tagErotic HorrorZandra Ch. 03

Zandra Ch. 03



Zandra was on her knees, naked on the floor. Her eyes were locked into the powerful gaze of Mr. Xavier. He didn't speak, only stared deeply into her eyes. Zandra's mind began to grow clouded, she could feel herself falling into a trance. She felt him inside her mind, violating her deepest being. Her mind gone from her control a look of such pitiful fear filled her eyes, a pathetic pleading from a desperate creature.

Mr. Xavier's lips twisted into a cruel smile. Seeing such a look in Zandra's eyes only filled his heart with sadistic glee. It was a look he had seen many women give him, and it was always a deeply satisfying experience. It was a thrill and addiction that few men in his time knew. He stepped towards her, eyes filled with a fierce and violent lust. His handed darted out quickly and seized Zandra by the hair.

"Now you will learn," Mr. Xavier said slowly.

Zandra tried to shrink away from him, but Mr. Xavier kept her still by the hair. His free hand unbuckled and opened up his pants. With a yank at her hair, Zandra's face was pulled closer to him. Zandra's eyes widened when she saw his stiff cock in front of her. Zandra looked up at Mr. Xavier, pleading with her eyes to please make her stop. Her eyes were begging him not to make her do it, to not humiliate and degrade her.


Nodding, Zandra looked back down. Her full lips slowly opened as she leaned towards it. When her lips touched the tip of his cock, Zandra flinched and pulled her head back. She looked back up at Mr. Xavier but saw no mercy in his eyes, only his cruelty. Parting her lips once again, Zandra leaned forward and pressed her lips against the tip. Mr. Xavier seized the back of her head and pushed his cock into Zandra's mouth.

"I told you to suck bitch."

Zandra felt a dick in her mouth for the first time. Her eyes fluttered from the intense satisfaction she suddenly felt. Never before had something felt so natural for her. She moaned as she slid his cock deeper into her mouth, into her throat. Her lips glided back and forth along the shaft as she sucked him with a growing enthusiasm. Zandra looked back up at Mr. Xavier again, her eyes telling him that she was defeated. Both her mind and body were now his playthings.

With his powerful hand pushing the back of her head, Mr. Xavier shoved his cock deeper down Zandra's throat until she choked and gagged. He pulled back, giving her some relief and then did it again, all the while mocking her. She was not worth any respect he told her. Zandra knew that deep in her heart, she knew that her mouth was only good for men to dump their cum into. Mr. Xavier's powers had opened up her mind to that truth. So, she sucked her dark master vigorously, just as Lady Victoria had done on New Year's Eve.

Grabbing her head, Mr. Xavier held Zandra in place as he rammed his cock down her throat again. While she gagged and choked, Mr. Xavier fucked her mouth. Zandra took one harsh slam down her throat after another. Her head became dizzy and her eyes watered. When he pulled out of her mouth completely, Zandra gasped for hair. Mr. Xavier took a few steps back and looked over Zandra with a great satisfaction.

"Look at me," he commanded. "Look into my eyes."

Zandra obeyed and looked into Mr. Xavier's eyes. She fell instantly into his spell of hypnosis. Her mind captive to his sinister control, Zandra's eyes became vacant.

"You are a slut," Mr. Xavier said.

"I am a slut."

"You are a piece of pussy, property to be bought and sold."

"I am a piece of pussy, property to be bought and sold."

"Lay down on your bed and spread your legs for me."

When her eyes broke with Mr. Xavier's, she became more lucid. Zandra found herself complicit in her own rape and violation. She didn't want this, she didn't want the shame and humiliation that she was suddenly bombarded with. But, Mr. Xavier's power over her was great. Try as she might, Zandra could only give and obey. So she laid down on her bed and spread her legs open for Mr. Xavier, as he slowly undressed himself.

"Where is Lady Victoria?" Zandra asked, her senses slowly coming back to her.

"Where you'll end up when I grow bored with you. I would suggest that you stay very entertaining for as long as you can."

"Why are you doing this to me?"

"Because you deserve it slut."

"I don't deserve this!" Zandra cried out. "I'm not a slut, I'm a lady who deserves to be treated with respect!" Feeling her willpower slowly coming back to her, Zandra shut her legs and began to cover her naked body from Mr. Xavier's view. "I'll tell Inspector Lyndon everything, I already told him that Lady Victoria was with you when she disappeared on New Year's Eve."

"You did what?"

