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Your Professor


I finished diagraming the median voter theory on the board. I turn and see a classroom filled with students either furiously copying down what is on the board, playing with their smart phones under the table, or just staring blankly as if bored into oblivion. I sigh inwardly. I used to really love this job, and had a sense of fulfillment. Lately, however, I have been feeling underwhelmed about the reactions I have been getting from students.

Then my eyes fall upon the one exception: You. Since the first day of class when you introduced yourself with a bright smile, I have felt a renewed sense of optimism and joy in the classroom. Your cheery disposition and intelligent contributions have been a welcome reprieve to what has become my typical student experience. You are older than I am, but as a young professor of only 34 who has been teaching for seven years, I am getting used to the feeling. What makes you different from my other nontraditional students is that you treat me always with respect and mutual intellectual interest. You aren't there to make unreasonable demands based on a feeling of entitlement, nor are you patronizing, treating me as though I am just a kid who still has a lot to learn about the world.

As I continue lecturing I notice that your eyes follow me as if interested, but you aren't writing anything at all. Instead, you are gently chewing on the back of your pen, letting it lightly move across your lips as if you are daydreaming about something. Normally I would be irritated that one of my best students wasn't really "in" class, but there is something about the dreamy look reflected in your green eyes, and the way your blonde hair is pulled back into a ponytail falling down across your shoulder that makes me stumble a bit in my lecture. As I watch the pen, I begin to imagine it was something else sliding slowly across your moist lips. Nervously, I feel my cock stirring within my khaki slacks. Luckily, I notice the clock approaching the end of class, and so I hurriedly wrap-up and dismiss before anyone can notice my "growing" discomfort.

I hear the chair sliding and people conversing as I move to gather my notes and books. Sliding them into my bag, look up and see you standing there.

"Umm... Professor? I was wondering if I could talk to you about the upcoming exam," you say. I cannot help but notice you have a slightly awkward smile on your lips, and that you aren't looking me in the eye.

I look at the clock again. "Sure," I say. "I have some time. Walk with me to my office?" I motion to the door and follow you out, while I turn out the lights and close the door to the room.

We walk down the short hall not saying much. I ask absently about how classes are going, and you provide the noncommittal small-talk. I look up as we begin climbing the stairs to my office on the next floor. I cannot help but notice how firm your backside is in your tight jeans. I watch it sway slightly from side-to-side as you cap the top of the stairs. I look up slightly and see you looking behind you at me. I wonder for a moment if you noticed how I was watching your ass, but keep my eyes up as if I was just watching where I was headed. I proceed by you and to my office door, fumbling with the keys and unlocking the door and turning on the lights. I offer you a seat, and then remove my blue blazer and hang it on the hook on the back of the door. As I turn, I hear the door latch. I must have pushed it too hard when I placed the jacket on the hook. I think for a moment that I should turn and open it, but you don't seem to notice or care, and I decide to just take a seat on the other side of the desk. As I do, I loosen my tie and unbutton the top button of my white shirt.

"So what's up?" I ask. I am usually not one to stand on formalities, nor do I want to waste time. You flash me one of your big, winning smiles and take a deep breath.

"Well," you start, "I am starting to get worried about the upcoming exam. I just don't feel like my mind is retaining the information like I probably should. I was wondering if you had any advice for me."

I notice you playing with the opening of your light black, wrap-around sweater over your tight white shirt underneath. As you absently pull it, I cannot help but let my eyes drop to look at your firm breasts pressing your shirt outward. I look up all of the sudden realizing how inappropriate I am being only to see you looking at me with your eyebrows raised slightly as if urging me to respond. I start to feel a bit flustered, having been caught now lusting after your body twice, and deicide to turn up the straightforward professionalism and cut right to it.

"I guess I would start by recommending that you start paying better attention in class."

"What?" Your eyebrows crease a bit as you seem genuinely taken aback by my reply.

"You need to pay attention more in class," I reemphasize. Seeing your look of confusion I tone it down a bit. "I have just noticed lately that you have not really been as engaged in class. That is quite a change for you. Is something going on?"

Your shoulders seem to slump a bit and you look down at the desk. "I am sorry, professor. You're right. My mind really hasn't been in the class lately. It's not the class, because I enjoy the material and your teaching. It is just some personal stuff with my kid and life, you know?"

