tagLoving WivesYvette's Summer Adventure

Yvette's Summer Adventure


Our sex life has always been exciting with a youthful willingness to explore our sexual boundaries. If we did not try something, it was not because it was taboo but because it did not peak our interest. At the time of writing this, we celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary and this story is an event that happened a few years ago that I find quite arousing.

Before I tell you about the event, it is important that you know who we are. My wife, Yvette, is much shorter than me but she has taken good care of herself. She has a very curvaceous figure with 36B breasts with a small nipple that get quite large when aroused, naturally curly brown hair and green eyes. Unlike her nipples Yvette’s pussy her clit gets quite large when aroused, her pussy lips are pink and her lips size are proportionate to her pussy. Her skin is light similar to people of Irish, English, or Nordic descent. If you were to look at Yvette your first guess would probably be mid-20 but the reality is she is 36. Myself, on the other hand, I am quite taller than Yvette is with darker hair, blue eyes, and my skin tone tends to be darker in complexion similar to Eastern European or Mediterranean in descent. I am almost 10 years Yvette’s senior. Where we differ beyond our physical features is, Yvette is more outgoing and enjoys some innocent flirting. Personally, her innocent flirting never gets me jealous and it is a bit of a turn-on. During her childhood, she grew up in conservative household where parents did not allow dating and it was not until after she left home for college did she began dating. During her college years, she started to experiment sexually a bit but after marrying me, she slowly left her adventurous lifestyle for a more traditional lifestyle. Nonetheless, every time I look at her, I am glad to be married to her and recall the summer where she briefly shed her traditional married life for something more adventurous.

At the time of shedding her traditional married life, if you were to look at us as a couple, other than our height and age difference, we would look like your iconic American couple. However, like many couples, affording a mortgage was not possible so we chose to live in an apartment complex. The complex had several buildings that was well landscaped with a pedestrian path for walking the led to a nearby park, and an outdoor community area. It was located outside of the city that we work, which meant we had a long commute. However, its location and layout was perfect for helping us to unwind after work. Plus, living in an apartment complex gave Yvette the opportunity for going on walks and in the summer occasionally lying out in the sun getting that perfect bronze tan.

The warm weather, that year, started earlier than usual, in mid-April, and gave Yvette an early start on her outdoor activities. On one of her walks, she met Jim, an older individual about 10 years older than Yvette and took an immediate interest in her. If my memory serves me correctly, Jim lives in a different building in a basement apartment. Jim is average height, with average build though he had some muscle definition especially in the upper-arms and chest and has short brown hair. Appearance wise he was a smoker whose face aged faster and usually has a days worth of beard growth. His clothes shows a bit of age and his jeans appear to be baggy on him giving him a bit more rough appearance. Normally this type of man could not get Yvette’s attention but there was something different about Jim.

Her interest in going for walks grew and the time she spent taking them became longer. After noticing this, one day casually I asked her what was the reason and she began to tell me about Jim flirting with her. Probing a bit deeper I asker her would she like to fuck him and her response was an immediate no. She told me she enjoyed the attention, it made her horny and nothing would come from it. After saying that she grabbed my wrist pulling towards her and then sliding it down her pants so that it touched her pussy. Normally her pussy does get moist when aroused and it takes a bit of foreplay to get her really wet. This time it was so wet, when thinking about the experience, it reminds me of how wet she would get when should would talk about fucking other guys before she met me. She then smiled at me, blushing a bit, and said to me, “see.”

At this point, using my knowledge from our years of marriage together I knew this was a situation where pushing the idea of her fucking Jim would kill any possibility, regardless of how remote the possibility was, of it happening. This meant for me, being supportive and encouraging it when possible while not appearing to be pushing the idea. Also, this meant knowing when to ask about the flirting and when asking became too much. For the next few weeks, I kept quiet and let her go about her daily walks.

About three weeks went by with me not saying anything. It was just after the Memorial Day weekend that Yvette started regularly tanning outside in her size 10 pink bikini with spaghetti straps in the community area of the apartment. It really helped to accentuate her breasts and show off her figure. The sight of her in that bikini got me hard. One day, I was outside on our deck grilling steaks for supper, I could see Yvette in the distance lying down on her beach towel but unlike the previous year, this time Yvette was tanning near Jim’s basement apartment window with the tie undone. Seeing her lying like this and lying in a different area then she would normally intrigued me. Seeing her lying in this manner indicated to me this was a time to push the idea of her fucking Jim a bit further and when she came in, I mentioned what I had noticed. Oddly, my mentioning what I had observed did not surprise her, as I thought it would, and her reply was a bit unexpected. She tells me Jim was still flirting with her and the flirting has become a bit more sexual. Again, I asked her if she wants to fuck him and I was expecting that she was going to say her typical reply of, “I enjoy the attention but it is not going to happen.” Instead, this time she said it was tempting but did not think she could go through with it.

During the next few weeks, our conversations revolved if she should go through with fucking Jim what would it mean for her. She went from telling me it was not going to happened to wanting to go to his apartment to fuck him but at the last moment deciding not to act on her impulses. As we were discussing it, the issue was not our marriage but the fact she felt deprived of not having more sex with different people before settling down. She said the flirting with Jim opened up an area that she thought was buried but the idea of having sex with him was an idea that kept her quite aroused. After a few weeks of talking about it and having a few incidents where she was preparing to go through with it only at the last moment changing her decision, she finally decides that will approach Jim about her idea. Once she decides she is going to try to fuck Jim, the idea of her fucking him starts getting me hard and all I can think about her enjoying being fucked by another person. So, we came up with a plan that she would start flirting with him but this time let the flirting go further. This time she would suggest that instead of flirting they would actually go through with what they said if Jim knows that she is married.

