Your Kink


You watch her from the doorway. She's making the bed, dressed in a silk camisole with a flowered print. It's black, short, and incredibly sexy. She bends over ever so slightly, smoothing the satin sheets. The cami rides up, exposing more of those tiny legs. She stands up straight, sighs and rakes a hand through her hair, places the other on one small hip.

Your cock is raging inside your jeans, so much flawless flesh exposed to you she might as well be naked. That camisole wouldn't stop you from fucking her. Won't stop you. Your body throbs as she opens the drawer beside the bed, her back still to you; you know what's in that drawer. Handcuffs, some rope, a wide assortment of lubes. You watch as she picks up the handcuffs, dangles them from one finger. You can almost see the smirk on her pretty face. She tosses the handcuffs onto the bed. Your cock screams for attention.

You yank the black ski mask down over your face, grip the hilt of the hunting knife in your hand. You're in the room as she's reaching down to pull the duvet over the clean sheets. Her eyes widen as she spots you, her mouth opens, but she's too shocked to scream. Her arms come up, you grab her wrists roughly, toss her small body easily onto the bed. You're on top of her before she has the time to squirm away.

You don't drop all of your weight onto her. Don't want to crush her before you've had your fun. You press the flat edge of the knife against her throat. Her breath is coming in whimpers. You stare at her, she's staring at your crotch, at your raging hard-on. She knows what's coming, she turns those big blue eyes onto yours, shakes her head.

"Hands," you say gruffly, reaching for the handcuffs that lay by her head, she lifts those small, shaking hands in front of you. You clamp the cuffs onto her wrists, grab the chain that links them, and direct her hands above her head.

"Don't," she whimpers, closes those pretty eyes. "Please... there's money."

Your cock gives another insistent throb. You wouldn't trade all of the money in the world for that gorgeous little body. She's perfect, and you're going to fuck her until she screams for more. She's going to want you by the time you've finished with her.

You let go of the handcuffs, her arms don't move. You watch the expression on her face as you flip open the button of your jeans, slide the zipper down. You grunt as your hand dips into your boxers, fishes out your cock and your balls. You watch those innocent blue eyes widen and that slender throat move as she swallows.

You can tell she likes what she sees, you can see it there, in her eyes, just past the fear. She loves the way your cock looks. She should, after all...

"Fuck," you utter as you stroke yourself once, twice. You're painfully hot to touch, harder than steel. You need to burry yourself inside of her tight little pushy, cool yourself off. Your prick twitches at the thought, you smile.

You move the knife away from her throat, trail it lightly over her collarbone. You stop when you reach the valley of her breasts and the top of that flimsy camisole. You can see her nipples straining against the thin material, chest heaving. You can almost she her heart hammering against her rib cage.

The sharp knife has no problem cutting into the silk. The sound is like music to your ears, like the sound of scissors through wrapping paper. You wonder how much this piece of fabric cost her, amused as you think it was probably expensive. Wasn't a waste, though, she looked fucking amazing in it for the 5 minutes she wore it.

The knife cuts past her navel, exposing that flat stomach, that cute belly button. Lower, past her hips, over her pussy--you feel the heat on your knuckles and your cock jumps. She's wet for you, dying for you to fuck her.

As the knife cuts through the hem of her camisole, it slides from her body like water. Those small, pert breasts become exposed to your ravishing eyes. Those pink nipples are hard, dying for you to taste them. You watch, intoxicated as her breasts heave with each shallow breath. You reach up, nip the knife through the straps of her cami. It falls away, now forgotten as she lies naked before you.

You shift off of her, kneeling beside her. Her thighs are pressed tightly together and you can just see the top of her slit, the folds of skin that hide her sensitive clit. You reach out--she sucks in a breath--run a finger over her bald crotch. It's smooth, freshly shaven, you know. You bend over, press your lips where your finger had just been. You inhale her scent combined with that lotion she likes to use.

