tagFirst TimeYuletide Cheer

Yuletide Cheer


The rain pitter pattered outside the car window as I waited for the next light to turn green. I sighed in wait, the streets cluttered with people performing their last minute Christmas shopping duties. Christmas...what a joke. As far back as I could remember, the ripe old number of 19 years, I couldn't remember a single happy Christmas.

But alas, there I sat, a Christmas present on the passenger seat wrapped up in blue and gold. The light turned green and I continued my trip to Sheryl's house. Many things had run through my mind, but none more than Sheryl.

Sheryl and I had been dating for about 2 years, about the time we were finishing graduating high school. It wasn't really a serious thing in the beginning, more like two people who would rather be out somewhere than cooped up at home. We met through friends, studying for the SATs. Eventually, I found out she had many of the same interests as myself and we got to talking. We started dating for a bit and sure enough, we became a couple.

As good a couple we were, Sheryl and I never really had a real physical relationship. Sure there was petting and kissing, occasionally we would have oral sex with each other, but she would never let herself, or me for that matter go all the way. She never told me whether or not she was a virgin and I never told her that I was one, the worst kind too, all the knowledge, none of the experience. I decided the best course of action was to just leave it be until she was ready.

Sheryl's a great looking woman. Auburn hair falling down to her shoulders that curled out. Beautiful big blue eyes. Dynamite lips, a birthmark on her jaw line. She kept in peak physical condition, a habit she picked up since she was on the high school track team. Her breasts were nothing short of perfect to me, 34Cs that seemed to just jut out of any outfit she had on. Her nipples were average sized, the aureole light. Her stomach was something I loved, it was so smooth and flat. She pierced her belly button, in it resided one of those fancy jewel types. She kept her pubic area free of any hair, another habit she picked up while she was on track, she said it felt great when she ran or just about anytime she had panties on.

I remember the first time I saw her pussy, I had scene plenty in porn videos and magazines but never once in person. I remembered that very same night, there was a lot more than just looking going on. I remember starting off slow, we were kissing. My hands resting on her taut ass. Squeezing, kneading, massaging moans out of her mouth. She began to sneak her tongue in past my lips to meet mine. At that point, I opened my eyes, hers were still closed but I could read the intensity in her face. The want and desire expressed through the gestures in her face and the moans she emanated. My hands rose up from her skirt to the back of her shirt, undoing her bra.

"Wait a minute." I said as a I broke off the kiss. Sheryl's breathing was heavy, I saw her lick her lips and have a slightly quizzical look on her face. "C'mon Henry...what's wrong?" She didn't have to wait long before I pulled her shirt over her head, her breasts bouncing free, still covered by her bra. Almost naturally, Sheryl removed her bra.

"Wow." I whispered.

"What's 'wow'?" Sheryl asked.

"They're just so beautiful." She giggled as I started cupping her right breast in my hand, her nipple growing harder in the palm of my hand. Sheryl took in a sharp breath and stared kissing me again. Taking my free hand and placing it back on her firm buttocks, I continued touching her breast. My thumb and forefinger rubbing it back and forth and finally pinching. She bit my lip as I did.

"Not so hard, naughty boy." A devilish smile resting on her mouth. That was something I loved about her, she always mean in that erotic way. I made a pouty face and she smiled. She wrapped her arms around me and whispered into my ear, "You're such a sweetheart." Sheryl looked me square in my brown eyes and gave me a kiss on the cheek. At that point, I lifted her up by her legs and carried her to her bed, easing her down on to her back. Her giggle was intoxicating to my ears and I laid upon her, resting my head on her collarbone. She played with my short brown hair and brought my face to hers.