It was not long after coming up with the plan she told me she spoken with him, told him she was married, her husband agreed to let him fucker if he choose it and it would have to be a one time thing. According to Yvette she said he did not have to think twice, agreed to it and told me the day when it would happen. I can remember it the night. Before leaving she spent, allot of time preparing for that night. Normally she does not shave her pussy but this time she did. Told me, laughingly, she would have to have him gagging on a hair and wanted him to be able to enjoy her without interruption. Plus she spent extra time to ensure her hair and make-up were done just right. That night she wore her black short skirt that sits about mid-thigh that shows everything when she leans forward, with no panties and her low cut white top without a bra underneath thereby showing her erect nipples under her shirt. That night I remember was a warm humid summer night where when the wind blew through our apartment it helped to cool it down and even today, I can remember the smell of impending rain on that night. Also, I can remember the distant sound of the car door closing, the sound of Yvette approaching the house after her night of wild sex and the door creaking as Yvette open it. When she finally came through the door I remember Yvette’s asking if I am up. Responding to that question, I tell her, “Where you actually expecting that I would be asleep while you were out fucking Jim?” Yvette’s tone in her reply tells me that she is joking when she said, “no.”

The next thing I remember is her standing there. The light in the apartment accented her 36B breasts to the point where they appeared perkier than usual. To this day, I do not remember her breasts being perkier than normal that night. Finally, I remember the light showing a few love marks on her neck and her face flushed from embarrassment. I suspect her embarrassment was due to the fact I was still up hearing her get in and I believe she wanted to crawl into bed thereby me not seeing the marks on her neck nor smelling a musky fishy smell that I sometimes associate with sex.

Since I was up, she decided she would tell me about what happen. After leaving our apartment, she rushed to his apartment and when she arrived there, he did not want to become a part of the gossip grapevine of the apartment complex. Therefore, he told her that decided to take her to a nearby hotel and arranged for a cab to pick them up. The hotel is one of those cheap hotels that you can get for $29.99 a night that comes with a bed that takes up most of the room, an old television that does not work well, carpet from the 60s, and a dried out doughnut for your Continental breakfast. The first hour they were both nervous, talked a bit while sitting on the edge of the bed and had a glass of wine. For a while, she contemplated forgetting the idea because she felt he was more talk than action but every time she began thinking about ending the evening, she thought about him fucking her made her horny, which was enough to keep her interested enough to see where things went. She decided to push him to the bed in order to control of the situation, undid his belt, pulling down his pants and underwear to reveal his erect cock. His, cock, she said was a bout 7” long, hard, hot to the touch, and already dripping with pre-cum. At that moment, she knew she wanted to feel that cock slide in her. However, with it that hard she knew he would not last so she sucked him, playing with his balls and stroking his anus until he came in her mouth.

Now she had a taste of him and wanted more she said. In order to get hard again, she said, she decided to undress in front of him, climbed on top of him, and got into the 69 position with her pussy facing him. Once on top of him, he began to lick her clit and fingering her pussy. Also, she said, he could not stop telling her how sweet her juices taste. That statement got her horny and she leaned forward sucking his limp cock in order to get him hard. As she sucked him, she could feel his cock growing larger in her wet mouth. Once he was fully erect, according to her, she climbed down and lying down next to him. From there, he began caressing her breasts, his touch was lacking confidence until she guided his hand to show them how she liked them being touched and she also showed him how to get her nipples erect. Once he gained his confidence in how to please her, it really got her wet and she could feel herself getting even wetter with the moment. It was not long before the smell of sex was in the air since there was not much movement of air in the room and she craved him entering her. He slowly entered her, as she could hear a sloshing sound from being so wet, and as he entered her she was savoring every moment. It was not that his technique was good. Instead, it was doing some taboo that made the experience erotic for her. Once he got into his rhythm of fucking her she could feel him slide in and out, the feeling sent excitement throughout her body leading to a fully body orgasm. Shortly after her cumming he came in her and she went to clean up.

After cleaning up she came back to bed lying next to him this time she wanted him to fuck her in the ass. He told her he never done it and was unsure. She said not to worry she would guide him through it but he needs to follow her instructions. Yvette orders him to eat her out until and play with her pussy until she cannot take it anymore. According Yvette he wilfully accepted those orders and masterfully paid attention to her pussy by licking her pussy while caressing her breast. It did not take long before her body submitted to his advance and knowing her body she knew it time for him do more. After she had enough of that she told him to finger her ass using one finger to stretch it out while finger her pussy. In order to help him she packed some lube in her purse, just in case and put it on his finger. At first it was a bit uncomfortable but she began enjoying it, soon she was stretched enough for two finger. Soon he was able to get two fingers in and she ordered him to lube her again, this time he was also to lube his hard cock. With his lube cock, she got into doggie position with her hips facing the edge of the bed and her face buried in a pillow. He got off the bed and on her instructions slowly entered her, stopping when she became too uncomfortable. It took a good five minutes to fully enter her and once he was in her he began to move slowly. With each complete thrust he moved a bit faster and faster until he finally explodes in her filling her ass. Soon he goes limp and pulls out.

“After him fucking me in the ass”, she said, I was worn out and came home. “Let me get cleaned up and we can go to bed, and I want you to fuck me too as I am still horny.” It took her about 45 minutes since she took a bath and dried herself off. That night, I remember, she was not as submissive as she usually is in bed and that night she was different. This time she took more control in the bedroom by taking a hold of my cock, sucking it almost to the point of cumming and then stopping until I went softer then starting up. Since it was getting late it only lasted for a bout 30 minutes before she climbed on top of me and both of us, in a rare moment, coming together. She then climbed down off of me and we fell asleep in each other’s arms. Since that fateful summer our lives have returned to a typical married couple with only the memory that remains.

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