tagNonHumanYou're the One for Me Ch. 01

You're the One for Me Ch. 01


Hey all. This is my first attempt at the Nonhuman category, but hopefully this story will end up being one that pleases (It actually qualifies in a couple of categories). There's no sex in this chapter, so if that's what you're looking for, you're just going to have to wait.


Caden Alexander growled as he felt the tug once again. It was a nearly irresistible urge to claim her that he felt every time she came within 50 feet of him. His body was more aware of her presence than his mind and her scent never failed to cause him to harden. This time, she stood at the counter of the small coffee shop on campus, her pouty lips pursed in deep thought as she tried to decide between one flavor or another.

"You look tense, brother. Perhaps you should lay off the caffeine."

Caden twirled, surprised that his twin had been able to sneak up on him. The girl had him more unaware of his surroundings than he could have believed. He looked upon the man that shared many of his features, seeing as they were identical twins.

Austin's black hair hung shaggily into his exotic violet eyes and outlined his masculine face. His nose and lips seemed a bit too perfect for his face and Caden knew it was true for him as well. They could have been models if they so chose, but both of them hated the attention of many with a passion. He had to lift his gaze slightly to look into his brother's eyes and was surprised, they had both topped out at a height of 6'3" a few years prior.

"You know very well that caffeine has nothing to do with it," Caden replied, remembering that he was in sandals and noticing that his brother was in thick-soled combat boots.

Austin's eyes traveled to the counter before returning to Caden's face, his mouth twisted into a wry grin. "I see. Well, I'll leave you to your gawking...though I wish you would just grow a backbone and ask her out. Your behavior is unbefitting of an Alexander."

Caden growled in warning, drawing the glances of a few of the nearby patrons. "I will show you behavior unbefitting of an Alexander if you continue to irk the living shit out of me."

Austin's look spoke of his surprise before he laughed long and hard at his brother. "She has truly gotten to you, hasn't she, brother?"

Caden's ground out, "Yes," was too much for Austin to take, as he once again fell into laughter.

"Shut up, Austin. You're calling attention to us."

Austin tried to straighten up, but it was near impossible. "Heaven forbid, what if your mate looks upon you, Caden? Will you turn to dust? Or will she return the favor and stare a hole into your backside as you have hers?"

Caden's fist shot out and connected with Austin's jaw before he could control it. He could feel her eyes on him now and his embarrassment was acute. Of course, the first time she lays eyes on him, he has to be in the middle of a fight with his wayward twin. So much for good first impressions. His face burning, Caden turned and stalked out of the shop.

Austin, for his part, was silent as he followed his brother out of the quaint little coffee shop that Caden now frequented, mostly because his intended loved it. He tried to hide his grin at how Caden was sulking over the girl, but failed once again. It was amusing to watch his painfully shy brother try to figure out how to approach his mate.

Caden had spotted her over a month ago, walking across the Quad after a late night trip to the campus snack bar. His immediate reaction to spotting his mate was to howl his joy to the skies. Caden rushed back to the apartment they shared, glowing with the knowledge that he had found the one woman for him. A week passed before he realized that he was hard-pressed to overcome his shyness and was paralyzed by his nerves whenever he thought to try and talk to her. He had instead taken to following her when he sensed her, finding out more about the woman that would eventually bear his children.

Austin just shook his head at Caden's situation. He would never have waited so long to make himself known. In fact, Austin had vowed that when his mate showed up, he would pounce immediately and there would be no resistance.

"Austin, I wish you wouldn't be so damn insensitive. I mean, you're fucking with my life here," Caden sighed as he slumped onto a bench on the green grass of the Quad, watching the doors of the coffee shop closely.

Austin regarded his brother for a moment and then just shook his head. "What life? All you do is spend your time following your little miss around. I'm surprised you even go to class anymore. Do you even let your wolf loose and run through the forest at night anymore? I mean, it's no wonder you're wound so tight. You've been denying yourself."