"So how about we get down to it? Hmm?" She took my hand and guided it to her pussy, moistening as time went by. I smirked and said, "Absolutely." I gave her a kiss on the lips and started working my fingers on her pussy. Rubbing her labia slowly while starting to suck on her tits. I took her left tit into my mouth, clenching it tight between both lips. I became more and more turned on as I heard the moans and sighs coming from Sheryl, all the while still rubbing her pussy. Feeling adventurous, I gently bit down on her nipple. A long "Mmm" escaped from her mouth for just a second. Her eyes were shut and her arms arched under her head. Nipple still between my teeth, I started flicking on it with my tongue. Sheryl's moans turned into erotic whimpers as my foreplay began turning into one big tease fest.

Not to be indifferent to her gorgeous body, I let go of her left tit and resumed on her right. Her pussy was so wet by now I had little trouble inserting my middle finger.

"...More..." Sheryl's tone of voice almost had a begging quality to it. I obliged and inserted my forefinger. I began paying more attention to fucking her pussy with my fingers so I let go of her nipple. My fingers worked their way in and out of her pussy slowly, slow enough for Sheryl to look down at me and say, "Quit being such a Goddamn tease!"

I smiled and increased my pace, fucking her faster, placing my free hand on her breast and squeezing. My thumb found it's way onto her clit and started to massage it. It was only a short amount of time before she proclaimed, "I'm...I'm...c...cumming!" Her back arched up and her breathing became quick and shallow, I continued working my fingers in and out of her. She took her hand and stopped mine before falling on her back completely. She took deep breaths and sighed. I took out my fingers which were sopping wet with her juices and fluids and crawled up to her face. She looked like a sleeping angel, eyes shut gently and breathing very slowly. I couldn't help to play the joker so I honked her nose twice. When she opened her eyes they looked like a cross between terror and absolute anger. She jabbed me in the ribs with her elbow.


"You're so inconsiderate sometimes!"

"Well, yeah...But it's funny." She sighed and gave me a small smile and honked my nose twice. She threw her head back onto the bed and let out a huge breath.

"You're so good..." Sheryl ran her hands over her still throbbing pussy and sighed.

"Yeah...who knew?" I gave a clueless shrug and kissed her on the cheek.

I still get hard thinking of that night. Sheryl's an amazing woman that never had any problems getting my blood pumping. I pulled into the driveway of Sheryl's house, she had house sitting duties while her parents were away in Malibu, away from the snowy landscape of Virginia. As I exited the car, Christmas present in tow, I noticed all the small décor additions to the house. Multi-colored lights were wrapped around each column holding up the porch's roof, a traditional wreath on the door, and a festive doormat with "Happy Holidays" embroidered on it.

I rang the doorbell a bit and waited. Moments later, Sheryl opened the door, dressed in a Christmas sweater decorated in various snowflake designs, an old pair of blue jeans frayed here and there, and reindeer slippers. "Feeling festive?" I brushed off stray snowfall from my shoulders and entered her abode. The house was kept very clean thanks to a daily maid, Sheryl's parents both retired early and were living comfortably. Most of the time they were out on cruises or vacations to exotic areas leaving Sheryl to keep the house kept. I removed my boots and looked up at Sheryl again, who had conjured up a Santa hat.

"'Tis the season." She bopped the hat's top and led me into the living room where she had a fire going. There was a small Christmas tree kept in the corner decorated simply.

"Now who's that for?" Sheryl pointed to the present under my arm.

"Well, there's two people in this room and I think it would be shallow to carry a present from me to me." She fought back a laugh and saved the moment, "Aw Henry...You shouldn't have!"

"Sure I should! 'Tis the season and all." We sat down on the couch and I handed the present to her. Looking at her face made me smile, there was always that same gleam in everyone's eyes when they received a present on Christmas eve.

"Don't open it yet..." I pointed to the clock hanging above the fireplace. She frowned and sighed and placed the present on the floor. Her head fell onto my shoulder and her hands rested on my thigh. We both stared at the fire. Sounds of crackling and roar enveloped the room when I put my hand on top of hers and looked at her. I was the first to break the silence.