"He's on to you, he'll find Lady Victoria and Annabelle and throw you in prison where degenerates like you belong."

His eyes burning with anger, Mr. Xavier removed his belt and walked over to the bed. He grabbed Zandra's ankle and with a single yank, pulled over the side of the bed. Finding herself face down, bent over the bed, Zandra tried to resist. Mr. Xavier's powerful hand pressed down on her back, holding her down while he raised the belt in the air with the other.

"You will learn a slut's mouth is not for talking," he said.

Mr. Xavier brought the belt down across Zandra's ass, making a loud snap as it struck her fair, tender flesh. Zandra let out a scream, never having been spanked or punished before. She had been spoiled her entire life. Now she was at the mercy of a sexual deviant, who was beating her backside with a leather belt. With each crack of the leather, Zandra cried out. Her tears streamed down her cheeks as her ass reddened from the blows of her punishment.

"Please, no more," Zandra begged while sobbing.

"You will call me master slut!"

The leather belt whipped across the back of Zandra's thighs. She cried out again. Mr. Xavier then wrapped his belt around Zandra neck, fed it through the buckle and pulled it tight. The belt tightened around Zandra's now constricted throat. With a violent pull of the belt, Zandra was yanked to the floor where Mr. Xavier continued to spank her with his open hand. With another sharp pull, Zandra was brought up onto her knees.

"Forgive me master."

Mr. Xavier loosened the belt and pulled it off of her head. "Inspector Lyndon will not be a problem. You have betrayed your master slut. That is a most serious offense."

"Forgive me, I didn't know what I was doing master. I will do anything to please you, I promise."

"Of course you will," Mr. Xavier said. "On the bed, as you were before with your legs spread."

Zandra did as she was commanded. Her bottom lip still quivering from her spanking, she laid back on her bed and spread her legs.


With a trembling hand, Zandra moved her fingers down to her slit and started rubbing it gently. Her eyes locked onto Mr. Xavier, who continued undressing after that brief diversion. When he was undressed, he turned and looked at her. Him watching her commit such a lewd act was humiliating. Her stomach twisted in disgust with herself. The shame ignited her passions, she fingered her pussy as her master slowly approached, dragging the terrible moment out to an agonizing degree.

She watched him crawl onto her bed, like a predator stalking its trapped prey. His dark, intense eyes chilling her soul with their mysterious power. He climbed on top of her, slapping away her hand. His hands groped and fondled her luscious breasts. The feel of his hands on her body turned her hot and wanton.

"Will you be gentle with me master?" she asked.

"Of course not slut."

Suddenly, Zandra was penetrated. Her greatest fear was realized, she was now ruined forever. Mr. Xavier's smile was as sadistic as ever. He wanted to see the look in her eyes when he took her purity and stripped her respectability from her. She did not disappoint. Zandra had a look in her eyes that was sweeter than any virgin pussy that Mr. Xavier had conquered before. She may have not realized it, but her eyes begged for a hard fuck.

Zandra was fucked hard. Her tight pussy was being devastated with one terrible slam after another. Her snow-white breasts bounced as she squealed under her master. The man she had dreaded for so long was now between her legs, taking ownership of her body as well as her mind. The most humiliating thing of all, was that she loved it. It was such a sweet pain that she felt.

Sweat built on her body as her hands clawed at the sheets under her. The headboard slammed into the wall, the wood frame of the bed creaked from the stress. Zandra felt as if she was about to break. Her eyes clenched shut and her voice howling like a wild thing, Zandra fought to keep her mind. She could feel it empty, twisting into something even more perverse than it already was. But Mr. Xavier's cock was just so big and powerful, it pounded her pussy into a burst of pleasure. Unable to resist his power any longer, Zandra's body exploded in a mind breaking orgasm.

She felt her own identity fade away for the last time. Zandra was now a slut, she was Master Xavier's slut. She now knew that she would suffer the same fate as Lady Victoria and Annabelle and she would suffer it happily as long as she was used.

"Fuck me master," she cried out, "fuck your slut as hard as you can. You were right master, I deserve this. Turn me into a whore if you like, this worthless piece of pussy deserves all of it!"

Master Xavier put Zandra on her hands and knees and fucked her from behind. His hands groped and squeezed her ass which was still red from her punishment. He grabbed her red hair and pulled her head back. Zandra came again. Her body shook and her voice gave out. She was barely able to breathe, but she didn't want it to be over. Zandra wanted to be fucked all night, to be pumped full of her master's cum. Zandra wanted to be a good little slut.

