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Zaftig Submissive Treat


It was fairly easy to seduce Jennifer. She was one of those women with a beautiful face but about twenty extra pounds that made her lose all of her self-confidence. She was beautiful, busty and a little easy. We worked together in the same office, so a little additional attention during the day and some casual flirting easily led to some drinks after office hours and then a casual fuck in her apartment.

She was drunk the first time I got inside her pussy. Not so drunk she was sloppy and stupid, but drunk enough she had that guilty look on her face the next day. She told me she felt bad that we had sex because I was married and she wasn’t. She said didn’t want to be the cause of the breakup of my marriage. I laughed and told her that after she and I had finished I went home and got my wife excited by telling her I had just fucked another woman. I went on to tell her that Penny and I have the best sex after telling each other about our extramarital activities.

The expression on her face was utter confusion. “You’re lying,” she said.

I shook my head. “Nope. Penny and I have an open marriage. We can have sex with whomever we want. ‘No secrets’ is the only rule.” I stopped and thought a moment. “And never in the marriage bed without the other spouse there.”

“I still don’t believe you,” Jennifer said.

I pulled Penny’s business card from my wallet and handed it Jennifer. “Go ahead. Call her and ask.”

Jennifer just looked back and forth from me to the card in disbelief. “This is so weird.”

“It’s better than having a marriage full of lies,” I told her. “Maybe you’d like to join Penny and me some night together?” I asked her.

Her face turned bright red. “No,” she giggled. “I don’t think so.” She put a finger to her teeth in a nervous gesture I had become accustomed to. “But maybe you and I could get together again?” she asked hopefully.

“Certainly,” I said with a smile.

Jennifer and I managed to find time to fuck about twice a week after that. She never got up the nerve to call my wife and ask her the details of our marriage, but I didn’t care. Why would I? She was a beautiful woman. Her long brown curly hair felt neatly about her shoulders. Her smooth skin felt like liquid silk under my fingertips. She didn’t go to tanning salons or lay out in the sun—she was ashamed of her body, the few extra pounds that make her look like a Greek goddess—but to me it was wonderful. Her tits were enormous 44Ds capped with large light brown nipples. She was a complete contrast to my wife, a petite blonde who had trouble filling her bra.

Although to call her a prude was an overstatement, Jennifer wasn’t quick to try anything that might be remotely considered kinky, which was a shame. Once after we had finished having sex I was running my fingers through her curly brown pubic hair I commented with summer coming she would need to shave her bush.

“Oh no, I couldn’t do that,” she said.

“Why not?” I asked. “You must trim it for when you wear a bathing suit.”

“Just the edges, just a little.” She giggled nervously. She obviously enjoyed fucking. Never once did I have any trouble making her cum. Once she had become accustomed to the idea that I was married and it wasn’t a problem with my wife, she had settled down. But I was disappointed she didn’t want to go beyond straight sex and oral sex. I longed to fill her anus with my cock or tie her up and see how far she would let me go before screaming for me to stop.

I just stared at her. We had such different perspectives on sex, but I could tell she wanted so much more in her sex life than to what she was restricted herself. She needed to be forced to fully enjoy herself. “You’ve never completely shaved your pussy before?” I asked her.

She shook her head.

“Then I’m going to give you a treat.” I jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom and returned with her razor, shaving cream, a wet washcloth and a towel. I told her to raise her hips and I slid the towel under her ass. I then forced open her legs and placed the dripping washcloth on her crotch.

“We’ve got to get your pubes good and wet before we shave them off.”

She nodded and laid her head back. This is partly why I was drawn to Jennifer, I realized. She was a submissive, but didn’t fully realize it yet. My wife was demanding sexually—she knew what she wanted and usually got it—but Jennifer would go along with whatever I asked or commanded. It was a little scary that she gave me this power over her, but I was always careful to give her back as much pleasure as she needed. It was likely she didn’t even realize exactly what she was. Yet.

After letting her soak for a few minutes I applied the shaving cream and got to work. Jennifer wasn’t exceptionally hairy, but with her dark brown hair and dusky skin it seemed like a lot. It was silky but also thick and curly. She kept her soft thighs open as I lay between them slowly denuding her mons. I had always found something distasteful about a completely shaven woman so I left a one inch strip of hair covering her labia all the way up the to top of her normal pubic range. It was also easier than having to get her to lie completely still while I worked all around the folds and wrinkles of her complex pussy.

