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The screen flickers beckoning. My room is in shadows – it's a warm sultry afternoon - I am feeling aroused. There is a message – I sense you are there. Easing myself into my deep chair I click on with excitement to open your story.

I read as you write. - I remember you – the person, her sensuality, her giving, her appetites. I remember her voice, her responses. Her urgency and her encouragement. As your story takes me – I slowly drift into erotic reverie. My cock stirs.

I imagine a day together – the catch in your voice of rising excitement. 'How many orgasms can you give me - before you come' -you had asked. My cock throbs at the memory and slowly I ease down my shorts. Its pink, white and purple head is revealed– its mushroom cap resplendent shining and glistening, the shaft part swollen – veins and ridges outlined. Oh many many times you would come my lovely – as we explored each others appetites, my body penetrating you – and serving you. So many times.

Your story tells of your arousal and excitement as you anticipate the day together with your lover. As you wrote I sensed your moistness there – feeling it warm between your thighs.

You ly on the bed to dream and anticipate prolonged arousal. And like my hands here – you stroke yourself – teasing nipples, caressing silken thighs.

As you describe your thoughts – I stroke my cock - up – long slow strokes, slide my fingers over my head silken with pre cum. Then down again - slow to the root. Grasping and twisting slightly to increase the sensitivity.

Slowly and knowingly I repeat this well known delight as I read on. All the time, my cock swelling as I imagine your hands there – sensing your hot breath on its head. I lick my fingers and slide them over the head. It jumps with tingling excitement. Round and round my finger rubs. Oh the agony of wanting to cum. Yet the knowledge that I will go slow and long. I read on.

Am I envious of your lover who appears and begins to excite and satisfy you. The images are strong. But no I am further stimulated by this – the thought of you being fucked by another and responding.

I follow his trailing fingers thinking how I would make erotic love. Ah – I hesitate - and read again. So he has not stroked your beautiful ass, squeezed the cheeks and trailed his fingers enticingly – dipped in your pussy juices and up to circle your rosebud. Imagine that feeling of fingers exploring your every sensitivity.

My cock head glistens with my juice- a pearl of cream – translucent. Tasting of fruit, yet slightly dry – I lick my fingers and rub the palm of my hand over my cock head.

Oh god that's good – so good. Would you do that for me until I was on the edge of cuming.

Then as I grasp my hard shaft – now fully erect and throbbing with its need to slide into your velvet moistness – I imagine how I bring you to the edge of delirium with my fingers. I hear you gasp, your body moving fast against my fingers – use your mouth too you plead.

Now my imagination has taken control of us both. I am pumping my cock and sliding my tongue up into you – circling inside your full creaming lips, and suckling your clit between my teeth.

Our noises of encouragement quicken, my voice deepens with its urgency and you cry – inside – I must have you inside. No longer gentle – the mounting frenzy takes us.

Hands gripping – mouths sucking – tongues swirling and pulsing as you feel my penetration. Sliding hot – hard, deep and of so deliciously rampant. We don't want to take long – hurry = oh hurry you moan - I am cuming again you urge. And I thrust faster.

Here in my seat I slide my hips forward - my hand moves on my cock , twists, squeezes. I stop typing and give myself over to our union. Up and down – slippery with my precum and juice. My eyes shut – images of your breasts – pink cups, nipples, valleys of delight – your thighs wide – you are heaving in need and crying out as you cum – you pussy clamped to me – its hot silkiness throbbing and milking me.

My cock swells and starts to boil. Deep in my balls it grows this overwhelming feeling of cuming – I shut my eyes and imagine you here – oh so good – so fucking good as I erupt in shaking spasms. - Please write to me some more.

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