tagExhibitionist & VoyeurYvonne presents Vanessa's Adventure Day 02

Yvonne presents Vanessa's Adventure Day 02


The smell of fresh coffee filled the air when I opened my eyes. I could see Jerry on the deck reading. I slid the door open just enough to stick my head out for a quick look around, nobody in sight. "Pour yourself some coffee and come on out." Jerry said. I looked around for a towel or blanket to wear and remembered I was staying naked this week. My pussy started juicing.

Outside with my coffee, I asked Jerry what are his plans were for the day. "Nothing really." he answered. "Let's just hang around here relaxing; read your book, have a soak in the hot tub, just take it easy." That's what we usually do at the cabin, but now I was doing it naked.

I fixed myself cereal and toast and took them out to the deck. "Don't cross your legs." Jerry ordered when I sat down. "I want to see that beautiful pussy while you eat." I did one better than that. I hooked one leg over the arm of the chair opening myself all the way. The fresh air felt great on my sex as I ate my breakfast.

Sipping my coffee I noticed Jerry staring at my pussy. Watching out the corner of my eye I kept eating as I clenched my pussy a few times (Kegal exercises). Pretending not to notice my audience, I finished my cereal. "See something interesting?" I asked, clenching again. Jerry stared at my pussy as I repeated my Kegals. Climbing onto the table in front of him, I told Jerry, "I need some licking and couple of fingers here!"

Jerry got straight to work licking up both sides of my slit and very gently nibbling my clit. He shifted in his chair and wiggled two fingers into me. Palm up, Jerry stroked my G-spot with his finger tips while he licked the underside of my clit, the most sensitive part of my body. "Squeeze your pussy again." he asked. This forced his fingers tighter against my G-spot. Jerry later told me that it also forced my clit farther out of its hood each time. Jerry kept licking and fingering as I kept squeezing, until I came with a scream.

Ignoring the lump in Jerry's pants, I said thanks, kissed him on the forehead, and took my dishes into the cabin. A long hot shower felt very good! I wondered if my husband would join me. The only luxury the cabin lacked was a shower built for two, not that it's stopped us. Alas, he left me all alone.

While I dried off, I decided to ignore sex for a little while and do what Jerry said earlier, relax and read. With a fresh cup of coffee and a new book I joined him on the deck, still naked of course. Jerry looked a little eager but I just smiled and sat down in the shade with book and coffee.

After an hour's reading and more coffee, I needed to pee, big time! I headed toward the bathroom then I remembered Yvonne's stories about pee-gasms. Instead I got a big bottle of cold water from the fridge and went back out. Over the next half hour I drank the liter of water and felt the pressure build.

My chair was waterproof and there was a hose to rinse the deck off. I turned toward Jerry and said, "I really have to pee; watch this!" His eyes grew wider and wider as I started stroking myself. The pressure in my bladder grew as I started juicing up. Then, just like Yvonne said, or was it Sue, the pee started the 'gasm or the other way around. Either way, I had a huge orgasm that lasted as long as I kept peeing.

"WOW! That was something!" Jerry said. "The next time you have to pee, I'm going to fuck you." I was still catching my breath and looking at the huge puddle on the deck, but the thought of fucking with a full bladder was exciting.

"Get the hose. Clean me and the deck up, please." Jerry picked up the nozzle and turned the water on. I had NO idea the water would be so COLD! I screamed and tried to run when the water hit me. Jerry firmly told me to sit still and drenched me from head to toe. He started to twist my hardening nipples and I started to moan.

He played the water over me, rinsed the deck, and drenched me some more. When my teeth began chattering, Jerry told me to get in the hot tub. I began to warm up as he finished rinsing the deck and my chair. I stood up in the hot tub and shook my tits at Jerry. He hit me with the water from the hose again. Now it felt twice as cold after being in the warm water.

"That's the first part of your punishment." he said. I asked what I was being punished for. "For losing my good flashlight last night." he told me. "I've had that flashlight for years and now you tossed it on the side of the road." I explained that I'd stashed it very carefully next to a sign and knew exactly where it was. "All right, then you can retrieve it now. Come along."

We went out to the car and drove the same route as last night. I quickly spotted the sign (Hidden Drive Ahead) where I'd stashed the flashlight. "Stop here. It's at the bottom of that sign." I told him with a huff. Jerry pulled off the side of the road and told me to go get the light.