“There,” I said washing away the last of the shaving cream with the washcloth. She was beautiful now. “We’ll have to test it out now.”

She peered down between her legs and gasped. “It’s completely different.”

“I know,” I said. “And now you’ll feel what a smooth pussy is like when it’s fucked.” I was already partially erect, but I wanted to make sure she was ready. I pushed her pillowy thighs further apart and tasted her quim. It had a slightly soapy scent from the shaving cream, her normal musk from deep within her cunt, and a bit of sweat from anticipation. She was already wet with desire so I quickly backed away and plunged my now ready cock into her freshly shaven cunt. I slipped right in. There is no way to describe the sensation of a newly prepared pussy; it is so exquisite, it’s almost like having a virgin again.

“Ooh,” she groaned. “That is nice.” She wiggled her shapely ass trying to get me to pump her faster. I resisted.

“Mmmhmm,” I agreed. “Faster and slicker.” Now that I was ready I started ramming into her in earnest. There was no subtlety to my technique, I was just a teenager again trying to get laid as fast as I could. It only took a few minutes before I erupted inside of her. She sighed with pleasure as I kept moving and brought her to a climax as well.

I collapsed on her and we shared light kisses as my cock slowly shrank inside her sopping cunt. “You’re a slut,” I told her gently.

“What?” She was shocked. I had never used such a harsh word to describe her before, yet it was perfectly fitting.

“It’s a compliment. A slut is a woman who enjoys all the sex she can get no matter how she gets it. That’s you.”

“But it’s an insult,” she protested.

“Only if you think it is. You’re a submissive. You crave sex but can’t pursue it. You want to fuck as much as you can, but you need to be told how. I’m here to do that for you.”

She looked at me not fully comprehending, but she would eventually. Tomorrow,” I told her. “You’ll wear a thong panty and skirt to work.”

“I don’t own any thongs,” she said.

I produced a small wrapped present from my bag as I was getting ready to leave. “You do now,” I told her. “And you’ll do it if you want to fuck with me again.” With that I left her for the night.

Jennifer, ever the submissive, was true to form and as I ordered, wore a skirt to work the next day. We exchanged our usual pleasantries and kept up cheerful conversation during the morning but I was disappointed. She was still naive about her sexual self so the heavy corduroy skirt she wore hid her full bottom far too well. I couldn’t be certain if she was wearing the thong or not. I solved that problem easily enough. After a few hours of work I emailed her and asked if she was wearing the thong panties as I had ordered.

She quickly emailed back that she was. I glanced over at her. Her smile showed her pride in how she thought she was loosening up sexually. There was only one thing to do in such a situation.

“Go to the bathroom, take them off and put them on my desk,” I emailed her.

Another glance over and I could see she was thinking about it. She bit her lower lip, a sure sign she was worried and anxious.

“What if I get caught?” she emailed back.

The reply was easy. “So what if you do? If you don’t, we’re done.” I turned around and pretended to go back to work. A few moments later I heard her get up and walk out of our cubicle section. Minutes later she was back at her desk, then she walked over to my desk.

“Here are those files,” she said dumping a bunch of old file folders and other papers on my desk. I quickly went through them and found the black silk panties she had hidden in an envelope. I glanced around surreptitiously. Jack and Terry were deep in their work, not paying any attention. Jennifer was on the phone to some client. I pulled the warm silk from the envelope and held them briefly to my nose. She smelled divine. I sent her another email.

“We’ll met at your place after work,” I told her. “Don’t do anything until I get there.” I glanced over again at her. Her face was bright red, but with embarrassment or excitement, I couldn’t tell.


Just as I had anticipated Jennifer was in her living room chair when I let myself into her apartment. “Stand up,” I told her. She’s a big girl. Not fat, just lots of curves and standing almost five foot eleven. I slipped my hand up her skirt, sliding my fingers along her smooth skin until I met her mound. The thin strip of hair was still in place and her cunt was wet with anticipation. I smiled at her. “You need to be fucked, don’t you.”

Her hips wiggled under my fingers. She nodded and bit her lip.

“Did you masturbate before I got here?”

“No,” she said vehemently, shaking her head.

I grabbed her hands and smelled her fingers. No scent of pussy. “Do you ever masturbate?” I wondered aloud.

