Zandra's Valentine Weekend


They ate the picnic meal, and then Dennis brought out the last of his surprise: a small chocolate cake decorated with redhots. "Aw, Dennis, this is wonderful," Zandra said. "I can't believe you went to all this trouble. It would have been worth it to come home anyway, but this...oh, Dennis, I do love you...I do want to be with's just that..."

"Yeah, I know. Zandra, I won't expect you to be the maid after...after we get married; I know you've got your own work to do, just like I've got mine. All I ask is...if any of the jokers you know at school come sniffing around later, tell them you got married and tell 'em to buzz off." He had told her, when she first went away, that he wouldn't ask any questions about whom she saw or what she did when she was away.

"You know I'll do that."

They fed each other pieces of the chocolate cake. It was a small one; these days, cocoa was scarce and expensive. When they had finished it, Dennis said, "Let's take a bath."

"We have kind of stunk up the joint, haven't we?" Zandra said. The air around them still smelled of their bodies, and the sex they had had.

"It's not the kind of stink I mind. But this is the night I always take a bath, whether I need it or not. And it's paid for." He got up from the table and took her hand. "C'mon."

Zandra didn't mind the idea of a bath. After all, she had been walking and riding half the night, intimidating people in the morning, and arguing with her family in the afternoon, not to mention having sex twice.

The bathroom was small, and the tub was old, with chipped enamel, but it seemed to be clean. "Do you think we'll fit into there?"

"We can try," Dennis said, turning on the taps.

There was room in the tub for both of them, after all, although it was a tight fit. It was like one of these three-dimensional puzzles where everything had to be in just the right place. Getting settled in almost caused the bath to overflow.

"I didn't realize we displaced that much water," Zandra said. Dennis didn't answer; he sank blissfully down into the water up to his ears, which caused his well-formed but massive legs to rise up, compressed Zandra into the smallest space possible at her end, and made a wave that almost went over the edge of the tub. His fat, uncut cock waved to and fro in the bath water like some kind of marine life form. "Ow, watch it," she said, splashing water onto his chest. "The taps are digging into my back."

"Sorry," he said. "I don't get a chance to spread out like this at home. My dad didn't marry a city girl like yours did, that he had to put in a bathroom to keep around."

Zandra's father was among the first people in Koenigsburg to put in a modern bathroom, and she had forgotten that not everybody had the same advantages. At the Kroginold house, they still filled up a tub in the middle of the kitchen and dumped it out when they were done. She hadn't given it that much thought. "I hadn't thought of that," she said in a small voice.

"It's all right," Dennis said. He splashed water over his head and sat up in the tub. He took her hands in his and said earnestly, "Zandra, I promise you, when it comes time for you to move into my house, there'll be a real bathroom in it, even if I have to sell off part of the land to pay for it." She gave him a misty, tender smile and kissed the backs of his hands. She watched him as he soaped up the thin, worn washcloth they had found hanging in the bathroom and methodically washed himself. When he was done, he said, "Turn around and lean against me, you'll have more room that way." He soaped the washcloth again and gave it to her. She only omitted her hair, choosing instead to pile it on top her head with a few pins. She knew that if she washed it, it would take forever to dry, and if she used soap instead of shampoo, it would be next to impossible to comb out. Tendrils escaped from this temporary up-do and curled around her face and lay limp on Dennis's wet chest. He brought soapy, slippery hands around to slide over her breasts. They disappeared beneath his hands but his fingers on her nipples were gentle and skillful. She twisted her head around so she could look up at him, and he kissed her, long and deep. Under the cooling water, her pussy heated and flared with fresh desire. Dennis' cock swe lled and hardened at her back.

"Let's get out of here," she said, "unless you want to do me right here in the tub."

He laughed softly. "No thanks—we've got a chance to be comfortable for once, so let's take it." They got out of the tub and dried each other off. Then he picked her up as if he were about to carry her over a threshold, angling her carefully, while she drew in her legs and made herself as compact as possible, to get her through the door.

When they got back in bed, Dennis turned on the bedside lamp. "I want to see what I'm doing," he said.

"Well—ok," Zandra said. Dennis got her thoroughly heated up with kisses, and then he laid a meandering trail of kisses down the length of her body, pausing at her breasts to suckle them into points of desire, dipping into her navel, and continuing farther south. As he approached the dark triangle of her pubic hair, she got up on her elbows and said, "Dennis, what the hell are you doing?"

He turned his head and smiled at her. "It's all right," he said. "This is something I heard about and wanted to do for you. I think it's against the law. Go along with it. If you don't like it I can quit." He slid partway off the bed so he could get turned around; not being small people, they had little room to maneuver. The hard solid warmth of his head parted her thighs, and she looked down the length of her body to see him looking up at her from there.

"Are you sure you want to do this?"

Between her legs, the hair was as dark and luxuriant as the hair on her head. So far, he didn't seem disposed to do anything but look at the area rather more closely and intently than she was used to, and lightly trace over her slit with his index finger. This touch, so subtle and tantalizing, had the effect of parting the thicket without even any contact; she could feel her labia thickening and everting with excitement. Touch me, oh touch me, she begged him silently. He slipped his hands under her ass, lifting and tilting her hips slightly. His hands were hot against her cool skin. He lowered his head and opened his warm mouth over her vulva, dipped his tongue into it....

"Jesus H. fucking Christ! " she said.

Dennis looked up. "You want me to quit?"