I looked up and down the road for cars. Nothing in sight, I opened my door and scooted across the road. The flashlight was right where I'd left it. I handed it to Jerry through the open car window. He said to meet him back at the cabin and sped away. I ran after him for a second but he showed no sign of slowing down.

I squatted down trying in vain to cover myself; I have no idea why. I didn't know exactly what to do. Jerry said to meet him back at the cabin but he'd driven off toward town. Figuring I had no other options, I started walking back toward the cabin. It felt different in the daylight. I couldn't watch for headlights but I was pretty sure I'd hear any cars before they could see me.

I got back to the gate without hearing or seeing anybody and quickly turned off the little farm road. Back on "safe' ground I started enjoying my daylight naked mile. The sun warmed my back and my hands started warming my front, one hand each for pussy and tits. I held off my orgasm until I got back to the cabin; it was worth the wait! Jerry drove up about the time I came down. "Where the hell did you drive off to?"

"I needed to get some fresh batteries." he answered holding up the light and a bag presumably of batteries. "I knew you'd be alright. Did you like your punishment, dear?" Yes, I liked it just fine, but now I had an idea to "punish" my dear husband.

"You said as long as I'm naked, I get to request anything sexual, right?" Jerry looked a little worried but quickly agreed. "Alright, get in the cabin, go to the bathroom, get a drink if you need it, strip, and get on the bed." While he was in the bathroom I got ready for my plan, restraints on each corner of the bed and a box full of toys.

Jerry came out of the bathroom nice and naked. "Get on the bed, face up, and spread eagle." I ordered. As I attached the straps to his arms and legs I asked him, "Do you remember what Yvonne and Sue did to Charlie in the 4th of July story (tying him down and teasing him for four hours before letting him come)? Well, you're going to get some of the same treatment. Since it's just me, I may only do two or three hours, but you're not going to come until I say so."

For the next two hours I used Jerry and his cock as my personal toys. I got him rock hard and kept him there as he begged me to let him come. I finally had to cover his mouth, with my pussy, to keep him quiet. I kept gently stroking his dick as he ate me, just enough to keep him hard but not enough to let him come.

After he ate me to a couple of great orgasms, I straddled his hips and let him slide into me. Poor Jerry thought he was going to get off, but no. I reached into the toy box for a small vibrator. With my hole full of cock, I played the vibe all around my clit. When I felt him getting soft inside me, I took a few strokes until he firmed up again. I took one short bathroom break but stuck a tight cock ring with a built-in vibe on his dick to keep it nice and firm.

After a little more than two hours I decided he'd suffered almost enough. I gave his dick a few licks and remounted him. This time I moved up and down on his beautiful cock until he stared to breathe heavily. I stopped for a moment to let him beg and started moving again. In less than a minute Jerry began to tense up and his ass rose up from the bed to meet my strokes. With a scream and a series of "OH GOD"s Jerry filled me with juice. I could feel my cunt filling up with every pulse.

I pinched my pussy lips tightly together and rose up off his dick. "You made a real mess in here." I told him. "You better clean it up." I scooted up over his mouth and sat down. "Get to work. Clean me up and make me come again." For the next half hour I rode his face to a pair of climaxes. As I untied my wonderful husband, I noticed his dick was recovering i.e. getting hard. Then he got his revenge.

Jerry picked the handcuffs out of the toy box and locked my hands behind me as he turned me over his knee. He started to spank my ass and finger my pussy, two things I really enjoy! He stood up dumping me on the bed face down and reached into the toy box. I felt him spread my ass cheeks and stick a glob of lube up my butt. Then there was a humming noise and pressure on my ass, my favorite butt plug. I guess he really had gotten batteries while I was walking back to the cabin.

The spanking and pussy play kept up until I felt him shifting on the bed. Jerry spread my pussy lips and inserted one of his favorite toys, a remote control vibrating egg. What is it about men and remotes? He sat me up and pulled me to my feet by my nipples. Grabbing the remote for the egg, Jerry led me outside by one tit.

