Your Deal

byClive Cromwell©

It was that festive time of year again. Christmas was just around the corner and it seemed everyone was celebrating the big day a little early.

Gloria just loved the holiday season and this year was certainly no exception. Her home was brightly lit with Christmas lights, a beautifully decorated pine tree stood in a place of honour by the fireplace and all around hung wreaths, garlands and other seasonal decorations. Wine was chilling in a bucket on a small card table near the fireplace and a lightly scented stick of incense was smouldering. Looking at her cozy living area, Gloria was pleased. Looking in the mirror, she was also pleased with what she saw, and hoped Mike would be as well. Mike was on his way over for an evening of cards… And who knew what else?

Who knew indeed? Gloria was in a very festive mood and she was in the mood. It had been a long week at work and she really felt a need to relax, let go, enjoy herself. And that’s why she had invited Mike over. They had been seeing each for a short time and had seemed to connect. They shared some interests and, to Gloria’s eye, Mike was quite the package. He was kind of quiet and unassuming, but when they had met at a mutual friend’s party, she couldn’t help but notice that he had a physical presence. He was moderately tall, had salt and pepper hair, a strong grip when he shook her hand and seemed to be pretty fit and trim. Since they met, they’d been out for dinner and movies several times. Gloria, though, was ready for more, and hoped Mike was as well.

When Mike arrived, bottle of wine in hand, they kissed politely. As Gloria carried the wine to the kitchen to cool it, Mike checked her out as she walked away. Wearing a dark green silk dress that hugged her voluptuous form, her brunette hair fell to her shoulder and he liked what he saw.

“I thought we’d play some cards,” Gloria called from the kitchen. “Are you good for a game of crib?”

“Sure, that sounds good,” he replied.

“Take a seat at the card table, I’ll be right with you.”

Mike took a seat and felt the heat emanating from the fireplace. He looked around the room, noticing the festive decorations and feminine touches that Gloria had applied to the place. “You’ve got a great place, here, Gloria. Very inviting.”

“Thanks,” she said, walking to the table with a cribbage board. “I do like to feel comfortable. And I like to surround myself with things I really like.” Gloria poured glasses of wine and sat down at the table. “Here,” she said, handing him the cards, “you deal.”

Pleasant moments passed as they sipped their wine and played their cards. Gloria was feeling a little blush on her cheeks from the wine and was feeling very relaxed. This was exactly what she wanted. Sliding down in her chair a little, she reached to Mike’s leg with her foot. She eased her toes under his pant leg and lightly touched his bare skin. Mike didn’t pull away and when Gloria glanced up at him, he had a small smile on his face. Encouraged, she moved her foot up his shin, caressing with her toes. Mike moved his leg closer as Gloria ran her toes up and down his shin. “Hmmm, that’s pleasant,” said Mike, who responded by rubbing Gloria’s foot with his foot. Still looking at her, he moved his toes up her leg for a few seconds. He then reached under the table and took his sock off. Moving back to Gloria’s leg, he ran his toes over her skin.

Gloria shuddered a little and decided to go for it. She moved her foot to the inside of Mike’s thigh and began caressing him through the cloth. In turn, he moved his foot under her dress, running his toes over her skin. For some moments, each caressed the other’s thigh, he with her toes on Gloria’s skin, she through his pants. Gloria could now feel herself getting quite worked up. She stopped, pushed her chair closer to the table, then reached with her foot to Mike’s crotch. He moaned a little as she touched him, happy to discover he was hard. As she rubbed his toes over his crotch, Mike stopped what he was doing and pushed a little closer to the table. Gloria was now rubbing her toes up and down his erection, enjoying feeling him with her toes.

As Mike closed his eyes in enjoyment, Gloria stopped. When he looked at her, she smiled lasciviously at him. Enticed, Mike now moved his foot back up her leg, along her thigh and, to his surprise, discovered that Gloria wasn’t wearing panties. He now returned her sly smile and gently touched her pussy with his big toe. Gloria gasped a little as he touched her, feeling a spark inside. Mike rubbed her lips and could feel that she was a little wet. Gloria spread her legs under the table to allow Mike more room. As he continued to touch and explore with his toes, she leaned back in ecstasy.

Feeling very horny now, and wet, Gloria decided to take things further. Pulling her chair away from the table, she crawled under it and moved to Mike. There wasn’t much room, but she reached to his belt and unbuckled it, then slowly undid his zipper. Mike moaned with pleasure. “Lift your ass,” Gloria said from beneath the table. Laughing, he did just that and she pulled his pants and boxer shorts down around his ankles. He settled back in his chair and now spread his legs. Gloria began running her fingertips lightly over his penis, enjoying its warmth and hardness. As she wrapped her fingers around his shaft, Mike moaned from above her. A few quick strokes produced a drop of pre-cum on the head.