The master pulled out, threw Zandra on her back, grabbed her hair and pulled her head up to his cock. Zandra opened her mouth, ready to take it in. But instead of getting a mouthful of dick, she got her face covered in cum. Master Xavier let go of her hair and Zandra collapsed onto her back on the bed, panting heavily. Too exhausted to move, she just laid there with her face covered in her master's cum.

Master Xavier got up from the bed and walked back over to his pile of clothes. He slowly got dressed, never looking back at the mind broken lady that he left on the bed. After he was fully dressed, he turned and regarded her. She was still panting, staring vacantly up at the ceiling.

"Show some gratitude towards your master slut," Master Xavier said.

Summoning all the energy she had left, Zandra managed to crawl off the bed to the floor. On her hands and knees she looked up at him with those defeated eyes that Master Xavier enjoyed so much. "Thank you for fucking me master," she said.

Smirking, Master Xavier turned from her and left the apartment.


Mr. Xavier didn't arrive home until morning. What he arrived to see was a very unpleasant surprise. There was a police constable standing outside his door with a baton. His door was open and as he approached his townhouse, he could someone in it. The constable looked at Mr. Xavier as he approached and greeted him politely.

"Good morning sir," the constable said. "Are you the owner of this home?"

"Yes," Mr. Xavier answered.

"Ah, well here is your copy of the warrant for the search of the premises."

The constable produced a court document and handed it over to Mr. Xavier. Stunned by the development, Mr. Xavier took it. He read it over and then calmly folded it and placed it in his jacket pocket.

"You may go inside if you like," the constable said. "I'm sure Inspector Lyndon will have some questions for you."

"What is this about?"

"I honestly don't really know sir. I'm just here to open and watch the door. Don't worry about the lock, I'll replace it before I leave."

Mr. Xavier looked down at the constable's feet and saw a crowbar leaning against the entrance of his townhouse. His door was damaged as the lock on it was pried open by the constable. Mr. Xavier was seething with anger, but was careful not to show it. He walked pass the constable and entered his townhouse.

In the parlor, he found Camus inspecting the crystal ball. The young inventor had taken the table and crystal ball apart, revealing the mechanical gears and widgets that operated it. Camus turned and saw Mr. Xavier standing there, staring at him. Camus cleared his throat and stepped away from the device.

"Interesting contraption," Camus said.

"Thank you young man."

Inspector Lyndon walked down the stairs from the second floor, slipping a piece of paper into his pocket. He carried with him the cane that Camus had given him. Mr. Xavier turned, delivering a harsh glare at the good inspector. The glare did not phase Inspector Lyndon in the slightest.

"Why don't you get some fresh air Camus?"

At Inspector Lyndon's suggestion, Camus quickly quit the townhouse to converse outside with the constable. After all, it was much less uncomfortable out there. Inspector Lyndon walked into the parlor, his eyes locked onto Mr. Xavier's.

"Have a seat Mr. Xavier," Inspector Lyndon said. "I left some money in your bedroom for the damage to your door. The officer outside will of course put a new lock on it. After all, we wouldn't want your property to be threatened. You have such interesting property Mr. Xavier. Please, have a seat."

Mr. Xavier regained control of himself, putting on a cool demeanor. He sat down in a chair and crossed one leg over the other while Inspector Lyndon remained standing. He looked down at the crystal ball and shook his head with a chuckle.

"You know," the good inspector began, "before my career as an investigator for the city of Darkwall, I was a traveling man. I traveled to many exotic locations, had many adventures and took part in a few things that I am not proud of. As a matter of fact, what I do now is a kind of penance for my sins abroad. I met every kind of thief, rogue and confidence trickster that can be imagined. If you think you are of special cleverness or have some sort of keen insight into human weakness, let me assure you that you do not. Whatever you are up to in this city, I am the end of it."

"What is it that you want inspector?"

"What have you done with Lady Victoria and her daughter?"

"I don't know what you mean. The last I saw of either of them was News Year Eve."

Inspector Lyndon sighed impatiently. "You were the last person both of them were seen with and I know exactly what sort of man you are."

"You know nothing."

"I know that you keep hallucinogenic herbs in your pantry, right next to the tea. I know those herbs, they come from the far east. The oracles there take them with their tea to induce their mad visions, but it also has other side effects. Where is Lady Victoria and her daughter?"

