Your Fantasy


It was a warm day in spring – one of the first and a Friday – and I had worked hard at my job to complete the project I was working on so I could leave early to get home to you. I always miss you when we are apart and even those hours spent working feel like an eternity away from you. We speak several times a day by phone but it's just not the same as having you in my arms or just being together.

I raced along the interstate from my office downtown into the suburbs where we lived near the lake. Looking down at the dash clock, I realized I should really be able to surprise you since it was only 3:00 pm and I don't usually arrive home until 5:30 or 6:00 each night. I hadn't phoned since I did want to surprise you and I had high hopes that we could get a chance for a little surprise afternoon loving since the baby was with her grandparents for the next three days. I was becoming quite aroused just at the thought of three whole days alone together; we don't get many such opportunities.

As I pulled up to the house, I saw a rental car in our driveway I didn't recognize and realized that my surprise was going to be a dud since you obviously had company. How little did I know! I left my car out front and decided to enter through the kitchen so as not to immediately disturb you and your guest. At the time, I don't recall why I made that decision but was soon to find out. I dropped my coat and briefcase on the kitchen counter and made my way down the hall to the living room.

I stopped in shock at what I saw! Sitting in the two large armchairs flanking our fireplace were you and some young woman I had never laid eyes on before. The chairs were facing each other and both of you were lying back with your naked bodies spread wide (legs splayed wide over the chair arms) masturbating as you gazed deeply into each other's eyes! Since the distance was short I could see over her shoulder into your glazed eyes as you stared slowly down her naked body and into her widely spread pussy; your own fingers were buried in your cunt as you moaned together. I could only imagine that she was mirroring your motions.

I moved silently around the wall of the room until I was facing the fireplace and both of you were in profile; the sight of the woman I love so much being turned on to such a degree as she masturbated with another woman was turning me on immensely and my cock responded as I expected it would. As the bulge in my slacks threatened to burst forth, a slight whimper escaped my throat and you both turned your heads in my direction. Smiling somewhat drunkenly, you said, "Why don't you take off those clothes baby and come kiss me and meet Nora?"

In a few minutes, I was standing naked beside you and, kneeling down, kissed you deeply, then whispering in your ear, "Darling, it was me who came home early to surprise you! Looks like you turned the tables on me!"

Turning towards Nora, I was greeted by her cum covered hand in greeting so I did the only gentlemanly thing and sucked her fingers into my mouth – Mmm, quite tasty. Not as good as my love but different and tangy!

You eyes drew me closer to you so I pulled over the ottoman that went with the chairs and sat beside you. As you and Nora resumed your self-pleasuring, you told me that she and you were best friends in high school and had many sleepovers at each other's homes. Over the four years from 14 to 18 you used to do this all the time but only occasionally touched each other. It was your way of learning how and orgasm felt and you shared many in the secrecy of your bedrooms.

You then proceeded to tell me of a long running fantasy of yours. "I want to masturbate as I watch you have sex with another female, anything goes except for kissing her, if that is okay. Kissing is something very intimate to me, and I don't think I could watch that. But, eating her pussy, playing with her nipples and finally having sex is okay. It would be hot to watch and maybe even join in, like having me lick and suck her nipples as you drive into her. For a long time, I didn't think I would be able to watch something like that, until I decided that it would not be making love, but just having sex",

As you told me this, I gazed over at Nora then back at you. "So, my darling; have you selected Nora as 'the other woman'?"

You nodded in the affirmative and told me that you felt safe with her since you knew her well and both of you had both discussed the situation and agreed that it would be a wonderful experiment. I went onto my knees between your legs and ran my tongue along your pussy until my lips reached your clit. It was harder than I have ever seen it; you have obviously been giving it a working while Nora likely did the same. I slid up your body and kissed you deeply and my fingers rubbed your clit and then dove all the way inside you.

You body arched as my fingers and kiss carried your over the edge of an orgasm and I continued to work on your pussy as I could hear Nora moaning continuously behind us as she pushed her own fingers again and again into her burning pussy. I turned sideways between the two chairs and pulled them closer. I then ran my fingers lightly over the two very sexy bodies beside me. Nora is a little plump but the curves are still in the right places. Her breasts are a bit smaller than yours but as firm and her nipples – like yours - are standing firmly at attention. I instruct you both to scoot closer and rest your feet on the opposite chairs with one foot on either side of the other's hips. This puts me squarely in the middle of paradise.

