tagNonHumanYshomatsu and the Succubus

Yshomatsu and the Succubus


Yshomatsu entered a small abandoned cave; he stood at a close six feet one inch. A hooded robe came to a stop around deep emerald eyes staring into the cobweb infested area. Neatly close trimmed red goatee around a slight grin. Remembering the cave as it used to be over one hundred years ago, a spot off to the side where his bed mat laid. Many scrolls clumped together for light reading.

Few were left from his order of monks, once the world's most powerful pacifists, fighting only when peace was threatened. Their peace keeping tactics had worked for countless ages. However as they grew more power, many turned to greed. Leading to the whole known world going to war, the world split into smaller factions. All factions tried to conquer the others, to rule the world.

Yshomatsu raised his fists, bending both index and middle fingers out. Moving his hands with lightning speed in a slicing motion in front of himself, Yshomatsu let out a grunt and pushed his hands out. A spark descended from his hands, turning into flame upon touching a carved out fireplace at the center of the cave. Many years practicing the so called magic by the outside world, Yshomatsu had mastered ways to stay young, among many other skills. Being one of the founders of the monk order, only he truly knew how old he was. Yshomatus' body never aged past twenty six.

Sitting down on the cave ground, by the bonfire he created. Yshomatsu crossed his feet, straitening his back and flattening the creases from his monk robes. He placed his hands on his knees; Yshomatsu meditated preparing to enter the dream world. A spirit realm the monks discovered all beings tap into when they dreamed. Unconsciously all living creatures drifted around the lesser levels of the dream world. Each subconscious mind controlled its own part of the dream world's lesser levels.

This cave had once been home to Yshomatsu until the catholic crusades rendered the surrounding area too dangerous to remain. Their order vanished from the wars; the monks realized their place in the world could excel in the shadows. In those days the dream world had only been used by the monks to communicate over long distances, nothing more.

Brief moments to sound alarms to each other or deliver messages created the perfect method for their order to operate around the world. With the monk order spread thin, being able to quickly act without the use of runners was the only reason their plans succeeded. Later they had stretched to meetings within the dream, while their order had grown strong enough to secretly control the outcome of wars if they so wished it.

As a double sided dealer made profits off selling their goods to both sides of enemy forces behind their backs, the monk order thrived behind the scene. They created a mighty underground cartel around the monk order, allowing their order to fade into history, becoming myth.

Taking deep breaths the cave around him began to change. A thick fog filled the cave, unnatural plants erected and descended from between the cracks of the cave. His heart rate lowered beyond that of normal resting heart rates. His body relaxed into a deep sleep state, core body temperature decreased. To anyone in the waking world Yshomatsu would be pronounced dead.

Yshomatsu was returning after so many years in isolated training to the dream world in search of some known associates within his order that had gone missing. With no traces of their bodies Yshomatsu could only assume they were hidden away somewhere while escaping into the dream. No long term side effects from remaining in the dream world were known. Many speculated that the dream had more potential but no one had taken the risk to explore its hidden treasures.

Opening his eyes Yshomatsu looked around, realizing he was in the dream world but something was wrong. Within the thick fog he could barely see through, a foul taste filled his mouth. Evil lurked nearby, something ancient dark and sinister, Yshomatsu never felt anything like it. Yshomatsu slowly moved towards the cave's exit, reaching out he moved the long vines now covering the area aside, peering out into the clearing ahead.

The desert planes that surrounded his cave from decades of warfare, was now a lush jungle. Giant trees littered the area, vines reached between trees. Shrubbery and large trunks filled the ground. Off in the distance he saw a decaying hound wonder into another cave.

"Death in the dream," He asked himself. Confused, Yshomatsu leaps out of his cave, quickly running over to the other cave. Silently he reaches the cave, placing his feet on the on the edge of the cave's entrance. Leaning into the rocks, he looked in to see the badly decaying hound pass around a corner. About to step into the darkness Yshomatsu hears a feint whisper.

"Come to me... submit to the addictive pleasures I offer monk."

Yshomatsu shook his head, looking around but not finding its source. The seductive voice lingered on his mind as he ignored his gut feeling and stepped into the cave after the hound, his footsteps silenced by the moss covered ground. He thought he heard a feminine giggle, but he ignored it, probably just his mind playing tricks on him. He took another deep breath unbeknownst to him, filling his lungs with the tainted fog. He moved forward after a few moments, before he reached the corner ahead where the hound vanished from sight, he heard the feint whisper again.

