tagBDSMYours For Two Hours Ch. 02

Yours For Two Hours Ch. 02

bysteve w©

Big thanks to everyone who wrote after Part 1. Hope you like the second part - please let me know. Enjoy...

Oh fuck. One hundred minutes left. I can't even conceive of what you'll do to me in one hundred minutes. Which is the rush, isn't it? Suddenly one hundred minutes seems a very, very long time. Suddenly my little eighteen-year-old body seems very tender, very fragile, very breakable. And you, you just seem even sicker and nastier than twenty minutes ago. You're constantly on the edge of something very bad. I can't fucking wait for the next abuse. Bring it on, baby.

I've still got my perfect little ass in the air. I want to wiggle it, to invite you to slam your dick into me. I want to be sodomised as brutally as your dick can do it. But moving isn't part of the game. That thing that's got my whole body flushed with anticipation, that thing that's setting off little cums every minute or so, that's control. Your control of me, my control of myself. So moving is so, so wrong right now. I just kneel there, head on the floor with an ass-soaked dildo at my lips, my butt waiting for the next punishment.

I feel you crouch over me. Just a subtle change in the light, and the sound of your soft breathing. Your breath is even-paced. That pisses me off. I want you breathless, agitated at just how slutty I can be for you. You're too calm. I want you excited, and I want you excited because I'm such a fucking whore. I'm angry with myself for not turning you on more. Which makes me achingly aware of how important that is.

I feel you slide something into my ass. Two or three fingers, maybe. Although I'm still gaping from that awesome fist-rape, so it might be four. Then your hands are in my hair, grabbing a handful and yanking me to my feet. The blood rushes around a little too fast, and I get slightly dizzy. Then your arm reaches around my neck, and I feel the crook of your elbow against my throat. You're behind me, still with some fingers in my ass. Your arm slowly pushes against my throat, tighter, tighter. A little fear, a little cum, a little rush. All melted together, into this delicious feeling of being TAKEN.

I make myself go limp, sensing that, each time you move me to a different room, you want a little fucked-out rag doll to play with. And it feels soooo good, being dragged around like a little fuck-toy. It makes your grip on my throat tighten, too. You drag me by the throat, and hoist me by the fingers in my ass, sending a delicious spark from my ass all the way up my spine. We're headed for the bathroom.

When we get there, you just drop me, like a bag of heavy shopping. I lie there, crumpled, kneeling at your feet. You stand still, and the only sound in the house is me gasping for breath. The silence drags on. It's exquisite torture. I want you to slam me against the wall of the shower, and fuck my ass until I can't stop screaming. And I want you to take my face in both hands and give me the sweetest, most delicate kiss on my lips. I want both these things, and I can't work out why. I can't be an incurable romantic and a fucked-up little cunt at the same time, can I? Or is that what you'll teach me today?

You order me to sit on a blanket box, which is in front of the toilet. I crawl up onto it, my head still down. You grab my hair and pull my face up towards yours. Before I can even register what your face looks like, you're spitting on me. Spitting on my face five, six, seven times. Just watching me take it. You like that. I can tell. You get off on that. I can feel your saliva sliding down my face towards my tits. It's not humiliation to me, baby. It's not gross. It just makes me feel like a sick little slut, and that's how I wanna feel. So go ahead. Spit on me all fucking day.

Your hand reaches up, and starts sliding the spit around my face, making sure I'm coated in it. Then your fingers reach my mouth. I open my mouth instinctively, and you slide four fingers in. Then you push. Your fingers hit the back of my throat, and your knuckles hit my lips. Much as I'd fucking love to, I can't swallow your hand. I would if I could, darlin'. So the only way for me to go is backwards. You let go of my hair suddenly, and I just fall backwards with your fist in my mouth. Backwards, backwards, I've no fucking idea what my head will hit. But my head doesn't hit anything. My head just falls back until it's inside the toilet bowl. Aaaaah... you're nasty, but you're a fucking genius.

