tagNon-Erotic PoetryYou’re Happiness and Sadness

You’re Happiness and Sadness


Death is but a dream, for the soul with a cross to bear. No hope in life, dreams dashed on the rocks of life, a life behind him, a mind full of memories, nothing more now than a soul, wandering through the forgotten woods. We are the lost children, we are the dead. We bare that cross, everyone in the world. No race or creed escapes this. In one point of your life or another, it has felt hopeless. This is that death, this is that dream. At that point you are there, in that dream feeling the pain. Because it all seems to be a dream, like so much pain cannot be possible. This is no dream, it is very real. We are born into a world of suffering. Many often wonder if this is hell, and in a way it is. But, there is no devil, no man all red with a tail. Just you’re self, your pain, and no one else's. You are the devil, and you are God. You choose to be happy or sad. You choose the light from the dark, and you choose the devil or God.

By: Sun Dragon
© 2002. all rights reserved Sun Dragon Art.

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