"Mmm, you smell delicious, your soul is aged like fine wine," a feminine voice said, her voice filled with sinful lust.

Yshomatsu shakes his head trying to clear his clouded mind, only this time it took twice as long. Yshomatsu rubbed his eyes and cleared this throat. He did not notice the thick fog that filled the dream was in fact corrupted and every breath worked against him, slowly weakening his willpower.

Upon reaching the corner Yshomatsu tilted his head over to peer around the caves tunnel. Hoping to go unnoticed he spies into a larger cavern. Seeing his fellow monks Yshomatsu entered the dream to find chained to the walls of the cavern. Their eyes glazed over, with blissful expressions on their faces. All the monks were naked, their bodies hung limp from their chains. The only part of their bodies that looked awake were their massive erections reaching out towards the center of the cave.

Peering over at the cavern's center stood who Yshomatsu could only guess was the feminine voice in his head. Only this was no simple girl, but a Succubus. A foul lesser demon that thrived by seducing men with lustful thoughts, rather than fighting. Sucking out their life force and soul until only a withered shell remained. The longer her process was drawn out, the greater the power the Succubus gained from her victim's souls.

The Succubus was a being whose story has been told throughout history, warning all of mankind of the dangers of sex. Yet the Succubus had always been conceived as a mythological creature and never proven to exist.

Time slowed until Yshomatsu couldn't tell how long he stared, transfixed by the demon's exotic lore. Her skin was blood red and long hair the color of night swept down onto her shoulders, descending around two leathery wings similar to those of a bat's folded up from her back. Her hair continued down coming to an end just barely covering her tight perfectly shaped buttocks. A thin tail writhed like a serpent between her legs. The tail tipped with a scorpion shaped razor sharp point, encased within a thin layer of skin. Allowing the Succubus to use her tail at will, with or without her poison tipped stinger.

The Succubus pets the decaying hound now at her side. She looked back over her shoulder and locked eyes with Yshomatsu, a wicked suggestive smile formed.

Shocked by suddenly realizing that she knew he was there. Yshomatsu tried to back away but couldn't will his feet to move, for the corrupted fog had formed into a thick layer of roiling mist upon the ground. Sapping his willpower to shreds, the mist was tickling his skin through his robes.

The hound barked a weak yet evil sounding howl before storming off in the direction it came, growling at Yshomatsu when it passed by. Having for filled its mission to lore Yshomatsu into the Succubus' layer, the hound was no longer needed.

Yshomatsu didn't even realize he was taking a few steps towards the Succubus until he shook his head, trying to shake off the tendrils of lust strangling within his thoughts.

The next thing he knew, Yshomatsu was standing in the center of the cavern. Before him stood the Succubus, once again they locked eyes as Yshomatsu stared into her empty orbs like two pits opening onto a black abyss. Yshomatsu's eyes slightly glazed over and head tilted to the side, falling into her lustful hypnotic spell. The Succubus licked her luscious lips, sultrily smiling ear to ear in her victory over the powerful monk standing before her. Placing her arms around his neck, the Succubus whispered into his ear.

"I'll show you pleasures no mortal has ever experienced," licking his earlobe before her soft lips pressed into a wet lustful kiss, nibbling slightly. Yshomatsu's mind was filled with clouds, his conscious mind tried to push forward into action. Only to have it pushed back by the Succubus lowering one of her finely chiseled arms down his side. Reaching into his robes, fondling his slightly stiff member and swollen balls, an excited moan escaped Yshomatsu's mouth.

Yshomatsu's heart pumped faster, sending much needed blood for his brain south to his currently more dominate mind. Squeezing her hand as she slowly stroked his manhood, twisting her palm at its tip. The Succubus giggled with delight, kissing the side of his mouth, slowly sliding behind him, her kiss lingered on his skin, throbbing, aching for her lips not to leave.

Reaching around, rubbing his chest while hooking her fingers under his robes. The Succubus' hot breath blew into his neck before pulling of the monk's robes, tossing them to the side. Revealing his shaggy reddish blonde hair that was cut relatively short, a shiver spread down his body causing his to lightly shake.

