Youthful Cravings: My Forbidden Mom


“Yes Mattie…yes.”

I rubbed the remaining lube on my shaft and tip and approached her. As I placed the thick knob directly on her pink pucker I said, “And your ass is so much nicer, so much rounder, and so much sexier.” Not that there was anything wrong with Debbie, but I really was turned on much more by the shape of my mother’s ass. I couldn’t believe it would have looked any better when she was twenty.

I pressed in and felt the heat and pressure immediately. So must’ve my mother, because once I passed the ring, I could feel her tighten nervously around my cock. She began saying,”OH…OH…OH…”

I stroked her back with my hand and said, “it’s okay mom…relax, if it’s too much I’ll stop.”

“No…Okay…” She said that sort of talking to herself and then she said, “I’m all right honey…don’t stop.”

I could feel her relaxing and I said, “Yes…like that…sweet girl…yes…” I pushed in farther and began to stroke through the lube and her hot tight squeeze was exquisite as her ass grabbed my cock. “Oh mom, Debbie couldn’t take this much, she couldn’t take any of me like you can…it’s so good having you like this.”

“Oh God baby, what are we doing…you’re inside me…in my ass…”

I could feel the agitation building so I said all the loving things I could, not just because I wanted her sex, but because I believed every word. “Mom, we’re loving each other, that’s all. I love you and you love me. I want you, I’ll always want you, not Debbie or anybody…or any other body. I’m inside you because that’s how lovers are…inside each other.”

“Yes honey…yes.”

I stroked into her and she was beginning to push back so that almost my whole cock was penetrating her tight channel. I started to more fully penetrate in and out of her ass, and I must have been making pleasurable noises because she said, “Yes it feels good doesn’t it baby…oh God, it’s so hot and hard in me. But it feels good when momma takes you inside her like this, doesn’t it?”

“I said, “Yes mom, ahhhh… only you could take me this way…take so much of me up into you…you don’t know how good it is to be you so tight…pulling on my cock…loving me.” I thought how special my mother was to be able to give her son her body that way, out of love. I also knew that I could only be satisfied with her, and that I would do all I could to make her mine. I wanted all of her and my desire in that moment drove me to repeated deep and hard penetrations into that tight forbidden place that my mother had opened for me.

She moaned and said, “Baby, baby…please…come. I don’t think I can do this too much longer. “

“Yes mom…I’m almost there…Mom…mom…touch yourself. I want you to come too, when I do. I want you to feel what I feel when I fill you.”

I stroked fully and just before the first explosion into her ass I said, “Yes…yes…your taking it all…my good girl…I love you.”

“I feel it now baby…yes, I can feel you coming in me.” She reached under and rubbed with the flat of three fingers over her clit. I’d never seen her masturbate and it was exciting to watch, as if I needed more stimulation. After my long strokes into my mother’s ass became full and regular, I didn’t know anymore who was taking and who was giving. It didn’t matter because we were in each other.

She rubbed herself quickly and said, “Yes honey, come in me, come in me, I’m coming with you…coming…coming.”

My strong releases filled her to overflowing as I drove my wet meat through the tight ring over and over. She made noises I’d never heard before. I probably did too except I was too busy coming to pay any attention to it. With her ass filled with my cum, I slid easily in and out until I was finished or until I thought I was. And then she squeezed me one more time and I came some more into her.

When we were both done I turned her and kissed her passionately and said, “That’s what it feels like to love someone, doesn’t it mom?”

“Yes baby…” She kissed me long. “Yes love.”

My mother meant so much more to me than just sex, but I still couldn’t help thinking that she was the best piece of ass I’d ever had. I said, “Wow. Mom, why would I go out with anyone else when…?”

She took a deep breath that had some frustration in it. “Oh honey…because I want you to; because I want you to do it for me. Because I think it’s the right thing to do.”

I just sighed and shook my head and said, “Okay mom.” I held her tight and we waited for dawn to see where it would take us.

Where it took us within a week was more like chaos than Paradise. Mom got notice that her company, being a subsidiary of Talco, was also going out of business. That she was distressed was an understatement. All we talked about was money and how we’d get by. I offered to quit night school and get a better job, but she wouldn’t let me. Auntie Pat offered to have mom come in with her in the antique business, but there wasn’t enough there to support us all. After a while, we decided to sell the house and use what was left after paying the bank, to live on. We started looking for a small place to rent until she found a decent job.

