tagInterracial LoveYour Wish Is My Command

Your Wish Is My Command

byDirt Man©

This story was written by request.

(Note* Laura & Larry always ask for stories in which Laura is taken by a strange black man without her knowing about it until after the fact.)

Larry's persistence that they wait for the crowd at the concert to file out before them in their head long pursuit to return to their homes was normally a valid idea. If there were going to be any car accidents they would take place during the throngs head long rush to get home at the end of a concert and not a half an hour later when most were well on their way down the highway. However Larry's timing this time was extremely bad, Laura reasoned, as the battery to their car was dead after Larry had forgotten to turn them off, and now the city was experiencing a total blackout from the lightening storm that had erupted suddenly outside. To make matters worse they were parked in a basement garage with absolutely no light.

"Hey! Don't do that Larry!" She said slapping at his hand and missing as it pulled out from under her skirt.

"What hon? Oh come on, Laura, nobody can see us even if there was anybody here to look."

"Maybe, but what if the lights come back on, and we're in the middle of it?"

"So what? There's no one to see us," he pursued rubbing her ass with the bulge in his trousers, "besides, here in the dark you can pretend that I'm a black scoundrel having my way with you. Wouldn't you like that Laura? Having a big black stranger force you over the hood of the car, his mighty black spear entering you from behind, taking you here out in the open, where at any time the lights could come back on and reveal you acting like some white trash whore for her Nigger pimp. I mean you’re dressed for the part in that sexy mini outfit your barely wearing tonight, garters and all."

"You men are all alike," Laura bit back, trying to keep cool. Larry was just being playful as usual, and they'd role played many times, but this time he'd hit on her deepest secret desire. That of being a whore for a black man. Still, even role-playing had its rules, and she'd never brought up this fantasy so Larry was obviously testing her. "Why do guys always think that a woman is fascinated with bigger, and why does it have to be a black pimp, why not a Mexican pimp, or for that matter a white pimp?"

"It's a dick thing," Larry said, making them both break out laughing, the empty garage echoing their merriment, "besides," he added, "I've seen you checking out more than your share of innocent black butts when you didn't think I was looking."

Busted, but there was an easy out, and Laura took it.

"Maybe, but with you here now you could never pull off the masquerade as I already know it's you Larry, and something like that would only take place if you left me here and say went exploring to get some help, to charge this battery, so we can get the hell home."

Larry's sigh was audible, and he had to admit that the fun and games would have to wait while he went to get them some aid, and she was right also that it couldn't work if she knew that he was here already.

"I saw a phone near the stair well two flights up," he replied, "maybe I can find it in the dark and call a tow truck from there, or at least get a flash light or something. You wait in the car Laura, and I'll be back in no time."

"Fair enough," she replied.

"But if some handsome black fellow, about my height with a pen light comes by," Larry said, then chuckling simply walked away, "I'm sure you'll treat him right."

Her only response was to close the car door with her butt as she stood next to their car. She could take the utter blackness, but not in the confines of the car, it was just too claustrophobic for her tastes. Fortunately for me, neither of these two people smoked so there was no matches or lighters to reveal my presence five parking slots away.


Oh I'd seen them both when the lights were on, who wouldn't have stared at that five foot four luscious walking billboard for Penthouse or Playboy Magazines with the nerd. Dressed in that white silk blouse with her nipples poking out and that molded short red leather skirt with the slit in the back to give brief glimpses of naked thigh above white stocking tops her red come-fuck-me- heels tapping out Morse code to the tune of; “Here I Am, Eat Your Fucking Hearts Out.” Could any man not follow that metronome rear and count himself lucky that these two were parked on the same level as him? Then to hear, actually hear them talking about playing a role that I could easily get into was like finding out that Santa Claus really did exist. I knew then that I was going to get some of that fine white pussy, and maybe, just maybe, some of that tight white ass later on if things worked out right.