He sat me in a chair hooking the handcuffs to the railing, forcing the plug deeper in my butt. Jerry reached into his pocket for the egg's remote and told me to spread my legs. I could feel the egg pressing against the butt plug transmitting its vibrations to my G-spot. This felt nice; when Jerry used the remote to activate the egg it felt VERY nice. The two vibrations were out of sync and the effect was beyond description.

It felt like some living thing was moving around inside me while it vibrated. My nipples popped out; the hair on the back of my neck stood on end. Jerry started playing with the settings on the egg remote and it got worse/better. One setting cycled the vibrations from slow to fast. The next turned it on and off every few seconds. On and on Jerry kept running through the egg's settings with the remote. He was channel surfing with my cunt.

I was covered with goose bumps and starting to wonder if I was having a heart attack or stroke. With my hands cuffed behind me I could barely move, much less pull the egg or the butt plug out. With no choice in the matter I sat back, closed my eyes (to hell with the audience), and screamed as I came.

"That was fun!" Jerry said with an evil smile. "We should try to find a butt plug with a remote." Like I said, what is it with men and remotes? He popped the vibrating egg out of my pussy and had me lick it clean. He worked the remote a bit. "I think these batteries are getting low. Let's save it for later." He took the egg and its remote back into the cabin but left me in the chair with the vibrating plug in my ass. "Just relax here while I make lunch, Vanessa."

I watched as Jerry started the gas grill. "Steak, potatoes, and veggies sound good, dear?" he asked as he disappeared into the cabin. I was starting to squirm in the chair when he came back out to put the steaks on the grill. After he got the steaks started, Jerry fingered my pussy, feeling the vibrations from the butt plug. "Keep your legs closed while I go in and start the potatoes and the broccoli, dear."

Closing my legs seemed to amplify the vibrations coming from my butt. I closed my eyes and tried squeezing my ass and pussy, Super- Kegals. Jerry came back out to flip the steaks and asked, "Having a nice vacation, Vanessa?" while he twisted both nipples. I could barely grunt something that must have sounded positive. The microwave beeped from inside the cabin. "Time to stir the veggies." he said as he pinched and pulled my nipples before returning to the kitchen.

I sat there squeezing and squirming while Jerry finished cooking the meal and set the table. "Ready to eat, dear?" he asked as he freed my hands. "Bend over. I'll get the plug out for you." Jerry bent me over the railing and worked the plug slowly, very slowly, out of my ass. He pinched my clit as the plug finally popped out and I almost came again.

I thought briefly about eating bare handed, ala Sue on the island, but it didn't seem fitting at the table on the deck. "Are you having fun so far?" Jerry asked just as I'd taken a bite of steak. All I could do was nod and smile. "I still need to find batteries for the egg vibrator. But I think you should be naked for at least 24 hours. I'll shower and head to town to get the special batteries. You can relax here, dear." I chewed and nodded while Jerry kept eating. Little did I know, my husband had a plan for my relaxation.

I cleaned up the kitchen while Jerry showered and dressed. (Yvonne, you were right again; it is fun washing dishes naked.) Jerry opened the remote control egg and took the batteries out of it and the remote. "I hope I can find more of these. Guess I'll have to check at Batteries-Plus." he muttered. "But I do have one more surprise for you, Vanessa." I asked what that was but he told me I'd find out later.

I got my book and water and went out to the deck. Jerry came out with the car keys and the batteries in his hand, gave me a kiss, and said he'd be back in less than an hour. He went back through the cabin and out the front door. I read for a little while and started inside to use the bathroom. That's when I found out about my surprise.

There was a note on the step below the patio door. It said:


"Vanessa, this is the next part of your adventure. You've enjoyed Nikki's stories where she was naked with no access to clothes for long periods of time. This is the best I could do. YOU'RE LOCKED OUT! I have some errands to run; I'll be back before dark. Until then, you're on your own."


Starting to panic, I tried the patio door. It was locked. Hurried around to the front door of the cabin. It was locked too. Checked all the windows, of course, they were locked. I looked around the deck; all I had was my book and a bottle of water, not even a used napkin from lunch.

I sat down and reviewed my options, none. While I sat there I remembered Nikki's stories and started juicing up. My hands started stroking my thighs and my knees spread, all on their own. I started thinking as a gently brushed myself. Jerry said he'd be back before dark. That was four hours away. I was on my own for a while. Couldn't masturbate too much, I'd wear my pussy out.

