tagSci-Fi & FantasyZaka's Wings Ch. 02

Zaka's Wings Ch. 02


Fifteen years later...

Zaka sat in a tree watching the nearby pack interact with each other. Since the explosion of power that was the end of the sufferer many years ago, she jumped around the world not sure where to live her life and call home. However, after years of traveling and seeing the remains of the world that was once the modern world, she returned to what used to be the United States and travelled around, trying to find her place.

She made friends along the way, of course. The centaurs were friendly, but disliked her because of her wings. She enjoyed flying along them, especially her friend Alaska who did not mind her hanging out with them. However, after a couple of months, she grew restless and moved on, promising her dark and intelligent friend that she would return.

The dragons were nice too. They accepted her flying around them, but she got tired of recovering from the random burns when they got spooked or too excited. She stayed with them shortly.

Zaka found the packs of weres to be the best match for her. Her own fellow sufferers were annoying and assholes most of the time, so she did not bother hanging out with them. Since the incident, roughly fifteen years ago with the large sufferer trying to take slaves, she never fit in with them.

All she remembered from that night was the green eyes of the midnight black pup that she caught eyes with before she exploded in a ball of light. A connection was formed during that explosion and she was not sure what to think about it.

While other creatures had random family units and sometimes lived distantly apart, the weres were warm and loving. They always took care of their young and raised large families. They mourned the dead and found love and happiness. Plus some packs didn't mind her dropping from the sky randomly for dinner.

One pack was her favorite, the McCloud clan. They always set a place for her just in case she dropped by. There was a running joke that she looked for her spot before diving now since she managed to once dive and land in her seat perfectly from 300 feet plus. Now it was expected for her to try every time. The young pups were wonderful and amazed by her wings, always following her around and shrieking when she would grab one and fly off, pretending to eat them.

She got along with everyone. The women liked her for her artistic side while she was a good hunter with the men. However, there was only one awkward spot in the group: him.

He was in line to become the next alpha of the group, meaning he was always busy and learning. All the single girls tried to get his attention but he was stuck on her. The deep wanting look in his eyes was too much when she saw him, so she avoided him at all costs. It seemed to be a game to him. He always took time to find her and stare. The pack was used to it.

He was there to see her legendary explosion of light. While everyone else felt warmth and general happiness, he felt something else. He told her told her to age eight that he loved her and would mate with her. She laughed it off as a childhood thing.

He remained persistent though. Following her to the woods, running under her while she flew, always carrying a treat for her or flowers. He was dedicated. Zaka smiled thinking of all the things he did for her over the years.

Especially at his 21st birthday.

It was a human tradition, but weres celebrated anyways. The weres over 21 insisted on throwing a party and getting drunk. Technically, there was no age limit since the governments all dissolved but old traditions die hard. The bonfire was huge with most of the young singles of the pack together.

Young wolves chased each other around, acting silly and being laid left and right. Zaka had been invited but refrained from the public sex. Instead, she sat and talked with friends less insane than others about life. Her wings kept her warm and the fire helped. She did not really need to wrap up in her wings but she felt more comfortable. In addition, it was an old habit.

She was talking about a recent trip to the east coast when he showed up. All 200 pounds of muscle and alpha in the form of Zack. God. She knew when he was there immediately. It was hard to miss him in the crowd, especially since the single girls and the men started greeting him loudly and coming up to him to wish him a happy birthday. The girls practically drooled over him while the men smacked him on the back. She should have left then. It was getting late and she needed to find a safe tree to sleep in. The pack offered her a cabin all the time, but she preferred the open air in case of emergency. It was easier to open her wings than in a tight place with four walls on it and a ceiling.

However, she did not. She decided to wish Zack a happy birthday and grab another drink. The party was slightly awkward for her, especially with the public sex randomly, but she wanted to be social and hang with her friends more before turning in. Zack saw her and locked eyes with her quickly. She could not look away from his stunning green eyes and did not miss the wanton look of lust that he sent her way. She stopped for a moment, unsure of what to do. She knew he could take her if he wanted; he was much bigger than she was. However, he would never do that, at least she thought.

However, towards five am or so, the party was winding down and she was finally going to head to bed. She started walking in to the woods looking for a good tree to snuggle. She did not know that Zack was following her, in wolf form. She knew he had changed at some point; she scratched his ears for a while and used him for warmth. However, she was so tired that she did not see the change in his wolf.

He was tired of waiting for her. Zack's wolf was frustrated and irritated with his human side. Just take her. She is our mate. We need her more than ever. Imagine the pups! Zack fought with his wolf over it all night since he locked eyes with her. Finally, his wolf took control and followed her into the woods.

Zaka had found a nice solid tree to sleep in. The tree had nice branches without too many random sticks in it and had some leaves for coverage. As she was preparing to leap into the tree to settle down, she was attacked and dragged to the ground. Out of reaction, she started moving her wings to fly, but the weight was too much for her body to carry. As she finally looked at her attacker, she recognized Zack's wolf. But right away she noticed that his eyes were different. Instead of the green and brown mix that was typical of him in wolf form, they were all brown. His wolf is in control. Fuck.

