tagBDSMYour Baby Girl

Your Baby Girl


**This is NOT an incest story. Its simply a story about a Master and his sub who calls him Daddy.


"I'm so tired," I whisper against your neck.

It's late and we're finally in bed. The lamp on the nightstand is still on, but we're both too comfortable to move and turn it off. You hold me close against you. You're on your back and I'm cuddled up next to you, my head on your shoulder. You're in nothing but your boxers and I'm in a big t-shirt and panties.

I feel your fingers on my arm that's draped over your chest, your fingertips barely making contact with my skin. It tickles and makes me squirm. You laugh and give me a little squeeze. I feel your lips against my forehead. I look at you and smile. You pull me up so I'm at eye level with you. You turn on your side and we just look at each other. I move my hand to your face, sliding it over your cheek, feeling your scruff. My fingers move to your lips. I watch your lips as you gently kiss, then look back up to see your eyes still on me. I bite my lip and move closer to you.

Your hand slides to my neck and you brush your lips against mine. I wrap my leg around you. You press your lips to mine and I slide my tongue across them. You open your mouth and I can taste your tongue on mine. We press our bodies together until I'm not sure where yours ends and mine begins. You take my bottom lip between yours, sucking and gently biting. When I let out a soft moan, you bite down even harder. You can feel my breathing speed up and you know I'm already wet for you. I start to grind my hips against you and you pull your lips from mine. Our eyes meet for a moment and you can see what I want. It's the same thing you're craving.

You take a handful of my hair and pull my head so your lips are against my ear.

"Who am I?"

I feel my pussy tingling as I whisper back, "Daddy."

"Who's Daddy am I?"

"You're my Daddy."

You grip my hair even harder.

"And who are you?"

"Your baby girl."

You take my ear in your mouth, sucking and biting, making me shudder. You let go of my hair and my lips find yours. I kiss you hungrily until you pull away. You lick and bite down my neck.

"I'm so wet for you Daddy," I groan.

You move your lips back up against mine, barely letting them touch. You grip my thigh that's locked around you.

"And Daddy's rock hard for his little slut,"

I whimper and kiss you hard as my hand slides down between us, finding your cock. You quickly grab my wrist and jerk it back up, moving back from me. I gasp and look down, realizing my mistake.

"Did my little whore forget the rules?"

I keep my eyes away from yours and slowly nod. You squeeze my wrist harder, making me wince.

"Look at me," you demand.

I reluctantly look up and see you smirking. You let go of my wrist and let it drop.

"Take off your shirt and panties and roll onto your stomach."

I do as I'm told while you get up and find your belt. You come back to the bed and slowly slide the belt over my skin.

"Tell me why you're being punished,"

"Because I broke a rule," I whisper.

"And which rule was that slut?"

I close my eyes. "I can only touch Daddy when I have permission."

You're still sliding the cold leather over my skin, making goose bumps rise all over.

"That's rule number three, isn't it pet?"

"Yes sir."

"Well let's double that. How many will that be?"

I quickly whisper, "Six."

"Well that's not enough now is it? So I'll give you six on each cheek. Sound good


I raise my ass a little. "Yes sir."

You pull the belt back and slam it down across my right ass cheek. I grip the sheets and remind myself to breathe.

"Count them."

I whimper out, "One."

You give the next lick to my left cheek and my eyes squeeze shut before I remember to say, "Two."

This continues, you going back and forth between each side of my ass, me counting each strike. My moans get louder and louder. You put more and more force into each lick. I'm crying by the time you get to 11. You take a long pause before you deliver the last blow, the hardest one yet. I cry out, and then let my body relax against the bed.

I choke out, "Twelve!"

You toss your belt to the side and stand there for a moment, watching me shake, admiring how red you've made my ass. Then you move onto the bed next to me, your lips against my ear.

"Shhh its over baby, its over."

Your hands move to my ass, softly rubbing. You press your lips to my cheek and take me into your arms, slowly rocking me back and forth. I cling to you and calm down. You place your finger under my chin and pull my face up to look at you.

"You did so good baby girl," you whisper.

Your hand moves down between my legs and you smile. I blush, knowing your hand is covered in my juices. You bring your fingers to my lips and I lick them clean, looking up at you as I suck. You lie me down on the bed and stand up, taking off your boxers. I let out a groan when I see your thick cock, so hard and ready for me. I reach out to you.


You take my hand in yours.

"Please what?"

I pull on your hand.

"Please fuck me Daddy."

You shake your head and kiss my hand.

"Not yet sweetie. First you're gonna suck my cock like a good little girl."

You pull me to the edge of the bed then down onto the floor. I get on my knees and look up at you as you take my face in your hands and pull my open mouth towards your throbbing cock. I slide my tongue across the head, lapping up your pre-cum. I feel your fingers running through my hair as I slowly take you into my mouth. My hand moves to your heavy balls, gently squeezing. I gag myself on your cock for a moment, then slide it back out. My other hand begins to stroke you while my lips wrap tight around the head. You let out a low groan and grip my hair.

I move my hands to your thighs to steady myself and let you thrust your cock into my mouth. I moan around your swollen dick, wishing you would shove it into my soaked slit. I hear your moans and your breathing becoming faster and start to worry you aren't going to fuck me at all tonight. But then you suddenly pull out of my mouth. I look up at you and you reach down to grab me and push me onto the bed. Without a word you get on top of me and shove your tongue into my mouth, tasting yourself on my lips. I wrap my arms around you and push my hips up against you. I break the kiss.

"Please Daddy, please fuck me. Your slut needs you inside her, please!" I shamelessly beg.

You look down at me and kiss me again, but this time soft and slow. I feel your cock sliding up and down my smooth wet cunt. I bite your lip. I'm sure I could come with just one hard thrust.

"Daddy pleeease, I need you!" I whine.

You moan against my lips and then slowly slide your cock inside of me. I let out a long moan, gripping you tighter and pushing my hips up again, wanting more and more of you. I wrap my legs around you. You start slowly thrusting yourself into me, getting deeper and deeper. I whimper and moan, my eyes shut tight, already so close.

"Look at me," you whisper.

I open my eyes and look up at you, panting. You're breathing so hard. I can tell you're almost there too.

"I'm so close Daddy," I gasp. "I can't hold it much longer."

You slow your thrusts, almost to a complete stop. Your lips find mine. When you break away you look back down at me.

"You don't need permission baby. I want you to come with me. Ok?"

I nod and try to say yes, but you've started moving faster again. My head starts to

spin and I hear you moaning loudly. My nails dig into your back and I start to shake, feeling you tense up on top of me. As soon as it hits me my back arches up and my toes curl, my legs wrapping tighter around you. You cry out my name and then collapse on top of me.

I'm still clinging to you, unable to let go. You slowly lift yourself up, taking some of your weight off of me. Your lips softly press against mine. Your hand moves to my legs, gently unwrapping them from around you. You pull me with you as you roll onto your side. Your strong arms wrap around me and you cover my neck and shoulder with soft kisses. I tangle my legs with yours, my fingers sliding up and down your back. I bury my face into your neck, still softly moaning. I feel you kiss the top of my head and push my hair away from my face.

You start to pull away from me and I open my eyes, confused. Then I see you reach over and turn off the lamp. I smile in the darkness and feel you move back to me. I wrap myself around you again.

"I love you Daddy."

I feel your lips on my forehead.

"I love you too baby girl."

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