tagExhibitionist & VoyeurYvonne's Sexy Dinner Ch. 02

Yvonne's Sexy Dinner Ch. 02


I'd already had the sexiest evening I could imagine, until it got even sexier. To recap, I'd shown up at my boyfriend's apartment for dinner wearing nothing but high heels and stockings, garter-belt, and jewelry; covered by a raincoat ready for an interesting evening. I was sure everything would fall apart when Bill's boss Paul and his wife Sue showed up. Luckily, Sue figured out what was going on and stripped down too. If you want he whole story check out my last posting.

Well, as I said, we'd had the wildest night of sex ever. I'd been fucked and sucked every way I could imagine; now it was time for Sue and Paul to leave. Sue and I went into the bedroom where she'd left her clothes. As she got dressed, Sue said that what we'd done tonight, wearing just the stockings, jewelry, etc. was what she called Formal Nudity. We both agreed that it was fun and we felt like sex goddesses. After she got dressed and I'd checked my hair we walked out to the living room.

Bill and Paul were dressed and were getting jackets out of the closet. I noticed my raincoat wasn't there. I looked around and couldn't see where my coat and purse were. Then it hit me, I was standing here with three fully dressed people. I was almost totally naked and had NO idea where my few clothes were.

I would never have believed it was possible; I was getting even more turned on. My cunt began to juice up and I felt a trickle run down my leg. I don't know if Sue smelled me, saw my face flush, or what. But she could tell something was going on. Sue reached over and tweaked my right nipple. I let out a loud moan and almost came again.

"Yvonne," she said, "this is getting you really hot, being the only one naked isn't it?" I just nodded a little and moaned some more. "Paul, we're not in a big hurry to get home, are we?" she asked. Paul shook his head and Sue turned to me. "If this turns you on, Yvonne, I know something you'll really like!"

Sue put her jacket down and turned to the guys. "Bill, get her stockings, shoes, and garter belt. Paul, get her jewelry." Then she started taking off my earrings while I felt four other hands all over me. In few seconds Bill told me to lift one foot then the other as he slipped my shoes and stockings off.

Suddenly Sue was standing there stuffing everything into one of my shoes as the guys took a step back from me. I looked down at myself and felt my neck, ears and hair. Then it hit me: I was NAKED! Not a stitch of clothes. No shoes. No necklace. No earrings. NOTHING! I was standing there totally naked with three completely dressed people looking at me.

I didn't know what to do. My pussy was juicing even more and my nipples stood out like two pencil erasers. "This is what we'd call Total Nudity" Paul said as he reached over to fondle my breast. "What should you do if you're this hot?" Sue asked. In almost a whisper, I answered, "Masturbate."

"Perfect!" Sue said, "now do it!" She led me back into the living room and sat me down on the floor facing the couch. Sue sat down on the couch with Bill and Paul on either side of her. I spread my legs and started to fondle my pussy lips while the three of them watched.

As soon as I touched myself, my cunt lips spread themselves open. A mixture of pussy juice and some left-over cum began to ooze out. I quickly scooped it up and smeared it on my tits. I plunged three fingers into my fuck-hole and got some more juice. I licked it off my fingers and began to rub my clit with the other hand. Faster and faster I rubbed as I licked my own tits and stared straight at my audience. In just minutes my breathing got faster and I came like never before.

Everyone applauded as I collapsed on the floor. Sue said, "Now you've got me turned on again. What do you think you should do about that, Yvonne?" "Eat you?" I asked. "Perfect" she said. "Get over here and turn around, Yvonne."

Before I knew what was happening, I felt my hands being pulled behind my back. Sue grabbed one of my stockings and had tied my wrists together behind me. "Do you mind a little more adventure?" Sue asked. I shook my head no and Sue spun me around and told me to get to work.

It was kind of awkward but I got down on my knees in front of Sue as she lifted her dress. Sue still didn't have any panties on so I was facing her juicy red-haired pussy. Sue slid down on the couch as I scooted forward.

