Youthful Cravings: My Forbidden Mom


John knew some nurses who worked up there and they came over at night. There was a lot of beer drinking, making out, and some couples made it up to the bedrooms, but I was satisfied to keep it light. By the third night I was getting restless and I called mom at about ten.

She said, “Sweetheart, I’m glad you called…I’m missing you.”

I didn’t say anything. She said, “I hope you’re having a good time…I’ve been thinking about you…the house is so empty. I’m lonesome without you, Mattie.”

“Mom, do you want me to come home?”

“No honey…I’m fine; I was just saying, you know…and anyway, you don’t have your car and it’s so late.”

“I’m going to let John drive me to the train; you go to sleep and I’ll see you in the morning.”

“No baby,” she said. “Wake me up when you get home.”

I got home before three and went to her room. She was awake and wearing one of my old shirts. She looked up and smiled, “I wore this to keep me company; I like the way it smells. It’s only been a few days but I missed you so much. Are you angry with me? I didn’t mean to make you come home and…”

“I’m not angry mom.” I started unbuttoning the shirt and she closed her eyes. She wasn’t wearing a bra or panties and the delight of her bare body sent a charge through me. We said very little and after I undressed her, there were only a few kisses before I was inside her.

It was unusual in that the lovemaking was quiet. She held me inside her after I had penetrated deep into her pussy. She hugged me tight to her and didn’t let me move. She massaged my back and wrapped her legs around me and said, “I missed you Mattie, I missed having you here.”

I kissed her and felt the softness of her tongue as it made love inside my mouth. Lips, and mouths, and tongues; the same as I had joined with other women, but it’s not the same with someone you love. With mom, I wanted her heart to also be there. I heard her making sweet sounds and wondered.

I put my cheek on her cheek so I could feel even more of the soft skin that touched me from her legs on my back to her breasts that were pressing into my chest. I reached my hand under her and took as much of her ass in my hand as I could while pressuring my cock to go even deeper into her pussy.

I moved every now and then because I couldn’t stand it and she ground her hips. I stayed hard inside her and then held one of her breasts as she whispered, “Mattie, my Mattie, in me…inside me…inside me…” Her nipple was thick and rubbery as I stroked it with my thumb.

She didn’t want to change positions and when she finally started to move, her orgasm came quick. It was as if a switch had been flipped. She became as active and noisy as she had been quiet. She thrashed and humped and clawed at me. I reacted in kind and speared my cock into my mother’s pussy with fast, hard, and deep thrusts. “Yes Mattie, she said. Take me, take me, fuck me.” I’d never heard her say it, but I liked it, and I liked doing it. “Make me come Mattie, make me come…”

“Yes momma, yes,” I told her as I gave her my whole cock time after time. I was usually aware of not pounding hard into her because she seemed stretched to her limit, but I lost control with my own orgasm approaching. As she cried out that she was coming, my cock was a solid greased rod entering the soft lips of her vagina and the tender pink of her pussy. I couldn’t hold back any more and I loved the feeling that I was about to come inside my mother’s pussy. I released the thick viscous cum that had built up for her and it quickly filled the channel that was grasping at my cock.

I said, “It’s for you momma, only for you, all my cum is for you.” I gave her my love with each release and stoked into her wet pussy until I couldn’t come any more. I rested on her breasts and kissed her neck.

When we both finished she held me tight and wouldn’t let go; she kept me inside her and told me again that she had missed me. She kissed me and they were kisses that were beseeching, and she whimpered as she gave them to me.

For the next few days mom seemed very quiet. She smiled at me a lot but didn’t want to talk much. I didn’t push her and she didn’t offer, so we didn’t have sex. It had been quite a quite a while since everything had begun, and I still wasn’t sure where it was going or what was coming next.

What came next was my next date. And that next person I found wasn’t far from home. The next person actually found me. The next person was Lorna.

She liked to talk and she was entertaining, so I often went down to keep her company. Her favorite topic was how miserable people were to each other. After reading the paper one day, she said, “These people are animals, no, they’re worse - they’re human. I think it’s hopeless Matt. Can you believe what we do to each other?”

“You know Lorna,” I said. “When I was young, and asked my mother about these things, she said that it was up to me to make the world better by doing something for someone every day, and I think she was right. I’m always amazed at what a smile or a kind word to someone does.” I looked at Lorna and smiled, “And by the way Lorna, you look lovely today.”

Her eyes lit and she got up to give me a kiss on the cheek. “Thank you matt…I think your mom must be a special lady.” Before I left she said, “Matt? Why don’t we go to a movie sometime?”

I said, “Fine,” but what I was really thinking made me laugh – that I’d have to check with mom first.

Mom said she was surprised that Lorna would ask and “…isn’t she too old, and is it a good idea to go out with my boss and…”

“Okay forget it,” I said. “I’ll tell her I can’t make it.”

“No…what the hell. She’s always going on about how cute you are, and maybe it would be worse if you say no. Just be careful, okay?”

I was going to ask, “Be careful about what?” because she seemed a bit upset, but I let it go and said “Sure.”

I guess when you’re making a sand pile, after a while, it falls over. It only takes a few grains at the end, and you can’t tell to which side it will fall. I can’t name all the grains of sand, but the last one ended the way mom and I had been. The grain of sand was Lorna.

Lorna and I went out a few times and mom never asked me a thing about it, unlike what had gone on when I had been seeing Debbie. Until, that is, the night of the avalanche. We had gone out to dinner and gone back to Lorna’s house. The kissing that she seemed like so much was progressing to touching. I could see where we were heading and said, “I didn’t have much luck with my last few relationships and…”

“Matt.” She said, “I think you’re going to get ‘lucky’ tonight.”