I lean back in my chair a bit, preparing myself for the usual hard luck story I am used to from parents. What you say totally shocks me out of what I expected.

"I am feeling trapped by motherhood. Just very limited and constrained and unsexy and ... Well, just like a mother and not like a woman. You know?"

You must see the disbelief on my face, because your cheeks flush a bit and you look down again. "I'm sorry. That was too much. I just wanted you to know that it wasn't you or your class, and that I really am interested."

"No... No... Ummm.." I stammer sitting forward trying to compose myself a bit. "Please, don't apologize. I appreciate your honesty, but to be frank I just wasn't expecting that."

"For me to be honest?" you ask looking up again, the left corner of your mouth turning up slightly in amusement.

I shake my head and before I realize what I am saying I blurt out, "No, I am surprised to hear you say you are feeling unsexy."

Your smile spreads as the silence settles after what I just said. I have never been in such an awkward position. I decide I have to say something to end the awkward stillness. "Look, we're both adults," I say. "What I say here stays in this office, and I am happy to talk with you about whatever is on your mind if it will help you in the class. So, I just want to say, person-to-person and not

professor-to-student, that you are a very lovely woman who ought to be proud of her numerous roles and the dignity with which you carry yourself."

You start to laugh, and that look of confusion comes back across my face. "That's sweet," you say amusedly. "But self-confidence is not my problem. My problem is that when men look at me, they see the confident, professional mom. I want them to see a sexy, vibrant woman."

"But you are sexy," I say, my eyebrows coming together as if trying to even understand what you mean. You seem frustrated and move to stand.

"Nevermind," you say. "This was a mistake." You rise and move to the door. Opening it a bit, you are surprised when it is pushed shut again. I am behind you, our bodies nearly touching. We stand there for a moment, the heat and the tension building in the room.

"I wasn't finished," I whisper. I raise my hand and slowly, gently take your ponytail in my fingers, sliding it to the left side of your neck and over your left shoulder. I then wrap my arms around your waist and pulling you toward me, that gorgeous ass I was lusting after earlier pressing against my expanding erection through our pants. I kiss your right ear, and slowly trace the lobe up with the tip of my tongue. I then kiss your cheek, lowering to kiss and slightly suck the side and nape of your neck. I hear you moan softly, and I begin to slide my hands slowly up your stomach and to the bottoms of your breasts, working your sweater open, and exploring the front of you with my hands. I feel your body beginning to relax into me, and your hips beginning to move slowly, pressing your backside more firmly against me and rubbing it on my now fully erect penis.

Hearing your breathing beginning to quicken, I decide to push this even further. I slide my hands down over the front of your jeans, and press between your legs as I slide my hands up slowly and firmly.

"Ungh," you actually moan, perhaps a bit too loudly, but I am not thinking about where we are or the consequences. I bring my hands back up to the top of your jeans, and undo the button, slowly letting my hands slide down again pulling the zipper down as I do. The front of your pants are now open, and my hands move up and into your jeans over the top of what I feel are thin and lacy panties. I continue to kiss and suck your neck, nibbling playfully in the area where your neck and shoulder meet. My fingers are slowly rubbing up and down the front of your panties, as I feel the heat from between your legs. I finally pull my hands back up and grasping the opened material of your jeans, I slide your pants down, kneeling down behind you as I pull them all the way to the ground.

I am now behind you, my face looking directly at the black, silly thing material splitting your fleshy cheeks. I hear you whimper slightly with anticipation, as I take your ass into my hands, slowly parting your cheeks and pulling your hips back toward me so that you and now slightly bent over, your open hands slapping and holding against the door and the cool painted brick on the walls.

I inhale your scent and drink in the image of your gorgeous backside in these sexy panties. "You know, a woman's panties can be the sexiest things about her," I whisper drawing closer to your flesh, so that you can feel the warmth of my breath. "Black thong, lace panties... A woman should only wear these out when she is expecting a man to see them."

I hear you trying to catch your breath, as you manage to say, "I didn't expect you to actually see them, but I wore these for you."

