You're Mine


As if he could see it in her eyes, Lucien moved onto the bed with a smirk, crawling forward towards her with a cruel deviance in his eyes. She was frozen in place, not fighting until his fingers wrapped around her right wrist, binding it in one of the leather hand cuffs which she had not even noticed were attached to the mahogany head board. She whimpered pulling at the cuff, trying to pull her hand from within his grasp as he bound the other. "Relax my sweet Mayenna, do not be too afraid." That was a suggestion made too late, but perhaps it was better that way. The manner in which her generous breasts rose and fell over the fabric of the night garment, the way that her legs were already spread across the width of the bed, the alluring fear within her expressive eyes were all so intoxicatingly sexy. She was so innocent, and vulnerable, it caused his cock to grow turgid in his trousers.

Smirking, he moved forward, shifting her legs so that he was sitting between her thighs, pussy clearly on display to him. Her ivory cheeks grew florid with a blush as his fingers began to explore her snatch. He took his time, sliding his middle finger in to her pussy one knuckle at a time, his hand already covered in her juices. "Oh my dear, you are so deliciously wet." He breathed, leaning in against her lips. His other fingers pinched her nipple, pulling on the darkening pebble as his thumb began to rub against her swollen clit. The purely erotic moan that ripped through her lean form caused his cock to twitch in arousal. "That is right my dear, stop fighting it." In truth the girl had stopped considering fighting the sensation long ago, there was a fire burning in her belly, and he seemed to be able to bring her release. Her back arched towards him as he pulled hard on her other nipple, her jaw clenching as she tried to suppress another series of moans.

He mused in silence, watching her as her head tilted towards her shoulder, eyes closed tightly as she struggled against her own pleasure, trying to regain control. His finger was sliding in and out of her pussy slowly at first but then progressively faster. Oh god, she was so tight. He had known that Mayenna had only ever had sex once, but damn, he had never even had a virgin with a pussy so deliciously tight. A smirk twitched on his lips at the thought of what would soon be stretching her wide. After seven minutes or so he slowly slid another finger into her, filling the girl more thoroughly than she had been in much too long. Her fingers were clenched into fists as he moved in and out of her tight snatch. Lucien leaned in to kiss her again, "Grind against my hand." He murmured firmly before plunging into another kiss. His hand moved from her nipple to instead fondle her full breast purposefully. She complied readily, pressing her pelvis into his hand, carefully at first before following his pace.

The sounds of her wanton moans and his fingers sliding in and out of her dripping cunt filled the small room. He was pushing in a third finger as she whimpered, squirming against him adjusting to the digits. "Do you want to cum my dear" he inquired in seeming innocence, flicking her clit with his thumb. This sent a jolt down her spine, causing her to shiver and writhe against his hand as his pace moved faster, hips complying to the tempo of his hand. She wished he would just do it and not degrade her further by making her say it. The girl couldn't believe that she was riding his hand willingly, no not willingly he had to have been doing something to her, making her want this as terribly as she did. He flicked her clit again, pulling his fingers almost completely out of her and then pounding them completely in. "Say it." He continued firmly, and she couldn't resist any longer, she had no will power, the fire was burning so brightly in her belly that the only thing that she could even consider was cumming.

"Please...please, let me cum." She groaned hoarsely against his lips, as he pressed them against hers again, roughly molesting her breast. He smirked and did not take more than a moment to comply with her request. He forced his fingers in and out of her roughly and quickly, making sure to brush against her swollen nub with each thrust. It took less than five minutes. She was humping his hand with abandon, thinking about nothing except the relief that only he could give her at that moment. And he did.

She nearly screamed as her orgasm came upon her, ripping through her body and mind. Her pussy clamped down around his fingers and her thighs pressed tightly against his legs. Her back was arched, arms pulling against her bonds, head pressing back against the wood of the head board. He watched Mayenna with a leer as she rode the orgasm, a prettier sight never before crossing his eyes. She writhed under him for a matter of moments before he leaned forward and whispered. "Only I can give you this, no other man. And I shall show you further how much you need me."

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