When the decision was made, we both felt better. “It’ll be an adventure,” she said. “We’ll be in a new place that’s ours and…I don’t know, we’ll make it fun, won’t we baby?” She wasn’t so sure, but I gave her a small kiss and assured her it would be. At that time, our small kisses had a way of turning into big kisses.

We found a furnished one bedroom place in another town about an hour away. It was a one bedroom apartment that was over a dress shop owned by a woman named Lorna, who was maybe in her mid-thirties.

The apartment had a long flight of stairs that seemed like five after carrying all our stuff up. As I unpacked, I looked at the great shirts mom had made me for different birthdays. She could do anything with a sewing machine and had made a lot of her own clothes.

It was an adjustment at first. The apartment had only one bathroom and we had trouble fitting our stuff in. The place was a lot smaller than the old house, but it was ours, and the nice thing was that after the shop closed at six we could play music as loud as we wanted, or dance as hard as we sometimes did to let steam off.

We made some noise that first night. I said, “Mom, I’m glad we’re here, I’m glad you’re here, and I want you.”

She said, “Yes baby, okay…I’m here.”

I kissed her and waited for her. For the first time, she undressed me before I undressed her. When she stood naked before me, I thought I could never ask for more. “Mom, I’m so proud of you.”

“For what sweetie?”

“For being you, for being able to love me this way, for being so beautiful.”

She got on the bed and opened her legs for me. “Come love me sweetheart,” she said.

I penetrated her quickly and I felt lucky because our fit was so good. Her pussy was perfect for my size and whatever it is that makes it right between two people physically, we seemed to have. I sank my cock into my mother’s waiting pussy and the fisting action of her channel around my cock did its work. I could feel my cock strain as it got as hard as it possibly could. She made those nice noises that always made me feel good.

Unexpectedly, she urged me over and ended up sitting on top of me. She said, “Let me do it baby.” I stayed as still as I could as she raised and lowered herself on my cock. “It feels good this way, honey, ummm…in my pussy…in your momma’s pussy…” The rhythm of her words matched the movements of her hips as she used the stiff mast to penetrate herself. “Yes…inside your mama…the one who loves you…mmmm…”

Her full breasts were presented to me and they undulated as she moved. I took them in both hands and rubbed them, using mostly my thumbs under her nipples. They looked huge from the angle I viewed them and I marveled at how little sag they had for a thirty-nine year old. I put my hand behind her back to draw her closer until I had one of the nipples in my mouth. I sucked them as if they were swollen with milk. My mother moaned as I sucked and after a while she sort of shook during a little spasm, and then she leaned back.

Her eyes were closed, her hands were on my thighs and her chest was thrust out. She used me for leverage and raised and lowered herself in earnest. That time, I used my hips to meet her on the way down to thrust more of my cock up into her pussy. Each penetration seemed to take me to the end of her and she responded with a guttural cry from deep in her throat. “Yes my baby," she said, “Yes, give me all of you, yes baby. Oh Mattie, I love you inside me like this…so good baby…I need it…and you Mattie…I need you.”

“Yes momma, I’m here, I always want to be with you…like this …like this.”

My cock was being swallowed by my mother’s pussy again and again and her wet flesh stroked and squeezed and rubbed the shaft. She was wet enough so that even when my cock was completely out of her pussy, it still penetrated the slippery opening much easier than it did when we had first started.

We fucked as if we had been lovers forever, with her pussy knowing my cock. Each place it found to touch inside her, was new, and yet familiar at the same time. I pulled on her tits and pinched the nipples tight between my fingers as she squealed and arched, and I felt the beginnings of her orgasm.

I thrust up deep and complete into my mother’s pussy as she bounced faster and harder until she said, “Come in me Mattie, come in my pussy…come in my pussy, Mattie…” I let go and shot a hard stream of cum up into her. She said, “Yes, yes, yes…” with each penetration and each release. She smiled and the word ‘Yes’ came out almost as a laugh as her pussy filled with her son’s cum and she used my cock to finish herself and come, in long, satisfied, sighs. I loved hearing her say that she needed me.

