tagNonConsent/ReluctanceYou're Hired Ch. 01

You're Hired Ch. 01


"We're glad you're here...welcome to Houston. John, could you and Nicole excuse us. There are few things I'd like to discuss with our new manager in private."

John and Nicole exchanged curious glances, but rose from their seats and complied with Jenna's request.

After the door was shut and the other two managers no longer visible in the window to her office, she set a stern glance at Terry. After holding the gaze for a moment, she sighed and said, "For all intents and purposes, everyone here thinks that you are here to fill the second grocery manager position. However, I have heard things about you; even noticed the same things while observing you here in the store."

Terry furrowed his brow in confusion. "I'm sorry, have I done something wrong?"

"As far as the company is concerned, yes. It is a serious matter that could have you terminated."

Terry could hardly believe what he was hearing. He had just been promoted and transferred to this store and now he was being told he was going to be fired. What was he going to do? What would he tell his wife? He knew they couldn't afford the rent where they were living without this job.

Terry swallowed hard and said, "Ma'am, I'm not sure what you've heard or seen...I don't recall do anything improper."

"Well, normally you wouldn't," Jenna replied. "You're like most guys. You do things unconsciously. You've ogled just about every woman you've come across here. Myself and Nicole included!"

Terry couldn't believe his ears. Yes, he had been admiring Jenna's and Nicole's bodies, but he thought it had gone undetected.

"Furthermore, between you and me, I will let you know that you didn't just happen to be assigned here. I requested you; in fact fought to get you assigned here."

Terry's brow furrowed again in confusion. "If I have offended you, why do you want me here?"

As Jenna interlaced her fingers and let out a sigh as her shoulders dropped, she replied. "I'm recently divorced...I was miserable in my relationship and starved for attention. But I couldn't do anything, because I was married and everyone was watching me all the time. When I heard about you, I figured you were just what I needed."

Terry's look of confusion remained, but he relaxed a little.

"You will be assigned various projects by me that will require you to be away from the grocery department for extended periods of time. I have already explained to John that you were shorted some training in your promotion and that I would make sure you were brought up to speed so you wouldn't take away from his time. In reality, you are here to admire my body and bring me pleasure. How you go about doing that, I will leave up to you."

The look of confusion was melting away into a full-on deer-in-the-headlights look.

"When you are not performing your training with me, you return and fufill your duties in the grocery department. As long as you are meeting your training requirements with me, you pretty much have free reign in the grocery department; John can't touch you. I will offer this to you as an option: should you decline or fail to maintain your training requirements, you will be reassigned to the Santa Fe store down the road. Currently, the grocery department there is 5 people short. The department is only budgeted for 10 people...I think you can imagine the hell that it would be, but I will leave the choice to you. Before you make the decision, however, I need you run an errand for me. We have run out of weekly ads and Santa Fe has 2 extra boxes they're willing to give us. Go tour the store while you're there and then let me know your decision when you return."

Terry slowly rose to his feet and started to reach for the door handle.

"Oh, and Terry? If you so much as breathe a word about this to anybody, I will have you terminated on several counts of sexual harassment... Do you know the way to the Santa Fe store?"

Terry tapped the holster on his belt. "I have an iPhone, ma'am...got all the maps and directions I need." With that, he walked out of her office and made sure the door shut softly. Out of the side of his vision he saw her swivel in her chair and face her computer as he walked out of the hallway.

Once he got to his car, he fumbled with his keys and dropped them twice trying to get the door unlocked. Once he got in, he sat there for a moment without starting the car. It was midday now, with the sun high in the summer sky, the car must have been about 110 degrees. When his eyes started to burn, he blinked, coming back to reality and started the car. After a few moments of the car cooling off and the directions brought up on his phone. Terry started to pull out of the parking lot. As he did, he noticed Nicole on the side of the building smoking. The sight repulsed him. He hated smokers...he hated the smell, the damage they did to their bodies, the environment, and those around them. She smiled and waved and he returned both the smile and the wave as he carefully exited the lot.

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