Before Zaka knew it, she was pinned to the ground and staring into the eyes of only Zack's wolf. Zaka was terrified. She had never dealt with something like this before and could only guess that the combination of alcohol, nearby open sex, and his desire to be with her were the cause. She tried to struggle away but felt her neck quickly placed in the jaws of Zack's wolf. She knew not to move at that. Not moving was a sign of submission, but also the way to keep from getting her throat ripped out. She slowed her breathing but was still panicking internally. She knew that Zack was insane about her and considered her his mate, but never expected this from an alpha to be.

While he held on to her throat, her body started reacting strangely. Zaka knew she should be freaking out and worried about rape, but all she felt was some fear and desire. Of course, she was attracted to Zack. Who would not be? She was a warm-blooded female after all. Nevertheless, in this situation she should have not wanted him to continue and to fuck her hard. Zack's wolf smelled her desire growing and started growling with her throat still in his jaws. The growling turned her on more and she started panting, wanting the clothes to be off her so she could feel all of his fur against her skin. Zack's wolf had such a beautiful coat, all brown with gold, and red throughout it in random spots that would pick up the sunlight and shine in the sunset.

She finally started to whimper, her wings crushed underneath her body were painful, and she needed to be let up before a bone broke or her feathers became damaged. Zack's wolf must of realized this because he let go of her throat and let her sit up, while standing over her and keeping his paws on her chest. Zaka was unsure of what to do. Logically she should kick his ass and fly into a safe tree to recover. However, something else called to her and she wanted a taste of the wolf in front of her.

Years of his affections and following her around added up in her mind and she decided to give in. She was only denying her attraction to him throughout the years starting when he was teenager and hit puberty. Suddenly he had gone from the small pup following her around with flowers in his mouth to a strong male with muscles and the ability to take on any pack member in a fight, except his father yet. His growth made him taller and wider than before and she noticed right away. However, she thought she would let him go after some other girls; he was better matched for a good young wolf girl than she was. Nevertheless, he remained as determined and affectionate as before.

This led to her to that fateful day where she was pinned under him, decided "what the fuck," and started rubbing his fur. She was not entirely sure what to do however. She saw plenty of wolf sex before on the pack grounds. They were very liberal when it came to PDA to the extreme. However, she was a sufferer. She was not sure how the anatomy worked between the two of them. Instead she tried showing him that she was willing and to let it go from there. She had sex since she was a sufferer, just with other sufferers, not an oversized wolf. Well, there's a first time for everything, she thought as she rubbed his nuzzle and moved closer towards the giant wolf in front of her.

Zack's wolf was confused to what was going on. He was sure he would have to force her to accept him, but she was letting him and even seemed to want it. So he decided to take charge and have his way with her.

Zack's wolf started by ripping her clothes off. She had spare sets so she did not worry, but a wolf trying to figure out how to remove a bra was funny. Zaka did not need to wear them anymore since society was more liberal. However, she felt naked without it so made her own after everything modern ended. Zaka ended up undoing it for him and once her breasts were free, Zack lunged forward and started licking and nipping her. She immediately started reacting strongly and felt her desire shoot right up. She did not have the world's greatest breasts in her mind, but the way Zack's wolf tongue was playing attention to them and nipping in just the right spot, she thought they must be to deserve such attention. Only C36, they were not as big as the other wolf girls were but she felt confident about them right at that moment.

Zaka helped by taking off her long blue skirt and becoming very naked for Zack. She thought his human side was coming back a bit because she kept seeing patches of green within the brown of his eyes. Zaka thought it might be easier if Zack the human was involved, but he was really in control of the situation. Zack's wolf rolled her over to her belly and sat on her legs, comfortably keeping her under his control as he started to lick up her body with his long tongue and taste all of her.

Mate, mate, mate kept repeating in Zack's head as he tasted her finally and went crazy for her scent. Raspberries and the forest. Everyone had his or her own scent and he was finally fully discovering hers. Zaka smelled wonderful, and he was able to get his nose close enough to fully smell her. The passing sniffs and marks of her around the lands was not as strong as having her pinned under him and completely naked for him to taste and smell.

Zaka figured he was smelling her and getting her taste down. All weres seemed to do the same thing. Smell and taste were important, especially when running through the dead of night and trying to avoid running into others.

Zack was starting to lick up her back when some noise came from nearby and his wolf stopped, staring into the darkness, ready to attack whenever was there.

Thankfully, the only danger was from being licked too much, as a young were pup came out of the bushes, walked up to Zaka and licked her face, not caring that Zack was there, and Zaka was naked below him. The young pup, Lacii, was one of Zaka's favorites. A sweet little girl with bright red hair that loved to stay in wolf form as much as possible and loved to follow Zaka around.

Zaka turned around to look at Zack and saw his eyes changing. She knew he would not do anything stupid with a young pup here. No matter what, family always came first. Zaka managed to get out from under Zack and gathered up the young wolf in her arms. Lacii's wolf form was adorable with dark red hair and random blonde pieces throughout. In addition, Zaka thought Lacii's tail was cute too, since she had a chuck of fur missing because Lacii's brother decided to play too hard.

Zaka put some space between herself and Zack, finally thinking on what just happened without her hormones ruling her mind. She was not too sure what to think at that moment in time. She needed time to think and process what almost happened. So, she took the chance to bundle up Lacii against her chest and take off from the ground, heading towards the pack and the young wolfs mother, leaving the questions and discussions for another time.

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