Yshomatsu and the Succubus


The Succubus gave the widest smile as she rose up, stretching out her arms squealing with delight as the monks powerful seed was absorbed into her body. The succubus licked her lower lip while running one clawed finger over her top lip seductively, her smile never faded.

"What a rush," she purred, slowly taking a few steps closing the distance to his body while swaying her hips. Yshomatsu began to chant under his breath, "Don't tell me you're having second thoughts after that." The Succubus ran her hands up his sides, lightly tickling him. Yshomatsu ignored her as best he could, which caused her to pout. The Succubus leaned in for a kiss but Yshomatsu knocked her body off. The Succubus was laughing even as she hit the floor. She got back to her feet with cat-like grace.

"It's too late to fight, you're mine now," she taunted.

Just then Yshomatsu's eyes flared red, continuing to chant. He was filled with fresh clarity and deep regret that he wasn't strong enough to stop her spell from affecting him. Yshomatsu screamed out as the essence of his secret isolated training filled his body. The ancient dragon form Yshomatsu had spent a long time training to tap into lashed out from his body.

For the first time since she entered the dream to wreak havoc on those that dared to explore its greater levels, the Succubus showed fear. Yshomatsu was showing her the extent of his true power. The Succubus was desperate to figure out how best to turn his attempt to her favor.

The chains shattered, the metal pieces fell to the ground. Yshomatsu's arms began to grow, his hands slowly turned into claws as his neck grew and his head elongated taking on the shape of a dragons. Descending down to all fours, wings sliced out of his back. A long tail covered in razor sharp shards of bone grew out from behind him.

The decaying hound charged back into the room, leaping at the forming dragon. Teeth sank into the ruby red scales of Yshomatsu's growing neck. The dragon's roar filled the cavern, a wing crashed down slamming into the hound sending it to the ground. The sound of bones shattering could be heard. Yshomatsu lowered his head clamping down his strong jaws hard. Causing a yelp of pain from the decaying hound as it was chewed and swallowed by the formed dragon. Yshomatsu finished his transformation, the dragon form smaller in size to fit in the cavern. Within the dream Yshomatsu could control his transformation.

Yshomatsu turned licking his bloody teeth with his elongated tongue. Spotting the once over confident Succubus now cowering in the corner shaking as she whispers. "I knew... I... sensed... great power" below her breath. Still trembling as the dragon reached down with a clawed hand and lifted the Succubus up. The clawed hand squeezed the trapped seducing predator, now the dragons prey.

"I am no mere mortal," Yshomatsu growled. He puffed out his ruby red scales for effect, just like a cat would to appear more than it was.


His roar echoed throughout the many tunnels and caverns. The Succubus' eye flared bright, filling Yshomatsu's eyes blinding him momentary. The Succubus laughed as she vanished into a puff of smoke.

Yshomatsu shook his head to clear the effect on his eyes, looking around the cavern for the Succubus. With no Succubus in sight Yshomatsu noticed for the first time, the monks were awake. Yshomatsu whipped his tail against the cavern wall. His bladed tail sliced the captured monk's chains, freeing the confused looking men from their bonds.

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by Anonymous09/10/17

This is horrible.

Fix your verb tenses.

Reread your story before you post it. I am sure if you had you would have abandoned this project (and perhaps your hobby) before you had started.

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