“Once in a while,” she said. “When I can’t take it any more and I need....” she trailed off, but I knew what she needed. I unbuttoned her blouse and zipped down her skirt. She stood before me wearing her customary black bra and nothing else, her shoes having been removed earlier. “Take off your bra,” I told her. She started to push the straps off her shoulders, but I stopped her. “No, not like that, reach behind you, unhook it, and then take it off.”

She nodded in agreement, reached her arms backwards and struggled for a few moments before she was able to release the hooks. Proudly she dropped the bra to the floor and stood before me naked. I smiled.

“I’m going to do something new to you today,” I told her.


“You’ll see. Get your ass onto your bed.” I followed her bouncing twin globes into her bedroom and ordered her to lay down. Her dresser stood against the wall and I pulled open the drawers until I found what I needed. Jennifer was never one to protest and she said nothing as I wrapped a stocking around one wrist and then tied it to the low corner post of the bed. The other wrist followed and then both legs. She would have looked lovely spread-eagled on her bed ready to be fucked, but the bed was too small and the corner posts too low. It was only a full sized bed and she was a tall woman. If I was going to fuck her tied down, it wouldn’t be here.

Frustrated, I quickly untied all of the stocking and released her.

“What’s the matter?” she asked. Not once did she ask why I was tying her up. Most women would have been a little nervous or unwilling, but not Jennifer, she simply went along as ordered. She might have been confused or nervous or both, but I was angry enough at the situation not to care about her at the moment.

“I wanted to tie you up, but your bed is too fucking small to hold you down properly,” I complained.

“Sorry,” she apologized.

“No matter. I know where we can go.”


“My place.”

“I thought you said your wife doesn’t like other women in her bed.”

I smiled. “What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her,” I said. “Besides, she’s probably getting fucked by one of her boyfriends right now. We’ve got a king-sized bed with the proper restraints. You’ll love it. Get dressed,” I told her. “No bra or panties.”

Jennifer followed me over to my place in her own car. The moment we were in the door I stripped off her blouse and skirt and dragged her to the bedroom practically throwing her on the bed. I was already rock hard and wanted to fuck her, but she was getting tied up first.

I pulled our leather restraints from the toy box and quickly fitted them to her wrists and ankles. She smiled in excitement. Her face was flushed and her breathing was rapid. She needed to fuck as much as I did. “You tie up women a lot?” she asked as I carefully positioned her legs. The bed was the perfect size for this; her arms and legs were pulled out all the way, but not so far it was causing her undue pain.

“Often enough,” I answered taking off my own clothes. Although there was no need, I straddled her chest and shoved my cock into her mouth. She took it willingly, spreading her saliva all over it to ensure easy penetration. I’m not big on humiliating a sex partner or debasing women, but something about Jennifer’s submissiveness made me want to treat her harshly.

After a minute of the efficient blowjob, I pulled back, knelt between her round thighs and slipped into her moist cunt. I met no resistance as I slid all the way in until our pubic bones bounced together. She groaned deeply in her chest. I balanced myself carefully on my elbows, took her brown nipples between forefinger and thumb and pinched. She yelped.

“A little pain to remind you who is in charge,” I told her as I began thrusting in and out. She was too far gone to complain and simply bared down, meeting my thrusts the best she could all tied up.

It didn’t take long before her moist pussy and the anticipation of the event was too much. The orgasm started at the base of my cock and exploded outward. I cried out in triumph as I filled her with my semen. Jennifer was overcome with the same pleasure of orgasm as I continued to thrust into her. Her uncontrolled moans subsided when I collapsed on top of her. We relaxed and enjoyed living in the moment.

“That was beautiful,” my wife said from the doorway of the bedroom. “If a little quick and tawdry.”

It wasn’t a complete surprise that she was there. It was as much her home as it was mine. I hadn’t be exactly subtle or careful about bringing Jennifer to our place. Deep down I knew that Penny would eventually catch us fucking. Not that there was anything wrong with that. Penny and I had sex with lots of other people. Penny had watched me fuck other women, just like I had watched her fuck other women and men. I had, however, broken the rule against fucking in our bed without the other one there.

“Why don’t you get off her now?” Penny asked, a bit angrily, which she certainly had a right to be.

I guiltily slid off Jennifer’s smooth skin and moved over to the chair in the corner of the room.

“Who are you?” Jennifer asked. The answer was obvious, but considering she was tied up in a stranger’s bed, naked and just fucked, it was unsurprising she was disoriented.