So now you've got me where you want me again. I'm laying down with my head inside a toilet bowl. I can feel the blood rushing to my head. All I can see is white porcelain. All I can hear is the sound of my own breathing bouncing off the walls. I can't do a fucking thing except wait. And wait. Have you gone again? What the fuck are you doing? Why aren't you abusing me some more? Did I do something wrong? Did I fuck up? I'm racing back through what you just did to me, trying to work out my mistake. Or maybe you've gone to get your brother, just to show him that his girlfriend's got her head down the toilet like an obedient little slut, and her legs open, hoping to get raped some more. Oh fuck, where are you?

Then two sensations, brutal, simultaneous. Your hand back at my throat, and your cock slammed up my asshole. Your hand doesn't choke me, though I want it to. I want to feel your fingers just pinch a little at my neck muscles, but you won't. You won't give me the fucking satisfaction. It's just to hold me down. Just to hold me in that fuck-toy position you want. It makes my stomach muscles stretch, just puts my delicious little body into that perfect position. But oh... shit... your cock in my ass. At last. At fucking last. It's even better than your fist, or the freezing dildo. Not bigger, not making me gape more. Just better.

It's buried deep in my asshole. Right where I fucking want it. And then you start to fuck. Hard. Deep. No thought for my pleasure. Which turns me on all the more. You're just ramming your dick into me because my asshole is available, so fucking available. Because you want to cum, and I happen to be around. Because my asshole was built to get fucked. That makes me feel like a nasty little piece of fuckmeat, just a dirty little whore who's designed to pleasure you, not herself. And that just sends waves and waves of little cums all over me. I can feel the heat from my own skin, feel my eyes sliding back in their sockets, as you just fucking rape, rape, rape my ass.

I can feel your thighs slapping against mine as you take me. Your cock just slams into me each time. I can feel the tip smashing its way through my tight little ass, on its way to the very core of my body. Yeah, just fucking slam me, baby. All the fucking way, every stroke. It hurts, God it hurts, because I'm making my ass tighter on each out-stroke. Clamping down on your dick, creating the friction. Just to make it hurt the next time you plough into my shithole. I wish I was so tight you couldn't move in there. 'Cos then that would really hurt. You'd have to MAKE it fit, and wouldn't that just send me off the fucking scale?

You're close, I can feel you're sooo close. I'm cumming on every stroke. The only thing I can feel is your dick inside my ass. Nothing else registers, nothing else matters. I think I'm screaming but I can't tell. The only sensation I can feel is your cock ramming up my butt, pounding it into total submission. But I can feel you're close. And then you're cumming. Shit, I can feel it bouncing off my juicy ass walls. Oh fuck, it feels so good. The humiliation, the pain I went through to get that cum out of your dick, it was soooo worth it. Nothing, nothing can feel better than that. Your cum just spraying the inside of my shit-hole, just coating it with that sweet white film. Oooohhhhh yyeeeaaahhhhh. Gotta love that ass-rape, baby.

I'm still panting from the exertion. You're still locked inside me. Your dick still feels hard. Like you could go again, right now. That makes me feel good. That I turned you on so much you can't stop nailing my ass. I think I'm getting to you now. I think the tables might be turning. I think the power might be shifting. Maybe you can't wait to fuck me again. Maybe I should start to deny you something. See how you like it. What about that, baby? What would you do? Would you slap me, bite me, take me anyway? Or would you succumb, and turn into a pussy-whipped little wimp? What switch would I need to flick to make that happen, huh?

Oh God, I was soooo wrong to think that was possible.

Because suddenly I'm aware that I'm lying with my head in the toilet, and your hand on my throat. I'm an ass-gaped, fucked out little teen whore at your total disposal. Just waiting for your next sick idea. And needing it. I'm aware because you're leaning forward, telling me this.

"Nice effort, little whore. Nice to see your ass can still give a tight little fuck, even after I raped it with my fist. And you're soooo totally anal, aren't you honey? You so want it in your ass, all the fucking time. It's hardly worth you having a cunt, is it baby? It's just the hole that's next to your ass, is all. Look at you, lying there with your head in the bowl, begging me to choke you and assfuck you again. Such a slut. And yet... so much to learn."