"Got any marshmallows?" She burst into a small laugh and gave me a playful shove. I took her into my arms and rested my head on top of hers. Her hair smelt like raspberry and banana.

"Can you use your shampoo in smoothies too?"

"You're such an idiot." She escaped my grasp and rested her head on my lap. Her perfect blue eyes staring at me.

"Maybe so...but I'm an idiot in love! So that makes it OK." I traced her lips with my finger and being the evil person she is, she bit.

"Ouch!" I yanked my finger from her mouth and shook it, all the while still staring at her eyes, which had taken on a mischievous look.

"You sure it hurt that bad?" I looked at my finger and put on a grim face, "It can get infected!"

"Give it here." She took my finger and kissed all around the tip. "Feel better?"

"Well, I don't know..." She slowly inserted my finger into her mouth. I felt her tongue work its way all around the whole length of the finger, all the while she kept staring intensely into my eyes. When she finished, she popped the finger out of her mouth and licked her lips.

"What about now?" I didn't say anything, I didn't have to, the erection in my pants did all the talking. Sheryl lifted her head and looked at the bulge that had grown in my pants. "Well, I guess so." I gave an embarrassed look and looked to the side.

"You shouldn't be ashamed, we've had so much fun with it before." A lusty look took over her eyes and she rose up and kissed me full on. I wrapped a hand to the back of her neck and pulled her closer, my other running through her shimmering locks. Sheryl's warm hands found their way under my shirt and running across my chest. We moved from sitting to her lying on top, Sheryl removed her top and bra exposing her chest to me. We kissed again, as her bare breasts touched my chest, it felt as if my hard on was growing even more. She leaned close to my ear and in a breath she whispered, "How about we let him have a go?" I felt her hand on my cock, stroking it through the cloth. Too overcome with sensation, I merely nodded.

Sheryl knelt down from the couch and undid my pants as I waited in eager anticipation to what she had planned. She pulled my boxers and pants off in one swift pull, revealing my manhood to her. Sheryl smiled as it bobbed up and down for a moment and then just finally stood still. She licked her lips as if they were sticky with honey, her left hand reaching between her legs and rubbing slowly.

Finally, she grasped it and gave it a stroke, I moaned inadvertently and sighed. Her blue eyes locking with mine before she finally enveloped my cock in her mouth. I drew in a breath and leaned my head onto the couch's arm and Sheryl went to town. Her tongue ran along the length of my cock dripping saliva as she went. I looked down at her and she gazed at me again, a moment later, she had taken me whole down her throat. Gasping at my surprise I leapt up, fucking her throat. To my surprise, I hadn't heard a gag. In fact, Sheryl looked up and gave me an approving look.

She took my hand and had me sitting upright again, positioning herself on her knees. I put my hands on the back of her head and she started blowing me again. Soon, she had stopped moving her head on her own and let me control her. At first I didn't really want to, I was too preoccupied looking at her face. Sure, her mouth was wrapped around my cock and her hair was a bit messy, but I don't believe I had seen anything more erotic than what lay before my eyes now.

My eyes moved down to her breasts, they were so inviting and greeting to me. I couldn't control myself any longer as I lifted her head from my cock and laid her down onto the floor and began to fondle and suck on her tits. Surprised, Sheryl laughed as she lay her head on to the floor.

"What's gotten into you?" She asked, resting her hands under her head. Breaking off my attack on her breasts, I looked up and replied, "Well, they just look so damn hot." I widened my eyes and gave a stupid grin and looked at her breasts, which were wobbling as she breathed. Sheryl giggled and sighed, "I don't understand how anybody could tire from you." She was referring to my unusual lack of friends. I rested my head on her chest and listened to her rapid heartbeat. We lay there for who knows how long, I rubbed her stomach and she played with my hair. I had lost my erection, but still felt the need to fuck, Sheryl did too, in what I read in her eyes.