I almost feel my body melt into the floor. This gorgeous woman... Had you really been lost in lustful fantasies when I

thought you weren't paying attention? The idea and promise was too much for me to bear. I slide my right thumb under the thong material at the small of your back, and slide it down between your sexy cheeks. I then use it to pull your thong to the side, and en lean in to touch the tip of my tongue gently to the lips of your awaiting pussy. I hear a squeak escape your lips, as I slowly begin to part your opening with the hard tip of my tongue, my hands spreading your butt apart to give me better access to your lips.

"Oh, professor..." I hear you simultaneously moan and whisper. Your voice is quieter and more in control, but I can hear the eager hunger in what you say. I push my tongue all the way into the hole of your wet opening, letting the taste of you pour like honey across my tongue. My hands slide down so my thumbs can spread your lips, opening you to me so that I can kiss, and suck, and lick, and pause every now and again to gently blow cool air on your hot, dripping flesh.

As I lick and suck you from behind, your breathing becomes more ragged. I kiss you deeply once more before I raise up behind you, turning you around and pressing your back against the wall as I kiss your parted lips. Your tongue flicks across my mouth and lips as you taste yourself on me. You kick off your right shoe and flick your foot out of your jeans as you bring your leg up around my waist, pulling me to you and grinding your swelling clitoris between the lacy material of your panties and my hard cock straining against my pants. You then pull yourself away from the wall, turning us both as you do. You then yank me over to the desk, where you slide back from me and pull yourself onto the sturdy wood. I look at you for a moment, as you pull your panties to the side and begin fingering yourself in front of me. You are moaning and whispering, "Do you like this, professor? Do you want this?

I cannot undo my belt pants fast enough. Pulling them down, my swollen cock springs forth from the entrapment of my pants. The head is engorged, and the full 7.5 inches of me are straining to be closer to you. I move between your legs, the tip of my cock touching the hot opening. You let your fingers slide down once more, touching my dick and your wet hole at the same time, before leaning back onto both hands and spreading your legs wide. I step into you, my cock now pushing against your opening and slowly stretching you open to me. I use my hand to guide it up and down you, both teasing you and lubing my cock. My other hand goes to your hip, and grabbing it firmly, I push into you almost agonizingly slow. "Ahh!" I hear you exclaim, as I stretch you wide. I push as deeply as I can, feeling my balls touch the desk. I hold there for a moment, and then lean in to kiss you. I then begin to slowly my in and out of you, kissing and sucking, and drawing your hips to me to match my thrusts.

"Oh, god... You feel so perfect," I breathily moan while I push in you. "I fit so perfectly into your sexy body." You just continue to let out little noises of pleasure as your hips begin to move harder, your legs wrapping around me as if to pull my even deeper into you. I use a hand to push up your shirt, and pull one cup of your bra down so I can lean in and kiss and suck your hardening nipple. I then slide my hands under your ass and pull you up slightly. I start to piston hard into you, my hunger for you building. I hear you starting to talk dirty, your head thrown back and your fingernails clawing at the papers on top of my desk. My fingers push between your cheeks, pushing pressure against your other hole as I begin thrusting as hard as I can into you. Suddenly your legs squeeze tightly around me and I feel your pussy begin to pulsate around my cock. You bite your bottom lip, and your orgasm pushes me over the edge of pleasure. I feel hot cum beginning to spurt out of me and into your twitching body. I hold my cock deep in you as I finish filling you. My arms relax, and as your ass lowers back onto my desk, you collapse down on your back. You lay there for a moment, me inside you, before you start to smile and then laugh a bit in the pleasure of our afterglow.

Without saying a word, you slowly sit up, and drop your feet to the ground. Our bodies touching you lean in and give me a deep kiss, your tongue pushing and roll into my mouth. We kiss for a moment before you push me back slightly. You then step out of your panties, which are now soaked with both our fluids. You then place them around my slowly deflating cock and pull me hard by it to you.

"I want these wrapped around your dick when you come to class the next time. I'll see you after about getting them back." You then straighten your bra and shirt and sweater, and then putting back on your pants and shoes. I am starting to also get dressed as you open the door to leave. You throw a sexy glance back over your shoulder and then leave, closing the door behind you.

I cannot wait for class next week...

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