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Yvonne and Bonnie


My name is James and I've enjoyed reading Playboy, Penthouse, OUI, Hustler and any other similar magazine that I could find since I was about 15 years old. The majority of the magazines I obtained were found in dumpsters at apartments, however I bought some of them at convenience stores. At first I only wanted to see the pictures, but over the years I have found that I really enjoy reading the letters more than looking at the pictures. Especially the letters of threesomes, groups, gang bangs, and someone watching. This is probably the result of my experience at college.

When I first moved into the dorm I met a few guys that just somehow meshed together and over time this group found a similar group of girls in the adjoining girls dorm who were very much like sisters to us. There was very little dating between the guys and the girls in the bunch. However that changed one night at the end of the spring semester. After the last day of final exams we all got together for another big party in one of the guys dorm room. Some of the guys and girls had already left for the summer but there were still 14 guys and 12 girls at the final party of the year. At about midnight all but two of the girls and 12 of the guys left the party and that's when things really got rolling.

The two girls that stayed were roommates who were fun to be around but not known to be particularly wild. We thought they were staying just so they would not be alone because they both had recently broken up with their boyfriends. You could have knocked over all 12 of us remaining guys with one feather when the girls ask us all to go to our rooms and that they would call each of us in turn for a special surprise. I was glad that it was my room that the girls were in because I knew that my roommate and me would be first for whatever the surprise was going to be.

A few minute later Yvonne and Bonnie opened the door and let us into the room. Yvonne and Bonnie expanded that Bonnie wanted each guy to deposit at least one load of cum in her pussy and one load in her mouth and the more cum the better. Yvonne explained that she was in the middle of her period therefore she was only going to watch and limit her participation to stroking and sucking cocks. First Bonnie wanted to take a long hot shower and that it was our job to be sure that she got a thoroughly relaxing shower. The four of us walked down to the dorm floors community shower where Bonnie had me and my roommate, Carl, make sure no one else was in the showers, remove ours clothes, and them remove her clothes. Yvonne picked up all the clothes and placed them in a paper bag.

Bonnie turned on the shower and adjusted it to a very warm temperature and then grabbed Carl's hand and my hand and pulled us into the shower stall with her. Carl and I lather up plenty of soap and proceeded to rub our hands all over Bonnie paying special attention to hre tits and to the thick mat of hair between her legs. Then Bonnie washed our dicks. Yvonne gave us some towels and we quickly dried off and went back to the room. Back in the room Bonnie dropped her towel sat down on the edge of the bed and pulled my head to her pussy. While I worked my tongue back and forth over Bonnie's clit, Carl went to work massaging and licking her tits. Soon Bonnie came sending her sweet juices into my mouth. As Bonnie rested for a moment Yvonne called one of the other guy's room and told those two guys about the surprise and that they should go take a warm shower before joining us. Bonnie then pulled Carl down on to the bed and began sucking on his 6-inch long cock while inviting me to fuck her doggy style with my 9 inches of fuck meat. Yvonne grabbed my cock and guided it into Bonnie's hairy snatch and gently massaged my balls while I slowly and deliberately pumped my cock in and out of Bonnie's pussy plunging to the hilt and withdrawing till only the tip of my cock was touching her pussy lips.

Soon there was a knock on the door and Yvonne opened the door to let Brian and Tim into the room. Brian and Tim were not wearing a thing although Tim's face was partially obscured by the camcorder he had brought with him. As soon as Bonnie saw the camera I felt her pussy tighten around my cock as she started to come for the second time that night and seconds later both Carl and I started pumping our jism into Bonnie. As Bonnie crawled away from Carl and me she motioned for Brian to come over. As soon as Brian's 7-inch cock was within reach Bonnie grabbed it and started licking it like an ice cream cone. Yvonne called two other rooms and told those guys about the surprise. As soon as she was off the phone Yvonne was on her knees trying to swallow the 10 inches of hard cock Tim had brought in the room. Poor Tim didn't know what to film, Yvonne swallowing his cock or Bonnie slurping and jacking Brian's cock. But good ol Tim managed to get a good shot of Brian pumping his load onto Bonnie's tits.