Hey tail slithered between their legs, curling and tightening around his manhood. While Yshomatsu was distracted by the pleasures of her tail the Succubus raised his arms above his head. Before he knew it he was chained to the caverns ceiling. Clarity cleared the clouds form his mind, having realized the trouble he was in.

Yshomatsu shoved his shoulder into her, sending her back into the far wall of the cavern. The demon smiled as strands of her wavy black hair fell down in front of her face. Giving her an exotic sexy appeal, "my, my and here I thought you'd be as weak as your friends were." Her eyes sparkled, running her hands up her body. Squeezing her perfect breasts, only slightly too large for her fascinating, unnaturally sexy body type. The Succubus snapped her head back, whipped her hair out of her face.

Yshomatsu could hardly force his eyes not to stare at the sight his manhood pulsed desperately into the fresh open air. Having her at a distance weakened her hold on his mind and he summoned the will to take this time to look around at the other monks chained around the area. All their expressions seemed to be filled with ecstasy unaware of the event transpiring within the cavern. Their skin pale white, appearing as ghosts slowly fading away. Yshomatsu briefly wondered how long they had been trapped by her spell. The monk order wasn't aware of them missing until all three had not reported in a little over a month ago. It had taken Yshomatsu a while to track down their location in the dream world.

Looking back to the far wall he noticed that the Succubus wasn't there and in fact she was nowhere to be seen. Thinking to himself; Yshomatsu wondered if any of the monks knew they were under attack, perhaps... no they had to know. When the Succubus struck, she liked to toy with her prey, savoring her meal. Yshomatsu began to feel air lightly being blown on the back of his neck, quickly losing track of what he was thinking about as a shiver runs up his spine.

"The things I'm going to show you, my little monk," she chuckled darkly. "I sense power in you, far greater than any I have felt before. I'm going to take my time with you and savor this." Ironically proving Yshomatsu's last thought correct, if only his mind hadn't clouded over at the sound of her voice.

An even more pungent odor filled the cave, piercing Yshomatsu's nostrils with gilded fish hooks as she reeled in her helpless prey. It was the damnable mist he thought. Only this new odor was coming from a much closer source. The Succubus' gapping nether lips tingled with thoughts of corrupting this monk. Filling the air around them with deep lust filled desire, created by her arousal. Every breath he took filled his lungs with a cloying perfume that sapped his strength and filled his mind with unwholesome images.

"Let me be your temptress and we'll do things together that you haven't even dared dream about," the Succubus purred.

Yshomatsu snapped his eyes open, shaking his head. He had to stay alert. This wasn't a dream he was just in the dream world, the spirit world, he had ultimate control over his body here. His skin tingled where her lips had brushed against it, eager to feel her kisses again. Yshomatsu tried to put it out of his mind, trying to hold on to his thoughts of controlling himself.

"It will feel exquisite," her voice full promises of the pleasure she could give him. Pressing up against his back, Yshomatsu lost all thoughts of anything other than her hardened nipples pointing into his skin. Sliding around him, the Succubus licked her way to his mouth, ending in a sloppy forceful kiss. Her tail resumed its place around his manhood, stroking him back to full attention. The Succubus aimed his manhood to her nether lips. She raised one leg around Yshomatsu's lower back.

"Get off," Yshomatsu spat into her lips breaking their kiss.

"Oh I intend to get off alright, don't worry darling, you'll scream from desire as my sweet nectar flows, absorbing into your stiff cock."

"No..." He tried to counter by pushing her away, only resulting in her quick reflexes turning his protest against him. His thrust misfired, impaling his manhood deep into her pussy until his pelvic bone met hers, "Ahhhh!" he screamed, tongue hanging out of his mouth from his bodies' sensor overload.

Seizing the opportunity the Succubus jumped up onto Yshomatsu, locking her heals tightly behind his back. Her black leathery wings stretched out behind her. The Succubus lowered her head, wrapping her slender tongue around his, pulling it into her mouth as she began to eagerly suck on it.

All of it happened so fast the Succubus almost forgot her tail was still wrapped around his manhood. Giggling into his mouth sending hot vapors of lust into his lungs, as her tail slightly uncoiled only to spread out the length of his manhood. The Succubus' tail squeezed rhythmically up and down Yshomatsu's manhood. Creating a unique feeling combined in time with her inner walls tightly sucking his flesh with a mind of its own.