You leave this last comment hanging. Just to let me consider it. Just to mind-fuck me some more. While you flush the toilet. Pinning my head in there, as the sound and the water rush past. My hair is soaking. And yet, the odd thing is, the only thing in my mind is how fucking hot I'll look when you pull me out. My ass gaping, my nipples on fire, my hair soaking wet. Oh yeah, I'll look fucking hot. I'm getting more confident that you can't keep your hands off me. More confident you'll want to screw the shit out of my ass every time you see me. The balance IS changing. It's changing inside of me.

Your hand on my throat reaches around my neck, and yanks me out of the toilet. Immediately, your other hand grabs my throat, and we're moving again. Dragged out of the bathroom by the throat. This is such a fucking sexy way to travel! My eyes are locked on yours, as you back your way down the corridor towards the front door. I can feel your cum starting to ooze down the inside of my thighs. You tell me to open the door and suddenly we're outside. I can feel the warm air on my naked body. I want to look to see if anyone has noticed us - this nasty guy dragging a naked little slut by her throat across the driveway. But I don't look. I don't fucking care. Because I'm looking straight into your eyes. Looking for a window onto the inside. Looking for the answer to that question. Lust, or love?

You step to one side and I get hurled into the back of a van. I land on a soiled, smelly mattress. The doors slam behind me and I'm in total darkness. The windows are blacked out and there's no view up front. We set off. Only you know where. You've planned this to the last detail. I think about that. Proud that you took the time. Turned on that you sat there, thinking meticulously about how to fuck up this nasty little cunt, this sick little slut who fucks your brother every night. Did you jack off your gorgeous cock when you did that? Did it get you hot, thinking about my body pinned underneath your brother, writhing and squirming on the end of his dick, eating his cum, spreading my ass for him? I fucking know it did. I know it every time you slide your hand into my ass, every time you choke me, every time you humiliate me.

We've stopped. I can hear traffic. I don't know how far we've come, or where we are. I just want some more of your dick, your hand, anything you want to shove inside me, baby. I've had enough time to come down from my blistering orgasm when you sodomised me just now, and my ass wants some more. The doors fly open.

You've got a vibe in your hand, that's the first thing I notice. I can see it in your hand, you're waving it like a weapon in front of you. It's about all I can make out clearly, because my eyes are used to darkness and the light is blinding.

At your instruction, I'm doggy-style in about two seconds. My face against the cum-stained mattress, my ass in the air, expectant. There's no ceremony. You just slide that big vibe up my crapper in one go. Oh, God, it feels good. It's stretching my asshole out like your cock did a while ago. It's buried in my butt, buried good.

Then you switch it on.

Oooohhhh lover. That feels so fucking good. The vibrations slide up and down my spinal cord. I can feel sensations at the top of my neck, then running down deep into my bowels. It's like having your fingers up there, and you know I love that. I could just stay here for hours, letting that vibe turn my cute little ass inside out, letting my body enjoy those shockwaves for the longest time. But you've got other plans.

As I step out of the van you grab my arm and twist it up my back. Your other hand goes into my hair and wrenches my head back. I open my mouth for more spit, but you just look at me, grin, then start shoving me forward. Oh, shit.

We're parked at the end of a gravel road. Beyond it is a wire fence, and twenty feet from the fence, the freeway. I'm walking naked, towards a freeway, with a big vibrator up my ass. The traffic is slowing, backing up. Looks like an accident up ahead. Even you couldn't have planned that. But it means that everyone parked up on the freeway can see me getting abused. See my hot little body. See me being controlled like a nasty little cunt. See me getting off on seeing them. Ooohhh, baby, how did you fucking know?

There's a telegraph pole just before the fence. You have me lean against this, gripping it with both hands, waving my ass to every fucker on the freeway. I can hear car horns tooting, the occasional shout above the roar of the traffic going the other way. I think the traffic this side has come to a complete halt now, but I can't be sure. I'm guessing how many people are watching me getting humiliated and used like this. My cunt is gushing, just fucking gushing.