Gradually, I began moving my hand from down to her stomach closer to her pussy. She felt my hand edging closer and closer and let out a small laugh, "Ready to go again?" I smiled and slid a finger into her pussy. Sheryl let loose a giggle that turned to a moan, "Quite the romantic aren't we, Henry?" I did nothing but plant a kiss on her stomach. My lips moved slowly from there to her pussy, wet, and void of hair. Her taste was sweet, her aroma intoxicating.

Not to be one to brag, but I do have a skilled tongue. I prodded and licked her pussy until all I ever heard were the sounds of her moans and whimpers. "More...more..." Her whispers had not gone unanswered, I placed my hands under her lovely bottom, lifting up her lower half. I had began licking and pleasuring her with a will she had not felt before. On my knees now, I looked down towards her. Her hands rubbing all over herself, cupping and squeezing her breasts. It was a sight that was incredibly erotic and my erection had returned. Soon, her body was quivering uncontrollably, forcing her pussy towards my mouth. I obliged by stroking her with my tongue harder, her shaking grew in intensity and her moans turned to small screams until she finally had been able to say, "I'm cumming...don't stop...more!" Her orgasm was powerful, shaking her until she fell to the floor, breathless. Sheryl lie there, limp, eyes shut, and breathing slowly. I knelt there, slightly surprised at her present condition.

I approached her face, her hair was messy and a small sheen of sweat covered her whole body. Her chest flushed red. I leaned toward her face and patted her cheek, "Hello...? Anybody home?" Sheryl's eyes darted open and the next thing I know her hands were on the back of my head and lips were on hers. We kissed with an intensity that I never encountered before. When she released me from the vice grip she had on my head, I opened my eyes and smiled at her, "Well hi to you too." Sheryl planted a kiss on my cheeks and sighed.

"That was...it was...whew." She took a deep breath and wrapped her arms around me, I rolled over and lay on the bottom. Her breasts pushing into me with her body weight was enough to awake another erection out of me, pushing past and against the inside of her thigh and resting against the wet opening of her pussy. Sheryl looked down to me, her hair foreshadowing her face, but I could tell she had a smile on her face. She rose up onto her knees and threw her hair back, her hands moving down from her collarbone, over her breasts and stomach down to my cock. Taking it in her hand, she guided it toward the opening of her welcoming pussy. She took in a breath and then slowly sitting down on top of me.

Her warm pussy was still tight, I fought off the immediate desire to cum inside of her, wanting to savor this moment as long as I could. She grinded me slowly, easing herself back and forth, cupping her breasts and throwing her hair back. I looked up at her and saw her eyes looking back into mine, her blue eyed gaze piercing me through and through and she began to rock back and forth faster. I planted my hands on her ass and helped her move, squeezing her cheeks incessantly.

I sat up and got on top of her, fucking her faster, her breasts jiggling with each of my pounds. With one hand under her head to support her, I placed my other on top of her right breast, squeezing it nonstop. Her nipple stayed hard and pointed in my palm. I kept on fucking her until finally I felt the familiar tightness in my balls that I had felt every time I masturbated and without hesitating, came inside her. I felt each squirt come out of me until finally I collapsed upon Sheryl, breathless and tired.

My eyes were closed until I felt Sheryl's lips on mine, her pretty blue eyes staring back at me. I smiled at her and finally said, "I think it's time you opened your present." I nodded toward the clock and reached over to get her present. We rolled over and she opened it, giddy as a little girl would be on Christmas morning. When her eyes saw what I had gotten her, they widened with joy and a small smile emerged. I reached up and took the small velvet covered box from her, opened it, and took the ring that lie within. I took her hand and slid it onto her ring finger, "Merry Chris..." She had not given me time to finish before she kissed me again, passionately and intently. When she let up, I gave her a small smile and sighed. She frowned for a second.

"What's the matter?" I asked.

"Well...I didn't get you anything..." I shushed her and told her, "You didn't have to, you already gave me the thing I wanted the most, a memorable night with the woman I love."

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