Yvonne released Tim's cock when the next guys knocked on the door and Tim handed the camera to me. Bonnie got up and asked Tim to sit on the edge of the bed as John, Matt, and Doug walked in to the room. Bonnie then turned her back to Tim and sat down on his lap while guiding the head of his cock into her pussy. I got a good close up picture by kneeling on the floor between their legs. Freddy and Carl commented that they couldn't see much because of Bonnie's thick and long pubic hair hiding some of the action. Carl got up grabbed his electric beard trimmer and trimmed Bonnie's pubic hair to a short, nearly shaved looked. Then Carl held a mirror between Bonnie's knees so she could see the results of her hair cut. When Bonnie got a good look at Tim's cock sliding deeply into her nearly hairless pussy she started moaning and we could clearly see her pussy contract hard around Tim's cock, which set Tim off. We could see Tim's cock pulse several times as he shot his load up into Bonnie. Bonnie leaned back against Tim's chest for a couple of minutes clearly enjoying the feel of his still hard cock buried deep inside. John, Matt, and Doug lifted Bonnie off Tim and laid her on the bed. Then John and Matt each started licking and sucking on Bonnie's tits while Doug got a wash cloth and brushed away the hair particles from her hair cut. Doug them crawled up to Bonnie's head and placed the tip of his cock on her lips. Bonnie quickly sucked all 6 inches of Doug's cock into her mouth while Yvonne called the remaining five guys.

While Bonnie sucked on Doug's cock she reached out and starting jacking John and Matt's nearly identical 7-inch long cocks. Soon Doug groaned as his load filled Bonnie's mouth to overflowing. As soon as Doug's pole slipped out of her mouth Bonnie rolled over on her hands and knees pulling John to a kneeling position at her head and told Matt to slid his prick into her slit and then to hold still. Once Matt had buried his cock into Bonnie's slit she positioned John such that his cock was just touching her mouth. Then Bonnie started rocking back and forth such that as she rocked forward engulfing Johns cock she would have Matt's cock pulling nearly all the way out of her cunt. It looked like she had a very long prick passing through her as she rocked back and forth. I filmed this from one side and then slowly walked all the way around the bed before moving in close to Bonnie's face and then under her to get a close-up of Matt's cock sliding in and out. Just as I pulled back to frame all three of then in the picture both Matt and John started moaning and deposited their loads into Bonnie.

Just as Matt and John were pulling their wilting cocks out of Bonnie there was a knock at the door. Yvonne opened the door and in walked Arnold, Frank, Paul, Lee, and Chuck carrying a round table from the dorm television room. Yvonne then announced that it was inspection time, and that we were to line up. Bonnie took the camera out of my hand gave my dick a quick tug and all of us guys lined up shoulder to shoulder. Yvonne picked up a tape measure and a magic marker from my desk and said "present arms". All of us guys looked at each other like "what does she mean". Yvonne then spelled it out for us. We were each to grab out own dick and very slowly jack it to hardness and that "right shoulder arms" meant to slowly jack the cock of the guy to your right, and left shoulder arms the cock on your left. Yvonne them proceed to call out "present arms", "right shoulder arms", and "left shoulder arms" at random while occasionally calling out "halt". After several minutes of this Yvonne started measuring the length and circumference of each guys cock and writing it on the lower part of his abdomen with a magic marker. That's how I know the length of each guy's cock.

Bonnie handed the camera back to Tim and had Chuck lay down on the bed with his 8-inch long cock pointed to the ceiling. As Bonnie climbed on to Chuck's cock she asked Lee to get some K-Y and apply it to her ass and his 5-inch cock so he could fuck her ass. She them told Arnold to come over so she could suck his cock. By this time Lee was ready, so Bonnie lay down flat against Chuck as Lee worked his prick into her ass. Once Lee was fully into her ass Bonnie started sucking on Arnold's 8-inch cock. Yvonne then asked Frank and Paul to get on either side of Bonnie and hold her up so that Bonnie could jack their 7 inch long cocks while she continued to suck Arnold's cock.

Tim slowly walked around Bonnie and the five guys on the bed capturing it all on tape while the rest of us were working out the rules of a little game to play. Soon we head Lee groan as he shot his load up Bonnie's ass which seem to send Bonnie in to an orgasm as she moaned with her mouth full of cock. Bonnie's moaning was too much for Arnold and he groaned as he over filled Bonnie's mouth. Bonnie's orgasm also was too much for Chuck as he pumped his sperm into Bonnie's convulsing pussy. After Lee pulled out of Bonnie's ass Arnold helped her sit upright. As Bonnie got to an upright position some of Arnold's cum slipped from her lips and landed on to her tits. The site of Arnold's cum on Bonnie's chest was the final straw for Frank and Paul as Bonnie jacked both of them off on her tits.