She whimpers and you smile. She doesn't want to enjoy it, but she can't help it. She's only a woman, after all, a woman who knows she's about to get fucked, have a blistering cock inside of her. His cock.

"Spread your legs," you order. Her eyes snap to yours and you see the first hints of anger in those pools of blue. Her rage only feeds your arousal. "Do it." You press the cool, flat edge of the knife to one of her nipples. A breath shudders from her lips. You know she likes it.

She turns her gaze away from you, stares hard at the ceiling as her pale thighs inch open. "Don't be shy," you murmur, clasping a hand on the inside of her thigh and coaxing her along. You catch the look of disgust on her face, it doesn't deter you. She won't be disgusted later. "That's it," you murmur as her legs spread for you. "Bend your knees," you whisper, shifting so you're now between her legs.

Your eyes drop immediately to that gorgeous pussy and your balls tighten. Even in the dim light you can see she's soaked, her lips spread wide, inviting you to touch. Your eyes rake up her body, spread so wantonly before you. Knees up, hands laying cuffed and useless above her head. Her lips are slightly parted and you know, despite her position, she wants to be touched, needs it. You know how long it's been since a man's put his fingers there, his cock. She needs the feel of someone's hands besides her own. You drop the knife to the floor, it clangs. You're unarmed now. She doesn't move.

Her gaze follows your fingers as you reach out. You both moan as your fingers press against her ever so slightly. Dripping, soaked, hotter than a furnace. Her toes curl into the mattress as you move your fingers, spreading those swollen lips. You think you might come just from touching her, seeing her so wet and ready to take your cock, to swallow it greedily.

"Fuck " she hisses. She doesn't want to enjoy it, but she is, trying to deny that your body feels good only makes it worse. You slip a finger inside that velvety heat. Hot, so fucking hot and wet. Her hips jerk, she can't stop it. Her hands are clenched, she wants to touch herself but she knows she can't, that you won't let her.

Your cock is screaming, but you're waiting for her submission, it'll be worth it. So you scoot back and drop your face to her snatch, your finger still squelching in and out of her. The heat and the scent is overwhelming, you want to devour her. Instead you spread those rosy lips, exposing her hard and swollen clit. Your tongue darts out, flicks.

Her body thrashes, her hips buck off the bed. She's desperate for any contact. You lap at her pussy, letting her juices fill your mouth, assault your taste buds. Her breath is ragged, she sounds like she's suffocating.

"Stop, stop..." she whimpers. "Fuck..."

You don't want to stop now, you want to eat her out until she comes, screams your name.

"What?" you ask innocently, lifting your head, licking your lips, her scent clinging to the fabric of the ski mask.

"I need it," she says, voice cracking. Her eyes are closed, those gorgeous breasts framing her face.

"Need what?"

"Your cock " she yells, nearly sobbing. "Fuck, I need it I need you to fuck me."

You nearly comes at her words. The naughty demands pouring over those sweet lips. You sit up, rip your shirt over your head, nearly dislodging the ski mask. You scramble off the bed, jerk out of your pants. You get on your knees between her legs. They're spread wider than before, begging you to bend them back shove that cock deep inside of her.

You grab a pillow, shove it beneath her tiny hips. You give your cock a few strokes before pressing the head against the fiery lips of her pussy. You watch as it swallows the spongy head greedily.

"Yes," she murmurs. "Oh, fuck " she groans as you glide easily into that tight cunt, filling her to the hilt. She's panting now, eyes wide as she stares at the spot where your bodies are joined. She can't believe you're inside of her that you could feel this good.

You begin to thrust against her elevated hips, skin slapping against skin as she coats you in her heat, grips you like a desperate whore. "Make me come," she gasps. "Yes, fuck me... like that... yes."

Your head falls back, sweat beginning to soak into the ski mask. Her wanton words are driving you insane, spewing from that hot little mouth. Your hands grab for her neglected breasts, molding them in your large palms. She's moaning, gasping, writhing beneath you as your cock pistons her.