Even though it was wonderful when we made love, there was still some hesitancy on her part, a reluctance to letting us become full-time lovers. And so, it was more 'special occasion sex' than anything on a regular basis, but it was lots better than nothing. Maybe she figured that if I wasn’t getting enough at home, I would keep seeing other people. I wasn’t sure about anything, except how many times I would have taken her if she let me.

It was two months later when mom found a job; it was almost panic time. After all the ads, the traveling and the interviews, she got a job at the shop downstairs. It happened that one day mom was down talking with ‘Landlady Lorna,’ as we had come to call her. When mom asked how business was, Lorna said that she was starting to get more business than she could handle and that she would have to take on a seamstress to help her with alterations.

Mom brought her upstairs and showed her the curtains and some of the dresses she had made and Lorna hired her. We never thought to ask because when we first moved in, Lorna had remarked how nice it was to be a ‘One woman operation.’

We became closer with Lorna. I stopped in often and she had dinner with us sometimes after the shop closed. Mom became her confidant and friend. She told her about a rough childhood and mostly bad experiences with men, especially with the one she was married to for five years.

Mom said that Lorna was very interested in us and asked a lot of questions, especially when mom told her that we saw other people. Actually mom didn’t see anyone. The closest she came to a relationship besides ours, was talking with a couple of the guys at the coffee shop before going in to work.

We never told Lorna that we were mother and son because we thought that in a new place where nobody really knew us, it would be nice to be free to hold hands and be together like a normal couple. We didn’t want to need to be ‘careful’ all the time. So we made up a story about how I had been a neighbor and the son of her best friend, leaving enough of the truth in so that we wouldn’t forget.

Meanwhile, I still traveled back home to see Debbie, but I was getting tired of the two hour round trip. And more importantly, I knew I couldn’t get from Debbie what I really needed. The last time I saw her was the night of the video, and the breakup. I got it into my head that if I had a video of Debbie and me having sex, I could show it to mom.

I figured that either of two things could happen. She’d get turned on by it and we’d have some good sex, or she might get jealous actually seeing me with someone else and tell me to stop going out with her. Either or both would have been fine with me. Of course I knew that there were always other possibilities. Some people say there are infinite universes that are created each time things go one way or the other, but I was satisfied with those two choices in my one universe. It was a universe that more and more, revolved around my mother.

Debbie was less than keen on the idea of making a video; she didn’t understand why I would want to make one. It didn’t matter what mumbo jumbo I gave her about how it showed she loved me and how much fun it would be to watch it later on. I wasn’t about to tell her the real reason.

We got as far as the kissing scene and the touching scene but when we got to the stripping scene, she shut it off in the middle. We finished making lackluster love that was less than inspired. I took the camera and tape and as we were saying goodbye at my car, I decided that I should just end it, even if she was my link to normality as far as mom was concerned.

I said, “Deb, lets go back inside, I want to talk to you.” We went in and I took a deep breath. ”Listen Deb, I think you’re a terrific girl, but I don’t think this is going anywhere.”

”Why, because I didn’t want to make a fucking video?”

“It’s not the video; I’m just not the right person for you.”

She started to sneer, “You mean I’m not the person for you, don’t you?”

It went downhill from there, but after a long few hours, I left, with the yelling and a few tears all done with. We kissed and promised to stay in touch and see how we felt after a while. That was fine because we both knew it was over.

A few days later I tried to decide if it was right or wrong to show my mother the tape. I ended up showing it to her because I couldn’t resist at the time. We were home in the evening and watching TV. She was resting up against me and she was stroking my arms and chest – not really where I wanted her to be stroking, but it felt loving. We didn’t have Cable and there was absolutely nothing on that interested us. Mom said, “Maybe we should start renting videos; the supermarket has some for a dollar a night.”

“Well mom, I happen to have one right here. It’s called ‘Debbie does Matt,’ interested?”

She looked at me quizzically, “Are you kidding?”

“No mom, it’s the real deal, should I put it on?”

She said, “Okay.” She didn’t sound certain, but I put it on.

We watched as Debbie and I kissed while my hands began roaming over her body. Of the two choices I had envisioned, number one seemed to be the winner. She wasn’t jealous but if her hand on my cock was any evidence, she was getting turned on.

