tagGroup SexYour Fantasy & Desire Our Reality

Your Fantasy & Desire Our Reality

byAstech Delight©

You come home from work, tired after a long day. As you pull up in the driveway, you notice my car and your heart skips a beat, anticipating a hot night of sex with me, as your memory takes you back to the last time we made love and how hard we both came the week prior.

You step from the air conditioned car, and the sun hits your body, its intensity reaching through your clothes, heating you with its fury.

You walk through the door, and are surprised to see I have a girl friend with me . Freshly showered, we're both sitting on the lounge relaxed, the air-con humming quietly in the background. Having no idea who she is, I cannot help but smile as you stand there, the expression on your face like a small boy at the ice cream parlour. You continue to stand in the doorway of the lounge room, oblivious of the fact you are staring at us both, wondering why she is in your lounge room. I watch your eyes as they go from my friend to me. The evening warm, we're both dressed in our bikini tops and sarongs.

I watch your eyes as they soak us in, watching the soft fullness of our breasts, and as your eyes gaze lower at my girlfriend's legs, crossed seductively, her sarong high on her hips. Inwardly, my heart warms knowing you approve of her....

I call out to you, and you come in the lounge room with us. After introductions, I whisper to you that I have a 'surprise' for you, and kiss you gently on the cheek. You smile at my friend as I introduce you, and your heart skips a beat in anticipation of what the night may bring. As you greet Sarah and take her hand, I watch the twinkle in your eye as you smile at her, your approval pleasing me.

You shower and your thoughts run wild as the water falls over your body, refreshing you, stimulating you after your hard day at the office. You visualise the three of us together, as your memory returns to the last time you and I were passionately intimate, to that night when for the first time, you shared with me your hidden fantasy for a threesome. You stand in the shower, the hot water hitting your body like a power surge. Your eyes closed you begin to visualises the evening ahead. Your cock begins to harden as you see yourself laying naked as my girlfriend and I pleasure you slowly. Your visions suddenly quelled as you hear me call you, telling you to hurry as dinner is ready. You answer telling me you won't be long.

Aware of your 'hard on' you realize you can't possibly come to dinner showing your lust. You find your hand gripping your cock, your mind picturing the three of us together, the sweet smell of sex filling your senses, you begin to stroke..... long deep stokes. Your eyes closed tightly, your other hand hard against the shower wall, you stroke harder and cum with a passion, your hot jism mingling with the steamy water. Still shaking from the exquisite pleasure from your orgasm, you quickly dry your body and dress casually in shorts.

Dinner is cold chicken and salad, and the opportunity for you and my girlfriend to acquaint yourselves with each other. As we finish our meal, I watch the stolen glances you lustfully take of my girlfriend; her full clevege, and her tanned body. I sense your approval and my heart warms knowing the night will be pleasurable for all. You go to the kitchen to pour us all more wine, you hear us laughing, knowing the night ahead will be one of fun and lust. You return to the lounge room, and we make room for you between us on the couch. The evening continues, and we are all talking, laughing and generally feeling comfortable with each other.

You put on some old music from the 60's and the 70's. Before we know it, we're all up dancing, totally relaxed. The room dimly lit with scented candles, creating an erotic atmosphere in the comfort of the airconditioned lounge room.

We have finished the wine, and its effects have warmed us all, adding to the relaxed atmosphere......as you speak to me, facing me you feel Sarah softly stroking your cheek..... you turn and face her, as her arm slides around your neck, her fingers lightly running over the back of your neck.... I move closer to you, my breasts lightly brushing your sides.

Slowly, her lips come close to you and she kisses your cheek lightly..... your eyes closed, as her mouth moves to your lips, and she kisses you softly again... your reach up to Sarah's face as your return her tender kiss, stroking her face, holding her chin lightly.....

The wine completely relaxing the three of us, Sarah continues to lightly stroke your neck as she kisses you, her other hand moves to your chest as she runs her hand over you, exploring you.

I move closer as I continue to rub my breast on your side... my other hand moves to your knee as I stroke you lightly, my finger nails moving up and down your leg..... You become aware of your heart racing as our breathing picks up pace. You begin to kiss my Sarah passionately.

Slowly, ever so slowly I go to the floor, as my fingers continue to run lightly over your legs..... you are kissing my girl with lustful passion as you bring your hand up slowly, rubbing her breasts over her bikini top.

Kneeling at your feet, I remove my bikini top. Next, I slide off my my sarong, and sit at your feet in only my g-string...... you are unaware of this, as you and my girlfriend continue to kiss passionately, your hand squeezing her breasts, lifting them out of her bikini top ... gently, I part your knees, and you jump lightly, anticipating the next scenerio.

My fingers running up your inner thighs, as I press my breasts close to your leg.. you becum aware of your cock growing, exciting you....

I undo the zip of your pants and slowly pull the material apart as your tongue begins to dance in Sarah's mouth. Your hands to her breasts, the palm of your hand rubbing them, lifting them…

Suddenly, we both pull away from you, smiling, and walk in front of you..... you notice then, I am only wearing a g-string which excites you more. Hands glide over my bare breasts, as Sarah begins to explore my body …...

Your heart racing, your breathing faster as you glide your hands up and down your legs, aware of the hardness of your cock now reacting to the erotic scene before you.

Sarah looks down at me as I slowly open my knees, my fingers going to your inner thighs, running up and down lightly..... Sarah moves close to you, her breasts rubbing over your back, her hands to your ass rubbing over you gently.

Slowly, my fingers go to your firm balls as I caress them. You reach for me, cupping my breasts, pulling my nipples and rubbing them between your fingers making them hard.....your hands take in the silkiness of my skin, as you gently lift my breasts, pushing them together…

My mouth under you as my tongue begins to lick you, up and down that beautiful sensitive passage between your balls and your arse..... Sarah is on her knees behind you, as her finger traces up and down your ass, her finger nails lightly moving over your legs.

Slowly, my mouth moves to your cock, now hard and wanting release. Sarah moves under you, and continues to lick you lightly, back and forth, along your hot velvet passage, her finger probing at your ass lightly.

Your moan loudly, your whole body feeling a pleasurable fire. Your heart and breathing both racing as I suck your hard cock into my mouth, my tongue dancing over your cock's eye.

Sarah licking you furiously as her finger goes to her pussy, rubbing until her clit is now erect.

Sucking you harder your hips begin to dance as you hold my breasts firmer, pushing them together..... you feel weak with pleasure, as you begin to thrust your hard cock deep in my mouth .....

Sarah continues to lick your sweet velvet passage, her finger gently plunging your ass as her other hand goes under you to fondle and caress your firm balls.....

I am now removing my fingers, and bring them to your mouth..... you suck them in, tasting me as you thrust your hard cock faster, deeper into my mouth ….

Sarah begins to moan as her orgasm approaches. Excited by this, you plunge my mouth harder still, thrusting your hard cock deep into my mouth. My finger on my clit as I begin to bring myself to orgasm. Your hands again to my breasts, pulling my erect nipples, as your moan loudly, your hips dancing on the couch.

You grip my shoulders, but this time harder, as you feel your orgasm closer..... excited, I suck your hard cock faster, feeling you at the back of my throat.

Finally, sweet release as you shoot your sweet cum deep in my mouth., strong waves of pleasure overcoming your body, as I too orgasm swallowing you at the same time, tasting you, drinking your beautiful cum.

The three of us softly fall to the floor, our bodies limp and spent as we hold each other close, relishing in our after glow. The soft hum of the air condtioner testimony of our relentless love and lust. Quietly, we smile at each other knowing this is to be the beginning of wonderful evening.

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