I waited, as did she until I was sure that Larry had entered the stair well. Then slowly I crept soundlessly over to the stairwell too. Once there I opened the door, and walked more noisily back towards where Laura was waiting, hoping that she would mistake me for Larry.


She wasn't surprised to hear Larry come back out of the stairwell after only a minute of having just gone through the other way. She couldn't really say that she was all that upset by his horny actions either, as she wasn't all that keen on waiting in the dark by herself while he was off trying to save them. And too, fair was fair, she'd set down the rules for this little role play and she knew she would follow them. Besides, having sex wasn't a bad way at all to pass the time in this blackout, and pretending Larry was a strange blackman who would force her to his will had her pussy sweltering since he'd brought it up just minutes ago.


The penlight blinded her immediately as it flashed on her face and caught her doe in flight eyes completely off guard. She was completely at Larry's mercy now as he moved the light up and down her body like some ghostly hand caressing her obscenely in the night, moving closer, ever closer.

Laura's imagination suddenly kicked in full force, this could very well be a black man, such as that guy who had followed them down to this level. He was about the same height and build as her husband after all, and for all she knew could still be here in the garage's lower level with them as she hadn't paid much attention once the battery was found to be dead. Letting her imagination soar, she even reasoned that had he still been here the whole time, the man would have heard their whole conversation, and be in a position to grant her favorite, most secret of all fantasies without them ever knowing.

The penlight went out, and a hand touched her right side at the waist and moved up to cup, fondle, then gently squeeze her right boob through the silk blouse, making her moan involuntarily. She knew in her heart that it could only be Larry, but just the same it was thrilling to let her mind escape here in the total darkness, so she let Larry have his way without checking to see that it was really him, after all, that was what role-playing was all about, the fantasy. Larry, for his part wasn't saying a word as his voice would break the spell.

He pulled her away from the car and moved in behind Laura so that he could continue to fondle her breasts as well as unbutton her blouse unhindered. It felt to her as if a strangers hands were fumbling with her clothes, but that could easily be due to the utter blackness making things a bit tougher to do than in the light. Once he had her blouse opened he unzipped the leather skirt in back and pull it down out of the way, his fingertips dancing over her pantied ass, her bare thighs and around in front to lightly tickle her clit through the moist gauze material of her sheer white panties.

"Mmmmm, your good baby," Laura breathed, after all there was no reason she couldn't speak, "I never knew that black men were such sensitive lovers."

Fingers pried into the waistband of her panties and they too were soon down around her ankles. Laura now felt so completely vulnerable standing there in the vacant garage with only her essentials exposed and completely on display should the lights come back on suddenly. Her tits suddenly had a mouth clamp over them, first the left then the right as he kneaded one and sucked on the other, and all she could do was submit to her imaginary black master. A hand moved slowly down her torso, then grazed over her bald snatch making Laura tremble in anticipation. The tip of a finger brushed against her erect clitty, nearly making her cum on the spot, and succeeding when it moved down and in past her slime soaked lips, a short quick orgasm to be sure, but very intense, after all her first black man had just stuck his black finger up her cunt, hadn't he. And in her mind Larry's finger became longer, thicker, and so black.

"Oh damn baby!" Laura hissed, "If you don't fuck me soon I'm gonna cum without you!"

Strangely, Larry must have had that very idea in mind, she thought, as he laid her back across the hood of their car, pulled her legs up over his shoulders and started eating Laura out. He rarely ever did that, and never with such gusto as he was doing now. Surely this had to be some strange black male scarfing up his whore's pussy to help keep her in line. The fact that she was that whore at present only made it more exciting to Laura's mind, and she came and came on her lover's insinuating tongue.

"Oh, uh huh, mmmm, uhn, oh baby, eat it, eat that bald white pussy lover! Suck it all out! You know how I love for you to eat my cunt! Ooooh yeah, cuming again! Cuming baby! Can't stop cumming! Oooooooh, mmmmmm, ahhhhhhhh, yessss!"

