tagErotic CouplingsYour Best Birthday Ever Ch. 01

Your Best Birthday Ever Ch. 01


I knew this day was coming and I had been planning your surprise for weeks, I just hoped you would like it. Ever since the first day I had saw you staring towards me I knew I had to meet you. People would have called me mad, after all you were only a face on a computer monitor screen, but I didn't care.

From that day forward I had to see you every day. I would log on just to see your face, your dark eyes looking straight back at me. Slowly I began to fall for you in a big way but was too shy to say anything. Besides what could I say, girls as good looking as you didn't fall for guys like me.

I was just an average looking guy that didn't work out, was single at my age and spent far too much time sitting in front of the computer. Yet you were stunning with your dark hair, dark eyes, curvaceous body and your multitude of tattoos peering at me from beneath your clothing. I assumed you must have had guys falling at your feet, so I just watched.

The trouble with watching and just catches glimpses of your pictures was that, eventually, it wasn't enough. As much as I liked to be able to see your face I began to long to touch it, even caress it, gently. It was at this time that I also started to get other feelings when I looked at your pictures, feelings that were totally inappropriate. You even began to invade my dreams when I was asleep. At first the dreams showed us just walking together, holding hands and kissing occasionally but the more time I had spent looking at you, the more erotic the dreams became.

In my dreams our passion became hotter than hell itself, our lovemaking more and more frenzied. It was definitely time for me to grow some balls and speak to you but the fear of rejection, and losing you before I had even met you, was too great for me to even contemplate. I had to think of another way.

I'm sure if you could have seen my behaviour it would have given you great cause for concern but, luckily, you had no clue. I glanced at the calendar and saw that your birthday was less than two weeks away, I had to work quickly. Over the next week and a half I read everything on your profile on a daily basis. I wanted to make sure I knew as much about you as possible before we did eventually speak, and I knew that we would because of what I was planning.

In my eagerness to get to know all about you I almost missed something. It took me nearly a week before I finally realised, but all the time I had been looking at your profile I saw that you had been looking at mine. I knew that you had a few times but thought that was just the way of the site, returning views to those that view you. It was only when I went back through my views that I saw you had been looking while I wasn't even online.

My mind began to race. Did she feel anything for me? I wondered. Was she just being polite? Then it struck me that my constant profile viewing could have scared her and she was just keeping an eye on me for her own safety. I really hoped it wasn't the last one as that was the last thing that I wanted to happen.

Eventually the day of your birthday arrived and, after, checking the computer for the last time I logged out and walked out of my house. I took one last look at the front door as the realisation of what I was about to do hit me, and I very nearly bottled out and went back inside. I stood for a couple of minutes, probably trying to find my balls, before I turned and climbed into my car.

Armed with just a picture of you and a map I turned the car on and pulled out of the drive. I knew the drive to your home city wouldn't take that long, but somehow I then had to find you.

Less than two hours later I pulled into a car park in your city centre and looked at your picture. Now would begin the hard part, actually finding you. All I knew about you really was your screen name and the chances of finding someone who knew you by that name, in a city this size, was virtually none but I had to try. For over an hour I fruitlessly went into every shop, cafe and pub trying to find at least one person who knew you. I was almost ready to give up and call it quits when a woman walked over to me and whispered into my ear and pushed a piece of paper into my hand. I looked at her after she had finished and she nodded towards the door.

Like a madman I raced out and back to my car, clutching the paper and jumped in. Firing the engine up I sped away from where I was parked in the direction the woman told me, desperately hoping she wasn't having a laugh at my expense.

Twenty minutes later I finally found the address that was written on the piece of paper and stopped the car. Sitting looking directly at the house with the same number that was written on the paper I noticed movement inside. My heart started pounding in my chest and I wasn't sure if I could go through with this. Maybe I should have spoke to her first I thought to myself as I reached to turn the car back on. Yet for some reason I stopped. I had come this far and what was the worst that could happen. You would either welcome me or tell me to fuck off, and to be honest I expected the latter of the two options.

Taking a deep breath I climbed out of the car, picked up your present and walked towards the house. My heart was pounding as though I had just run a marathon and the closer I got to the door the worse it felt, but it was too late to back down now. I reached forward to ring your doorbell and noticed that my hand was shaking badly. I had never felt this nervous before, but then again I had never done anything quite as reckless as this. Before I knew what had happened I heard the knocking of my hand on your front door. Adjusting your present, a large bouquet of flowers so I wasn't visible, I stood there and waited breathing deeply.

I heard the front door open and waited.

"Hello can I help you?" A female voice answered.

"Happy birthday to you." I half sang with a stutter as I offered the flowers towards you.