You reach up, press the two buttons that will pop open the handcuffs, knowing the first place her hands will go. You toss the cuffs over your shoulder and they clatter to the floor somewhere behind him.

Her fingers dig into your head, rip the mask from your face. She yanks your face down to hers, your breath mingling as your cock pumps her in short, quick thrusts.

"You're a fucking asshole," she bites out, the anger setting your blood on fire. "A bastard, fucking--"

She gasps, as you flip her small body over, lift her hips, and slam into her from behind, her face crammed into the mattress You're smiling down at her, sweat coating your body. "You loved it," you say, lifting your hands above that gorgeous ass as she thrusts her body back against your cock. "You loved it before you knew it was me, you little kink." You reach forward, grab her breasts, and pull her up so she's resting on her hands and knees.

She shoots daggers over her shoulder at you. "Cock is cock, baby," she says, smirking.

That lights you on fire, pisses you off. She's yours. Her body, those tits, that pussy is yours. You pull out of her, grab her ass and slam back into her. Her yell of pleasure cuts through you, so does the laugh. She's in control now.

"That's it, baby, you know I like it rough."

Your primal instincts are in control now. You're the caveman and she's your bitch. Her soaked cunt is gripping every inch of your prick, teasing it, just like her words are teasing you.

You lean forward, your sticky chest pressing against her back Your breath is on her head, the sweet scent of her hair assaulting your senses as your cock strains against her. "That's mean," you say, licking the shell of her ear.

"So is holding a knife to my throat, jackass," she snaps.

You smile again, supporting your weight on one arm and reaching around to find her clit. Her body convulses and she moans. She's close, you can feel the walls of her pussy clamping around your shaft.

"You liked every second of it," you massage her clit, listen to her moans. "You little kink."

You watch her grin, listen to the short laugh. "You love it," she mocked, grinning slyly.

"Fucking right," you growl, shifting back to your knees. Your hips move with a vengeance, assaulting her pussy as your cock screams for release.

"Come for me, baby," you hear her whisper. "Come inside me, fill me..."

The dramatic shift in mood makes your head spin. She's begging for you, begging for you to fill her with your hot seed. She needs you like the air she breathes.

A small scream tears it's way out of her throat as her body goes tense, her pussy clamping down on your cock. Your balls tighten and you explode with a gasp, unloading your seed into her eager pussy.

The slick walls of her cunt milk the last stream of jizz from your prick before she collapses beneath you, your twitching cock sliding out of her.

You lay yourself over her, nuzzling her hair as your flaccid prick presses against the round curves of her ass. You feel yourself twitch, smile into her hair.

"When did you know it was me?" you ask when your breathing begins to slow.

She chuckles. "You think I wouldn't recognize your prick?"

"I'm not shocked that was the only thing you recognized," you say dryly.

You both lay in silence for a few moments, the heavy scent of sex filling the room. Then she shifts, deliberately rubbing her ass against your cock. "You owe me a new cami," she says, tugging at the cut straps of her destroyed one.

"You pay too much for those," you say, remembering the way she looked in them. Your cock grows hard.

She laughs again, smokey, intoxicating. "You like them."

"I like what's under them," you retort smartly. She pushes back against you and you sit back on your knees. She sits up and turns around to face you, sitting on her knees as well. You wet your lips, staring at her body. She grins, takes your cock in her tiny hands. "I missed you," she says, staring at your hardening prick.

"Me or him?" you ask smartly, your cock twitching.

She laughs, lowering her mouth. You suck in a breath as that little pink tongue darts out to lick the exposed head of your cock.

"How do you want to do it next?" she asks you thoughtfully, stroking you. Her hands feel so good you can barely think.

"Start here," you say, gripping her head and bringing her mouth down on your eager cock. You moan as her hot mouth envelops you, sucking eagerly. "Fuck, I missed you," you groan.

You watch her head bob on your prick, coating it with her saliva. You watch as she sucks you, eager to please, and wonder how you went so fucking long without this.

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