I came home very late and mom was waiting up. Her eyes were red and she looked like she’d been crying. She had a serious look that edged on anger. “Did you fuck her?” she said. I got a little pissed.

“What’s the difference? You wanted me to go out didn’t you? You wanted me to be ‘Normal’…didn’t you?”

She started to cry and I softened. “I’m sorry,” she said. “I’m sorry about everything. I don’t know anything anymore.” I put my hand on her shoulder and the tears came down and her sentences just ran together. “I was working on that wedding dress I’ve been altering for the last few days and I just started crying and I thought of you with Lorna and how she’s almost as old as I am and what if you ended up with her and I love you and I was watching CNN and all the terrible things going on in the world and I thought of what I always used to tell you, that there’s only two things that are important in your life...”

“I know mom, the first thing is love, and the other one doesn’t matter.”

She laughed through her tears. “You remembered didn’t you sweetheart? I was the one who forgot. But it is true. The only good thing is loving someone and taking care of them and I love you…I love you.”

I kissed her. “Well I love you. And Lorna and I just talked, that’s all. I realized I don’t want to get serious with her.” I kissed my mom again and started to tease her. “But now let me get this straight, you do or you don’t want me to go to bed with Lorna?”

She laughed, “I don’t.”

“Then who?” I said.

“Then me,” she said.

“Only you?”

“Only me…only me, baby.”

We kissed and I put my hand between her legs. “Only your pussy, mom?”

“Yes baby, only my pussy.” She started running on again. “Only me for everything; only you for everything. We can do it, can’t we baby? I was so afraid if I Ioved you like this you, somehow I might lose you like I lost your father, but you won’t go, will you baby, and it’s so good between us when you love me, and I want to be yours and be like Lovey and be…”

I kissed her deeply and unbuttoned her blouse. Her breasts never felt as good in my hands as they did when I slid them under her bra that night. Her pussy never felt as wet to my fingers as it did that night. I never felt as loved, and wanted, and needed, as I did that night.

It didn’t take long for our clothes to be in a pile on the floor. The sheet that would soon be soaked with our sweat was cool to our warm skin. My mother opened her legs to receive me as wives and lovers have done for their men forever. I entered her and the wet confines of her pussy grabbed me, took me in, and welcomed each penetration.

I locked myself into her and enjoyed the wonderful torture of not moving while being as deep inside her pussy as I could get. When we could stand it no longer, our hips slowly rotated, my penetrations slowly lengthened as I moved in and out of her pussy. “Like this forever baby.” She said.

“Yes mom, forever.”

After loving her with long, deep, penetrations, I kissed her and retreated from the warm pussy that held me so lovingly. She made a questioning sound that asked, ‘Why are you out of me?’ and I turned her over and entered her pussy doggy style. She sighed as I entered and she pushed back with each thrust. “And like this forever, mom,” I said. I dug my thumbs into the meaty globes of her perfectly shaped ass as her pussy massaged my cock.

“Yes honey, any way want me baby, anything you want baby…just want me.”

“I will mom, I do, I want you all the time.” I pushed in deep with each thrust until I was up against her ass. I ground and stayed and felt how deep and hard I was inside her pussy. I increased the tempo and she moaned. I touched her pucker and teased it, feeling the soft skin around the tight ring.

She said, “Yes baby, do it there.”

I took my glistening cock out of her pussy and went into her ass. “Yes, there baby” She said. “For you love…for me…yes.”

Her juices on me allowed me to penetrate her. I went into my mother’s ass with the full length of my cock and said, “For us mom, everything for us.”

“Oh yes, God yes, you’re so big in me, so deep in me.” She moaned loudly with each penetration, but they were sounds of pleasure. She took me in as she gave herself, and it was so much more than fucking. It was the physical expression of what can’t be said.

She reached back and spread the full round globes to open herself even more, to show me how opened she was. Each entry into my mother’s ass sent sensations through my cock. I stretched the narrow channel to its limit but she took every inch until I was up against her fingers. I put my hands on hers and continued to drive into her. We synchronized our movements and she let out one long sound that was a moan and a sigh together. I was surprised when she told me she was coming. I kept driving and as she came she said, “Oh my God…OH…OH…OH…”

I know that the brain is what really triggers orgasm and that sometimes it can surprise us, but I was still stupefied enough to almost stop what I was doing. Mom was actually cumming; fluid was coming from her pussy onto the sheets. I was stunned that my mother could cum like that, especially considering where I was inside her.

I listened to her noises and kept penetrating until I was about to crest myself. Her spasms were involuntary at that point and it felt like she was milking my cock. It was impossible not to come. I almost jerked back with the force of the first shot of cum that I sent into my mother’s ass. One after another I released my love into the hot, tight, channel that my mother had opened for me. The slippery fluid allowed me to pierce the rubbery ring and enter her at will to give her all I had.

She was just finishing her orgasm as I was coming. “Yes baby, “she said. “Come inside me…so deep inside me honey…love me…love, me…love me always baby…always like this…like momma’s going to love you…with all of me…every part of me…love…love…that’s all that matters” I could feel the swell and recoil each time my cock let go inside my mother’s pussy. She shuddered in her last spasms and let out a long sigh as the last of my releases entered her and coated her channel with the warm evidence of my love and desire.

We held each other afterwards and mom said, “It really is all that matters, isn’t it honey…just loving each other?”

I kissed her and I could even taste her love. “Yes mom…it’s the only normal thing there is.”

We stayed with Lorna for about a year. I had graduated and unfortunately Auntie Pat died, but she left mom the shop. We moved up north and mom got rid of the antiques and opened her own dress shop, which is doing very well. I’m a law assistant and we’re living a pretty normal life; we’re wearing rings. We still only have sex on special occasions, but every day is a special occasion now.

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