You put one hand on each butt cheek, and hold my ass open. My tight grip on the vibe eases a little. I get the idea. Yeah, I'll do it. I'll show them what an ass-raped little teenage fuck-toy looks like. I'll show them what your fist did to my ass, how you made it gape so fucking good. I'll give them the fucking porno show to end 'em all. I'll do it for you, baby. 'Cos you fucked me up real good. You showed this little bitch what being a nasty anal whore was all about. I start pushing, expelling the vibe from my ass, pushing it towards a freeway full of shocked, disgusted, fascinated, horny people.

The vibe slides out real easy. I've got strong ass muscles. You know that. You felt them milking your cock earlier. And before that, squeezing the fucking life out of your fist while you used me. As the vibe falls out, you tug on my cheeks and I concentrate on gaping. I don't know how many drivers can see me - maybe a few hundred - but whoever's looking can see my slut ass gaping. I look like a sick little whore, and every guy's fantasy. I'm just fucking cumming non-stop. I can barely breathe. I'm sweating. I'm loving it.

Your hands release my ass cheeks and I can feel the air sliding into my shithole before it closes up. You turn me around and I close my eyes. I daren't look at the freeway. I can hear shouts, whoops, and car horns blaring. I can picture them in my mind, dozens of guys out of their cars, pressed against the fence, leering, watching, screaming their obscene advice to you. Urging you to mistreat the little cunt some more. Share her around. Let everyone nail that ass. Stick something else up there. Make the little whore scream. Oooohhh, don't worry, guys. He's already done that to me. All that and more.

I've got my back up against the pole now. I can feel the rough wood scraping against my smooth skin. My legs are spread. Like always. You pull my hands up above my head, and behind the pole. I can feel the wood scratching my shoulder blades. You put the vibe in my hands. It's still running. Holding the vibe in both hands, it's like I'm tied to the pole, but without any ropes. My body is stretched out and up, taut, totally exposed.

The you start on my clit.

Slapping it.

Spanking it.

Continuously. Hard. I'm cumming already from being abused in front of a freeway. I'm cumming thinking about how you hand-raped my ass. How you spat on me. How you fucked my shitter. How you moved me from room to room by dragging me by my throat. I'm cumming from what I let you do to me. From how much I wanted it. From how much I fucking loved it. Cum piles upon cum. Rolling into another one like ocean waves. Cum building on cum. Higher and higher, rush after rush, building up into one monumental fucking moment of absolute perfection.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaggggghhhhh fffuuuuuuuccckkkkkkk yyyyeeaaaahhhhhh."

I don't know how long I screamed, but I felt your hands helping me to fall to my knees. I gasp for breath, then I feel you stroking my hair. When I look up, you have that fucking fantastic cock in your hand.

"Enjoy that cum, little girl?"

There's a smile on your face. Not the arrogant-little-shit smile. A warm, giving smile. A smile with your eyes.

Yeah. It was love, after all. For all the nasty, abusive, raping, cock-slamming, choking fucks you've given me, it was that all along, wasn't it?

I sit up on my knees and, in front of five hundred people, I start sucking your cock. Slowly, gently, lovingly. No mouth-rape needed here. Later, maybe. Later I'll want you to throat-fuck me, because that gets me off big-style. Later, I'll want my face slapped while I choke on your meat. But not now.

I sense your cum almost before you do. I feel your cock swell a little in my mouth. Feel the latent power building up in your whole body. Feel you prepare for the big one. And here it comes. My reward. My fuckslut reward. It was all worth it, baby. You and I both know that. We both know this was fucking meant to happen. Gimme the cum, baby. Give me a mouthful of love and reward.

I'm aware of sirens, but I don't care. Your cum is in my mouth, and I'm swirling it around your cock with my tongue, letting you feel it against your dick. Slowly, very slowly, I slide my lips down your cock, then back up again. One last deep throat. I pull away and stare at your wonderful cock, then look into your eyes as I swallow. I see your eyes flicker to my throat, my fucking sexy throat, to watch me swallow your cum.

I stand up, as the patrol cars slither to a halt on the gravel. Your hands frame my face, our eyes close, and I finally get that kiss. Soft... sweet... tender... delicious... perfect.

The cops can do what they fucking want. I'll be waiting for you. My ass will be waiting for you. My lips will be waiting for you. Body and soul. Ready for another two hours, baby.

Hope you enjoyed! Don't forget that feedback...

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