"No!" She punctuated her answer with a peremptory upward thrust of her pelvis. He continued with what he had been doing. The pressure of his tongue was almost tentative, but then increased; he moved it in little circles and figure-eights between her inner lips. When he circled and skated over her clitoris a sharp, intense climax ripped through her body and took her breath away. She lay there with her nails dug into the bed on either side of her, helpless to do anything but utter uncivilized noises and fervent blasphemies. After he had taken his mouth away, she could feel her heart racing and her pussy still twitching and clenching. He removed his head from between her legs and sat up.

"Liked that, did you?"

"Oh, God, yes!" she said, reaching up to pull him down to her. His lips were wet with her juices, and she licked at them, tasting herself. "That was—oh, God, Dennis, I don't have words! I loved it."

"It's a good thing I didn't do that this morning," he said. "I think poor old Jubilee and Hermann would have busted loose and taken off down the road."

"Does this come under the heading of Ways and Means? If so, it sure beats pulling out. Is there a corresponding thing that I get to do for you?" She looked down at his cock, which was standing at attention.

"Oh yes. There sure is, and you're going to find out about it...But it's kind of tricky if you haven't done it before, and...some other time, Zandra! I can't wait!" He was inside her with one almighty thrust, and then he pulled her into a sitting position. She rode him enthusiastically; stroking in a tight, narrow ellipse; and she was starting to get that feeling of suspense that indicated that she was about to come again, when suddenly there was a loud clattering noise under the bed. She froze.

"Good God—what's that?"

"Just a bed slat. We can put it back later." She leaned back on her hands and closed her eyes. She was getting there again when there was another clatter under the bed.

"We've got to do something about this!"

"Aw, Zandra, not now..."

"What if the bed breaks?"

"So it breaks."

"It's putting me off my stride, not knowing what else is going to fall down..."

"That's different." They disengaged and scrambled off the bed. "So much for comfort," he grumbled.

He pushed the table away from one of the stuffed chairs in the corner of the room. "I thought we were going to fix the bed," Zandra said.

"It can wait—I can't!"

The chair was too narrow for him to sit on and have room for her if she straddled him, so she knelt on it, holding onto the carved wooden trim on top, her thighs spread. Dennis positioned himself behind her and grabbed her hips. She felt the tip of his cock probing at her, and then he was in, sliding against the sensitive anterior wall of her passage. "Ah!—hold that angle, lover," she gasped. She braced herself as he firmed up his stance and his grip on her haunches and began to thrust. "Yes...that's right...oh, God, that's...that's it,...yes, like that...yeah, don't st—oh, I'm—oh—" She shouted as the climax roared through her. He went in especially deep and she shouted again. He let go of her hips and leaned forward, his body curving over hers, his hands braced against the wall in front of her, moving at his own speed now. He made an urgent noise and bit at her neck. His hot, muscular weight pressed against her, and she heard his fast, heavy breathing as he came inside her.

They carefully collapsed into the chair. "If this breaks, let's just sling it into the back of the truck and leave a five-spot in the room to make it square," Zandra said. Against her ear, she felt Dennis smile.

After a while, they got up and fixed the bed so they could sleep in it. Zandra lay with her head on Dennis's shoulder, warm under an extra blanket, feeling as snug and relaxed and comfortable as a cat. They lit up one of her Lucky Strikes and passed it back and forth, since she only had a few left. "I can't tell you how much I appreciate you doing this," she said. "I really needed it."

"I think you've told me just fine," he said.

"I didn't think to ask before, but who's looking after things and helping your mom while you're gone?"

"Hell, it's just overnight. Your brother, that's who. He came to see me a little while before you did. We talked some. I think he was sorry he wasn't more grateful for you sticking up for him. We struck a deal."

"He is so sweet. You know he's going to enlist as soon as school is out."

"Of course he will. It's the best thing he can do. I'd do it myself if I could. I think he's going to succeed this time."

"What do you mean, this time?"

"You didn't know? He tried to sign up in '41, the day the Japs bombed Pearl Harbor."

Zandra lifted her head off Dennis's shoulder and rose up on one elbow. "How could he have done that? He wasn't old enough."

"He must have thought he could get away with it if he went to the recruiting center in Bremerton, where nobody knew him. However, the sergeant told him to go home and help his dad on the farm for two more years, and in the meantime, try to gain at least twenty pounds; and not to worry, there'd still be plenty of war left when the time came."

"He never told me that."

She heard the smile in Dennis' voice. "He doesn't have to tell you everything, does he? He asked me for some tips on how he could gain weight and bulk up. Although he takes after Miss Marie too much to ever keep much meat on his bones. That'll be my part for the war effort."

"I hate to think of him going," she said. Tears prickled at the edges of her eyelids.

Dennis's arm tightened around her. "I know. But he has to. Even if there wasn't any war, he'll have to go out into the world. Otherwise, he won't survive here."

She knew this. She had fought for him for the last time. He would go in the Army (which would accept him no matter what he weighed) and it would make him into someone different; he would learn things no one and nothing could provide him with at home. He would come back...or not. She would not think of that. He would come back, but he would come back changed, as time and events were changing them all; he would be back for a little while, but he would not stay.

She sighed and snuggled more deeply against Dennis, feeling sleepiness pass over her like a big wave. Dennis stubbed the last of the cigarette in the ashtray and turned off the light.

"Happy Valentine's Day, babe," he said.

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