With my hands tied, all I had was my face and mouth to work on Sue's cunt. I stuck my nose between her lips and ran my tongue up her slit. Her pussy was still wet with her juices and some of the cum the guys pumped into her earlier. I stuck my tongue as far as I could into her hole and rubbed her clit with my nose. After sucking all I could out of her, I slid my tongue up and began teasing her clit. Sue grabbed the back of my head and rubbed her cunt all over my face until I was covered in pussy juice and cum. She held onto my head and humped my face until she came again.

By the time I surfaced for air both Bill and Paul were rock hard again. Sue kissed me deeply licking her own juices off my face then told me to suck Paul's dick. I scooted over, still on my knees, between Paul's legs. I'd never tried sucking a dick without using my hands. It was strange, but a real turn-on. It felt so connected to Paul's cock as I worked up and down. I pulled my mouth back releasing the head with a pop and starting licking his balls. While I did this, Paul rubbed his cock back and forth across my face getting it even wetter.

I switched back to sucking on his dick with long slow strokes. I'd take his manhood as far into my mouth as possible, then I'd pull back until I was just barely tonguing the head. Paul began to moan, "I'm not sure I can come again (he'd already come at least three times earlier in the evening), but I'll try." Paul stood up, moving me back from the couch and grabbed my head. Now I'm naked, on my knees, hands my hands tied behind me, while Paul basically fucked my face.

After about two minutes of this Paul's breath began to catch and he started to hump my face even faster. I'd never felt so vulnerable and so in charge at the same time. I closed my mouth the tiniest bit so my teeth were just brushing against Paul's dick. His eyes widened, his breath stopped, and he came in my mouth.

Paul and Sue gently helped me to my feet and untied my hands. I grabbed both of them in a big hug and told them, "Thank you so much. That's the hottest I've ever been!"

"I thought you'd like Total Nudity." Sue said. "The basic rules are simple: NOTHING on but skin. You have to fulfill any sexual request that you can. AND you can request anything sexual that you want."

"Anything?" I asked and Paul nodded, "Yes, anything!" he said. So I asked, "Would all three of you make me cum one more time tonight?" Sue and Paul both smiled and led me toward the dining room with Bill following.

The table still had most of the dishes and left over food on it. "Climb up there and clear enough space to lay down." Sue told me. I barely had one knee up on the table when I felt Bill's hand rubbing my pussy. I shoved the plates aside spilling lots of the food. Turning around, I laid down in the mess. Somebody lifted both of my legs and smeared butter in my ass. Bill slid two fingers into my ass while he rubbed my clit with his thumb.

Paul and Sue each took one tit, smeared some of the chocolate desert on me, and began licking and sucking on a nipple. "Bill" I moaned, "keep working on my ass. Then I want each of you to stick a finger in my pussy." Quickly, everyone rearranged themselves around me and both holes were filled. Sue gave my left nipple a last sharp bite and shifted down to start licking my clit. I started breathing faster which everyone took it as a cue to rub and pump faster. With a scream that should have brought the police, I came for the last time that night.

I was barely aware of everyone pulling out of me but I remember hearing Bill let Paul and Sue out. The next thing I knew Bill was wiping my face with a damp towel that he then used to gently clean the chocolate and who know what else off my tits, cunt, and ass. "Did you have a good time tonight? Are you ready to go to bed?" Bill asked.

I guess my moan sounded like a yes so Bill helped me off the table, wiped the food off my back, and led me to the bathroom. The last thing I remembered was sitting down on the edge of the bed.

In the morning, I woke up to the smell fresh coffee as Bill kissed me. "Breakfast will be ready in 15 minutes, Yvonne." Before I got my eyes open and focused on the coffee cup, Bill had gone back to the kitchen.

Sitting in bed sipping the coffee, I remembered everything that happened last night. I realized what a mess I must be and headed for the shower. As I was finishing, Bill came in the bathroom with a fresh cup of coffee, and told me it was almost time to eat. After a final rinse, I open the shower door and started drying off while Bill sat there and watched; he was fully dressed in shorts and a sweater. I was wrapping my self up in a towel when Bill did a little "ah-humm".

"What's wrong?" I asked. "Oh, nothing." Bill said. "I just liked what you wore last night."