As the guys on the bed began to get up we told Bonnie about the game we had been working on if she was interested. Bonnie quickly hopped up on the round table with her head hanging over the edge on one side and her ass at the edge of the table on the other side. One guy got between Bonnie's leg, one at her head and the rest gathered around the table. A card was pulled from a deck of cards to indicate how many stokes the guys had to go into Bonnie's mouth or pussy. After that many strokes Yvonne rolled a dice to indicate how many places clockwise to turn Bonnie's head and another card would be pulled from the deck. The last guy standing would be the winner and it would be up to Bonnie and Yvonne to reward the winner somehow.

The game lasted several minutes before guys started coming. One guy even lost his load in Bonnie's hair as we were turning her on the table. When it was over, I was the last guy. At this time it was nearly 2:30 a.m. so it was suggested that we have some pizza delivered to the dorm. As we were ordering the pizza, Bonnie and Yvonne were trying to decide how to reward the winner of the game. I told Yvonne to call the pizza place and order a small pizza with everything to be delivered to the television room and that Bonnie and I would pick up that pizza making sure that it had everything. Bonnie and I headed to the shower and washed the load of cum out of her hair then we each wrapped a sheet around our selves and walked down to the television room. In the television room I lay down on the couch and Bonnie lay down on top of me with my prick inside of her and pulled one of the sheets over us. When the pizza delivery guy knocked and came into the room Bonnie sat up like she had been asleep and motioned for the delivery guy to come over. The pizza guy could not see me because the back of the couch was facing him and I had a sheet over my head, chest, and arms. However he could soon see that Bonnie was wearing a sheet. Bonnie asked if he had a pizza with everything for Bonnie. The guy stammered yes and brought it over. Bonnie said she would have to check to be sure that it was what she ordered because the last time she ordered a pizza with everything she did not get everything that she wanted. As Bonnie opened the pizza box the sheet fell from her shoulders and she said this pizza isn't right its missing one ingredient. Bonnie reach up the guys short pants and grabbed his cock while saying it needs some extra sauce. The guy unzipped his pants and pulled them down. Bonnie then proceeded to suck and jack off the pizza delivery guy while slowly grinding her pussy up and down on my cock. In just a few minutes I could hear him say he was about to cum as Bonnie got him to deposit his sperm on a slice of pizza. Bonnie's pussy convulsed in orgasm as the pizza guy announced that he was coming. Bonnie said thanks for the sauce and the delivery guy said "anytime you need some sauce just call". He then zipped up his pants and left with out collecting money for the pizza. Bonnie then ate the slice of pizza with everything as she rode up and down my ridged pole saying she needed more sauce. Just as she finished the last bite of that pizza slice I pumped a load of cum in her pussy. I grabbed the sheets and the pizza box and we walked back to the room where Bonnie told everyone about the pizza delivery guy.

As Bonnie finished telling the story she noticed that every cock was hard and standing at attention again. Bonnie then said she wanted to pull a train. Yvonne turned over playing cards to indicate how many times a guy was to slide his cock into Bonnie's pussy after which the next guy got his turn. We continued this till every one had deposited as many loads of jism as they could into Bonnie's pussy. In fact Bonnie was so full of cum that as you shoved in your cock, cum squirted or sloshed out of her cunt around your cock. When no one could get their cock hard enough for another round we helped Bonnie up from the table. As she stood, cum started to fall out of her pussy. So Carl grabbed a glass that was handy and held it under Bonnie's pussy. When Carl stuck one of his fingers in Bonnie's slit the jism started flowing out nearly filling the glass. Yvonne asked for the glass and drank it all down like it was a cool drink of water. At this time it was nearly 6 a.m. so we carried Bonnie down to the showers. Bonnie got dressed and we escorted her and Yvonne back to their dorm.

When the fall semester starter almost every one was living off campus. However we all had another big party only this time Yvonne got to be the main focus point of the party with Bonnie even eating Yvonne's cunt out several times to collect all of the jism in two glasses. Three or four times a semester for the next two years our parties wound as orgies lasting till everyone cock or pussy was to worn out to cum again.

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