“You’re pretty,” Penny said, ignoring my latest conquest’s question. “No wonder John likes to fuck you. But you should know that he’s not allowed to have a girlfriend in my bed when I’m not here.”

Jennifer bit her lip and tears started to form at the corners of her eyes. Her face turned bright red and she was thoroughly ashamed, whether because she was spread-eagled naked on a bed with my cum leaking out of her or that she had been caught in the act of fucking another woman’s husband, it was impossible to tell. “I know. I’m sorry.” Her voice quavered. It sounded like she was going to cry.

“That’s all right, honey,” said Penny laying her hand along Jennifer’s cheek. “There’s a way you can fix this.”

“There is?” she asked hopefully.

“Yes,” said Penny taking her hand away from Jennifer’s face and slipping it between her legs. Jennifer gasped. I knew another woman had never touched her cunt before and I could see Penny’s fingers dipping into Jennifer’s wet and luscious folds. She scooped up some of my cum and brought it to her own lips, tasting both her husband’s semen and his girlfriend’s cunt. “You taste delicious,” she told Jennifer whose mouth opened and closed with nary a squeak. “See?” Penny dipped her fingers into Jennifer’s well again and brought them to the bound woman’s lips. Obediently Jennifer opened her mouth and allowed Penny to deposit the cum on her tongue. As Jennifer took the gift and swallowed it, Penny looked at me and smiled. She immediately understood that the woman in her bed was a submissive, but a submissive who didn’t fully understand herself. Stay there, Penny mouthed to me. I was only too happy to comply. My cock was already erect again and I absently masturbated to the show I was being given.

Penny was wearing her usual black skirt and white blouse with no bra that was usually evidence she had been intent on getting fucked that night. She might have had a rendezvous arranged with a boyfriend or maybe was just trolling the clubs, but that didn’t matter now because she was home and was about to feast upon the treat I had brought her. She kicked off her shoes and knelt down between Jennifer’s thighs. It was obvious to Jennifer what was about to happen, but she didn’t know what to do. She wasn’t so much of a submissive that she didn’t struggle. I could see her trying to move her legs and arms so that she would avoid Penny’s touch, but the restraints were perfectly place. There was no escape for her. I could see the tops of Penny’s stockings peeking out from underneath her skirt as she positioned herself with her ass in the air and then dropped her head to lick Jennifer’s wet and ready cunt.

“Umm,” Penny moaned after the first lick. “My husband must have just shaved you. You’re smooth and tasty.”

Jennifer could only managed a muted, “Uh-huh,” before Penny went back to work on her cunt. Then only grunts and groans escaped her lips as Penny explored her freshly fucked pussy. My wife’s tongue is very talented having been inside many different twats in her life and wrapped around many other cocks. It took her little time to make the already excited Jennifer to start bucking her hips and crying out before screaming that she was cumming. It was beautiful to watch.

Penny stroked the strip of pubic hair that decorated Jennifer’s pussy for the few minutes it took the zaftig woman to come down from her orgasm high. “Was that the first time a woman ate you out?”

Jennifer nodded yes. “It was better than I’ve ever had before.”

“I bet,” said Penny. “I know how to please a pussy,” she said proudly. “I know what I like and just apply it to whatever woman I’m with.” She smiled gently at Jennifer. “You’ll learn how to do it just as well.”

“What?” said Jennifer puzzled. She wasn’t one of the smartest women in the office and I realized that applied to the bedroom as well.

Penny said nothing and simply started taking off her clothes. She stripped down quickly but left on her thigh high stockings. She got on the bed and walked on her knees over Jennifer’s body until her cunt was hovering over the submissive’s face. It was only then that Jennifer showed a bit of backbone, the first time I saw her actively and verbally resist a sexual advance.

“I don’t want to,” she blurted out.

This bit of a surprise didn’t stop Penny’s lust. She reached down and stroked Jennifer’s cheek again. I knew exactly what Jennifer saw while she looked up at my wife. Penny kept her pubes trimmed to a neat but full triangle colored a fiery bronze that was a shade deeper than the hair on her head. Pink labial lips would be pouting out at the juncture of her legs, maybe already dripping with wetness in expectation of cunnilingus performed by an amateur. Her deep pink nipples were erect and her bright blue eyes were shining. “Honey, you’re a submissive, you don’t have a choice. Not because you’re tied up, but because you can’t help yourself in not resisting.”

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