Taking his cue, I dropped the towel over the edge of the bathtub, ran a comb through my hair, a picked up the coffee cup. "Is this outfit appropriate for a casual breakfast?" I asked. "Well, our restaurant's dress code is a little more formal than that," Bill told me, "but I think but I think we can bend the rules for a special customer."

I followed Bill toward the dining room, but he turned and led me toward the balcony. "Are you sure this is OK?" I asked.

"The balcony looks down on a wooded hillside and a golf course." he said. "The nearest people couldn't be any closer than about 50 yards. Have you lost that spirit of adventure? And aren't you supposed to fulfill any sexual request?"

With a big gulp of coffee for courage, I reminded him that the rule worked both ways and walked out to the beautiful table Bill had set on the balcony. The cool fresh air felt incredible on my skin. Bill picked up a large cloth napkin from the table and spread it across the seat of the wicker chair. "This may do better under your cute little ass than covering your lap." Bill said.

I sat down and started to cross my legs, but Bill "ah-hummed" again. "Keep you legs spread so I can see that beautiful pussy while we eat." It felt so good, exposing myself as much as possible. I spread and started eating. My second fork full of eggs spilled down the front of me and landed in my pubes. I reached down to pluck them out of the hair but Bill stopped me.

"Let me get that for you, Miss." Bill dropped to his knees and started to lick the scrambled eggs out of my bush. It only took him a couple of licks to clean up the mess, but Bill kept on licking. I slid forward to give him better access while I kept on eating.

"My, but this restaurant has outstanding service!" I giggled as Bill kept licking and sucking. "Waiter, may I have a finger or two please?" I asked.

"Whatever you wish, miss." Bill answered as he slid two fingers in my hole. "Can I get you anything else?" he asked.

"No, no just keep doing what you're doing, waiter." After a couple more bites of eggs and a sip of coffee I lost all interest in food and pulled Bill's face all the way into my crotch. Another couple of minutes of licking brought me to another outstanding orgasm.

"Very tasty, and not too filling." quipped Bill, as he sat back down and started eating his own eggs. I caught my breath and resumed eating. After I'd cleaned my plate (Bill is a great cook as well as a hell-of-a-fuck) and finished my coffee I turned to Bill with a wicked smile, "Waiter, check please."

"Oh no, Miss! The manager said that everything was on the house this morning." he answered. "Well!" I replied, "That's very nice of the manager, but I must tip the waiter for his extraordinary service." I slid off the chair and knelt down between Bill's legs, pulling his cock out of his shorts.

"Do it like you did with Paul last night; no hands." Bill said. With the first quick lick Bill's pecker began to fill and harden. I asked Bill if he wanted to tie my hands again but he said Sue told him we shouldn't try any more bondage until they taught us about safety. I grabbed the napkin off the chair and held it in both hands behind me, as if my hands were tied. I ran my tongue all up and down the underside of his prick.

Even after at the fucking we'd done last night, Bill was ready for more. I worked up and down his shaft and licked his balls. The scrape the tooth trick worked again and with a low moan, he filled my mouth with a load of his juice. I quickly stood up over my coffee cup and spit Bill's load into it. Bill looked a little disappointed until I dropped the napkin, grabbed the pot and filled the cup the rest of the way. I gave the cup a quick stir with one finger and drank it down. "Nothing like coffee with really fresh cream!" I told him with a big smile.

Bill reached down and began to stroke my fur. "Spread you legs and put your hands on top of your head." he told me as he continued to rub harder and deeper. I was slowly building to my second orgasm of the day enjoying the exposed feeling and the fresh air blowing across my entire body. After a minute or two Bill's stroking slowed down. "If you want, I'll stop and we can go inside. Or you can turn around and you'll see that you have an audience." I slowly turned and saw four men on the golf course watching everything.

Telling Bill not to stop, I began playing with my tits while the lucky golfers watched. I don't know if it was the audience, the fresh air, or what but I came again in record time and waved at them. I spent the rest of Saturday and most of Sunday naked before I dug out my coat and shoes to head home.

Our next big adventure was over a long 4th of July weekend. My birthday is the 2nd and Sue's is the 4th. We celebrated with a road trip, with the birthday girls in birthday suits for the entire weekend. It was a wild time that you'll have to read about in a future story.

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