I decided to take a walk. Since I was alone on the property felt I safe as long as I stayed away from the road. I took the path down to the lake that separates the cabins. There's little paddle boat on the lake, but I decided on a swim, a skinny dip. It's just a hundred yards across the lake but now I felt more separated from clothes and shelter and more turned on.

As I climbed out of the water I remembered I still had to pee. I laid down in the grass next to the lake and started stroking myself. Just like before, the pressure built up in my bladder as the heat built up in my cunt. I slowed down, hoping to prolong the experience. I stuck two fingers deep inside, pressing on the underside of my bladder. Oh God, that hurt so good! I kept the pressure up and started rubbing my clit again until I came with a scream and peed all over myself. A quick dip in the lake, I was cleaned up and cooled off.

With nothing else to do, I hiked up to check out the other cabins. They were locked tight, of course but still fun to explore naked. I was starting to get bored and headed back to our cabin to read my book. I decided to walk along the road rather than swim back across the lake.

As soon as I started back I heard something in the distance, must be a truck along the farm road almost a mile away, no problem. The sound faded slowly then started getting louder again. Several times I heard the noise, now definitely a motor, fade away then come back a little louder each time. I kept walking and listened very carefully.

I got within a few hundred yards of Fern Glen when I saw a cloud of dust moving with the noise. I realized what the moving noise and the dust clouds were. Up ahead somebody was mowing. Judy and family may be out of town and none of the other cabins were occupied but I was NOT alone and I was NAKED.

I squatted next to a tree to watch and listen to the mower. It was defiantly getting closer and now I could see more than one dust cloud. It looked like there was one tractor mowing, the one I could hear, and another smaller mower. I guessed the smaller one was edging the areas too small for the tractor. One thing for sure, both were getting closer.

My best bet was to get back to our cabin and figure what to do then. I waited until the tractor was moving away from me and started jogging toward Fern Glen. My tits aren't that big but I still had to hold on to them to keep them from bouncing all over the place. Half way to the cabin I spotted the tractor driver's head and shoulders above the corn. He was facing away from me less than a hundred yards away.

He started a turn to make pass towards me. I moved to the side of the road into a stand of young corn, too short to hide me. Squatting, I moved farther into the rows of corn and watched as the tractor moved toward me. As soon as he had passed me, I made a dash for the cabin and to the deck in back, away from the road. Safe at last, or so I thought.

I grabbed my water and stopped to catch my breath. As long as I stayed behind the cabin the tractor driver would never see me. Then I heard the smaller mower coming closer. I peeked around the side of the cabin and realized the other person was mowing the edges. Looking over the side of the deck, I could see where the grass had been cut before and where it would be cut again, SOON.

I could try to hide on one side of the cabin while they mowed the other but that seemed too risky. As the sound of the mower approached, I came up with the best plan I could, the hot tub. As the mower was moving back and forth in front of the cabin I ran to the hot tub, pulled the cover off, and started the jets.

I could hear the sound getting closer as I leaped into the tub. I settled into the water up to my arm pits. As long as I stayed here the bubbles hid the fact that I had NOTHING on. A moment later the mower and the operator, a cute 20-something farm boy, came around the side of the cabin. He was listening to music with little ear buds in and didn't even notice me as he made the first pass on my side of the deck. He got to the end of the cleared area and turned back, now facing me. I hoped he either wouldn't notice me, above eye level, or he'd just wave and keep mowing.

My luck stayed just the same, rotten. He saw me, stopped the mower, and pulled the ear buds out. "Sorry to disturb you." he said. "I didn't think anybody was here. There's no car or any signs of life. Judy said there was just one cabin rented when she asked us to mow." As he was saying this he walked up to the railing, less than three feet from me.

"Yes, it's just my husband and me here for the week. He went into town and should be back any minute." I lied, hoping farm boy would get back to work. Guess what, no luck again. He decided to chat for a while and introduced himself as Chester, "Chet to my friends" and asked what brought us here.

I babbled on about my daughter going to school in town and staying in Judy's cabins when we visited. While I babbled, Chet was looking around the deck and the hot tub; then he looked me over carefully, no swimsuit straps in sight. It may have been my overactive imagination but I was sure he noticed my lack of towels or anything else. He HAD to know I was naked.

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