He brought her from one tummy tumbling orgasm to the next and she road the coaster ride of multi climaxes as if she'd been born there. Hours perhaps days flashed by in the dark with that mouth glued to Laura's exploding twat. Her perception of time mangled by the blackout and her lover's masterful tongue lapping away merrily gave no hint of mere minutes let alone seconds. To Laura it was like dancing on the head of a pin, a relative term at best.

When at last that mouth pulled away from Laura's groin, she was quickly flipped over so that she was face down now over their cars front fender, her high heeled feet on the ground spread apart as if about to be frisked by a cop. Ah yes, the finale she thought fleetingly, and just in time too, as her lover's cock entered her pussy from behind the lights suddenly came back on. Blinded once again Laura couldn't have cared less. Since Larry was behind her she needn't look back so as to keep the fantasy going, and in fact her imagination went to warp speed now as she saw herself in her minds eye caught bent over their car with a black man's prick going into her white pussy where now anybody could catch them fucking, and she closed her eyes tight to keep focused on that image.


The lights caught me off guard as I at last was entering Laura's tight wet fissure, but luckily she was too far into her fantasy to turn around and disturb it so I continued to push my big black dick into that fine whore's white pussy. Even better, now I could see what I could only touch and imagine before. Not having any idea of just how big her husband was in the dick department was gonna make this dicey at best. I have fully nine thick inches of solid black meat to please any pussy around, but since Laura was up in her fantasy world, she hadn't seemed to notice my girth stretching the hell out of her cunt already, and it was just half way in, or had she.

"Oh yeah baby! Your so fucking big, aren't you. Stretch my tight white pussy out of shape! Push it all in! Oooooh yeah, that's it baby, give me more black dick!"

She was doing it to herself, and as they say, a mind is a terrible thing to waste and Laura's was on overload already. I just shrugged my shoulders, and gave her what she begged for, and to hell with subtlety. I started taking long strokes then, and with each stroke worked more and more cock inside of Laura.

"Yes! Yes! Fuck me you big dicked horny black bastard! Fuck me like my husband never could! Bust my white cunt open so big that a train could go through! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me you Nigger son of a bitch!"

That was all it took for me, with her fast closing on an orgasm to end all orgasms I hammered into her cunt like some demented power tool. My big black dick pistoning forward as she pushed back to meet me. Laura's buns jiggling like Jell-o every time my flat stomach slapped against them. We were both riding hurricane Laura and landfall was in sight, with one last gut wrenching thrust I crammed every fucking inch of cock I had into her quaking cunt, and held her wriggling butt tight up against me as I busted a nut then two, shooting cannon jism balls deep up inside against that married womb.

"Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!" we screamed in unison as we came together in sweat soaked explosions that rocked the night. Laura's hair whipped around her thrashing head as one giant climax after another slapped her silly, her body contorting, gyrating, bucking as if about to fly apart as my black seed filled her white belly beyond the boundaries established in her past. I could hear our mixed blessings plopping onto the concrete between our legs below as Laura at last past out, a smile of pure contentment plastered to her face.


It took some time for her to realize that she was flopped, bent half naked over their car in a public underground garage. She heard a car suddenly start up near by, and with her heart racing madly found her clothes and quickly put herself back together. And where the hell is Larry now, she wondered, throwing her panties into the front seat of their car as a shiny new Eldorado pulled out of its parking space five lanes away, then seeing her stopped and the tinted window rolled down.

"Can I be of any assistance?"

Laura stood there frozen, stunned to her core. It was the black man of her fantasy, asking if she needed help. Could it be?

"I....er, that is, we have a dead battery," she at last faltered out.

"Can I give you a jump?" Asked the man as Larry suddenly drew near.

"You sure can man," Larry answered for them both, "I've been on the phone to every tow truck in town and they’re all busy for the next hour."

Teeth as blinding as a noonday sun flashed in the black man's face as he looked straight at Laura when he said; "Your wish is my command."

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