple with his mouth. I felt an orgasm coming and wanted him to touch my pussy. He didn't and I was so horny. I pulled his cock harder and went faster until I felt it start throbbing and then white mushy liquid formed under the swimsuit, as his dick spasmed and jumped. I realised that he had cum. I was very horny and just as thing were heating up we heard my brother arrive. I dipped under quickly and when Mark came into the pool area, Steve had already jumped out, and put the towel around himself.

I needed relief. I got out the pool covered myself with a towel and went inside. I had nothing to get dressed into as my room door was still jammed. I went into the bathroom to have a warm shower and I took my panties and bra off throwing them in the wash basket. As my bra fell I saw the Speedo. I lifted it up and there was white cum all over the inside. I rubbed the cum on my breasts, across my nipples, I don't know why I did this. I then put a finger into my warm wet pussy as I smelt the cum off the Speedo. I was desperate and wanted a man.

I went into the shower, aimed the water flow onto my clit and let it massage it in to a swollen bundle of nerves. I then put my right index finger on it and slowly rubbed in circles, closing my eyes and imagining I was sucking Steve's cock, up and down. I then imagined him cumming and the cum pulsating into my mouth and then dripping down my lips and chin. I inserted another finger into my hot pussy and pushed it in and out. I came. It was one great orgasm. I put on my pyjamas and went downstairs to watch TV with Mark and Steve.

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