tagNonHumanYule Logs & Roasting Chestnuts

Yule Logs & Roasting Chestnuts


Yolanda sits alone in her small two-bedroom apartment in the living room watching some inane Christmas special feeling extremely horny and frustrated. Her ass of a boyfriend had just left after giving her all of 20 minutes of foreplay, sex, and cigarette smoking. Being young, black, and insatiable sometimes had its drawbacks. Like tonight.

The 20-year-old woman finally gives in to her urges and whips out a vibrator from underneath the couch. She easily slides it to the hilt into her wet, hairless pussy.

As she slowly, teasingly works the vibrator in and out of her squishing love hole she plays with her nipples with her free hand. The onyx colored pebbles quickly plump to eraser sized marbles.

Between her legs, her plump lips suck on the dildo as it slides in and fold out, revealing the pink inner skin as it slides out. Every other out-stroke Yolanda angles the device so that it buzzes against her hard sensitive nub.

Her skin begins to break into a light sheen of sweat as she rolls off the couch and settles on the thick carpet with her breasts and nipples mashed against the floor and her slim toned hips high in the air. She reaches under herself and begins to work the dildo into her leaking hole, a little faster this time. Heat flashes begin to spread from her pussy, slowly enveloping her body as an orgasm begins to grow. Her tummy begins clenching as her pussy grips the dildo tighter and tighter. She is seconds from a mind-searing orgasm when suddenly a tongue lightly licks her exposed asshole. The sudden unexpected intrusion sets off an orgasm that shakes her to the core. The thick carpet barely muffles the orgasmic wail as Yolanda's body welcomes the release. When a second orgasm follows the first her body simply shuts down.

When Yolanda comes to seconds later, the first thing she notices is that the vibrator is now between her sweaty cleavage and the carpet. Someone, correction, someones were now giving her pussy and ass a talented tongue bath. There is also a light weight sitting on her back.

She turns her head towards the bathroom door mirror and opens her eyes. She quickly shuts them and opens her eyes again, not believing what she is seeing: two short, naked men were working her with their tongues. Short, impossibly hung men with green pointed hats.

Her mind refuses to accept the sight even as her body confirms it. TWO HORNY SANTA'S ELVES WERE LICKING HER!!!

Suddenly, a short, stubby foot blocks her eyesight. Looking up, Yolanda is met with the largest cock she has ever seen throbbing from the crotch of a pointed-eared man who wouldn't come up to her waist if she were standing up. He bends over, his huge purple cockhead just inches from Yolanda's eyes, and whispers in her ear"Do you like your gift?"


"The wish that you have always wanted: to have the most fulfilling night of your life, sexually."

Yolanda only listens with half a mind, her other half make her tongue reach for the throbbing member in front of her. As if reading her mind, the elf sits in front of her and places the purple head to her lips. Yolanda swirls the head with her tongue, surprised with the honey/salty taste. She slowly wraps her lips around the head and begins to suck just an inch of the furnace hot flesh.

Behind her, the elf licking her juicy hole stands up and places his nine-inch cock at the entrance to Yolanda's baby smooth snatch. With small hands he grips the larger woman's sweaty smooth hips and sloooowly slides into her.

Yolanda moans deeply as she begins to be filled more than she ever has before. As more cock slides into her cunt she slides more of the cock in her mouth down her throat. When the elf, without warning, slides the last two inches into her velvet tunnel she immediately swallows the last inch of the hot member down her throat and groans loud and long with ecstasy. The vibrations set off the elf, which gently entwines his fingers into the blonde and black braids and sends his load straight to the woman's stomach.

Expecting him to shrink after jetting such a load into her, Yolanda is pleasantly shocked to feel the elf's cock still stiff between her lips. She responds by sucking the elf with a passion, sliding her free hand up and down his cock while rubbing her clit with the other.

As Yolanda's fourth orgasm begins to build up the elves suddenly stop what they are doing. The woman's head is gently but firmly held still. She opens her eyes in a questioning manner to look at the head elf, which only smiles and winks one baby blue eye at her.

Suddenly, there is pressure on her anus. The realization is immediate. She begins to panic but the head elf just strokes her cheek with a warm, smooth hand, instantly relaxing her. This is enough to get the head of the intruding elf's cock into the tight anal ring of her ass. He pauses, allowing the woman's ass to adjust to the intrusion. For long minutes the tight hole "chews" on the cockhead. Finally, the elf begins to fuck her, pushing in an inch, pulling back, pushing in another inch.

Meanwhile, Yolanda is in heaven. The head elf has moved to the side, allowing Yolanda to grasp the carpet in both hands and continuously moan as she is fucked in both holes. The friction between the two dicks rubbing the thin wall between her ass and pussy is both new and intense. When both elves cum at the same time, pumping her ass and pussy with their sweet, hot nectar Yolanda wails her pleasure.


As her sixth, and most powerful, orgasm approaches her whole body begins to shake so much that both elves have a hard time staying with the sweaty woman. Her hands are pounding the floor and her braids are whirling around wildly, yet no sound issues from her throat. All of the air in her lungs rushes out, and then…her eyes fade to black.

Hours later, Yolanda comes to in her tub. The hot water, scented with citrus, caresses her body lovingly, almost covering up the pleasant throbbing in both her pussy and stretched ass.

A card is sitting next to the tub. It reads, "Until next Christmas!"

When Yolanda touches it, it disintegrates in a puff of green and gold glitter, which settles on the surface of the bath water. Smiling, she sinks back into the tub and dreams of an erotic Christmas.

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