I can smell the mixed musk of your arousal and as I run my hands over your breasts, you both arch your backs to fill my hands more fully. However, it is when I brush my fingers over your nipples and then roll them between my thumb and forefinger that you both start to cum again. I trail my fingernails down both taut bellies and draw nearer to the prize that awaits me. Since both pussies are spread so wide, two fingers on each hand slide easily inside as I cup the upward to find two g-spots at the same time. This sets you both off into orgasmic paradise and two very wet and hot cunts simultaneously clench my fingers.

As I watched the two of you come down to earth, I raised my cum soaked fingers to each of you in reverse so you could taste the other. You both greedily licked my fingers clean. I then got up and slid your chair to the side so you could watch me live out your fantasy. Once you were comfortable and lightly stroking your pussy in anticipation, I crawled slowly on my hands and knees to between Nora's out spread legs. Starting at her feet, I sucked on her toes and then worked my way slowly up the inside of first one thigh then, bypassing any contact with her radiating pussy, down the other thigh. She spread her legs even wider as she reached out her one hand towards you. You took it in the hand that wasn't busy with your own pussy and squeezed it in support.

Slowly retuning up her leg, I blew over her outer labia before starting to suck on them making them puffier and more engorged. Nora's free hand entwined in my silver hair and pulled me harder into her yearning pussy. I decided to tease her no more – in fact, she wasn't about to let me – I drew the flat of my tongue from the crack of her bum upwards to her clit along her blood red gash. Her cum was flowing freely and you both moan as you cried out, "Oh yes, darling! Suck on her pussy! I am so turned on.. I am cumming!"

This was enough for Nora to jerk spasmodically with her own orgasm as she again filled my mouth with her cum. And like you, she was a sprayer and continued to cover my face and fill my mouth with the results or her spectacular cum. I was hard pressed to swallow it all but I tried to no avail. Since it was our agreement that I would not kiss her, I raised myself to your face and you lovingly cleaned me for the next step.

While Nora watched in wonder and continued to stroke her sated pussy, you took my cock all the way into your throat and, working your usual magic, soon had me hard as steel again.

"Now, fuck her with that cock I love so much! I want to watch but will join in later" you commanded.

I walked around and took Nora's legs by the ankles and, lifting them high and wide, plunged my cock into her depths. She cried out as I filled her completely and her tight pussy gripped me so hard and firm. As I plunged into her at her entreaties "Harder! Harder!" you got up from the chair and came over to gently silence Nora with a kiss. You then leaned over to cup her heaving beasts in your warm hand and to take a nipple into your loving mouth.

Nora begged you to bite down on her nipple a bit and as you complied she screamed out in a mixture of pain and of pleasure as she came again and again around my cock. I was straining to hold off for as long as possible until I felt your hand cupping and squeezing my ball sac. This was all it took to set me off and I filled Nora's cum filled pussy with my own issue.

As I pulled my softening cock from her now reddened pussy, you leaned in to suck my cum from her and taste her as well. You then came into my arms and we shared the combined taste of Nora and I between us. Nora meanwhile was scooping out fingers of the delightful mixture from her pussy and sucking them clean so that she too could enjoy the ambrosia.

As we sat together, you and I sharing the one chair and Nora the other, we discussed the excitement of what had just happened and how we felt about it. It was obviously enjoyable for all concerned but Nora then informed us she had a plane to catch and would we mind if she had a quick shower and dressed. Although we offered to join her in the shower, we all knew that it was best not to get restarted so I pulled an afghan over us and we chatted quietly as you thanked me for helping you live out your fantasy. I thanked you of course for allowing me to be a part of it!

Within 15 minutes, Nora came down the stairs, showered and dressed and came over to kiss you with love on the lips and me on the cheek as she thanked us for the great afternoon. And then she was gone, just like that!

We decided on a hot bubble bath and then a nap before we would work together in the kitchen making dinner and planning the rest of our loving weekend together.

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