"Tell me inspector, what would you be willing to do to obtain power? Not just any power mind you, but the power to dominate the world. The power to bend all to your will. What would you do for such a thing?"

"You talk madness."

"I speak truth," Mr. Xavier said forcefully. "You say you are the end of my plans? Your small mind could not comprehend my plans. There is a powerful secret hidden here in Darkwall inspector. I intend to find it. When I do, all will bow before my terrible power."

"I have misjudged you. I thought you were a con artist, but you are nothing more than a raving lunatic. I'll see you to the asylum before the month's out."

"It will be too late then," Mr. Xavier said. "You will fail inspector."

"I have a feeling that we all will fail before this is through. Enjoy your day Mr. Xavier. It will be among your last as a free man. By the way, I took the liberty of confiscating that herb. Good day sir."

Inspector Lyndon turned and left Mr. Xavier brooding in his parlor. He stepped out into the fresh, morning air. The morning was bitterly cold but the inspector welcomed it. It was certainly more appealing than spending one more minute in Mr. Xavier's company. After thanking the constable for his efforts, Inspector Lyndon joined Camus on the street.

"Tell me about that device."

"Crude," Camus said. "The light inside the ball itself blinks in a very particular pattern. On it's own it might induce a slight trance. If you want to induce a deep hypnosis in a group of people you would have to supplement it with something much more powerful."

Inspector Lyndon nodded. He reached into his pocket and pulled out the piece of paper he had slipped in there earlier. He opened it to reveal Mr. Xavier's handwriting scribbled on it. There was an address on it, one that Inspector Lyndon knew. It was a warehouse by the docks and the good inspector had a feeling that he would find answers that he did not want there.

"Are you alright Inspector Lyndon?"

"Yes. Camus, have you ever had the feeling that you were caught up in something that you are not able to understand?"

"Nothing is beyond understanding inspector."

"Quite right my boy. Quite right."


The Tillman River was completely frozen over. Young couples were ice skating on it that very afternoon. It was the first time in Inspector Lyndon's memory that such a thing had ever occurred. It was as if the city was slowly descending into a cold darkness.

The docks were not a pleasant place to be after sunset. The bureaucrats at the head office of the court were slow movers. It had taken the entire day for the good inspector to get his search warrant for the property of 774 Riverfront Street. Now the last bit of daylight had faded and the dark of the moonless night was draped over the warehouses and factories along the river.

Striking a match just outside of the warehouse in question, Inspector Lyndon lit a lantern to aid his search. The lantern offered a weak, yellow glow. It wasn't ideal, but it was certainly better than nothing at all. Raising it above his head, Inspector Lyndon made his way to the door of the warehouse finding it locked. He set the lantern aside and used his cane to smash the lock. The door swung open and after retrieving the lantern, the good inspector entered the warehouse.

Riverfront had a reputation for indecent behavior. Opium dens, brothels and gambling houses were common all along the street. After all, dock workers and sailors were hard, salty men who had difficult jobs and led unenviable lives. It was only natural that they would find pleasure and entertainment where they could. Those activities were of course illegal, but Inspector Lyndon never focused his efforts on those criminal enterprises. He preferred going after thieves and murderers. In his mind, Mr. Xavier was far more worthy of his attention then some dice game being played behind one of the factories.

Aside from a few broken crates scattered around, the warehouse was unfortunately empty. The oppressive darkness disturbed the inspector. The light of the lantern did not reach far. Beyond the light was only pitch black. He did not expect to find anyone in the warehouse, but there was always a possibly he would stumble onto some unfriendly degenerates.

Clutching at his cane as a possible weapon, Inspector Lyndon did a thorough inspection of the warehouse. He examined each of the broken crates that were found. It was difficult to say what the cargo was. As a matter of fact, the warehouse seemed as though it had not been used in many years for its intended purpose. However the lock on the door was relatively new. Of course, that could have been just to keep vandals out while the owner of the property tried to unload it. Perhaps Mr. Xavier had intended to purchase the lot?

Inspector Lyndon let out a sigh. He was no closer to finding Lady Victoria and her daughter, nor was he any closer to finding sufficient evidence to arrest Mr. Xavier. With sudden burst of frustration, the good inspector slammed the bottom of his cane on the floor. A hollow sound rang through the warehouse. Crouching down, he moved the lantern closer to the floor. He spotted a crack that was indicative of a trap door and began inspecting it closely.

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