A few minutes into the action and mom had my cock out, slowly stroking up and down on the hardened rod. It never took much when she touched me. When I got Deb’s bra off, mom said with a smile, “You liar, she does have nice tits.”

“I didn’t say she didn’t have nice tits mom, I just said they weren’t as nice as yours.” Of course it wasn’t long before mom had let me bare her breasts, and I was fondling and sucking on them. At that point, the video went to snow.

“That’s it? That’s as far as you went?”

“Mom, let’s just say that’s as far as the video went. Now I think we should rehearse for our own video and see how far we can go…starting by going here…” I put my hand between her legs. “Here at your sweet pussy, the sweet pussy I can’t get enough of…” I looked up and made a face at her. “The sweet pussy I DON’T get enough of.” She laughed and we kissed for a while.

Her tongue slid over mine and I was satisfied to just keep kissing her and feel her wonderful breasts in my hand. They were so big, they were my mothers, and yet I was holding them. I moved from tit to tit, pinching and pulling on each nipple until it thickened and swelled. I cupped and weighed each heavy globe in the same novel delight I always took, as If I was holding my mother’s breasts for the first time.

When she went back to stroking my cock, I wanted more. I put my hand inside her panties and fingered the slippery opening. After that, we got our clothes off pretty quickly and mom started to mount me in such a way that would allowed us to hold each other.

Mom’s tits were tight against my chest; her cheek was against my cheek as we held each other around. She slowly lowered herself carefully onto my cock, easing it in, inch by inch so her juices could lubricate the shaft as it penetrated. A moment later, I was completely inside my mother’s pussy. She gave a sigh of relief when she sat on my thighs with her pussy filled.

She ground slowly at first and I pushed up as much as I could, given the position I was in. I held her to me and said, “Beautiful Christine, do you know that you’re my love?”

She said into my ear, “Yes Mattie, I know.” I could almost hear the unspoken words, ‘But don’t love me too much, Mattie.’ The tone of her voice set me off. I wanted to stroke into her, penetrate her pussy, long, and strong, and hard, under my own control. I raised myself, lifting her, putting her on her back.

I took her the way I wanted to, each stroke longer and harder and deeper into her pussy. I was probably giving her too much because she grunted each time I hit her cervix. But she didn’t tell me to stop and I didn’t. I sped up and kept driving myself into her. Had I continued at that pace, I would have come after a minute or two but something clicked as the effort dispelled some of my excess energy.

My calmness returned. I told myself that she was who she was at that moment, and forcing the situation wasn’t going to give me what I wanted. I went back to making love to her. I gently stroked into her center with the love that had returned to me. I changed the angle and I could feel the pressure as my cock pressed along the walls off her pussy and I said, “Does that feel good mother?”

“Yes darling…it feels good.” She looked up at me and touched my face with a smile that touched my heart. I was stroking into my mother’s pussy and she was telling me that it felt good. I told myself that should be enough for anyone.

She wrapped her legs around my back and I could hear the wet sounds as we connected on the level that needs no words. And there were no words as I filled her pussy until there was no more room, except for the love I was feeling and hoping she too was feeling.

She took me inside her as a woman takes the man she loves until we were breathing hard. I stroked her with long, complete entries. I put myself deep into the place usually forbidden to sons. I said, “This is where I want to be mom, always inside you, like this.” She made a nice noise and I wanted to make her come.

I opened her and stretched her and fingered her clit until I could hear her approaching orgasm. It sounded as if she was trying to catch her breath in short spurts. My mother bucked, and humped, into the sustained arching of her back that told me that she was coming.

I continued penetrating into the wetness as she let out a long moan of pleasure at her release. I didn’t stop until I filled her pussy with the hot releases of cum that expressed my desire for her. When I finished and told her that I loved her and always would, I thought I saw a tear at the corner of one of her eyes. The next day, I threw the tape away and told mom that I had broken it off with Debbie. I was a bit surprised when she said, “Oh well, you’ll find someone else.”

As wonderful as that time was, we didn’t progress to where I wanted to be. I was still getting rebuffed by mom on too many nights. I wanted a break so I suggested to John that we use his parent’s house at the lake for a short vacation. With two other guys, we went up for a four day weekend.

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