Now Gloria was really enjoying herself. “Move you chair back, babe,” she whispered.

“Be glad to,” he said, as he pushed away from the table. Now with some room, Gloria moved in and delicately licked the drop of pre-cum from his penis; barely touching the hot skin. Enjoying his taste, she wrapped her fingers around him and pushed his foreskin back to expose the head. She then slid her lips over him and gently began to suck, while licking lightly. As Mike moaned, Gloria felt she was in heaven. Mike was as big as she’d hoped, his hefty penis nicely proportioned. She took him deep into her mouth and held him there, luxuriating in the feel of him against her lips and tongue.

“God Gloria, that’s fantastic,” he muttered as he ran his fingers through her hair. For her part, Gloria concentrated on her enjoyable work. Still on her knees, she moved up and down his shaft and cupped his balls with one hand. Working up some spit, she plopped her lips off of him, then drooled the spit over his head. Looking into his eyes, she worked the spit over the head and down the shaft. As she stroked, Mike watched, entranced by this woman’s handling of his manhood. He had wanted Gloria bad, but had been too shy to make much of a move. Now in bliss, he wished he’d done something sooner.

On her knees, Gloria felt herself getting wetter and wetter. She decided she had to have this man inside her. She stood and straddled his legs. “Undress me.” More than happy to, Mike undid the belt at her waist, then slowly undid the buttons of her dress. He was now not surprised to find she wore no bra. As she shrugged out of the dress, it fell to the floor, revealing a trim body that was much as Mike had hoped for. His eyes roamed over her; the neatly trimmed pubic hair, the full breasts with aroused nipples, the freckles that seemed to be everywhere. All he could do was mutter a muted, “wow.”

He was still sitting in his chair, with his pants and boxers around his ankles, as Gloria moved to him. With a leg on either side of him, he put a hand on each hip, then leaned forward and took a nipple between his lips and sucked. Now it was Gloria’s turn to moan. As he alternated between her nipples, she could feel herself fairly dripping with excitement. Taking one of his hands, she directed it to her pussy and gasped as he inserted a finger into her. Gloria felt she was on fire as he sucked her nipples and explored her pussy with a finger. He gently ran a finger over her lips, then circled her clit, then moved inside her. Over and over and over.

“Mike,” she gasped as he found her g-spot.


“Would you mind it terribly if I fucked you? I really think I need that penis inside me. I need it right now.”

“Then you could go right ahead.” He slid forward on the chair so his ass was on the front edge as Gloria pushed her breasts against his face. Then, as he put his arms around her, she moved down his body, positioning her pussy over his penis. With a little sigh, she slid over him, taking him deep inside her, enjoying the feel of this man sliding into her body. Fully impaled and with her hands on his shoulders, she sat still, enjoying the sensation as she looked into his eyes. Reaching back to the table, she picked up a glass of wine and sipped. Ah, she thought, wine in one end, Mike in the other.

Tossing the glass aside, she put her hands back on his shoulders, then, looking into his eyes, began to slowly, very slowly, fuck him. They looked into each other’s eyes as she moved up and down on him, pulling up so only the head was between her lips, then settling back to take his full length inside her. Gloria now closed her eyes with the pleasure and built up a steady rhythm, up to the head, then down to feel his balls against her ass. Exquisite, she though. As she fucked him, Mike flexed his penis inside her, sending extra little waves of pleasure through her. She squeezed him back and picked up her pace a little.

“My God Gloria, you’re unbelievable,” he whispered. “This is way more than I hoped for.”

“Well, lover, in a couple more minutes I’m going to give you an early Christmas present. Are you ready?”

“Oh, I’m ready whenever you are. But take as long as you like.”

Easy for you to say, thought Gloria. If you were in you, you wouldn’t be able to wait. Inside her, Gloria felt an orgasm building and felt Mike tense up inside her as if holding back. She moved quicker on him, up and down, up and down, and felt her orgasm building. The chair was creaking now as she fucked him more quickly. Her hands were on his shoulders and his were on her hips, as he helped lift her up and down.

Now it was time. They fucked, more quickly now, up and down, up and down, the smell of sex around them, sloppy sounds emanating as their juices mixed. With Gloria riding him fast now, and Mike flexing inside her, she let out a long moan – “ooooooh fuuuuuuuck.” Mike felt his cum build then gush inside her as, at the same time, she felt an orgasm ripple through her body. Caught up in the motion, Gloria continued to ride him, enjoying his penis inside, not wanting to stop.

Finally, with both sated, both having achieved an orgasm, she slowed, slowed, then stopped. Still now, with Mike still inside her, she leaned forward and wrapped her arms around him as he did the same to her. Hearts pounding, they held each other close as light from the fire danced over them.

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