Sweat formed on Yshomatsu's forehead, enjoying the moans of pleasure the demon was making. Reluctantly she broke the kiss, coaxing a gasp out of him as he leaned forward trying to relock their lips.

"See lover. I told you it would feel exquisite. Even as I suck out your soul," the demon whispered into his ear.

Yshomatsu was reminded again of what she was and the danger she presented to him. It spurred him into attempting to squirm free of her pleasurable embrace. He thrashed backwards and tried to shake her off him. Laughing the Succubus tightened her grip around his lower back and neck, bring her wings down over him like a tight leather blanket.

"Yes ravish me! Give into your desire and release your seed into me," nibbling on his ear lobe.

Closing his eyes, Yshomatsu had to concentrate. Trying to think was nearly impossible as his balls tightened up, getting close to release. Pre-cum seeped into the Succubus causing her to moan deeply into his ear.

"I know your type," she sighed looking him in the eyes, fires burning in her once black filled orbs. "You want a slut to lead you through all the unspeakable acts you dare not ask for. Do it baby, give into me."

His last minute effort to struggle put her over the edge. The Succubus' body shook violently as she attacked his mouth. Juices flowed as her orgasm hit, arching her back, groaning into his mouth. Only small drips escaped along her tail, she began to remove her tail slowly. Not wanting to waste her nectars effect she coiled it around his balls. The Succubus' nether lips sealed around the base of his manhood, forcing the remaining liquid to sink into his flesh, spreading down into a two sided attack on his balls.

The pleasure caused by her orgasm was too much for Yshomatsu. The Succubus moaned in celebration as the monk released his seed into her. Her vaginal muscles began to squeeze, determined to get everything he had to offer. Spent and exhausted, Yshomatsu's body collapsed, hanging limply from the chains above him.

The Succubus lowered herself off him slowly, enjoying the sensation of his manhood sliding out of her. Her nether lips squeezed down hard on his tip before releasing it, drawling out his orgasm. When the Succubus was sure she got it all she lowered herself off Yshomatsu. She ran a long nailed finger down his cheek, curling it under his chain before raising his head to look into his eyes.

"That was exhilarating lover, your seed is powerful, beyond anything I've ever tasted." Leaning in, the Succubus lightly bit down on his lower lip, sucking it into hers for a moment before letting go. Her hands grasped his still rock hard manhood, "look at that, your body craves more." Laughing in a sinister heart stopping laugh, as the Succubus bent her knees descending towards his manhood.

She clasped her delicate hands around the base of his manhood. The Succubus aimed his manhood higher, licking the mixed juices from his manhood as she locked her lips around his crown. The Succubus sucked hard while curling her tongue between the most sensitive skin directly between the mushroom and shaft.

The sudden pressure on his dick caused Yshomatsu to wake from his dazed state of mind, tightly clenching his eye lids shut from the pleasure she was giving him. A deep moan generated from within his chest excelled up into his wind pipes and exploded, filling the cavern with cries of pure bliss. The Succubus giggled, yet not relenting on her oral assault. Her tail slithered like a serpent behind her.

"Oh god damn!" He screamed out, closing in on another orgasm. The Succubus doubled her effort. Her ass wiggled behind her curled up wings, two small horns erected from above the Succubus' temples. Looking up at Yshomatsu, her eyes formed dancing flames at their centers in little slits like cat's eyes.

Unbeknownst to Yshomatsu his powerful seed was giving the Succubus more power than she could gain from a human life time of consuming souls. Then again Yshomatsu was older than many human life times put together, a fact he was going to use to his advantage if only he could focus his mind.

Sensing his impending orgasm, the Succubus had doubled her effort. Gripping tighter with one hand at his base, with the other she began to quickly stroke his erection with extreme vigor. Her sudden increase in effort distracted Yshomatsu, diverting his mind back to the task at hand... her meal. Yshomatsu rocked his hips back and forward, at first the Succubus thought he was trying to get away from her again so she tightened her grips.

Yshomatsu's body tensed mere moments before a volcano of an orgasm sent his seed flying down the Succubus' throat. She bit down with her sharp fangs into the shaft of his manhood, expelling her venom into his bloodstream. She swallowed all of his seed, licking the wound, causing the puncture holes to heal, sealing in the poison into his system.

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