tagLesbian SexYouthful Pleasures Ch. 01

Youthful Pleasures Ch. 01


AUTHOR'S NOTE: A special thanks to Colleen Thomas for advice and her never-ending friendship and to all my friends to give me special help and tips…I love you all!

The upturned face.
Closed eyes.
Parted, wet kissable lips.

I laugh to myself, of all people to want my son's girlfriend. Here I am close to 45 years old. I know I'm good-looking and in great shape, but still, holding her in my arms looking down into her face, I cannot believe that this is all mine for the taking. Her telling me just a second before that she has never done this before and how much she wants to before she leaves for college. How she's fantasized about me, about us.

Pressing her body up against mine, moving her hips against me. She looks up at me, closes her eyes and whispers that she wants a kiss. Swallowing deeply there's no way I could resist. She's gorgeous. A blonde, blue-eyed girl. Lean with incredible breasts. Breasts that are pressing against me, lips that were waiting . . . for me. I let her wait just one second more, yearning my kiss. Needing it. As I lower my head and claim those lips, a moan escapes her.

"Yes." I think to myself. "The sweet taste of youth." I haven't had an eighteen-year-old since college. I've forgotten what it's like. The taste, the smell, the freshness . . .

Our tongues hungrily play with each other before I pull away and lick her lips, savoring that taste inside. She opens her eyes and looks at me, while biting her lip. I can feel the excitement growing within me. I bend my head and begin to kiss her neck, lightly nipping it, teasing it with my tongue as I trail it along her collarbone and down to the opening of her blouse. I hear her moan as I reach her cleavage and am pleased to find that her breasts are quite bountiful. I reach under her blouse, stroking the sides of her body as I reach the swell of them. Cupping each in my hand, my thumb gently plays with her nipples, which harden at my touch.

I walk her slowly back toward the couch and she falls quite hard onto the cushions as the back of her legs hit the edge. Looking up at me, her eyes wide with surprise, she laughs then bites her lip as her shyness suddenly takes over. I smile, spreading her legs as I kneel between her thighs. My hands stroke her thighs and slide under her mini skirt. Moaning, she looks at me with half-closed eyes and arches her back.

"Take off your shirt." I command her with a low voice and watch as she removes her blouse, exposing those gorgeous tits. I lick my lips, knowing I want to dive in between them, kiss them and suck on those protruding nipples.

"Not yet . . . not yet" I tell myself.

I move in closer and take a nipple in my mouth. Sucking on it, I use my tongue to circle the hard nub as one hand massages the other tit, teasing the nipple with my thumb. I slide my other hand under her skirt and between her legs and explore that hot, wet patch. Hearing her moan, I ask her, "You like that?" as my thumb finds her slit, pushing through to massage her clit. Her response is another moan, followed by a whimper as I reach her hole and slip in two well-lubricated fingers. My mouth and body desperately want to take her quickly. I want to taste her pussy so very badly. I bring my body down, removing my fingers from that wet hot hole, smirking as I see her pout at my actions.

"Why the pout? Don't you want me to "kiss" you?" I whisper on the skin just below her belly button and smile as her body reacts; the muscles contracting, the slight move of her hips. I work my tongue to her hip bone, nibbling on the skin, sliding over her flat stomach, reaching the edge of her pubic hair, or at least what there was of it.

I bring my hands down around her hips and under her ass. I slid her closer to me, so close that her pussy opens up and I can smell that sweet, musty smell that only eighteen year olds have. I lick my lips and dive in, hungrily licking that pussy. I suck on her clit, tasting her. My tongue flattens against those lips and I lick her slowly from front to back, stopping to dip my tongue in her hole. Her hands reach down and entangle themselves in my hair, pushing me closer. I tease her clit again, using my fingers to fuck her. I can feel her pussy clamping down on my fingers as my tongue flicks at her faster.

Her moans get louder and her hips thrust faster and faster as I fuck her hard. Her pussy juice is dripping down my hand and I decide to try one more thing, before I make her cum. Still using my tongue to lick her clit, I take a wet finger and massage her asshole. Her ass clenches immediately and that hole puckers just bit as I massage it, relaxing her. As she slowly becomes more excited by the prospect of what was about to happen, I slip my finger into her ass.

Her moan is more of a low growl as she moves her ass back and forth in sync with my finger.

"Yes!" She moans. "Yes, fuck my ass. Mmm . . . yeah . . . oh!"

I clamp my mouth on her pussy, making sucking noises, drinking in her sweet juice. Fucking that ass, sucking her pussy, I can feel my body wanting to be naked and against her. I want to turn her over and lick that ass; stick my tongue deep into her.

I tell her to get on her knees facing the couch and she does, sticking her ass out to me. I spread her cheeks and lick her ass. Circling that hole with my tongue. I take my hand, sliding it around to the front and stroke her pussy. Her ass pushes out to my face and I blow onto her. Bringing my head down, I lick her pussy quickly and her body responds with a quick jerk. Her breathing becoming more rapid.

"Mmm . . . you like that, don't you?" I whisper to her. "You have such a sweet pussy and ass. You taste so good, baby."

With that I slap her ass and hear her yelp. She moans a "Yes." and "Again, please" and spank her again. Stroking her pussy all the while.

"Oh! Fuck . . . fuck my pussy . . . please! I'm gonna cum . . . " She yells and I do that, I stick three fingers up her cunt pushing them in and out. Suddenly she turns over and lies on the floor, knees bent. She pleads with me, "Please, I've never . . . oh, my, please... eat me. Eat me!"

Oh, and I do. I start to suck and lick that pussy. Nibbling on her lips, tongue twirling around her clit. I look up and watch her face. That beautiful face like a mirror to her orgasm. Grimacing in ecstasy, licking her lips, moaning. I slap her pussy, as I fuck her with my fingers, bending down to suck on her again. I feel her body pause and hear her as she moans her orgasm. Watching her face as she cums over and over again, her cunt squeezing my fingers, hips begin to buck and thrust.

Slowly, her hips stop their moving and my finger fucking becomes strokes. I stroke her pussy gently, bringing my lips down over her clit, blowing softly on it, watching her stomach muscles contract again.

"Oh, wow!" She says opening her eyes and looking at me. She bends down and kisses my lips, licking off her juice. "Mmm..I never imagined..." She gets out just before our kiss becomes deeper and I feel her hands slide around to my ass, pulling me closer.

Abruptly, we pull apart when we hear a horn beep outside. I slowly move away from her, licking my fingers of the remains of her sweetness. She watches me as she smoothes out her clothing, her hair.

"That's your son." She says, her head nodding to the door. "We're supposed to go out tonight." She pouts again with those red, full lips.

"I know. Go. Don't keep him waiting." I respond, winking at her, caressing her cheek and kissing her forehead.

Smiling at me as she walks past toward the door. Opening it slightly, hand still on the doorknob, she turns and looks at me.

"Mrs. Phillips, I intend to pay you back."

I smile at her, nodding. "I didn't think otherwise. Besides, I told your mom that I'd take good care of you while she was away."

NOTE: I would really like to make this into a series of short stories regarding Mrs. Phillips' Sexploits. She is a recent divorcee, who is hot, sexy and ready to embark on many adventures. Should you have any feedback, I would love to hear what you have to say and any ideas on the next journey you may want to read about, would be greatly appreciated. I hope you enjoyed this story as much as I enjoyed writing it!

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