Caden sighed. Austin had hit it on the head. It had been at least two weeks since Caden had shifted, choosing instead to ignore the fact that he was a werewolf and focus his attention on how to win his woman. It made him anxious most of the time, feeling his wolf pacing inside of him, itching to run free once more. But how could he woo a human knowing that he was wolf and she would never understand?

Austin watched his brother's face carefully. He, better than anyone, could tell what Caden was thinking by reading his expressions. "Caden, if she is your mate, she will understand you and your true nature. Your wolf wouldn't lead you astray." Austin's large hand clapped down on his brother's shoulder before falling away.

"You're right. I just don't know how to approach her. Especially now that she's seen me hitting your worthless ass. What if she thinks that I'm nothing but some kind of violent nutcase or something? And now that she has noticed me, when I'm around, she'll know. She'll think I'm some kind of stalker! This is your fault, Austin. She probably won't even talk to me anymore."

At the lack of response, Caden looked over at his brother, who had situated himself beside Caden on the bench. A slow smile spread across his lips as noticed his brother's condition. Caden imagined that he must have looked similar to Austin when he first laid his eyes on his mate. Now it was Austin's turn to be tied in knots. He had found her. Caden turned to look in the direction that Austin was staring, with his mouth gaping open and an incredibly noticeable tent forming in the front of his khaki pants.

'My bad,' he thought, 'Austin has found him. Who'd have thought that Austin's mate would be a man?'

Austin could barely believe it. His wolf was frantic and it took everything he had not to run over to the guy, rip off his pants and swallow him whole before shoving his entire cock, balls deep, into the bulky blond. His wolf urged him to claim his other half, but he resisted. He would woo the guy like any human would and then claim him as only a wolf could. But he would not stand idly by like Caden. He was too eager for something like that.

"Congratulations, brother. I see you have found your mate as well. I guess I won't be worrying about nieces or nephews, unless you're planning on popping a couple out of your ass," Caden joked.

Austin swallowed. His throat seemed so dry now. "We'll adopt or use a surrogate. We will build a fine litter together and our pups will be strong. Even if he can't bear my children, that won't stop me from shooting my seed deep inside his body. Hell, I'd try my hardest to impregnate him if that's what he wanted."

Caden laughed. "You're sick. So, what's your plan for getting to know the guy? Knowing you, it's probably something akin to running up, pulling down his pants and plowing his tight little ass."

Austin growled, voicing his displeasure over Caden's accurate description of his previous thoughts. There had to be a way to get his mate's attention without being so forward.

Caden continued to chuckle. "I bet you weren't even gonna lube up before you pounced. Your mate will not forgive you if you rip his ass in two."

Austin didn't answer, watching as his man walked toward the coffee shop they had just left. His blond hair was spiked up all over his head, his bright green eyes sparkled with life and laughter, and his muscular frame made Austin's fingers tingle with the desire to caress his every nook and cranny. He was on the phone with someone, but from that distance, Austin couldn't make out his words or hear the voice that belonged to his angel.

The man was only inside the shop briefly before he exited with a mocha-hued woman on his arm. The pair shared a laugh before continuing toward the dorms, which were situated on the far side of campus. Austin could feel Caden stiffen beside him.

"Your mate has his hands on mine," Caden murmured.

"My mate is gay, so it is of no consequence," Austin answered.

"That fact does not make me want to rip his arms off any less."

"Touch him and I will kill you."

Caden tore his eyes from the form of his beloved. "Kill me? You wish you could, little brother. I would destroy you."

Austin frowned and changed the subject. "I want him and I will have him. Soon. How would you feel about a double date?"

Caden mulled it over. It would provide an opening for him to get to know his little love, providing he didn't embarrass himself terribly. And Austin would be there to bail him out if things didn't go well. "Fine. You set it up and I will be there."

Austin nodded, the small figures of their mates on the horizon. He would help his brother woo his mate while bagging his own. It would work out fine. At least, that was what he told himself as he threw an arm around Caden's shoulder. "Come, brother, we must plan an intimate seduction of our loves. They won't know what hit them."

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