"Thank you but how did you know?" You asked.

It was then that we saw each other, in the flesh, for the first time.


"I-I-It's you." You stammered as you recognised me.

"Yes I told you your birthday would bring a big surprise." I answered. "And here I am."

"I would never have guessed this is what you meant babe."

"Well there was no way I was going to let on." I told you.

"Y-Y-You better come in." You stuttered. "And thanks for the flowers they're beautiful."

You stepped to the side and let me through the door.

"The front room's just on your left." You told me.

I walked into the front room and heard you shut and lock the front door before you joined me.

"Sit yourself on the sofa." You said. "Would you like a coffee?"

"Coffee would be nice thank you." I responded before sitting and making myself comfortable.

"Okay won't be a minute." You said as you walked into the kitchen.

As you walked past me I couldn't take my eyes off you, black jeans and tight vest top accentuating your figure, before you disappeared behind the door. As I waited I looked around. Your house was so neat and tidy, unlike mine, and I knew that surprising you like this had been the best thing that I could have done.

As I scanned the room I saw you in the glass of the kitchen door and could see that you were using the reflection to watch me, just as I was you. As stunning as you were on the screen where I first saw you, you were a million times more attractive in the flesh. Quickly I turned away as I saw you pick up two cups and head back towards me. As you walked through the door I saw a slight smile forming on your lips, and guessed that you had known I had been watching. Maybe that's why you had left the door open at the angle it was.

You handed me my drink and sat directly opposite me, and watched as I took a sip from my drink.

"I wish you had said you were coming." You said to me.

"But where would the surprise have been in that?" I replied.

"I know but..." You started to say.

"But nothing you look great." I interrupted.

We both sat in silence, staring at each other, while we finished our drinks. I wondered what you were thinking as you stared and wished that you would come over and sit with me. You must have read my mind because, after talking the empty cups into the kitchen, you came and sat at the other end of the sofa.

As you crossed your legs I couldn't resist any longer and slid along until I was right next to you, our thighs brushing against each other.

"About time." You said with as wry smile.

"Well I didn't want you to think I was pushing you." I answered.

"Seeing as you finally started to make a move what next?" You asked.

Slowly I lifted my arm and put it around your shoulders before using my other hand to turn your face towards mine, and I leant in for our first kiss. As I felt my lips touch yours for the first time a small shiver went through my body. Your soft lips felt wonderful against mine and what started out gently quickly became hard and urgent as our tongues explored each other's mouths greedily. Without thinking, or waiting to you see if you minded, I let my hand slowly slide down your top and started to massage your tits gently through your thin vest top. Your nipples stiffened quickly and with one deft move you pulled your top off over your head.

Our lips pulled apart and you threw your head back, thrusting your lacy, bra-covered tits forward. Slowly I reached behind you and with a quick flick of my fingers your bra was undone and you eased yourself out of it, freeing your gorgeous tits. Lowering my head I slowly flicked my tongue across each of your nipples in turn, your gasps as I did turning me on so much. I glanced up at your face as I took one of your nipples in my mouth and saw you throw your head even further back and lightly bite your bottom lip. Eagerly I sucked and massaged your tits, my cock getting harder and harder as I did so.

As I carried on sucking and playing with your tits I ran my hand down your body, over your smooth soft stomach and undid the button on your jeans before slowly lowering the zip. You shifted on the sofa allowing me to slide your jeans down over your hips. I pulled them down over your legs and dropped them to the floor, leaving you there in just a small black lace thong. You slid down the sofa so that your ass was hanging over the edge and I eased your thong off and dropped it on your jeans.

I kissed your body as I slowly lowered myself towards your glistening pussy, the sweet smell of your juices already beginning to fill my nose and the air. Gently I ran my tongue over your soft mound and parted your thighs softly. My tongue ran over your opening and I watched as your lips parted, eager to accept my tongue. Your body arched stiffly as my tongue caught the right spot and a soft moan escaped from your lips. Taking the gasp as a sign I plunged my tongue deep into you, my fingers holding you open gently, tasting the first streams of your sweet juices trickle onto my tongue. You tasted so sweet and when you gripped my head and pulled me closer, to get my tongue in even further, I felt like I was in heaven.

The longer I stayed down there, licking and sucking your pussy, the harder my cock became. Suddenly you arched your back viciously and screamed out as your first, proper orgasm tore through your body. Your juices ran down over my tongue, into my mouth and down my chin as your body bucked wildly from the force. I swear my cock had never felt harder and I was desperate to release it from the confines of my trousers but it was too soon. It was your birthday and until you asked for it I was going to make sure you had the best day of your life ever.

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